Favour ideas for weddings ( 40+ ideas )

Favour ideas for weddings

The world of weddings is booming, there is no doubt about that, and every time they surprise us with new ideas in the eternal race to be the most original and surprise family and friends on their big day. For this reason, we have made a list where we have compiled the 40+ original ideas for weddings that cannot be missing from yours.

We have added DIY elements where handy couples will enjoy the preparations until the last day, original services in which specialized companies will make your guests have a great time and products with which to decorate your wedding or event.  Shall we start?

Original ideas for weddings 2021/2022

1. Personalized waiters with bottles, jars or wood

An original way to list the banquet tables but without spending too much.

You only have to collect glass bottles or jars and, if you are good at calligraphy, you can personalize it with a permanent marker (There are many colors: white, black, silver, gold …) but if calligraphy is not your thing, you can do it. with cut vinyl . The effect will be the same!


2. Wooden wedding signs

Rustic or country style weddings are becoming more and more fashionable and for this, wood cannot be missing as a decorative element. Get some wooden boards and treat them with judean bitumen or some similar dye to give it that aged touch without covering the grain of the wood and write on them some words of welcome, your names and the date.

Do not forget to accompany it with some arrow signs to direct your guests to the areas of interest (Ceremony, banquet, party, etc …). Here you can also use cut vinyl to achieve an almost identical effect.

entertainment for weddings

3. Wedding signs in glass or mirrors

As in the previous idea, another option would be to use an old mirror or window to write your messages directly on the glass. A simple idea but one that is undoubtedly fantastic.

fun wedding

4. Custom shaped waiters

Another way to personalize wedding waiters with special shapes is by using some material that you can easily manipulate and that will hold the shape you want to give it. We propose compact cork because it is inexpensive and very easy to customize, but there are other materials that you can work with, such as cardboard or foam board. You can also combine it with printed vinyl or cut vinyl .

fun weddings

5. Giant letters for weddings

An essential in today’s weddings and of course, it cannot be missing in our list of original ideas for weddings. It is very common to find giant letters for weddings as decoration elements to welcome guests. There are different sizes that go from 80 cm. height up to 110 cm. and you can choose the font from several options. They are made with low-density cork, which means that their price is quite cheap.

ideas for small weddings

6. Giant wooden letters with light

If the budget is not a problem and we like the rustic appearance of the wood we can find the older sisters of the giant cork letters . Made of wood (usually recycled wood from used pallets) and without a doubt their presence will not leave anyone indifferent.

ideas wedding

7. Giant letters for weddings with light

If you do not want to give up some giant wedding letters with light , but you do not want them to take a good pinch of your wedding budget, we will show you an original alternative for a wedding, which you will surely love! Ask us about them!

simple wedding ideas

8. Garland lights for wedding (outdoor and indoor)

There is nothing more special than a celebration under the moonlight and nothing better than complementing it with a wedding garland that will provide soft lighting and give it a romantic and rustic style  that is spectacular.

unconventional wedding ideas

9. Videobooth or Photobooth

A complementary service to count on at your wedding so that your guests have an unforgettable moment. And on top of that you can remember it forever!

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A team of professionals will be in charge of directing your guests to generate fun moments using ingenuity without the need to abuse the costume.

Hire a service of this type and fun is guaranteed!

Normally these services provide a neutral background (Normally white) so you may be interested in combining it with a personalized wedding photocall .

unique wedding ideas

10. Wedding decoration with antique furniture

If your idea is a romantic and vintage style wedding,  you cannot miss the old dresser, the triplet, the sofa or the chairs from your grandparents’ house. Do not forget to ask permission before!

wedding entertainment ideas

11. Wedding decoration with Chalk Paint

The painting Chalk paint is a somewhat special paint. It is made with chalk and adheres to any material. Yes, yes, any material! Fabric, wood, metal, glass, paper, cardboard, plastic … and all this without having to prepare the surface before painting, which makes it the queen of wedding decoration and therefore could not be missing from our list of original ideas for weddings.

