Reading: 55+ Cozy Bedroom Ideas For A Relaxing Space

55+ Cozy Bedroom Ideas For A Relaxing Space

Cozy bedroom ideas : Best 55+ ideas

With these easy recommendations and without needing a lot of budget you can give a new look to your bedroom and turn it into a special refuge

Without a doubt, the bedroom is one of the most important places in the whole house . In it we carry out several of our most pleasant and relaxing activities, so you must pay maximum attention when decorating it .

And now, that we see ourselves in the need to be more at home, it is essential to turn this space into a welcoming place that inspires peace, harmony and security. Also, if you have a little more free time, you can take advantage of it to make those changes you have always wanted.

We leave you a list of 5 ideas that can help you turn your bedroom into the perfect place to recharge your energy and, also, into the most beautiful place in the house.

Cozy bedroom ideas

Say hello to spring

You can fill the room with life with small touches of color and spring prints in your bedding. It all depends on your personality. You can choose very bright shades such as hot pink, yellow, orange or blue.

1. Say hello to spring

Or you can go for the trend of pastel colors or organic style, where earth tones combined with white prevail.

2. Say hello to spring

Change the organization of your closet

We don’t want you to become obsessive about order, but we do want you to try to adapt the space where you keep your clothes and shoes to your needs; that every time you look for something you know where to find it and you can return it to its place without altering the organization that you have already achieved. Have a place for each type of clothing: blouses, shirts, t-shirts, nightwear … And then organize everything by color or by how often you wear it (yes, if a garment has been unused for more than 6 months, evaluate if you really need it or if it was a shopping whim. Donate it, sell it or give it to someone who gets more out of it than you).

2. Change the organization of your closet

Have you already seen the reality show of the guru of the order To order with Marie Kondo !, transmitted by Netflix? If you haven’t already, you can take a look to copy some of their simple but super useful ideas. One technique that is widely used by Kondo is to use storage boxes or baskets. They will help you segment everything and visually it looks very nice.

3. Change the organization of your closet

Add more cushions to your bed

Or change the covers of the ones you already have. This doesn’t cost a lot of money, and it makes your bed look bigger, more colorful, and cozier. It gives your room personality and style and, par excellence, it is the perfect complement to give it a touch of color or contrast with respect to the rest of the decoration.

3. Add more cushions to your bed

If you have an armchair in your room, you can also include a soft blanket, perfect for snuggling up while having a coffee or reading a book when the temperature drops. It also adds a chic touch to the place.

armchair in your room

Integrate with nature

There are many opinions on whether or not it is advisable to include plants in bedrooms. However, it has been shown that many species help to oxygenate the environment and not to mention the great contribution that they give to the decoration. It does not matter if your room is of soft or very strong colors. Green will always give it a different, organic and natural touch.

4. Integrate with nature

Among the most beneficial for your health and the environment (first rule out that you are not allergic) and even to sleep better, the experts recommend: lavender, succulents, potus, malamadre, ferns, ivy, sansevieria and aloe vera. Ideally, place them on your nightstand, at the headboard, on the dresser, on a stool or in the corners.

4. Integrate with nature

Dress the walls

No matter how minimal your style, bare walls detract from the warmth of the room, unless you’ve put wallpaper on or painted some walls in strong colors or a special design. And yet, when you place a painting, a series of photos, a mirror, or some shelves, the room takes on another personality.

5. Dress the walls

Think about what you have available and what you need. Do not you have where to put your books or that ornament that you like so much? Do you have a series of photos from your last trip or have you not yet created the posters that you have collected for a long time? Framing them is not that expensive and hanging them, much less.

Dress the walls

And if you have an aptitude for crafts, it goes without saying that this is the perfect time to get down to work!

Good lighting

If you want your bedroom to be a bedroom full of calm and peace, you will need good lighting during the day with natural light and good dim lighting at night . A window with white curtains will be the best solution to take advantage of the sunlight, in addition the color of the walls will bring light if you know how to apply it correctly through bright and luminous colors such as white and yellow.

As for artificial light, you can use lamps on the bedside tables with a dim light and add a lamp with more direct light if you like to read in bed. Another option is to opt for the garlands of light that have been hanging over the headboard for so long, which will make it much more original.

white bedroom

The color combined

The color scheme in the decoration is very important to take into account to have a cozy bedroom, so you will have to think about which colors are the most successful for your bedroom. Green for walls, white for textiles and wood for furniture… it never disappoints! But as you can see in the image, the color scheme can vary a lot according to your tastes: yellow, red, purple … choose your color and combine it harmoniously!

renovated bedroom

The bedside table, practical and beautiful!

