Cd painting ideas : step by step + 40+ crafts

Cd painting ideas : step by step + 40+ crafts

Are you looking for best Cd painting ideas ?, then this article for you

Recycle your CDs by painting and decorating them to hang on the wall or to use as cup holders as very easy, here we show you how to do it. and we will give you some exemples

With recycled CDs we can make many things, from jewelry to mosaics, and of course we can also decorate them to make fantastic mandalas, this time we show you how to recycle them by painting them with acrylic paints.

The idea comes from seeing how young people like to be surrounded by music and things that remind them of the music they like.

We are always in search of how to decorate the room of young people, those children who have ceased to be young and cannot yet find their personal decorating style.

Cd painting Step by Step


Material painted CDs
 Painted CDs. PV
  • CD or DVD discs, you can be used that you no longer want (at the same time we recycle ), or new and cheap.
  • Acrylic or tempera paints .
  • White glue or hot silicone
  • Brushes for painting.
  • Musical decals.
  • Indelible down.
  • Black and white postcards or photos.
  • Glossy or matte varnish, (optional).
  • If you are going to make the cup holders you also need felt or thin cork to stick on the bottom.
  • Scissors or exact for trimming.

Age range: 11 or older.

Completion time: 20 minutes.

Degree of difficulty: simple.

The time and age guide is merely indicative, it may change depending on the skill and experience of the people.

Paint the CDs in colors.

Painted CDs
 Painted CDs. PV

Clean the CDs of any paper labels they may have. To remove the labels you can help yourself with a hair dryer since the heat will soften the glue or later you can clean the CD with an alcohol swab.

Paint the CDs in the colors you want with acrylic paints.

Paint on the side of the label, not the side where you engrave, as the paint adheres better on this side.

In the sample the discs are painted yellow, green, blue and black, young people may like all of them more in black because they look like miniature vinyl records, however I liked colors to make cup holders. If you want all of a single color ahead, they are for everyone’s taste.

Wait for the first coat of paint to dry and paint the second coat on top of it.

It is important that the CD is completely covered by the paint.

Cut out the postcards.

Painted CDs
 Painted CDs. PV

Cut out the postcards to make the centers of the discs.

Try to get an appropriate image in the center to make it look better.

To cut the centers well, you can use a special cutter for cutting circles or a hole punch for large circles.

You can also print the centers on the computer and glue them on cardboard centers to make them more rigid and then cut and glue them on the CDs.

Decorate the discs.

Painted CDs
 Painted CDs. PV

You can decorate the colored discs with musical motifs or put initials or any other motif you can think of on each one.

Glue the postcard circles cut out in the previous step and glue them in the center using hot glue.

You can varnish the CD’s with a matte varnish or with a gloss varnish once they are the way you want them.

To decorate the room, what you have to do is hang them on the wall in the center of the CD with a tack that looks like the hole in a vinyl record or with a small nail that is not noticeable.

You can also punch out the postcard circles before gluing them so that you can pass a transparent nylon thread and hang them on the wall.

Turn them into cup holders

Painted CDs
 Painted CDs. PV

If you want your CDs to be original cup holders that you use at home or give to your friends, cut cork or felt circles the size of the CD and glue them to the bottom of these with hot silicone. Let dry and gift wrap.

If you are going to use them as cup holders, another of my recommendations is to finish the varnishes with either a transparent can or spray varnish. In this way they will last longer and will withstand being cleaned and the spillage of some other drink.

Cd painting ideas: 40+ Ideas for Reusing Compact Discs

Crafting with CDs is a very interesting way to reuse those old compact discs that are kept in boxes and drawers. Now, all of them can gain another use that is not playing music, but decorating different environments in your home. And believe me, you can make a lot of fantastic decorative items using creativity and CD’s.

To inspire you once and for all to create objects making crafts with CDs, we’ve put together 40 amazing ideas (including step by step!) that prove how decoration can be made more beautiful by recycling these elements. You save, make your own art and help the planet with recycling:

Crafts with CD become coasters

1. Crafts with CD become coasters


The coaster is super useful these days, and it can be used far beyond the dinner table. This piece helps to prevent sweat from the cup (with hot or cold liquid) from staining or wetting the surface of any furniture in the house. Here, the idea is to take advantage of the shape of the disc to make the cup holder and give it that character according to your style.

CD as a base for decoration

2. CD as a base for decoration


If you don’t intend to use the CD as a coaster, here’s another cool idea for reusing this material. The inspiration is to use the base of the disc as support for another element in the decoration – in this case, a support for the aromatiser on a shelf in the bathroom.

Hanging decoration with CD

4. Hanging decoration with CD


For those who like hanging decoration, CD’s are incredible pieces and are recommended for this purpose. With the special and personal touch in customizing each disc, the result is truly amazing.

Color CD Mandala

5. Color CD Mandala


Speaking of suspended decoration, the mandala made with CD is also a good idea for decoration. In addition to being able to be used indoors, this type of decoration blends in well with outdoor areas.

Handmade souvenir with CD

6. Handmade souvenir with CD


Have you thought about making a craft souvenir with a CD? The creativity here on this item ran wild and the CD was practically unrecognizable. Also detail for the support made of felt .

CD can even be turned into a picture frame

7. CD can even be turned into a picture frame


The CD can also become a picture frame and come to life with other decorative elements. The Detail in this craft is the idea of ​​using the document holder as a base for the photo.

Mandala in motion

8. Mandala in motion


Using creativity is bringing the CD to life with crafts like these. Circles in different sizes give the impression of movement, which makes it sensational to see the suspended decoration with this mandala!