Use it to paint antique frames, furniture, glass bottles … Whatever you can think of! Creativity to power!

wedding fun

12. Personalization of wedding cars

Personalize the  wedding car with your seal of the alliance, with your names or with a phrase that represents you.

A simple decoration that can be customized with cut vinyl ,  vinyl printed or magnets for vehicles . An original wedding idea to consider!

wedding fun ideas

13. Old bathtub as an open bar for beers

Surprise your guests with an open bar of beers. But not a conventional open bar, use an old bathtub , fill it with beers and ice so that they are very cold. Alternatives such as wheelbarrows or basins can also be used .

Do not forget to put beers of various types so that the guests can choose!

wedding ideas

14. Calligraphy on stones or wood slices

A way to assign a place to the guests and avoid the eternal dispute of seeing where each one sits. You can personalize some stones, leaves or slices of wood with the names of each guest and place them on top of the napkin. They will also love it as a souvenir.

wedding ideas for bride

15. Backgrounds with fabrics

If you have a tight budget, you can make funds using scraps of different fabrics. Cut them into strips and tie them on a rope or bar to form a bottom. A cheap way to decorate with a fantastic result.

wedding ideas unique

16. Fabric pennants

With the same purpose as the previous idea, you can use different types of fabric and make the flags and then add them on a string to hang it. A DIY idea that will look great!

wedding reception ideas

17. DIY wedding ring holder

We present an inexpensive idea to have an original ring holder  without spending too much.

It is a perfect original wedding detail. Forget about the typical cushions to wear the rings and hit the coconut!

DIY wedding ring holder

18. Ancient doors at the ceremony

If it is your wedding outdoors , in a garden or in the middle of the field. But you do not want to give up the faces of surprise and emotion when the door is opened to allow the entrance of the bride, you can count on a large old door as an entrance to the ceremony.

You can also customize it with Chalk Paint to give it the color and appearance you want.

Ancient doors at the ceremony

19. Wedding decoration with giant balloons

An idea that is not very widespread yet and that there is no doubt that it looks great, is the use of giant balloons for weddings. They offer endless possibilities, you can use balloons as centerpieces , balloons to decorate the ceremony or even make a release of balloons together with your guests and we can also find them in many colors (even pastel colors).

You can also find giant letter balloons that will be perfect to decorate any corner of your wedding.

Wedding decoration with giant balloons

20. Lanterns and sparklers for the party

If you want to romanticize your wedding dance, we recommend giving your guests a few sparklers to light while you dance and, in addition to turning that moment into something very special, your photographer will be able to take some spectacular photos.

If you like symbols, you cannot rule out a release of paper lanterns on a beautiful summer night. If, on the other hand, your wedding is during the day, you can use helium balloons. It could not be missing on our list with original ideas for weddings.

decor for wedding

21. A wedding with Food Trucks

The latest trend from the US, Food Trucks. These are vans where they make takeout food (Burgers, sushi, pizzas, hotdogs … even desserts!) You can count on them in your Cocktail if it is outdoors and you can even base your banquet on a wide variety of Food Trucks.

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ideas for decorating for a wedding

Other Original Ideas for a personalized wedding

1. Digital invitations: Traditionally, invitations are on paper and are usually sent by post, but there are other different ways to create them, especially in the digital age in which we live. Yes, we are talking about the video. It is a very original and fun idea that will remain in everyone’s memory, since it is not thrown away or lost like the typical invitations. You can send it by email or by whatsapp. They can be animated, with illustrations, a video of yours with messages on paper or a video of yours speaking. You can also talk to your photographer or videographer to create a sequence of images and create a spectacular video.

wedding ideas

2. Dress: In religious weddings it is requested to be dressed with a little more decorum, but if you do a civil wedding you are free to dress as you want. Can you imagine walking down the aisle in a pink dress or having the groom wear Bermuda shorts? How about doing a themed or costume wedding? A wedding should reflect the personality of the bride and groom.

