Reading: 15+ Cat Room Ideas For The Ultimate Cat Lover’s Home

15+ Cat Room Ideas For The Ultimate Cat Lover’s Home

cat room ideas : best 15+ ideas

If you have a cat, you know they can be quite finicky and independent creatures, so it’s important to keep them as comfortable as possible when they’re in your home. One way to do this is with decorations, but you don’t want to overdo it and make the cat feel like he or she doesn’t have space of their own! If you want to decorate your cat’s room in unique ways, try these 15 Cat room ideas !

15 Unique Cat Room Ideas

Industrial-style cat pipes

Cat Pipe

The pipes as a passage area for cats will be for them like a fun place to play and in passing they will help you give your house that industrial touch that you like so much.

Wall shelves that serve as a ladder

Cat Shelves

Pay attention when placing the wall shelves , if the arrangement is adequate you can use them for storage and your cat will serve as a ladder.

Tipi in cat version

Tipi in cat version

We all like a tipi , from the little ones to the older ones and also cats. It is a beautiful, fun and pleasant shelter that will delight your pet and will look great as a decorative element in your home.

Little designer shelters

Cat Shelter

If your cat is more exquisite in design issues , you also have great options in that regard. You can look for something that fits the style of the furniture in your house , if you are one of those who are up to date, look for a state-of-the-art shelter.

For retro cats

Cat Retro Furniture

If what you and the cat like is the retro style , there is no problem with that either. The creators of pet furniture have thought of everything and we also have shelters for them inspired by several decades ago.

Tables with area for pets

Cat Side Table

The table is something necessary for you as a point of support. Whether it is a center, auxiliary or even an office or dining room , today there are versions that include a relaxation or play area for the cat in the lower part , so that everyone has their own space.

Complete and custom bedroom

Complete and custom bedroom

The whole bedroom is already the most. But of course, if you have your bed with its bedside tables and other accessories, then it is understood that the cat also has the right… even if in the end it does not use it and ends up going to sleep at the foot of yours, but it is that it’s so cute!

Your cat also likes a hammock

Cat Hammock

The hammock is that ideal complement for relaxation and for a nap that we have all dreamed of at some point, but that almost none of us have at home. For the cat it is easier to install because it weighs less, so maybe he can be the first member of the family to have it.

For the most colorful cats


If you and your cat like intense colours , you can look for a house or play area for him in those tones. I’m more of neutral tones, but you know that for color tastes and I’m sure that cats also think like that…

toy house

Cat House

Houses in the shape of a house are so beautiful that they make you want to buy one even if you don’t have a cat. It happens with a lot of pet furniture , especially when it’s made with style and from natural materials.

design house

House Design

There are different materials and styles to choose from and they have the advantage that, in addition to being comfortable for cats, they are decorative as a complement to our living room or bedroom.

In cardboard for environmentally responsible cats

Cat Cardboard House

If you want your pet to be responsible with the environment , you can choose materials for its house that favor sustainability, such as cardboard, and especially if it is recycled.

A giant milk carton

Cat Milk Carton

If the tipi was already very cool, this refuge in the shape of a giant milk carton is just as cool or even more so . Adorable, don’t you think? And it can also be the perfect starting point for a cardboard DIY.

Simple but perfect designs

From Japan and with a lot of love, the MYZOO studio is a brand specialized in houses for animals and accessories that stand out for their simplicity, but originality. Over the years they have achieved an important presence and international recognition for their designs.

house cat wall

They have created a line of cat beds called the “Spaceship Series.” The series has three models of houses inspired by spaceships. One of them can be hung on the wall, another model rests on a piece of furniture and the third one can be placed on the floor.

cat accessories
moon wall for cats

MYZOO products can be purchased at Amazon  , although we already warned that they are not cheap.

From the same brand, in line with this series of accessories and “small houses” it has many other accessories that have dazzled us, such as a moon that hangs on the wall so that cats can rest peacefully.

They are all very original!

A duplex cat house

Created by the INDOT design studio and this time much more complex with this architecture project. Play a duplex for cats with transparent wooden frames and glass doors that allow the animals to interact with the family whenever they want.

duplex for cats

Obviously, this proposal is much more complex and adapted in particular to the home, but we want to emphasize that these are projects that are being carried out and contemplate new concepts and forms of coexistence with the cat world .

cat house project

The concrete house

From the Standard architecture studio they offer us a work of art converted into a mini house. pure materials; Perfectly combined concrete and wood highlight this spectacular cube-shaped cat house. We think it’s a spectacular design!

concrete house for cats

Designed with the aim of satisfying cats’ desire for warmth. The high thermal mass of concrete accumulates heat during the day and slowly releases it at night. The interior is split-level and protected from the elements, and a second opening at the rear allows for a quick escape.

wooden house cats

The IKEA of cats

The famous Swedish furniture store Ikea also joins in addressing the industrial designs of houses for pets with a tasteful aesthetic, easy to assemble – of course – and a very low price.

