Reading: 70+ creative DIY patio ideas

70+ creative DIY patio ideas

DIY patio ideas : Over 77+ ideas

When you have a house with a patio or garden, or a country house, you have the advantage of being able to customize it however you want with what you like the most, either to enjoy it or to be the envy of your neighbors. With a little skill and minimal DIY knowledge they can take shape in your garden in most cases without too much effort and great results.

As always the Internet is the way that allows us to know all these ideas of ingenious and very creative people who have generously shared them with us (do not hesitate to consult the tutorials for more information, although they are in English surely the photographs will be of great help).

70+ creative DIY patio ideas

1.- Open-air cinema.


With some cushions on the floor, a projector and well-distributed lights.

2.- Giant flower garden.


With Allium giganteum plants you will get a fantasy garden.

3.- Tree house for children.


With a few simple planks and branches you can make a simple tree house. ( Tutorial )

4.- A drinks cooler in the garden.


Camouflaged at the same table, it will keep your beers and soft drinks very cool. ( Tutorial )

5.- Lounge to observe the stars.


Turn an old bunk bed into an observatory loft-shelter.

6.- Fire pit.


A stone fire pit is Ideal for dinners around the fire. ( Tutorial )

7.- Giant Scrabble.


To spend entertaining afternoons, it will also be more difficult for the pieces to get lost. ( Tutorial )

8.- Giant swing hammock.


Your friends will want to come take a nap every afternoon. ( Tutorial )

9.- Torches.


With these wine bottles converted into torches you will have the perfect lighting for your night parties. ( Tutorial )

10.- A private beach.


Get a beach in the garden for less than $ 200.

11.- A “very integrated” sofa.


Can you make a sofa out of the grass?

12.- Camping area.


With a tent and some pillows you can spend a vacation in your own home.

13.- Tent-reading corner.


Turn a tent or tent into a cozy reading corner by filling it with pillows and rugs.

14.- “Elastic” trampoline.


Use a trampoline as a trampoline to the pool.

15.- Teepees.


Build little teepees for the kids’ fun. ( Tutorial )

16.- Little house-viewpoint.


Ask for some help and build a great gazebo for everyone to enjoy. ( Tutorial )

17.- Playground.


Recycle some used tires to make a fun playground.

18.- Tunnel for cats.


Our pets also deserve to sunbathe and with this open-air tunnel you won’t worry about escaping. ( Tutorial )

19.- Outdoor shower.


With a hose you can take a simple shower to cool off.

20.- Store-pavilion.


With a simple rope between two trees, some sheets and imagination.

21.- Mini-bar.


A practical mini-bar to keep everything close at hand.

22.- Living room on the porch.


To have a well-deserved rest under the porch.

23.- Twister game


With a spray you can paint the Twister game on the lawn of the garden.

24.- Wooden speakers.


With two wooden salad bowls, make yourself some modern outdoor speakers. ( Tutorial )

25.- Economic seating area.


With cheap, easy-to-assemble pallets you can make a living area with plenty of extra seating for outdoor parties.

26.- Pizza oven.


Having your own pizza oven in the garden must be awesome.

27.- Blackboard.


You can mount a giant blackboard against the fence or wall of the garden to give wings to the creativity of the children.

28.- Mini-greenhouse.


Repurpose old windows to build a small greenhouse.

29.- Small shops.


With hula hoops and shower curtains you can create these little hiding places that children will enjoy.

30.- Artistic fence.


To make this original fence you must drill holes and fill them with marbles, the sunlight will do the rest.

31.- Design tables.


With inexpensive whiskey barrels and transparent glasses you can easily make these coffee tables.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest, and with these DIY ideas “do it yourself” you can have the best patio or garden in your home. So try making one of these projects and share it with others.


Create different types of seesaws in the trees with recycled wood or pallets. There are endless ways to make this type of rocker and they are highly customizable. Don’t you have yours yet? It’s a VERY easy DIY project and perfect for nice weather. You can read our previous article: Ideas to rest outside.

VERY easy DIY project


The bonfires in the garden are useful both in summer and in the other seasons to spend the nights around the fire. You can create really cool environments by building a bonfire. Best of all, there are tons of ways and materials to create bonfires.