colorful wedding ideas

3. Different bridal shoes: Give your bridal shoes a different touch. How about customizing your bridal shoes with the link date? It will be a nice memory for sure. There are many artisans who paint leather and fabric bridal shoes and create real works of art. You can also choose to use colored bridal shoes and give a different touch to your bridal look.

fall wedding

4. Different means of transport . In most weddings we see the bride and groom arrive in normal, classic or limousine cars. What if we arrive differently? A motorcycle, a bicycle or a tandem, a hippie van, on skates or with an electric scooter. Spectacular!

gifts for a bride

5. Cocktail before the ceremony: Yes, we have not gone crazy. Remember that the moment of the wedding begins long before starting the path to the altar and surely the guests have already waited a long time until that moment. Those attending the ceremony will appreciate this little snack, especially if the wedding is taking place in a hot season or they will have to wait much longer for the banquet. Our recommendation without alcohol! At least before the ceremony, for example: lemonade, flavored water, juices, some fruit, etc.

ideas for a wedding on a budget

6. Ceremony in a circle? How many times have you had to move your head from one side to the other to see the wedding well? If you arrange the guests’ chairs in a circle during the ceremony they will be able to see everything perfectly. Leave a small hallway open so that you and your partner can go through and stand right in the middle of the circle. In this way, all attendees will have a privileged view of the event.

ideas wedding

7. Petlover: Pets also have a place at weddings and you can create a beautiful memory with that animal that has always been with you. Have them be the ones in charge of wearing the rings or you can simply walk to the altar also in the company of your pet. You can also take the place of a bridesmaid or one of the groom’s groomsmen.

inspired weddings

8. Time of vows: Did you and your partner write letters or messages of love in your first years together? It will be very exciting and endearing if you incorporate those first words of love in the vows that you are going to read at the wedding. In addition, it is a beautiful way to recall those words surrounding the people who love you.

inspiring weddings

9. Different altar decoration: Did you know that if you get married in a civil way, you can decorate the place where you are going to get married differently? In this type of weddings, a lot of freedom is usually given when it comes to decoration. The most typical thing for the altar is to put flowers in an arch, but you can go further and decorate with old doors, pallets, balloons or you can include decorative elements that turn the space into something unique and unrepeatable. If you do it late at night, do you dare to decorate it with light bulbs?

style for wedding

10. Alternatives to rice. Although the tradition is to throw rice at weddings, you can change for soap bubbles, colored smoke, confetti, petals, lavender, sparklers, balloons, leaves, fabric ribbons, pompoms or even paper airplanes. If you are one of the traditional ones but want something different, you can always prepare colored rice.

styles for weddings

11.Foodtrucks: What if you forget about the traditional banquet? Food trucks  are a good way to break away from the traditional wedding banquet . They are small trucks where guests can go to order food directly when they feel like it. We recommend that you negotiate a small varied menu with different types of dishes, thus ensuring that all attendees are satisfied.

themed weddings

12. Food corners: Another option different from the typical banquet is to create small corners of different types of food. For example: Mexican, Asian, Spanish, Italian food, a cheese table, etc. It also includes dessert stands with various sweets and treats, as well as a cocktail bar. This way you don’t limit the guests to eat something they don’t feel like or can’t eat.

unconventional wedding ideas

13. Happy Meal for the little ones: Giving a banquet to everyone’s liking is difficult and even more so for children. But if they like something, they are Happy Meal because it is a fast and fun food, since it includes a toy. You can order the boxes or create them yourself with the theme of the wedding. If you choose the option of making them yourself, do not forget to incorporate similar food or the gift.

wedding decoration

14. Guess, guess, where is each guest going to sit? Another of the original ideas for a wedding is to make it unforgettable with a little game. Forget the typical poster where the guests see with the naked eye where they are sitting at the banquet. Create a little riddle or word search so that they figure out where they have to sit. Everyone is sure to have a few laughs. Will everyone find the correct table?