The LURVIG line focuses on different accessories and products for pets, specifically for dogs and cats. Who signs the collection, entitled Lurvig, is the designer Inma Bermúdez, who designed following the guidelines of the veterinarian Barbara Schäfer.

ikea for cats
Each for Ikea cat

Beehive house

Many pet items and accessories aren’t designed to be home decor or at least don’t attract as much attention. However, some brands have taken it very seriously creating objects that are true works of art. And the Petsinboxes company is a perfect example of how design is not at odds with animals.

A German ecological company that is succeeding on social networks with a bed in the form of a suspended house for cats to hide or sleep.

minimalist house cats
Petsinboxes cat house

The beehive-shaped design is available in a few variants: with an open front, another with two holes for the cat to move at will, and a mix of these combinations.

cat bed

Colors paired with light wood include black, pink, white, and blue; and the format also allows creating an incredible modular structure at the whim of the owners creating a labyrinth of cat houses . Pure minimalist design perfect for any home!

A good design that is similar to the dog houses that we present in other article with very good combinations from an aesthetic perspective.

House art

The Abramson Architects architecture studio is not only dedicated to building excellent sustainable buildings, when they get “bored” their imagination overflows in houses for cats.

This flexible modular system uses magnets to hold the parts together, allowing pet owners to configure the number and type of units that best suit their cats’ needs. Playful colors on the outside and felt lines on the inside of each module drive any animal crazy.

catcube animal project

Tiles and grass can be easily removed for replacement or cleaning, providing a perfect base for lounging and scratching. Felt pads are also attached to the bottom of the case to lift it off the ground, allowing the unit to slide easily across the floor.

Sheep wool bed

Designers don’t always have to imagine complex structures, this time, simplicity is good taste and a mini bed that can adapt to any place in the home.

This bed is made of natural Tyrolean sheep’s wool, not dyed. It is available in beige, brown, light natural black and dark grey. Only hot water and soap are used for the cleaning process. The bed is strong, resistant and soft to the skin. Now you have a place for the perfect nap!

house cats with wool

The idea is from the company Home Soul that is dedicated to working all kinds of ideas and objects with natural materials.

Modular beds

Of course, this list could not miss a cardboard structure. We have seen many, but we find this modular and stackable proposal to create buildings quite interesting.

This Taiwanese brand called Acat Thing used the cardboard material to create a collection with a modern design that allows you to build a real city for cats.

modular cat beds
Cardboard boxes for cats from Acat Thing

There are countless mounting options and four customizable environments; bedroom, living room, balcony and ramp. With a minimalist look, the boxes can be stacked to create a small building and have openings in the most varied geometric shapes.

Sofa for everyone

South Korean designer Seungji Mun has created a sofa concept that is designed to keep the feline world playing while you sit back and relax.

Dubbed the Cat Tunnel Sofa, the concept tries to provide seamless harmony between the daily activities of pets and their owners… “For humans, it’s just a comfortable sofa, but for cats, it’s their playground and comfortable bed.” ».

sofa for cats
Seungji Mun Cat Furniture

The Cat Tunnel Sofa has a play tunnel that runs along the arm, back, and sides of the sofa. The creative design not only complements the modern appearance of the sofa, but also provides a playground created specifically for the way cats behave. They can run through the tube, jump through the three different openings, or sleep in a sheltered spot where they won’t be disturbed.

cat furniture

The gym for cats

From the hand of the Milo studio and specialists in games for cats , they show us a rope to scratch, a structure to go up and down, and a slide to slide that they can scratch all they want, giving shape to “the best playground for cats”.

cat gym
Milo’s cat toys

Created by designer Sang Nam-Park, it presents us with a structure with curved and straight sections of plywood that are joined to build a compact frame with different levels where cats can play.

cat beds

The Tuft + Paw collection, which also includes a series of cat beds, follows a series of design-focused products for feline pampering.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our cat room decor ideas. It’s important to be creative when decorating your feline friend’s room and make it comfortable, safe and fun for your cat to enjoy. Cats are fascinating creatures who want love and attention from their owners so they can feel appreciated and happy too.

Some questions and answers

Is it OK to confine a cat to one room?

Confining a cat to one room is generally not recommended. While many cats like their space, it’s important for them to experience other parts of your home.

What should a cat room have?

A cat room should have enough space for your pet to move around, perch and sleep in peace. If you’re planning on having a few of them, you can make enough space for their litter boxes as well. You might also want to consider creating a separate area where they can play. In addition, experts recommend that you get some scratching posts for your cat(s) to sharpen their claws on. These will help keep damage from occurring to your furniture or other belongings.

Is one bedroom enough space for a cat?

If you have a space in your home that is designated as a cat room, then yes, one bedroom should be more than enough space for a cat. Many cat lovers have more than one feline friend and give them plenty of playtime and love each day. More important than space considerations is whether or not your cats will get along with each other! Try to imagine how they would interact before bringing any new pets into your home.

How do you make a kitten room?

step 1 : go to local kitten store, ikea, or other shop that sells cheap things with paint on them. Do not pay more than $20. you should get at least 2 .

step 2 : Wait for kittens to become 8-15 yrs old . then you may decorate their room. Tip! every so often walk into room and say I’m going to set up your rooms soon . wait another day. Tip! it is best to have more than one kitten in a room so they do not get lonely. tip!

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