Reading: DIY Wood Furniture ideas : 35+ Ideas For A Unique And stylish Home

DIY Wood Furniture ideas : 35+ Ideas For A Unique And stylish Home

DIY wood furniture ideas : best 35+ ideas

if you are looking for DIY wood furniture ideas ? then this article for you

If you want to be able to decorate the house in an original way and also with a lot of style, since it is now a trend, nothing like resorting to rustic furniture that we can also make easily. Let’s see below, some of the ideas and tips to make rustic furniture with wood.

DIY wood furniture ideas

If you like rustic furniture, you can easily make it with a bit of wood, which is, in fact, the main element for this type of furniture. Once made, however, we must take good care of it to avoid scratches and bumps . Let’s see then some of the best ideas that we can propose to you to make rustic furniture:


Ideas tips to make rustic furniture with wood entrance bench

One of the first ideas that we propose is to make a simple bench for the entrance of the house , from a few small sheets of wood, nailed or glued to form the sides and other longer ones to be able to make the seat itself, which you will also have to reinforce inside with some simple brackets.


Ideas tips to make rustic furniture with wood mirror bedroom


Also with some sheets you can make a mirror to place in the entrance of the house or in the bedroom.



With a wooden fruit box, for example, you can also make a small side table for the bedroom.


Ideas tips to make rustic furniture with coat rack wood

Or with a few wooden boards and a few hooks , we can make a simple coat rack.ADVERTISEMENT


Ideas tips to make rustic furniture with wood stool

With a simple piece of a trunk, we can make this other rustic piece of furniture that consists of a small stool, or if you prefer, a small side table.


Ideas tips to make rustic furniture with wood side table living room

This other side table for the living room can be achieved with a few pieces of wood that we can reuse from another piece of furniture, and some metal pieces as legs.


Ideas tips to make rustic furniture with wooden shelves

With some long sheets of wood we can make part of the structure of this shelf, whose shelves can also be made with a few smaller sheets of wood .


Ideas tips to make rustic furniture with wood cradle made desk

Rustic wood furniture can also be achieved by reusing other furniture. This is the case of this crib transformed into a desk for children.ADVERTISEMENT


Ideas tips for making rustic furniture with wood. dog bed

Or with a large wooden box or a few loose pieces of wood, we can also build a dog bed.


Ideas tips for making rustic furniture with panel wood

In an easy way we can also take four pieces of wood, join them and create a network with thread in the center, so that we obtain a panel to hang things in our office at home or in the bedroom.

We have already seen some ideas and proposals that seem good to us to make rustic furniture with wood, but we leave you a photo gallery with more ideas.


In addition to the proposed ideas, we also have to list a series of tips that will help you when making your rustic furniture with wood.

Ideas tips for making rustic furniture with wood PHOTOS side table


The rustic furniture that we can make in wood is not always going to be painted, but if it is, we always have to ensure that it is of good quality . This is essential to obtain the best visual result. We recommend using acrylic or latex paint as it will give you the best results on wood, even if they are old wood sheets.ADVERTISEMENT


For a better finish, it is important first of all to sand the wooden furniture. This will make them look much newer. Choose medium grit sandpaper, this will remove old paint and dangerous wood chips that we have decided to reuse or actually use, to build our DIY furniture.

Ideas tips for making rustic furniture with wood TV cabinet PHOTOS
diy original armchair idea manufacturing foot lamp
DIY furniture coffee table living room
DIY kitchen storage cabinet

DIY furniture is becoming an idea that we practice more and more nowadays. Making your own furniture is not only very good for finances but also allows you to have personalized and unique furniture. By tinkering with our furniture, we can choose their design and manufacture it in a way that meets our needs and our daily lives. DIY furniture is also a way to have a very original and interesting interior decoration In this article we are going to give you some DIY furniture DIY ideas.

DIY furniture – interesting design cabinet

Today we offer you more than 34 DIY projects for DIY furniture that will be a real challenge for those of you who like to tinker. So it’s now or never to try your handyman talent and redecorate your interior with DIY furniture. We promise you a lot of good emotions with these original ideas. Look at the photos and choose the most attractive projects for you:

Very original decoration to make yourself

diy decorative furniture original idea modern interior entrance layout

An armchair entirely made of wine corks? What a funny idea! Cork stoppers can also be used to make a coffee table and even a sofa. A real ecological piece of furniture:

Original armchairs of wine corks

To make the wooden table below, you will only need a wooden panel (plywood or salvage), legs that you can buy in a specialized store and tools to fix them.

diy wood table desk idea to make yourself diy furniture trend

Wooden table – a great DIY piece of furniture 

The coat rack is an always practical piece of furniture. If you have an old dresser with drawers, try making this original upcycled coat rack:

entrance layout idea coat rack diy wood furniture

DIY wooden coat rack

Industrial design lover? You will no doubt love the bedside table idea below. It was made of three concrete blocks. With three concrete blocks, it is possible to make a very stable library or DIY storage unit.