One of the best summer DIY ideas we made last year was this table. Dinners and lunches can be much better if you have fresh beers or soft drinks at the same time as you eat. Do you like the idea? Next you have the special article: [Infographic] How to build a beer table step by step?



This is a great idea to have a fridge outside and to integrate into your garden or terrace. If you line the fridge with recycled wood it is great and gives a very rustic and original touch to the outside of your house.



Build your own tree house. Whether you have children or not, it is a great idea to spend summer nights in the house. It will really seem like you are not at home and you can spend hot summer nights sleeping in it. If you have children, it is not necessary to explain that they will love it and will always play in it. And you still don’t have a tree house?

Build your own tree house


This is the time to build your deck. In just a few days and the right cutting and sanding tools, you can make great porch decks. What are you waiting for to make a platform?



Creating special night environments is very important for the summer months.



In summer it is the optimal time to build greenhouses to protect plants from the future cold or to create outdoor planters to decorate our garden. What kind of plants or flowers do you have? Do you need a greenhouse or planter?



A solution to be able to take advantage of the shade of the trees that we have in the garden is this.



The best way to keep children entertained is to create a play area for them. If you have a garden it is a great idea for the summer and weekends. If you are interested in creating spaces for children, we recommend reading this article as well: The best DIY ideas for games in the garden.


42.Balinese bed

Balinese bed

There is nothing better to be able to enjoy our garden in summer than to have a comfortable place where you can rest. The Balinese beds offer all this . Some beds that we could make ourselves with the wood of the pallets. To create a more comfortable environment, we can always place some curtains that provide some privacy or that protect us from annoying insects while we rest.

43.Outdoor countertop

In the event that you like to dine on the patio during the summer months, it is always good to have a counter where we can leave all the things we need for it. Here it is important to make sure that the worktop is level so that things do not fall to the floor.

44.Planters for plants

Planters for plants

What would a garden or outdoor patio be without plants? In order for them to be beautiful, in addition to the necessary care, they need a place where they can grow . In many cases, a planter can be sufficient for this. In the event that the ones that can be sold to you do not meet your needs, you can always make your own with wooden pallets. Of course, make sure that there is not much gap between board and board so that the earth does not leak.

45.Hammock for rest

In the event that your garden has enough space to place a hammock, the use of pallets can greatly facilitate the task. In this case, you will only need to take the pallets and place it on the ground, making it possible to move it from one side to the other. Put some kind of mattress on top for the hammock to be more comfortable. Finally, you just have to relax on it. It is sure to become a highly sought after area among family members.

46.Outdoor table

Outdoor table

Another classic that cannot be missing in any outdoor area. We are not only referring to large tables, but also to smaller tables that can be of great help to place our drinks when we are sunbathing . Best of all, they don’t require a lot of effort to manufacture.

47.Garden path

This idea is for those who have a large garden. You can use the boards of the wooden pallets to create a path where you can walk without fear of staining your feet .

48.Outdoor lamps

Outdoor lamps

A garden without lighting is less a garden, since we could not enjoy it at night. For this, lighting is essential. If you don’t want to spend money on outdoor lamps, you can always create them yourself with wood to make them more special.

49.Zone separator

In the event that you want to delimit different areas in the garden, you can always install a wooden fence for it. The boards that are part of the pallet will work very well for you to make this element.

50. Save space with a vertical garden

1. Save space with a vertical garden

If your backyard is small, this DIY vertical garden idea lets you grow aromatic herbs, but that’s not all. You can plant pretty flowers as you like to decorate your outdoor space.

Plus, it’s an easy DIY project to do. You can do it all in one day as long as you put a little zeal into your creation.

With a few boards and the brackets for the wall, you have a pretty, functional planter. Using the easy-to-make markers, you will recognize each seed.

Source : I Spy DIY

51. Make your own fireplace to have a good time with the family

2. Make your own fireplace to have a good time with the family

This DIY fireplace idea is great for creating an authentic decoration in your backyard. You can have a good time around the fire with your family or friends.

In addition, the realization is done in a short time or even half a day if you are well motivated. For this you will build a concrete table where a fire bowl will be installed in the middle. It’s simple and easy even for a beginner handyman.