In addition to having a bedside table next to the bed, it is important that you have enough space on it to be able to have objects that you like within reach, such as the reading book, your reading glasses, an alarm clock, the bedside lamp and / or lip balm.

bedside table with ladder

Cozy rug

Having one or more rugs will also make a difference for a cozy bedroom because it will be the first thing your feet touch when you get up … something essential to feel the comfort of good morning!

Avoiding the cold of the floor, especially if you have tile instead of parquet will make your bedroom much more cozy.

pom pom rug

A good quilt

Also, to stay warm all night, what better way than to do it with a good duvet? So when morning comes you won’t want to get out of bed. What’s more, you can also add some decorative textile accessories that will add warmth to the room such as cushions, pillows and blankets. 

cozy bedroom

Everything neat in a good closet!

An essential for your bedroom to be cozy is to have a well-ordered closet with enough space for all things. In case of not having it, surely your room will end up being a den and the disorder will turn it into a place that is nothing but nothing at all cozy.

tidy closet

The power of details

A beautiful painting, some flowers, an armchair with character, a chill out area … are some of the details that you can add to your room to give it originality and personalize it. A great photo with your partner or family is another good option to make your room unique and unrepeatable.


Other corners in your bedroom

A corner with cushions to read books, an armchair, a table for the computer or a complete desk to do crafts are some of the things that we can add to our bedroom to make it even more practical and give it double functionality.


In short, with a little common sense and these tips to decorate your bedroom and organize it, you will surely be able to have a very cozy space where you can sleep peacefully and share great moments with your partner.

Sunset paradise wallpaper to calm you down every night

pink and orange sunset wallpaper in pink decor bedroom

It is not just the pleasure of a shepherd when there is a red sky at night. It is surely everyone’s delight when it comes to stunning sunset wallpapers. Designed by Lara Skinner, this soothing Lilac Ombre Gold mural is one of our best bedroom ideas because it transports us into a hypnotic and dreamlike state.

Although we have a vast collection of beautiful sunset wallpapers this wallpaper is completely unique. The swirling, metallic-effect ocean celebrates the trendy marble look and the views of the pink and orange cloudy sky are warm and comforting.

Cozy bedroom ideas fit any artist

monet painting of pond wallpaper in calming master bedroom

If you love the beauty of art, what could be more appropriate than this soothing Waterlilies Green Reflections Wallpaper? A print copy of Claude Monet’s masterpiece, this artistic wallpaper is one of our cozy bedroom ideas that will give your home a wall of timeless features.

Not only is this calming wallpaper a classic work of art, it also celebrates the colors that will be on trend in 2021: soothing greens and pinks. We love the mix of forest green and sage hues in the painted lily pads and the reflection of the trees in the water. The subtle traces of pastel pink and fuchsia on the lily petals also add hints of life to this charming painted effect mural.

Psychedelic murals to hypnotize you to sleep

Whether you’re looking for master bedroom ideas or your teen’s getaway, this hypnotic Pinks Blues wallpaper is sure to please many. The watercolor patterns that appear to have been dripped onto the wall are incredibly pleasing to the eye.

pink and blue marble effect wallpaper in trendy bedroom

We love the color mix of this marble effect wallpaper, from tinted and dark blues to creamy beiges, blush pinks and blooming violets. Have fun choosing a decor that celebrates the same color tones. Imagine dusty pink nightstands and duck blue sheep rugs on either side of the bed! It’s okay to celebrate color when it comes to cozy bedroom ideas. Just make sure the colors are soft or pastel so they are soft and calm.

Cozy Bedroom Ideas to Help You Bloom Every Day

cherry blossom wallpaper in master bedroom

Above all, nature wallpaper is always a winner when it comes to cozy bedroom ideas. Being among nature or even seeing nature scenes have positive psychological benefits towards our health. It diminishes negative feelings and increases happy moods, giving us more time to flourish and achieve our goals.

This relaxing Japanese cherry blossom wallpaper is perfect for that perfect night’s sleep. Lying on your bed, looking at the candy flowers will make you think that a pink petal could fall on your head at any moment.

Be happy as a clam with a relaxing beach wallpaper

windy beach wallpaper in calming, minimal bedroom

If flowers aren’t your idea of ​​natural bliss , relaxing beach wallpaper may be your ticket to getting the most welcoming bedroom.

This zen wallpaper from Windswept Beach Boardwalk looks fabulous with this minimal decor choice. The flowing white curtains seem to dance with the windy beach. The gray and white bed covers look so soft and cozy that you just want to jump in and get carried away.

three driftwood candle holders from Nordic House

Image source: Nordic House

We think rustic driftwood decor would make a fabulous addition to this relaxing beach wallpaper. Shaped from years of ocean voyages, the driftwood bedroom fixtures are all unique and each has its own story. Driftwood is not only aesthetic, it is a great example of sustainable décor. 