diy bedroom furniture table idea

DIY industrial style concrete block table

When talking about DIY furniture, it is impossible not to mention the star of all DIY furniture – the wooden pallet! For several years, it has not stopped fascinating DIYers, enthusiasts and beginners. It allows the realization of many practical pieces of furniture. We have already seen it transform into a bed frame, table, chair, bench, sofa, kitchen island…

diy wooden pallet furniture armchair ideas

Two DIY wooden armchairs and table

The palette is easy to find and handle. Below, we see a romantic wall decoration made of a dismantled pallet as well as a coffee table with wheels:

wood pallet coffee table

The coffee table is one of the easiest pallet projects to make. This pallet table can fit in with living room decor as well as outdoor decor. To make it, you don’t even have to take it apart. Just paint it, if you want. Casters are optional.

Cupboard with wooden drawers

DIY interesting cabinet furniture

Making a chest of drawers, wardrobe or closet takes time. If you are just beginning your DIY adventures, try simpler projects: coffee table, bench, sofa, armchair, chair or decoration.

Another wooden cabinet idea

DIY wooden cabinet furniture

Making your own furniture is not only good for finances. It is also good for nature. Instead of throwing old things in the trash and buying new ones, think about the possibilities of giving them a new life.

Wooden storage cabinet

original wooden cabinet

Vintage deco wardrobe idea

DIY retro wardrobe

Having a garden swing is very nice. Making it yourself with a pallet is simple. Children will undoubtedly love it and have a lot of fun with it. Small safety tip – consider hanging it with strong chains and in your garden, for example. If you want to hang it on your terrace and the latter is covered with concrete or tiles, it is better to install it in the garden.

Wooden swing for the veranda

wooden deco swing

Practical wooden bench idea

wood deco bench

Furnishing your entire exterior with a DIY furniture is class! Making anything from pallets or old furniture is surprisingly easy. Once your garden furniture is done, you will be very proud of your work!

Design bench for outdoors

DIY wooden bench furniture

Bedroom storage cabinet

DIY wood shelf furniture

Wooden Floating Shelf

wooden floating shelf

A DIY storage cabinet is always welcome. Instead of spending $100 or more to buy one, make it yourself. This piece of furniture is also part of the list of DIY furniture that is easy to make.

Open wooden shelf

DIY open shelf

Original design shelves

floor design wood
DIY office furniture

DIY office furniture

Do you have an old door and you don’t know what to do with it? Here is a fun entrance furniture idea with a coat rack made with an old door. The latter can also be used to make a table or coat rack for your dressing room.

DIY wooden entrance cabinet

Wooden entrance cabinet

Kitchen cabinet

Interesting coffee table idea

DIY coffee table furniture

Coffee table with drawers

coffee table deco living room

Old stools? They easily transform into stylish table legs. Look :

Table made from bar stools

wooden desk table

Having a comfortable workspace is important for concentrating well. Making a desk to your needs is a good way to make yours enjoyable.

Bedroom table

diy bedroom table

Outdoor dining table idea

outdoor dining table

Elegant dining table

table manger design DIY

This pallet chair is very elegant. To make it, you have to cut the pallet and then fix the armrests and feet.

Pallet chair

wooden pallet deco chair

A wooden shelf hanging on the wall with old black leather belts – what a hipster brico idea!

DIY wood shelf idea

Elegant wooden shelf idea

Want a romantic wall decoration? Install a wooden pallet on the wall and make a beautiful photo composition of your family. A decoration that touches and tells stories!

ideas deco mural palette

Pallet Wall Art 

The old suitcase becomes a vintage bedside or living room table. You can also use it to store books inside. Convenient !

DIY retro furniture idea

old suitcase table

wooden pallet stools

diy pallet furniture stool
wood pallet jadin furniture

Sofa and garden table in pallets

wood pallet tv stand

DIY TV cabinet

wood pallet outdoor furniture

Pallet garden furniture

DIY wood pallet coffee table

DIY living room table

wood pallet bedside table

Small DIY table idea


Before going to make the furniture, it is important that we have the wood that we are going to use well prepared, since it will surely be wood from old furniture or that we are going to convert into others. To do this, we have to clean the wood well with a cloth and try to hide any damage,  covering and filling any hole with, for example, putty or wax.


Before making the furniture it is also very important to treat the wood that we are going to use with a sealant , which is a viscous material that prevents the furniture from deteriorating. In addition, in the event that you decide to paint the furniture that you have built with wood, it will be the final finish of this precious restoration or manufacturing work, to create the rustic furniture that we want.

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