Candle holder set with CD shards

9. Candle holder set with CD shards


The shine of the layer under the CD turns out to be an incredible advantage in decoration. This set of candle holders is proof that even the use of disk pieces is beautiful in the environment.

Earrings made from CD’s

11. Earrings made from CD's


It is also possible to craft a CD by choosing not to use the original size of the disc. Here, we can see that the earring is small and the shape closest to the central circumference of the disc was used.

Without the mirror layer

12. Without the mirror layer


Anyone who wants to go further in creativity can even remove the mirror layer from the CD, in fact, that’s where the disc’s content is, such as music or files. Without the layer, which is already more transparent, it is possible to make more colorful and bright designs.

Luminaire made with CD’s

13. Luminaire made with CD's


The record lamp is another inspiring example of CD craftsmanship. In addition to being beautiful, the reflection effect and the shape of the piece itself draw attention in an environment.

Decorating vases with CD

14. Decorating vases with CD


Disc pieces can also be used to decorate potted plants. Like other crafts with CD, this one is fantastic and can be used in any type of environment.

Christening memento

16. Christening memento


Here’s a good christening souvenir option made with records. Also interesting are the finishing details, made with pearls and fabric.

Santa Claus gains body with CD

17. Santa Claus gains body with CD


Here the disk was used to give grace and literally body to Santa Claus. In this craft, the detail is on account of the support for the object, in this case, the chocolate.

Mosaic on the handkerchief

18. Mosaic on the handkerchief


Using the CD in decor can be a challenge for a perfectionist. On the other hand, thinking about the result of cutting square by square is gratifying. Get inspired by this handkerchief holder!

Mirror frame with CD’s

19. Mirror frame with CD's


Another CD craft inspiration is the frame with disk pieces. The result is really surprising and highlights the environment and the mirror. How about doing this decoration in yours?

Assemble your dish towel holder

21. Assemble your dish towel holder


A dish towel holder can really come in handy in the kitchen. In addition to making the fabric more taut to dry, the cloth holder becomes another decorative element. Get inspired by this one, which uses the CD as well.

Table surface worked with disk chips

22. Table surface worked with disk chips


The surfaces of some furniture may not be the same anymore if you bet on the use of CD chips. This example here shows how the furniture worked with mosaic is unique and different.

Clothes separator

23. Clothes separator


You can even use the CD to separate some clothes in the wardrobe, like in a store. This inspiration is very nice for those who have plenty of closet space or make a lot of mess with the pieces.

Geometric and colored designs on discs

24. Geometric and colored designs on discs


Regardless of the use you’re going to give the disc, abuse your creativity when customizing. Note the care taken to make every detail of these mandalas!

Embellishment made with CD, fabric and painting

26. Embellishment made with CD, fabric and painting


More than creativity, it takes patience to do everything with care. The CD here became an incredible decoration precisely because of the details, the design made in fabric.

Fabric and Disc Pin Pins

27. Fabric and Disc Pin Pins


For those who like to sew and have needles at home, how about a pincushion made with fabric and a CD base? This is another good idea to do with old compact discs.

Organize your studio using disks

28. Organize your studio using disks


Can you imagine that the discs would be used to make this craft with CD? The result, in addition to being beautiful, is an organized environment.

CD mosaic in the bathroom

29. CD mosaic in the bathroom


Even other rooms in the house can be decorated with the discs. Pay attention to the “joke” of the decoration, where the creativity was to use the light reflections with some more purple ones.

A custom watch

31. A custom watch


Anyone who likes to make handicrafts really takes care of it. In this watch here, in addition to the decorative details and the use of two compact discs, there is also the delicate use of adhesive to make the piece look beautiful.

Use discs to decorate your Christmas tree

32. Use discs to decorate your Christmas tree


Make beautiful rings with CD’s to decorate your Christmas tree. The idea is amazing and can really make a difference in your Christmas decor.

Support with felt and disc

33. Support with felt and disc


An accessory holder can be made from felt and CD. This craft here was made for placing sewing items, such as scissors and thread. All finishing is done manually.

Bag produced with CD

34. Bag produced with CD


The shape of the disc in this craft served as the basis for assembling a bag. As it is not flexible, the accessory’s lateral structures are firm and do not lose their rounded shape.

Stylized guitar with CD pieces

36. Stylized guitar with CD pieces


The guitar can be decorated with incredible CD pieces. In addition to using the discs, it’s nice to give a finish that leaves the decorated surface aligned.

Christmas wreath with CD

37. Christmas wreath with CD


If you want to use the CD structure without messing around too much, here’s a really cool and simple idea to do. With a few accessories, you can assemble the wreath circle and place a decorative bow .

CD as a gift decoration

38. CD as a gift decoration


The CD can even be used to be part of a gift. Here is a really cool example of how the album can be personalized and delivered along with a treat, in this case a book. It serves both as a complement to the packaging and to be used as a bookmark.

Decorative candle base

39. Decorative candle base


If you have a commercial space or are going to produce a party, here is a suggestion for crafts with a CD. The base for the decorative candle allows you to use the disc to further complement the environment and some surfaces such as tables.

Zen corner decorated with CD

40. Zen corner decorated with CD


Even the Zen corner of the house can receive the reflection lights of the suspended decoration made with CD’s. A nice tip is to always decorate the discs with more or less emphasis depending on the decoration of the environment.

Which of these CD craft items would you make or use in your decor? 

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