Floral wallpapers that take you to meadows of happiness

painted poppies wallpaper in beautiful bedroom

Do you love nature but want something a little more abstract? Choose this delicate Summer Fields wallpaper . The delicate shades of pink and blue, used in the watercolor poppies, are absolutely beautiful.

 this poppy paper looks wonderful with pink and white bed covers. Add rose gold decorating touches like lamps, flower pots, and even candle holders. They will bring out the pink tones used in this magnificent wallpaper.

Fly in your dreams with the help of an aerial view wallpaper

aerial view of forest pond in minimal master bedroom

This dreamy Forest Pond wallpaper is ideal for those who want something a little different. Forest murals are very popular when it comes to cozy room ideas, but an aerial view of a forest is even better.

Not only is this forest wallpaper completely gorgeous, it creates a state of dreamy bliss in your peaceful room. It reminds us of those enchanting dreams in which you fly above everything, as free as a bird . Flying dreams have multiple positive meanings such as freedom, confidence and the adoption of a new perspective. What better way to start the new year than to feel free and see life differently?

Buffalo Plaid, charming southern style bedroom

Buffalo throw, charming southern style bedroom

The details of this piece give off all the comfortable vibes. The gingham and navy plaid duvet is so thick and comfy you can almost feel the warmth just looking at it. The wicker picnic bag with the flowers is strategically placed on the bed rail, bringing texture and charm to this space. The matching ottomans at the foot of the bed really connect all the details of this southern style bedroom.

Contemporary bedroom with gallery wall of suspended plaques

Contemporary bedroom with gallery wall of hanging plaques

Nothing says more style and sophistication than a delicate and feminine bedroom. This room features a soft color scheme with monogrammed ruffle pillows and a decorative white ruffle pillowcase. The wall decoration here is beautiful with white plates of various sizes arranged around an elegant mirror. This bedroom is a comfortable princess dream for any age.

A girls’ bedroom on the theme of seductive and feminine pastel

A bedroom for girls on the theme of naughty and feminine pastel

The colors and textures in this room are so soft and mellow. White bedding with a leopard print overlay blanket and soft pink cushions make you want to lie in bed all day with a hot cup of coffee and a good book. The white headboard complements the bedding perfectly, while the white faux fur rug provides a soft, alluring touch.

Update the bedroom with a romantic chandelier

Update the bedroom with a romantic chandelier

It’s amazing how just replacing your light fixture with an economical chandelier can really improve the overall look of your room. This light wood bead chandelier brings a little natural element with a sophisticated and romantic look. A chandelier can really transform any room in your home, but nothing says a master bedroom like a glamorous fixture making the bedroom a lot more warm and homey.

A dream oasis inspired by a hotel

A dream oasis inspired by a hotel

This warm and comfortable country-inspired room is a dream. Clean lines and natural colors make you feel like you are in a hotel. Love the extra storage at the foot of the bed. You can use the bench to sit down while putting your shoes on and use the storage underneath to keep organized.

A minimalist and comfortable home design

A minimalist and comfortable home design

Who says small spaces can’t be cozy and cozy? There are tons of cozy bedroom decorating ideas to use in small spaces, but to really get the warm and fuzzy feelings less is more. The faux fur blanket adds texture to the space while the framed photos are simple, while adding an artistic touch.

Stylish and sophisticated pink bedroom decoration

Stylish and sophisticated pink bedroom decoration

Could it even get more comfortable than that? These blush pink sheets are so chic, yet warm and inviting. If you want to update your bedroom decor for all seasons, blush is a must-have color that looks great all year round. The white throw with pom pom details finishes this feminine look with style and sophistication.

A pop of color bedroom suite

A pop of color bedroom suite

Yellow is such a fun color to use as an accent in your bedroom. It’s playful, young and smells of the sun. Most cozy bedroom decorating ideas involve pops of color, plenty of pillows, and a blanket to add warmth to the space. The matching pillow and lamp really pops into this room and is such an affordable piece to implement into your decor.

A rustic feminine retreat with a Shiplap accent wall

A rustic feminine retreat with a Shiplap accent wall

Talk about a breathtaking layout, this room exudes comfort and friendliness. The flap wall with the gold wall art gallery has a rustic charm and the shades of pink blend together so well. The textures in this piece add visual appeal from the chunky knit blanket to the faux fur rug. Who wouldn’t want to get under the covers and sip a hot tea in this rustic retreat?