Source : À Beautiful Mess

52. Draw pretty patterns on the wall

3. Draw pretty patterns on the wall

All ideas are good for decorating and beautifying your outdoor space. With chalk, you will draw these leaf patterns all over the front of your wall.

Afterwards, you can paint them with a paint that resists the wear of time. Let your imagination run wild and draw patterns that look like you. Plus, it’s a creative project that you can share with your kids.

Source : Sarah Hearts

53. Create a claustra planter for more privacy

4. Create a claustra planter for more privacy

Privacy is an important thing especially for an outdoor space. You don’t have to put up a high wall to have some privacy.

This DIY idea is easy and builds in a day. DIY this trellis planter allows you to grow climbing plants that will act as a plant curtain later. In addition, it will give a touch of decoration and originality to your backyard.

Source : Love Grows Wild

54. Build your garden table

5. Build your garden table

Instead of investing in garden furniture, you can create your own. This DIY table is easy to make.

You will need wooden pieces for the table legs. A stone or concrete slab to make the top of the table. The rendering is nice and worthy of a professional.

Source : FamilyHandyman

55. A picnic table to make yourself

6. A picnic table to make yourself
6. A picnic table to make yourself

To have lunch outside during sunny weather, you will need a large table to accommodate everyone. This DIY idea allows you to make a pretty picnic table.

You don’t have to be a professional to build it. By following the instructions, you will have furniture worthy of a great gardening magazine.

Source : Dunn Lumber

56. Hide the miseries with this wooden unit blanket

7. Hide the miseries with this wooden unit blanket

The outdoor space is often used to store items that cannot find a place in your interior. To make your backyard beautifully decorated, this DIY idea allows you to hide the miseries.

By hiding distracting items behind this easy-to-make unit blanket, you’ll have a clean and welcoming space.

Source : TarynWhiteaker

57. Build a wooden bench in the shade

8. Build a wooden bench in the shade

You dream of lounging or reading a book in the shade during the beautiful seasons. This DIY wooden bench idea is ideal for you. With a little elbow grease you have your rustic bench in the shade of a tree or under a parasol.

Source : Shelstring Blog

58. Create a garden path worthy of a professional

9. Create a garden path worthy of a professional

You don’t have to break the bank to have a concrete garden path. By carrying out the work yourself, you will save on labor.

In addition, the materials are available at your garden center store. With concrete pavers and chippings, you have your garden path in just one day.

Source : DIY Walkways & Paths

59. Create a small decorative pond

10. Create a small decorative pond

Having a small landscaped wetland is always pretty in a backyard. With this DIY idea you have a pond with pebbles. A real plus to give charm to your outdoor space. It’s quick and easy for a look worthy of a high-end garden.

Source : Contemporary Garden Water Feature

60. Decorate your garden with pretty concrete globes

11. Decorate your garden with pretty concrete globes

For more originality and decoration in your backyard garden, opt for these easy-to-make concrete globes. You will only need to make molds and create different textures. The globes are placed in the middle of your garden to have relief and decoration.

Source : DIY concrete garden globes

61. Save money by building your paved driveway

12. Save money by building your paved driveway

To save more on your garden landscaping budget, you can create your own cobblestone path.

With easy-to-make formwork and ready-mixed concrete, you just wait for drying time to get a paved garden path.

Source : Home isWhereThey Love You

62. Make this large concrete planter

13. Make this large concrete planter

To make this concrete garden planter, you need to make a mold. If this step takes a little time, know that you can reuse it for a long time.

And to tell the difference between your future planters, paint them with pretty colors to beautify your outdoor space.

Source : Remodelaholic

63. Make modern concrete planters

14. Make modern concrete planters

By building large molds to create your planters, you get modern results. You just need to follow the instructions for pouring the concrete and creating the molds. Then you plant your favorite plants for a beautiful exterior.

Source : Curbly

64. Small concrete planters for your plants

15. Small concrete planters for your plants

To highlight the high parts of your backyard, you can opt for these small concrete planters that are easy to make. You will use a mold to make these planters which are ideal for accommodating cacti and other plants that don’t like wet soil.

