30+ Entryway Mudroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

Entryway mudroom ideas : best 30+ ideas

The mudroom, formally known as the entryway, is the area of your home where you take off your shoes and hang up your coat before proceeding into the rest of your home. It’s one of the most frequently used spaces in any home, so it makes sense to make it as lovely as possible!

The hall of your house can offer the warmest welcome if it is furnished as it deserves. You must not forget that it is the first room that is seen when entering the home and, in this sense, it creates an expectation; For this reason, we are going to discover 30 entryway mudroom ideas decorated with style. Can you come with us? Go ahead then…

Equip and decorate the hall of your house with style and practicality. We have the keys to do it with these 10 ideas to take advantage of the entrances and corridors of your house , since you are going to discover that they have more storage capacity than you think. It is the ideal space to place coat racks, shoe cabinets, umbrella stands, shelves, consoles… Even if the space is small, there is always room for a piece that identifies your tastes and your personality.


Whether small or large, the fact of decorating the hall with charm fulfills a key mission, because it is the preamble to what can be seen in the rest of the house Being a transit area, no one will stay in it long enough to enjoy its details, so its decoration focuses on generating sensations: joy, charm, sophistication… To get it right for sure, we show you how to decorate a hall white to make it a cozy and beautiful place.The hall is the place where we usually leave all our things when we get home. For this reason, we want to give you some ideas to turn it into a space that, in addition to being beautiful, is practical and functional.


When we get home we need a place where we immediately leave all our things; Therefore, we recommend you maintain visual order in your hall with these ideas. Do not fall into chaos and apply a design that fits your needs Before furnishing it, the first thing you should do is analyze your habits. Then, study the space you have, do not forget that it is a transit area; therefore, circulation must be facilitated and there must be at least 90 cm free.

Choose practical and functional furniture to maintain order at home.The most practical thing is to design halls equipped with a practical console . A sideboard with drawers to store small things is also interesting, as is a standing coat rack and a shelf with hangers at different heights. On the other hand, we can not forget the shoe rack, very recurrent to store shoes and a side table where to put some decoration.Designate a small area to wait for other family members or to change your shoes. The benches are very practical and, in addition, you can take advantage of the lower area to put boxes and have extra storage space.

If you want to save and optimize space, compact furniture is the ideal solution to store all kinds of things in a few meters. In this way, shelves, drawers or hooks are very functional and multiple models can be found on the market. To find out more, scroll down the screen and get inspired by these modern and current receivers.


entryway mudroom ideas-1

Multifunctional furniture is ideal for small spaces. In this hall, a bench with a coat rack has been chosen. In addition, the drawers will serve as a shoe rack. We like the industrial style of the furniture. This design is from the firm Maisons du Monde.


entryway mudroom ideas-2

In summer, you will have to put a different spin on it. Now scarves, coats or gloves will be exchanged for hats, towels or diving goggles. Use lightweight baskets to store and keep pool items close at hand… Allocate some boxes for flip-flops and towels and racks for hats. Environment of El Corte Inglés.


entryway mudroom ideas-3

Designate a small area to wait for other family members or to change your shoes. Benches are very practical and, in addition, you can take advantage of the lower area to put boxes and have extra storage space, like this hall from @mariquillacarbo


entryway mudroom ideas-4

It is important to have an assigned place for each object. Get several pieces of furniture that divide the hall into different parts: an area for shoes, another for bags and backpacks, or keys. This way they will know where to leave everything at first. Leroy Merlin hall.


entryway mudroom ideas-5

The chromatic unit allows integrating the different finishes in the same space.

The mix of materials and finishes enriches the space. Getting everything to fit is possible if we play with light and neutral tones. A marble console and antique gilt legs go perfectly with the round wooden mirror and country-style bench. The details, all in wood and white, seamlessly add to the charm of this hallway.

If you have recessed spotlights, you don’t need a very powerful auxiliary light source. In these cases we can allow ourselves the luxury of installing a ceiling model as original as this one, medieval in style, with sails. Everything is from the firm Affari.


entryway mudroom ideas-6

Get the wall composition right by making a paper template in advance.

Is your hall narrow and long? Do not give up creating a unique space due to lack of space, study your possibilities and give it another chance. A fantastic solution is to play with the wall decoration with a striking composition of paintings that occupies a large part of the surface. You will be able to highlight it even more if you paint the wall in a light tone, white or very soft gray that guarantees the prominence of the paintings.

If your entrance has little transit area, bet on furniture with very little depth, like this wood and iron bench. Some plants aligned with it are the ideal complement. Everything is sold in El Corte Inglés.


factory style hall

The light source in the hall must be warm and discreet; an applique is the best.

The industrial style is one of the trends in vogue for this fall; metallic finishes alternated with natural woods and modern typographic messages that will put a different note in any space. In this case, this trend has been chosen with a storage cabinet, bench and coat rack dominating the hall; in turn, a metal locker-type chest of drawers and a picture with a message complete the space wonderfully.