Mix & Match Prints like a designer

Mix and match prints like a designer

Can we talk about the mix of prints and colors in this room? It’s such a warm and whimsical little space that is so stylish and comfortable. The carpet, ottoman, cushion and wicker chair are eye-catching and trendy. The wall art gallery is also so aesthetic that your eyes wander around soaking up everything.

Mixture of shades of gray, functional arrangement of the room

Mixture of shades of gray, functional arrangement of the room

A simple gray color scheme can really provide a restful bedroom decorating retreat. There is something about having a plethora of pillows that makes you want to relax and sleep all day. Just as the wall art suggests, this simple decor will make you stay home much more often.

The perfect bedroom inspiration for honeymooners

The perfect bedroom inspiration for honeymooners

How cute and chic is this bedroom setup? The white bedding with the gray headboard is clean and simple, but the wall decor is chic and stylish. I love the subtle touches of gold in this room. The soft color choices are soft and romantic, and the added bed tray makes you want breakfast in bed every morning.

Trendy Scandinavian Style Design Ideas

Trendy Scandinavian Style Design Ideas

There is something so captivating about this unique bedroom design setup. Natural colors are warm and cozy against the wood details of the bed frame and end table. Scandinavian designs often bring the outdoors in with greenery throughout. This bedroom is open and balanced, adding visual interest and appeal.

Country-esque cozy bedroom decorating ideas

Country-esque cozy bedroom decorating ideas

This cozy bedroom inspired by a French farmhouse is so chic and vintage. There really isn’t much in this room. A simple end table with a small architectural wall piece like this weathered window shutter beautifies the room and makes it so bright and airy. The faux greenery makes the room sparkle with all the natural lighting surrounding this cozy space.

A traditional monochrome wall art gallery

A traditional monochrome wall art gallery

If you’re looking for a quick and easy update, a gallery wall is the perfect choice. You can always find free prints online and inexpensive frames to put them on. The monochrome design works great with virtually any color theme. The black and white wall art gallery reflects a warm ambiance with little effort.

A subtle shade of blue inspiration for the bedroom

A subtle shade of blue inspiration for the bedroom

Blue is a bold color, but still a classic color choice for a bedroom without going too far out of your comfort zone. Whether you’re looking for a nautical theme or just want to switch things up a bit, a shade of blue is perfect for any room design. The walls add a farmhouse vibe to this space and all the white furniture really brings out the blue without overdoing it.

Cozy, cozy and country-style bedroom design

Cozy, cozy and country-style bedroom design

It’s all in the details with these cozy and rustic bedroom decorating ideas. From the hanging planter to rustic curtains, this piece has all the finishing touches for a farmhouse feel. I love how the brown buffalo checkered throw pillows are really popping and the end table decor is kept simple, while also complementing the overall look of the room.

Ideas and inspirations for gender neutral bedrooms

19. Ideas and inspirations for gender neutral bedrooms

Many people find it difficult to make their bedroom gender-neutral. Some people still have the idea that blue is for boys and pink for girls, but that’s not always the case when it comes to creating a bedroom that is suitable for both sexes equally. The blue in this piece is bold but mixed with hints of mint it really balances out. Finding colors and decor elements that balance out like those in this room is essential to creating a gender neutral space.

Update your master bedroom with repurposed furniture

Update your master bedroom with recycled furniture

Some of us have been fortunate enough to pass furniture down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, it’s not always at its best or up to date with the latest design trends. If you’re on a budget, finishing these vintage pieces can really update your bedroom quite easily. Chalk paint is a popular paint used to refinish older pieces like this end table and cabinet and staining wood pieces can really turn your furniture from drab to fab in minutes!

Bedroom decorating ideas with pops of color

Bedroom decorating ideas with pops of color

Orange is the perfect color that adds sparkle and warms up your living space. It’s the perfect pop of color that infuses your space with energy. The simple bedroom decor in this room is an instant pick-me-up with the bright orange accent pillows and natural wood headboard. The framed quote really compliments the design element here.

Deliciously Elegant Shabby Chic Retreat

Delightfully Elegant Shabby Chic Retreat

Shabby chic combines the design elements of a cottage style mixed with vintage charm. It’s an economical theme using reused furniture and other items to create a relaxed, feminine style. This room reflects a warm and comfortable contemporary theme with printed bedding and distressed bed frame. The decorative pillows really complement this elegant shabby chic bedroom.

Wallpaper accent wall featured in master bedroom

Wallpaper accent wall featured in master bedroom

All recent trendy and cozy bedroom decorating ideas always feature a main focal point and added elements to give texture to the overall look of a room. The wallpaper is the focal point here with…

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