Reading: 30+ DIY Outdoor Plant Stand Ideas For A Summer Garden

30+ DIY Outdoor Plant Stand Ideas For A Summer Garden

Diy outdoor plant stand ideas : Top 30+

Don’t you just love showing off your favorite potted plants? I do and recently started thinking of ways to highlight my potted plants in my yard. You see, I have several indoor plant stands, but I’ve never considered adding anything outdoors. I usually just leave the pots on the patio floor. This year, I really wanted to dress up my patio, so I thought I’d DIY some outdoor plants. I found 10 easy DIY outdoor plant stands that will really help you display those porch and patio plants in style.

From hanging basket plant stands to covered buckets, concrete and repurposed materials, these plant stands are made with so many different things and there is sure to be one here that you can use to highlight the plants in your yard. Whether you are looking for something rustic or something a little more contemporary, I promise you will find something you love in this collection. And, to really make those plants stand out on the patio, you need to plant them in one of these 25 DIY planters.

You could use many of these DIY plant stands indoors and outdoors, but they are designed for outdoor use. They are gorgeous and very easy to make too. When doing a DIY project, the two things I often look for are the ease of doing the project and the overall cost. I’m happy to say that all of these DIY outdoor plant stands are easy to make and very cheap, especially when you compare them to buying an outdoor plant stand. So get started on these this weekend and add some flair to your outdoors. And take a look at these 20 DIY planters to add more style to your outdoor living spaces.

DIY outdoor plant stand ideas

1. Rustic hanging plant stand

Rustic Hanging Plant Stand

This wooden plant stand has a wonderful rustic look and it wouldn’t be difficult at all to DIY. Just create a framed hanging planter for those hanging plants and flowers. I found this one on Etsy and it costs just over $ 30 and you get a great variety of wood stains. But if you prefer to do it yourself, this one looks really easy. Just build the wooden stand upright and add your perches to entangle plants and flowers.

Tutorial / Source:

2. DIY cement top floor stand

DIY Cement Top Floor Stand

You can make this incredibly cool cement plant priced at around $ 5 or less! Have one on every corner of your porch without spending as much as you would to buy one of these at a home improvement store. These are so easy and don’t you just love cool DIY concrete projects? This is definitely a good option for outdoors and you can paint or decorate it however you like.

Tutorial / Source: dwell in happiness

3. DIY copper tube mini pot holder

DIY Copper Tube Mini Pot Stand

If you have smaller plants that you want to display… and protect… this small DIY tube pot holder is a great choice. Copper pipes aren’t cheap, but you don’t need a lot to do this, and if you have any on hand from the remodel, then it won’t cost you a thing to do. This is also a really cute little plant stand that is perfect for the porch or patio table.

Tutorial / Source: puresweetjoy

4. Reused five gallon bucket plant holder

Reused five gallon bucket plant holder

An old five gallon bucket and some string are all you need to create this lovely repurposed plant stand. I love a good reuse project and honestly, who knew there were so many reuse projects for five gallon pails? Once you have your bucket, just cover it with string, and you can use a colored string to make it more interesting or a simple string for a more coastal feel.

Tutorial / Source: homedepot

5. Contemporary cylinder pot container

Contemporary cylinder pot container

This cylindrical planter stand is a bit more modern than some of the others, but it would work even if it has more of a farmhouse look on your patio or porch. You build the plant to stand out from thin boards and then simply add your cylindrical pot to it. These would be great in the corners of your porch or anywhere you want to put them. Just remember to measure your planter carefully before building it so that it fits you well. I found this one on Etsy for under $ 40 and it comes with the pot too.

Tutorial / Source:

6. DIY Copper and Marble Plant Stand

DIY Copper and Marble Plant Stand

This copper and marble DIY plant stand is perfect for indoors or outdoors. You do it with copper pipes and the marble top is made of plywood covered with a porcelain floor. Overall, it’s a pretty simple project and it won’t cost too much to do. This little table is gorgeous when finished and would look lovely on your patio or porch or even inside your entryway.

Tutorial / Source: foxtailandmoss

7. Super easy wooden plant stand

Super easy wooden plant stand

This DIY wooden plant stand is very easy to make and costs very little. You just need some wooden dowels and a small wooden board to make this one. You do need access to some power tools, so keep that in mind. Overall this is one of the easiest to do even with the need for power tools and is perfect to use on the porch or patio or even indoors if you have a houseplant in need of a new home.

