Reading: 20+ Unique DIY Plant Stand ideas You Can Make At Home

20+ Unique DIY Plant Stand ideas You Can Make At Home

diy plant stand ideas : best 20+ ideas

DIY planter lovers wait all week to hang out with their favorite plants and flowers on the weekend. Cleaning the pots, adding more members and feeding them the fertilizers are the humble tasks that the garden or pot lovers honestly perform. But this time you should not focus on the plants but on the pots because a nice plant is not complete without a beautiful pot, especially when you have it inside the house. So, to dress up old pots and planters in an exciting and beautiful way, we’ve rounded up these DIY planters for you.

There are many fun yet simple and inexpensive ways to embellish a simple pot, planter or terracotta pot when you have some creative and skillful hands. Using the home supplies, you can turn your old and boring-looking flower pots into really attractive decorative possessions. There are several fun techniques you can work on to give your planters the best makeover and that too keeping in mind the decorating demands of your venues.

First of all, you can simply paint the DIY planters in the stunning hues that would really complement your decor as well. You can choose one paint color or use several to create a charming contrasting appeal that instantly catches the eye. Then you can paint the bottoms of the pots in the beautiful hues and give them a lovely look that everyone would love.

diy plant stand ideas You Must Do

For a more magical touch, you can attach these stylized planers to geometrically shaped stands made from brass tubes. And if you can find any pretty patterned fabric from your stash, use it to cover the plants and make them an instant decorating hit. Get details on each project with the tutorial links below.

DIY Beautiful Painted Planter:

DIY Beautiful Painted Planter

DIY planters are the life of home decor and you can breathe new life into old, boring planters by painting them in the matching hues of your decor. Make flower pots look spruced up with that awesome makeover. Here the black smudge has been base coated with a different lip color and then white triangle stamps all over. Tutorial here  thecraftedlife

DIY Handmade Gold Plated Flower Pots:

DIY Beautiful Painted Planter

Spring is all about beautiful colors and flowers, so why not bring some plants into the house to welcome this season? So don’t forget to dress up the pots to enhance the decor with the addition of cute pots. Painting terracotta pots and then dipping the bottom rim in gold is the easiest way to style pots and make them look fit for elegant décor. Step by step instructions here  potterybarn

Old tire in planters:

DIY Tread Planters or Raised Garden Beds

Tires are one of the most in need of recycling in the world and there are many fun and creative ways to reuse them for a better purpose. Like here, by cutting the tires, they have become flower pots for your garden decoration. They have all been painted in the lovely bright hues that really make them look a real eye-catcher for garden decoration. See the full tutorial with details here theloopylife

DIY Whitewashed Soda Can Succulent Planters:

Succulent Planters From Whitewashed Upcycled Soda Cans

Anything resembling pots or vases can be used to hold your favorite plants and the flowers in them just make them look presentable sooner. Just like soda cans here they have been used as pretty cheap vases and before holding the flowers in them they have been turned into these stunning, completely whitewashed pieces. End tables, side panels, entry tables and shelves, these cute vases and planters would add beauty to all of these places. Here is the full tutorial somewhere splendid

DIY Flower Planters Wellies:

Repurposed Wellies Flower Planters

Everybody wants to have some clever decorative items that no one else has. And for that you need to be creative and boost your imagination. Here we have this boot planter idea to jumpstart your creativity so you can bring some quirky touches to your home decor, especially outdoors. So take those long boots that are no longer in use and turn them into a perfect place to house your planters. Get the full tutorial here kittenhood

DIY Whitewashed and Stenciled Seam Cabinet Planter:

DIY Whitewashed and Stenciled Seam Cabinet Planter

Gone are the days of old sewing machines that came with tables and cabinets as much faster and more feasible machines are now available for sewing. So here is the good solution to use that old sewing machine cabinet for a second purpose and that is to use it for planting. Yes, with a little paint on this wooden cabinet, you can turn it into a beautiful planter spot for your garden, patio, or backyard and bring in some really fun and funky vibes. See step-by-step instructions here onemoretimeevents

Old Book Succulent Planter:

Repurposed Book Succulent Planter

It is really hard to get rid of your old books as there is an emotional attachment to them. So here is the beautiful idea that we show you how you can recycle the old books without throwing them away. Simply create a cube cutout in the center of the book and plant a succulent there and thus you can create an entire book garden with the old and retired books and still enjoy their company around you. Grab this unique and fun idea here apartmenttherapy

Himmeli DIY Triangle Succulent Holder:

DIY Himmeli Triangle Succulent Holder

The way things are displayed, plants and decor pieces really add to the home decor really matters for the style of the home. So if you have beautiful succulent pots, you can have them displayed in these pyramids made from brass tubes and create a rich and attractive look in any home section. The project is too simple and easy to do yourself at home with the tutorial guide provided here ispydiy

Upcycled Mason Jar + Wooden Wall Hanging Planters:

DIY Mason Jar Wall Hanging Planters

If you are planning to enhance the beauty and style of your walls, adding the wall planters is the best idea to make your walls look decorative. And this wall-filling project would be totally inexpensive and doable for you, as it involves a rustic plank of wood, three clamps, and three mason jars filled with soil and plants. Screw the jars with clamps on the board and the board to the walls and you’re done. Here is the simple and doable tutorial with step by step instructions not only housewife

DIY Vertical Pallet Planter:

Recycled Pallet Vertical Planter

Pallets are the perfect type of material to take for so many home furnishing projects and home decor as well. IF you want to bring some natural beauty of plants and flowers to your spaces but there is no room in the garden, then creating the vertical planters is the best idea to bring some lovely natural beauty vibes to your spaces. Porch, patio, patio and even indoors would accept this natural wood planter with open arms. Tutorial here lifeonthebalcony

DIY Fabric Wrapped Paint Can Planter:

DIY Fabric Wrapped Paint Can Planter

If you have some empty paint cans lying around the house, just don’t throw them away as they can be really crafty for some home decor projects. A cute and lovely sample is here where the paint can has been easily converted into the cute flower pot with a few makeover steps and that’s just covering the paint can with a waterproof cloth and this is the only thing that must do. So it’s like a 10-15 minute project, so hurry up to get it done, but first you can see all the details here .

Easy DIY Hot Pink Crock Pot Makeover:


Sometimes when you’re thinking about a decor makeover, you miss the little things that can make a big impact on your decor. Just like changing the style of planters from old and boring planters to new and refreshing, you can really raise the bar for decorating. And you just have to make a nice painting session for the purpose as here it has been done in white base and pink lip from the pot. For more details and instructions click here  bestfriendsforfrosting

Easy Painted Flower Pots DIY Projects:

Easy DIY Projects Painted Planters

Whenever you’re doing a DIY craft project that involves painting, take colors very seriously, as they can make or just the impact of the décor. Just like these simple terracotta pots have been made to look unique and interesting with the vibrant paint tones and that contrast. The top in white and the bottom have been dipped in white thus creating a truly lovely look. lauratrevey

DIY Fabric Terracotta Pots:

DIY Fabric Terracotta Pots

There are various ways to design the pots or planters and here is another amazing idea to do that. Just grab some beautifully printed and colored fabric from your stash and use it to cover the pots. So, so simply and nicely, amazing flower pot avatars are ready to shake up your decor and make it all look cheerful and that too at no cost. Full tutorial here  ashleyannphotography

DIY Fabric Decoupage Planter:

DIY Fabric Decoupage Planter

Any additional pieces of fabric that you think look really exciting and colorful can be used for many DIY projects. Just like this cute baby crib patterned piece of fabric has been used to make the cover of the plant pot and give it an instant look and decoration. You can proudly display this fabric planter on tables, mantels or shelves with your favorite plant. See the tutorial here for more details  ashleyannphotography

Wall vases or wooden candle holders and DIY mason jars:

DIY Wooden Wall Vases or Candle Holders and Mason Jars

With simple, cheap, and easy-to-find supplies, this adorable piece of home wall décor has been beautifully created. Take a piece of aged wood, some baby food jars and some clamps and this beautiful planter wall is ready to spruce up your interior, porch or even outdoor walls and add some fun natural vibes everywhere. You can get more details of this project here to more easily tackle it yourself  makelifelovely

Repurposed Old Chair Planter:

DIY Old Chair Planter

Being creative with old things is the favorite pastime of craftsmen and here is amazing inspiration in this regard for all craft lovers. This simple old wooden chair has been turned into a planter with a few simple makeover touches. The seat has been removed and spray painted all over and the basket stuck in it and the unique and clever porch planter is ready to rock your decor. Tutorial here sewcaroline

Beautiful Reclaimed Vanity Planter:

Super beautiful DIY comfortable planter

Planter vanity? sounds too unique? And yes, it would be really an innovative idea to plant your favorite plants and flowers and bring some fun decor vibes into your home garden, patio or patio area that you think needs a bit of gradation. Simply paint the dresser for a fresh new look and then use the soil and plants to plant your favorite green things and thus a beautiful piece of décor is ready for your outside. Tutorial here algoquirkydesign

Handmade cement planter:

Self-made cement planter

Making a set of new planters and yours is also the perfect idea to bring some freshness and tenderness to the decoration of any of your spaces. So how about making the custom sized and custom shaped cement planters and then flaunting your favorite flowers and plants in them so you can spruce up dull and boring home spaces instantly? Here is the complete tutorial to know, follow the step by step instructions and guides and make these beautiful flower pots with cement with the finished beautiful painting to make them look more beautiful and adorable. Tutorial here  centsationalgirl

Beautiful DIY Stroller Planter:

Beautiful flower pot for DIY stroller

If all of your babies are grown but you still have that old stroller sitting in your shop, then it’s time to take it out and use it for a secondary purpose. You would be surprised to know that you can use the stroller as the perfect planter for any of your spaces, whether it is indoors or outdoors. With a few small changes, you can perfectly fit the stroller as the unique and one-of-a-kind planter and thus make your home decor and style look smart and innovative. Get all the details here  flickr

Easy Fabric Wrapped Can Upside Down Planters:

DIY Fabric Wrapped Tin Upside Down Planters

Anything that looks like a container can be used perfectly as the planters for your spaces. Like these absolute gorgeous and stunning hanging planters have been easily made out of the old tin cans being wrapped up with the printed fabric pieces to look somewhat styled up or dressed up. Porch, patio, garden or any other spots can be delighted up with the addition of these hanging tin planters there. See the full tutorial there  designsponge

DIY Customized Chalkboard Pots:

DIY Personalized Chalkboard Planters

Chalkboard projects are always easy, fun and cute, so here we have these beautiful chalkboard paint flower pot ideas to share with you and add a cute touch to your home decor. Simply paint the chalkboard paint in any of your desired designs and color the planters that are ready to be displayed in your spaces. Use the chalk to write the names of the plants in each pot. Get the full details on this simply gorgeous project right here  .

Reused watering can:

Repurposed Trough Planter

If you don’t use the troughs anymore and are just lounging in your outhouse, then here’s a perfect repurposed idea for them. You can use them as a spacious flower pot to grow or plant any of your plants, be it vegetables, fruits or even herbs. It would look great in its actual state, but for a more streamlined look, you can paint it in your desired hues and make it look more complementary to your decor. Full idea details here apartment therapy

Handmade Wood Chevron Planter:

DIY Wood Chevron Handmade Planter

If you have some reclaimed wood like pallet or barn wood, bring it home to build this absolutely beautiful and stunning planter for your outdoor spaces. Break the wood into the slats or planks and join them together in the chevron pattern style to bring out the beauty of this cute square planter. The light tones but the different shades of the paint to the chevron patterns are adding more charm. Full tutorial here with details of every inch  zelophotoblog

DIY Amazing Floppy Planters:

Amazing DIY Floppy Flower Pots

Old is gold and you’d agree with it more after taking a look at these beautiful flower pots that are made up of floppy disks. These floppy flower pots are immensely cool and cute and would look really unique and fun placed on your side tables, windowsills, mantle and even on shelves. All you need are a few floppy disks and old plastic bottles to plant your favorite flowers, plants or herbs in the cute and clever pots. See the full tutorial with pictorial orientation here  instructables

DIY Gorgeous Stump Planters:

DIY Gorgeous Stump Planters

you can easily find some cut tree stumps in your surroundings and here we will show you what you can do with them. By drilling them in the center, you can fill them with the soil and then plant your favorite plants, herbs or flowers in them and therefore the most natural and unique type of planter is ready to bring all the rustic and natural vibes to your decoration. outdoor. nicely displayed on the porch, patio, backyard and even in the garden to fix the garden decoration there. Step by step instructions for this amazing stump planter project are here  thecraftytulip

DIY Recycled Tire Planters:

DIY Recycled Tire Planters

You can easily find some tires or inner tubes to create this beautiful collection of planters with them. From the huge basket planters to the small flower pots, you can create any size and shape pots from the recycled tires to create a totally attractive and eye-catching decor centerpiece in your garden or patio spaces. You can also paint these tire pots for a more complementary, custom, and personalized look. Here is the link where these tire plants originally belong so browse and get more details  ubeautypotsandplants

DIY Repurposed Old Tire Planter:

DIY Repurposed Old Tire Planter

Old tires mold perfectly into planters to enhance the beauty and decor of your outdoor spaces. And being roomy and spacious, they’re perfect for larger plant projects, too. Simply draw a flower on a pull and cut it out. Then paint it in your favorite bright hues and they are ready to fill in with soil to house your favorite plants, herbs or flowers. One, two, three or a bunch of these planters can be created to style the garden and it would all be free. See the complete project with every little detail here studiogblog

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