Earn 1000$ by just Listening to Music ($12/Song)


Earn 1000$ by just Listening to Music ($12/Song)

earn up to $12 per review

This platform offers an opportunity to earn money by listening to and reviewing songs.

The majority of the music available comes from emerging indie artists seeking feedback and support to promote their music.

To become a PlayListPush curator, you must have a playlist with genuine followers on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube Music.

Curators can earn up to $12 per review, and if they like a song, they are encouraged to add it to one of their playlists to increase exposure.

Over time, artists can directly pitch their songs to curators on the platform, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. Curators earn money by discovering new music, while artists gain valuable feedback and exposure for their songs.

Payments can be requested at any time and are directly deposited into your bank account. This platform provides an excellent opportunity for music enthusiasts to support emerging artists while earning money by listening to and promoting new music.

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