Tutorial / Source: hellolidy

8. DIY geometric planter / stand combo

DIY geometric planter / stand combo

This DIY geometric box doubles as a planter and plant stand. You don’t need a separate stand with this one and the design is absolutely gorgeous. You can do this for the corners of your porch or patio and give your exterior a new look. They are really easy to make out of wood and then you just paint in the geometric design.

Tutorial / Source: merrimentdesign

9. Repurposed piano stool Plant stand

Repurposed piano stool Plant stand

If all else fails and you really need an outdoor plant stand, just repurpose that old piano stool. If you don’t have an old piano stool that you can use, check out yard sales and thrift stores. This round stool works perfectly as a DIY plant stand, but you could also use a longer stool if that’s what you have on hand. You can simply remove the padded top and place your plants inside the stool. It is a great way to incorporate furniture into your garden.

Tutorial / Source: nur-noch

10. Colorful Repurposed Tomato Cage Plant Stands

Colorful Repurposed Tomato Cage Plant Stands

These little wire tomato cages cost just a few dollars each at your local garden store and make wonderful DIY plant stands. You just need to choose the color you want to make, if you can’t find them in different colors, that is. You could simply climb up the cage and place your pots inside or you could create a wooden or even marble top to make these a little more stylish.

Wooden displays

With wooden slats you can build rectangular structure supports to place your indoor plants. They will resemble pedestals on which your plants will look spectacular.

In addition to the slats, you will need a thin board, nails, and a wood glue. Before buying the materials, make a drawing of the support, with all the pieces and their measurements.

Build the frame by joining the slats with nails and wood glue. Once the supports are finished, you can paint them the color you prefer or leave them wood-colored, although it is advisable to protect them with a colorless matte spray varnish.

Plant ladder

A ladder for your plants

Bigger or smaller, a wooden ladder is the perfect support to place your indoor plants. If you don’t have one at home, you can build it with some boards and wooden slats.

Find a model that you like, if you don’t have an idea in mind, and make an outline on the paper, indicating the measurements of the pieces. This step is essential if you want the job to go well.

Then you will have to get the necessary boards. You can cut them yourself with a jigsaw, making clean cuts and sanding the edges to remove splinters from the wood.

Assemble the different pieces, following the scheme, with nails and mounting adhesive for wood.

Metal wall stands for plants

Take advantage of the walls

The metal wall brackets are a very practical and decorative way to expose and have different things in view: photographs, prints, small accessories, necklaces, handkerchiefs and accessories, etc. Now you can give them another use: hanging a couple of them on your wall you can expose your plants, especially if they are climbing species like the ones in the photo.

Choose the plants well and hold them to the supports as they grow. There are many species that can look great on you.

Plants in the living room

With a modular composition

The wall cubes that are used as shelves to create an original storage composition can have another function: to serve as perfect displays for your indoor plants.

Pick out some leafy pots of different species and place them on the shelves. The result, as you can see in the image, is spectacular.

DIY flower pots

Make your own planters

Some wooden boxes, some chalk paint in your favorite colors and some patterned scraps that match. You don’t need anything else to make your own pots in which your plants will look perfect.

The work is also very simple and perfectly suitable for everyone, even those who have not yet started in the DIY world.

– Start by sanding the wooden boxes and painting them with chalk paint. It is water-based, very easy to use and does not need to apply a previous primer.

– Then cut the fabric and line the bottom of the boxes, fixing it with glue (it can be fabric or just white glue).

– To finish, screw some wheels to the boxes.

Hanging plants

A bar to hang them

A simple curtain rod installed on the ceiling becomes a great and very decorative way to display your plants at home, especially recommended for those hanging species.

In addition, it is the perfect solution for small houses, since you can enjoy the presence of your plants without taking up space on the floor, which is always an incentive when the square meters are scarce.

There are different DIY ideas to hang your plants: from making hanging pots made using the macramé technique (knotting string or rope), to installing a bar and hanging rope bags as in the image. Easy and original.

