Fill your home with beauty and perfume by growing lavender with these practical tips

Fill your home with beauty and perfume by growing lavender with these practical tips

Very beautiful, popular and fragrant, lavender enchants everyone who has a vase or a seedling of this species. In addition to its calming properties, it is also famous for its sweet smell and the iconic purple flowers , which create a calm and harmonious mood wherever they are. Check out the expert tips and beautiful images for you to separate a corner in your house!

how to care for lavender

Like any plant, lavender needs special care to grow beautiful and healthy. To learn more about this beloved and popular plant, check out the tips from agronomist Cristiane de Conti Medina, from Flora Medina store :

  • How is lavender watering: new seedlings need to be watered daily, but without letting them soak. Then, just water every two days or even once a week in periods with high humidity in the air. Never leave a dish with water under the vase!
  • How lavender is grown: Lavender is a perennial plant that can live up to 15 years. It can be grown in the field or in pots, from seeds or seedlings. The soil must be corrected with lime and fertilized before planting. Weed control should be done frequently.
  • What lighting should lavender receive to grow beautiful: the more light, heat and sun it receives, the more essential oil it will produce and the more fragrant and vigorous it will be. Inside the house, it should be next to windows, to receive plenty of light.
  • How to care for potted lavender: In the pot, you need to take care of watering, so as not to leave the soil soggy. High humidity favors fungal diseases. She needs six to eight hours of sunlight daily. Nitrogen fertilization is recommended.
  • How to make a lavender seedling:lavender can be sown or multiplied from cuttings. Sowing should be carried out during autumn in mild climates, and in early spring in cooler regions. The seeds are deposited on the ground and covered with a thin bed of soil, depending on their vigor. If sowing is done in pots, three to four seeds should be placed. These should be exposed to the sun. In Brazil, the most common form of propagation is by cuttings, due to its low cost. To do this, remove the cuttings from the ends of the strongest branches. They should be 0.10 m long, and their ends cut into a bevel. Rub powdered cinnamon on the tip (which will stick out of the ground). Remove the leaves from the bottom. These cuttings can be planted in plastic cups, where they remain until rooting (four to six weeks).
  • What is the ideal temperature to grow lavender: Lavender prefers warm and moderately dry climates, mild winters and sunny summers; is sensitive to frost.
  • Substrates that help lavender grow better: Lavenders grow in well-drained soils and substrates with a pH between 5.5 and 8.3. In pots, use substrate with good drainage and fertilize with NPK 10-10-10 (10 g) monthly.
  • Other care with lavender: “For field implantation, it is recommended to carry out soil analysis, because, if it has a high level of nitrogen, the plants may produce more stems and fewer flowers. Depending on the fertilization performed, they can give higher or lower yields of essential oil.

Cristiane killed the tips, didn’t she?! Following all of them, you can plant any lavender seedling in your house, whether in pots or in the garden. The flowers are beautiful and your home will be a charm.

Learn more about the cultivation, care and curiosities of lavender

The more care, zeal and affection your plant receives, the more beautiful it will grow. The following selection of videos includes other ways to grow the lilac plant. There are amazing tips that will make any seedlings come true!

how to plant lavender

Never planted lavender and have no idea where to start? So, how about opting for seeds? In this video, dear Mario Matias teaches the correct step by step. The big thing is in the preparation of the seeds, which must be “awakened” before they are actually placed in a vase. He watches and learns.

But, if you prefer to work with seedlings, the tip is to invest in a seedling that has a shrub shape, which looks like a mini bush (avoid those dry and yellowish options). When putting it in a vase, the process is very similar to the version with seeds: expanded clay, good forage and quality vegetable soil, ok?

How to care for lavender at home

The first, and perhaps most important, tip for caring for lavender at home is that it should receive plenty of light (at least about four hours a day). And if you want a very full vase, invest in a model that is 25 cm deep, so the lavender will spread and grow beautifully. Check out other tips in the video.

Now, if you prefer to grow your lavender in the garden, pay attention to the luminosity, soil quality, among other details. A vase you can change places, since the lavender planted in the ground is more dependent on static factors!

How to make a lavender seedling

Do you want to make beautiful lavender seedlings that have a good grip? So, you need to watch this tutorial, with several cool tips on what to do and what not to do when separating the seedlings. For this, it is very important to have a good vase and a more showy portion of the plant, not to get that dry and yellow part, huh?

How to make lavender bloom

Usually, whoever has a beautiful lavender at home, waits for it to bloom. After all, the color of this plant is wonderful and very characteristic! So, you need to take care of the luminosity. Pruning is also essential: has the flower dried up? It did! Watch the video and learn more about it

A flowery lavender makes any environment more beautiful, colorful and fragrant. You can still take the opportunity to invest in the decoration of vases or make the famous drying of lavender, which yields arrangements beyond sophisticated and special.

There are three points you can’t forget: lighting, temperature and watering. Thus, your plant will have energy and substrates to grow beautifully and happily!

20 photos of lavender to inspire you and get your seedling ready

Now, you already know several care that lavender asks for. So, it’s time to see how this little plant looks at home. The following list brings ideas of spaces and pots to plant lavender. Take a look:

1. Beautiful, lavender enchants with its color and soft aroma


2. Its lilac color is widely used as a reference for palettes


3. Just like your scent, which is used for fragrances


4. Honestly, lavender is breathtaking!


5. And the fields make for beautiful photos


6. So, how about taking this plant indoors?


7. You can plant the seedling in a pot


8. And place it where there is enough light


9. After all, as you learned, she likes lighting


10. But beware of very hot environments


11. Because she prefers mild temperatures


12. Thus, she manages to grow beautiful and showy



13. The garden is a great place to leave your seedling



14. Choose a pretty vase



15. A quality vegetable land



16. And plant your lavender!



17. Remember to water often



18. That way, your lavender will soon grow



19. And leave your home fragrant and beautiful



20. No one can resist!



What’s up? Have you chosen the vase to plant your lavender seedling? No? So, check out these beautiful decorative living room vases !

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