The finish and color of the walls and floor also influence the choice of style. The aged exposed brick and raw wood as a platform are the perfect allies for furniture with an industrial air. Everything comes from Maisons du Monde.


hall decorated with plants

When choosing plants, look at the amount of natural light to choose the most suitable one.

A small setback in the wall can be enough to create a reception area at home. The key is to create a simple decorative universe and highlight the importance of the composition. This corner, for example, only has a practical wooden console but the tropical air achieved, thanks to the painting and the plants, makes it a refreshing and very attractive space.

Decorating with plants is an art that significantly improves the environment. If you opt for a large variety, place it next to the wall so as not to get in the way. As a complement, a pendant will be super decorative. Furniture, picture and vases, from Ixia. Plants, from El Taller de Indias.


hall with multipurpose furniture from ikea

Decorate the hall without giving up its functionality. As in this proposal from the Ikea firm. A wardrobe with sliding doors offers double utility: on the one hand, it is perfect for storing shoes, but if you add a mat and some colored cushions, it also becomes a bench.


hall decorated with plants

For example, in your green corner: it will be a breath of refreshing air. A few pots on a pretty stand, like this side table, and some botanical prints complete the props . Of course, make sure that the plants receive enough light, so that they are healthy.


entrance hall with shoe cabinet by car möbel

Take off your shoes when you get home. What better place to hang up your coat and take off your shoes than at the entrance of the house? A shoe cabinet, like this one from Car Möbel, and a multiple coat rack take up minimal space and solve a lot.


hall decorated with singular pieces

Furniture with character brings personality to the house as soon as it crosses the threshold, as in this case. This hall is perfect with a chest of drawers with a slat front, a colorful painting and the original Zontik umbrella stand, by Casamanía.


eclectic entrance hall washable red round rug by lorena canals

The eclectic style is a trend, it takes the mixture and in this photo it is evident. Three elements fill a hall with life: an old wooden table, a modern plastic chair and a rug with an original design, like this one by Lorena Canals. The result, total luxury.


hall with paint and paper

This solution adds a differential touch to any room in the house. If your entrance is large, you can wallpaper one of the walls and paint the other walls, matching or contrasting, with the colors of the wallpaper. On the other hand, if it is a small hall, try just a wallpaper skirting…



Cozy and very showy, this entrance has been dressed in wood and wallpaper to wrap the space in warmth. Natural furniture and floral print are still in fashion. Grouped mirrors are also carried. In addition, a wink has been made to the “inside-outside”, with a garden chair.


Country style hallway with staircase

Four well-chosen things change the look of a post ungracefully. In this case, it has been furnished with a country-style bench, from Scumble Goosie, “sheltered” by blankets and cushions from Zara Home. To accentuate the rustic aesthetic, a jute rug, esparto basket and plants were added.


Hallway with vibrant colors

What good energy transmits this entry! To this end, vibrant colors have been used: the yellow cabinet, the red sign (both purchased from Naluz), and the blue fan and mirror.


Receiver with wooden shelf

You know the saying: less is more. Look at this corner that has been resolved with a long shelf, a mirror, a lamp and a couple of chandeliers. These, from Los Peñotes.


Room, White, Green, Interior design, Furniture, Floor, Wall, House, Home, Cat,

It is worth distributing the decoration around it so that the light and the landscape become the protagonists of the space The white Enmmie curtains do not cover the jambs, they are from Leroy Merlin, like vinyl wallpaper, the acrylic and washable rug, ideal for houses with country gardens.


yellow hall

This yellow wall conveys the impression that we enter a warm house. The boots lead us to imagine family scenes, and under the bench, the basket with newspapers evokes peaceful afternoons of reading. Natural Yellow Painting , from the Colors of the World collection , by the Bruguer firm, at Bauhaus.


Receiver with wooden plinth and hangers

In very humid areas, wet raincoats and jackets cannot be stored in a closet. It is convenient to hang them on a coat rack until they dry.

These boxes, one for each member of the family, indicate the place that corresponds to each one. A fundamental factor is that the materials withstand humidity without spoiling. Stained fir frieze, Luxens ultrawashable paint and Jips appliqué . Everything is sold at Leroy Merlin.


Hallway with coat rack COATS

Do you usually organize meetings at home? An alternative to the famous pile of clothes that are stacked on your bed is to place a coat rack in the hall. Ideally, it should be a model that does not hinder the passage and has an attractive design to make it decorative. If you hang a basket with flowers, it will enrich the environment even without coats. Playa Blanca coat rack, from the firm Rivièra Maison .


blue and green hallway

The simplicity of a hallway can be offset by a bold use of color. These walls have been covered with a turquoise background paper. Starting from it, the entrance door has been painted in Nordic blue while its jambs, as well as the doors that lead to the rooms, have been covered in ivory.