Plants on a wooden pallet

With a recycled pallet

There are many different and original ways to reuse a wooden pallet. One of them is to use it as a display for your plants.

  • Start by cleaning it well and sanding it to remove any chips it may have.
  • Then you can give it a protective treatment for wood, especially if you are going to put it on the terrace or in the garden.
  • Finally, attach some metal wheels to the pallet to be able to move it easily.
Wood greenhouse

In the style of a greenhouse

This is a great idea that combines design with functionality. If you like plants and you are good at carpentry, you can build a small DIY greenhouse to expose your most delicate plants.

This auxiliary furniture consists of two parts: a stand similar to an easel, and the container for plants.

– Make a drawing as detailed as possible of the design so that you will know how many pieces and wooden slats you need and of what measure.

– First you will have to cut them with a jigsaw.

– Then they must be assembled using nails and a mounting adhesive.

Plant shelf

Build a bookshelf

A good idea to have your indoor plants at home is to build a special shelf that you can place in any corner of the house. You don’t need it to have a lot of depth and you can make the shelves you need.

– To make the sides you can use wooden slats about 8 or 10 cm wide, and 15 cm wide boards for the shelves.

– Once your plant shelf is built, you can paint it the color you want or leave it in the natural tone of the wood.

Plants in wooden boxes

With vintage air

The typical boxes that were used in the past to store fruit and many other things can be used to make a decorative display for plants, which gives your home a very vintage touch.

If you can’t find old boxes, it’s best to treat the new ones with a dark varnish to give it an aged look. You can also use a mixture of colorless wax with Judean bitumen.

Place a box as a support and another to place the pots, as you can see in the image.

Hanging versions

It seems incredible the results you can get by thinking from top to bottom and not the other way around as we usually do. And it is that the versions of hanging shelves, in addition to achieving more spaciousness in the spaces , will give rise to an original and unexpected image to the room in which you decide to welcome them . And all a few shelves and ropes away!

DIY with wood IX

Bet on a 2 × 1

Materializing a compartmentalized planter will allow you to give a lively and fresh touch to your home decoration while continuing to provide functionality to your corners . In the one I show you below, it acts as a magazine rack. A fantastic idea to dress a reading corner, the side of a sofa or that favorite corner that you always end up on the terrace.

DIY with wood II

Grows in height to accommodate many of your plants

DIYing with wood using just slats can give you great visual joys. In addition, the shallow depth that you are going to dedicate to the set will allow you to show off the creation both on the ground and anchored on one of your walls . Paint it to taste when finished and make it an indispensable part of your decoration almost without realizing it!

DIY with wood VI

DIY with wood: Pedestals to raise them

Giving a touch of distinction or clearly different to your plants at home can be as simple as showing them on a pedestal that you can make yourself. From a wooden stump that you customize to your liking and even a platform with wheels that allows you to move them anywhere, the pedestals will undoubtedly help you enhance your greener decoration.

DIY with wood IV

Custom shelving

Take advantage of the DIY with wood to dress that space that screams for a new shelf, it will be just as great. From the most inconspicuous to the most visual,Taking advantage of your storage skills while giving your plants a new place is always a good idea.

DIY with wood VII

Multiple planters

This idea is very original and fun. And it is that joining several wooden planters that present different size, shape and height, can help you to dress in a unique way even the most boring and bland of the corners of the house . Combine resistant species that require little care if you still think that plants are not your thing, and boast of results materialized with your own hands!

DIY with wood III

Dress walls

The wooden slats or the pallet slats themselves, can become clear protagonists of a wall to which you want to change the character. In addition, between those arranged vertically and horizontally, a small space will be generated up to the wall, which you can take advantage of to hang your planters at the height you want and in the place you want.

DIY with wood V

Custom shelves and full of life!

This simple idea can be all you need to give a distinctive touch to that wall with which you do not know what to do . Modify the initial appearance of shelves or supports, et violà! To boast of result.

DIY with wood X

New air to places of passage

Simple, shallow shelves can help you resurrect those walkways that you can’t sharpen . Bet on materializing a simple design and that your favorite plants are the ones in charge of doing the rest!

DIY with wood X

As you can see, encouraging yourself with DIY with wood at home can become a success as functional as it is decorative and original among your decoration. Bet on the initiative that best suits you and get to work with practice!

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