Earn 1000$ by just Listening to Music ($12/Song)

Earn 1000$ by just Listening to Music ($12/Song)

Earn up to $4 per song

WeLocalize offers a unique opportunity to earn money by transcribing song lyrics while listening to music.

Unlike traditional music reviews, this job involves listening to songs and accurately transcribing their lyrics. The platform boasts a community of over 1,000 registered transcribers who have successfully transcribed more than 15,000 songs, with an additional 60,000 songs awaiting transcription.

This presents an attractive side hustle opportunity for individuals looking to earn extra income.

To get started, sign up for a free account on the platform. Upon approval, you’ll receive daily assignments to transcribe songs.

The pay rate is approximately $4 per song. Please note that you must be a US citizen to work on this platform.

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