Source : Garden Therapy

65. Make planters with concrete slabs

16. Make planters with concrete slabs

With concrete slabs and strong glue you get these rectangular planters. They look great in your garden and can accommodate all of your favorite kinds of plants. Follow the assembly advice carefully and respect the drying time.

Source : Curbly

66. Choose these concrete block planters

17. Choose these concrete block planters

With this DIY planter idea, you can make a real decoration for your exterior. The materials used are concrete blocks to constitute the supports and the small planters. The rendering is really chic and highlights small spaces by adopting a vertical garden.

Source : The HuntedInterior

67. Modern concrete block planters

18. Modern concrete block planters

This DIY planter idea for your herbs is fantastic. Plus, you can do it in minutes. It is no longer necessary with this idea to invest in expensive planters. The rendering is modern and decorates your backyard.

Source : Design Sponge

68. Build your concrete garden table

19. Build your concrete garden table

Concrete is a material that is very pleasing to the eye for an exterior. In addition, its strength allows you to keep it for many years.

By following the realization instructions, you get your table in a weekend. The photos show you the DIY steps. With a little patience and a little elbow grease, you have an authentic and unique concrete garden table.

Source : Rogue Engineer

69. Create your table with a concrete top

20. Create your table with a concrete top

So that your children can have quiet meals outside. This DIY garden table idea with a concrete plan is great.

You will no longer be afraid of children breaking your glass table. In addition, it gives a rustic touch to your outdoor space. You have a sturdy table to accommodate all the party meals outside.

Source : Ana White

70. Make a garden bench with wood and concrete

21. Make a garden bench with wood and concrete

For this DIY modern bench idea for your backyard, you need wood for the legs and concrete for the seat.

If you can find cedar lumber in your area, it will look great. Follow the steps to create this bench and you have unique and authentic garden furniture.

Source : Remodelaholic

71. Make your own garden pavers

22. Make your own garden pavers

The arrangement of your garden by a professional can be very expensive. However, with a DIY idea for making your cobblestone garden path, you can do without it.

You can use plastic containers to make your molds. You can also create them according to your imagination in terms of size and shape.

The goal here is to create a paved garden path in your image. Plus, you will be proud watching them every day in your outdoor space.

Source : The Stony Brook House

72. Create concrete garden borders

23. Create concrete garden borders

To delimit your spaces in the garden, the presence of borders is required. With this easy DIY idea to create your cement garden borders, you give charm to your outdoor space.

In addition, you only need the cement to make them. Among other things, you limit the growth of your lawns or your flower beds inside the borders.

Source : Home Is WhereThey Love You

73. Concrete fire columns

24. Concrete fire columns

To add style to your backyard, opt for these concrete fire columns. You can use them to illuminate your outdoor space during your evenings.

This gives a romantic atmosphere to your garden and the realization is accessible even for a beginner handyman.

Source : In MyOwn Style

74. Build your bench all in concrete

25. Build your bench all in concrete

Instead of investing a fortune in a garden supply store, you can make this bench out of concrete. The rendering is really worthy of a high-end piece of furniture.

Follow the instructions carefully and you will have your modern bench in no time. You need to make the different molds and you’re good to go.

Source : Ideas 2 Live 4

75. Choose patterned and concrete walkways

26. Choose patterned and concrete walkways

If the shapes seem complicated to achieve, it is not so in reality. With a few equipment in your workshop, you can make molds as fantastic as they are in the photos.

This DIY cobblestone idea is a great idea for a professional look. Plus, you can easily do them yourself with a little motivation.

Source : Homemade Modern

76. Make your DIY concrete fireplace

27. Make your DIY concrete fireplace

Completing this DIY project is quite difficult for a beginner. However, the result is really nice and is very expensive to buy.

Especially since the production instructions are complete, it is a challenge for the handyman in you. You have a garden fireplace worthy of a professional.

Source : Homemade Modern

77. An easy-to-build concrete fire pit

28. An easy-to-build concrete fire pit

To give your backyard some style and modernity, this DIY concrete fireplace idea is really cool. In addition, the rendering is modern and refined to give a trendy look to your garden. Follow the directions and you have your concrete garden fire pit.

Source : Man Made DIY

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