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wedding ideas budget

15. The children’s corner: It is well known that children get bored at weddings. We recommend that you create a corner with tables, books, paintings and toys where they can entertain themselves. Also create a dance area with music suitable for their age. So adults and children will have their own spaces where they can spend a great evening.

wedding ideas for guests

16. Music for everyone: Not everyone likes all kinds of music, therefore, to ensure fun for all guests, we recommend that you create an extensive playlist with varied music from various eras and styles. If you are going to hire a DJ or a band, you can negotiate with them the type of music you want for the celebration. You can also create a collaborative Playlist between your guests and ask each one to choose their favorite song to play at the wedding.

wedding inspiration

17. Flashmob: Sometimes guests have a hard time hitting the dance floor, so encourage them to go out with a flashmob. Create a small dance with a few assistants that ends in the dance area. In this way the festive spirit will be installed in the guests and they will want to be part of this fun and lively dance.

wedding on a budget ideas

18. Videocall: Isn’t it called a photocall? Not! You can be even more original and make a video call, it’s the same idea as above, but your guests can leave you a different message, with sound and movement. Create an environment where your guests can take fun photos and videos. You can hire a professional or put a specialized machine.

wedding on budget ideas

19. Dressing table or beauty corner: Prepare a corner with beauty items so that the guests can refresh or touch up their makeup, since it is a day full of emotions and makeup can be smeared or patched. If your wedding is going to last into the evening, add powerful shadow palettes or darker lipsticks so they can turn their morning or afternoon makeup into an evening makeup.

wedding styles

20. Winter wedding: Normally most weddings are celebrated in good weather, in spring, summer and autumn, but do you dream of a winter wedding? How about getting to the altar by sled?There are spaces that serve more than a single use, such as greenhouses. They  are very romantic spaces that give the feeling of an outdoor wedding  due to their glass walls. It is the perfect place to celebrate a winter wedding, especially if snow falls, because you will see the flakes fall while you enjoy the event sheltered and warm.

wedding theme
Photo: Martha Stewart weddings

21. Personalized drinks : Make your wedding more special with personalized drinks. Hire a professional to make one or more cocktails just made for the wedding with your favorite ingredients. You can also personalize the bottles of wines, beer or even water with the date of the link and your names or even a photo. Don’t forget to save a bottle to keep as a souvenir.

wedding theme ideas

22. Different gift for guests: Thinking about what to give to wedding guests is not usually an easy task, especially if you want to give something functional. Being original with the detail is very complicated but we give you some ideas: mini plants, perfumes, handmade soaps, personalized candles, personalized homemade products (preserves, cheese, honey, jam), etc. If you do not know what to give you can always make a solidarity detail for an NGO.

wedding themes

23. Halftime show: Surely the last thing you want is for your wedding to be monotonous and boring. Give it a touch of fun and amazement with a show that no one expects. Hire a person to liven up the evening with magic games, show or dance, an impersonator or stand-up comedian. encourages the professional to interact with the guests so that the show is a guaranteed success.

wedding themes for summer

24. Bridal dance with visual effects. How about we create an unforgettable atmosphere? Imagine indoor fireworks like those at concerts, with light sources and cold fires. In addition, we are going to add a dense layer of ground smoke (it stays at the bottom, without rising). Do you see the result in your mind? A magical picture at your wedding that you can never forget.

wedding themes ideas
Image: Dolton House Sylvania Waters

25. Post-party: Don’t let the party stop! A wedding day goes by very quickly, more than you imagine. To end the evening on the right foot, you can choose different environments or places to continue the party, such as a pub, a disco or karaoke to have a good time and continue creating memories surrounded by people who love you.

weddings inspiration

Now that you’ve seen these 45+ original ideas for a personalized wedding, which one do you prefer?

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