The contrast is so attractive that a chair -in tune with the door-, a plate on the wall and a rug are enough to decorate the environment. Paper from the Un Bisou collection, from the firm Eijffinger, distributed by Coordonné.


Hall with antique furniture

Consoles, desks, printing furniture with multiple drawers… Antiques, or designs that evoke the furniture of yesteryear, give the hall a stately air. If they also have compartments, they will be perfect for classifying mail and storing keys.

Here, a framed print on the wall, a retro lamp above the cabinet, and a rug on the floor complete the look . Delfino desk , in 77 x 47 x 107 cm, at www.portobellostreet.es


Hall with bench: paintings and photographs

A composition of photos and prints will achieve a personal atmosphere, which will say a lot about you and your tastes. There are various options.

Black and white images, with dark frames, will give a sophisticated air to the hall; sepia, framed in natural wood, a nostalgic touch; and color images, unified with white frames, will add dynamism to the environment.

A bench can help fill in the space. On it, the Lexington signature blankets transmit a message: you have arrived at a safe place; come in, snuggle up and rest.


Receiver with baseboard with moldings

In addition to being very useful to confirm your outfit before going out, it has a deep frame where you can place vases or candles.

The wall, decorated with a base of moldings, raises the decorative level of the hall, which is warm thanks to the wool mural and the texture of the Hübsch cushions, as well as the bench and the mirror, in 60 x 90 cm,


Hall with boxes, baskets and coat rack

And what to do with the barrage of hats, scarves and gloves? One solution is to organize them in containers and keep them close at hand. That is what was done in this hall.

Boxes with wheels were placed under the coat rack, which make it easier to move when cleaning, and baskets. In the design with a lid, unattractive accessories are stored, such as folding umbrellas or children’s balls.

Boxes, from the firm Hübsch: in old wood, in 43 x 45 x 25 cm, and in oak wood, in 43 x 45 x 33 cm.


Hall with two-tone walls

When the hall is a corridor, there are resources to avoid the tunnel effect One of the most effective is to use a different lining in the first half of the hallway, to visually shorten it.

Here a skirting board was made in an Essene turquoise color under the Aura tone, broken white. A DIY shelf was placed opposite, made with fruit boxes decorated to match. Titanlux Candence paints , ecological, odorless and with the A+ certification for maximum indoor air quality.


small hall

Any hall, even if it is tiny, can be gracefully decorated. Look at this image. If the wall appeared bare, no one would say that the house has a small hall.

The mirror includes a shelf of only 10 cm, ideal for leaving keys or mail on it, but narrow enough not to hinder the passage.

Below, a coat rack allows you to hang your bag when you get home. Mirror, by House Doctor, in 35 x 10 x 50 cm. At www.car-moebel.de


Mini hall with decorated door

The interior part of the hall is one more element of the decoration and therefore has its importance. Moldings, panels and a charming doorknob will make the hall have its character. This was also decorated with letters; elephant shaped bumper; trolley and racks. All from Ib Laursen.

Some questions and answers

Can a mudroom be in the front?

A mudroom can be in any room, but most often they are placed in either a garage or at your front door. But, with a little creativity and design eye, you can turn just about any space into a functional mudroom. And you don’t have to spend a fortune on custom doors or cabinets: You can even create your own for less than $100! (See above for inspiration.)

Is a mud room the same as a foyer?

The foyer is an area that separates a building’s exterior doors from its interior living spaces. A mud room, on the other hand, is more often defined as a space that serves as a home’s entrance, but doesn’t necessarily have a door—in other words, it can be in an area accessible to both your indoor and outdoor living areas.

How do you decorate a mudroom entryway?

In addition to being functional, a mudroom entryway should be beautiful. Here are nine gorgeous ideas for decorating your mudroom or laundry room entryway from HGTV, Houzz .

1- Use a laundry basket as a decorative storage piece.

2- Display your family’s favorite shoes in an open shelf.

3- Add a coat rack and mirror to give it that extra touch of style.

4- Hang artwork or pictures on your wall.

5- Use shoe cubbies for storing items you don’t want lying around, like umbrellas, hats and gloves.

6- Add hooks for hanging coats, bags and keys from hangers.

7- Add a bench for sitting and taking off shoes.

8- Use hooks for hanging bags, coats and other items.

9- Add hooks for hanging bags, coats and other items.

How can I make my mudroom look better?

A mudroom is not only a place for you to take off your shoes and hang up your coats, it’s also where you greet guests, gather with family members and store all of your stuff! While many homeowners focus on their living rooms or bedrooms when choosing furniture pieces that will last a lifetime, most don’t think about their mudrooms. But just because it’s a space that doesn’t see much traffic during parties or holiday gatherings doesn’t mean you should discount its importance in establishing warmth and welcome within your home.

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