Reading: 35+Fireplace Decor Ideas That Will Light Up Your Home

35+Fireplace Decor Ideas That Will Light Up Your Home

fireplace decor ideas : best 35+ ideas

here’s no better feeling than warming up on a cold day with a nice cup of hot chocolate in front of your fireplace .

This is certainly an item that adds class and elegance to any living room. But above all, it also brings a lot of comfort to the home in cold seasons, just turning it on to regulate the room temperature and thus ensuring everyone’s well-being.

And that goes for any home: from the country style, which will use a traditional wood-burning fireplace, to the modern and sophisticated gas fireplace integrated almost always into state-of-the-art projects.

In fact, it is an item of extreme personality and regardless of your style, there is always a model that will meet your requirements.

And that’s why you’re here, to know a little more about fireplaces in decoration, their different styles and also inspirations so you can see in practice how you can take advantage of each one of them.

fireplace decor ideas

Fireplace Modern Metal Structure

Contrary to what you might imagine, there are several working mechanisms for a fireplace these days and each of them will have a better or worse indication, something that only a qualified professional can recommend. 

Remember that our purpose here is to inspire you and show you the best options, but when it comes to putting the project into practice, much more than good will is needed and the help of a good engineer is essential to design a beautiful and , above all, safe and efficient. 

Let’s now get to know the different types of fireplace available for your project:

wood burning fireplace

Custom Metal Structure Fireplace

The wood-burning fireplace  is the most traditional version, most often created manually, and can be in masonry, concrete or metal. Its finish can vary from bricks to stones and depending on the budget even marble can be part of your roof.

It is often the most adored and sought after, but not all are fairy tales. In this type of fireplace you need more manpower, whether in preparing the firewood or buying it periodically, as in cleaning it after use.

It ends up, naturally, generating odors and also soot due to the burning of wood.

In addition, it requires a little technique when lighting the fire, especially if you don’t have good, dry pieces of wood to burn. Once lit, it will be enough to feed it to keep the house warm.

  • Advantages: the crackling of the fire generates pleasure and easily gains prominence within the decoration.
  • Disadvantages: frequent work with the purchase, storage and handling of firewood, in addition to all the waste generated after its use.

Recommended environments: 

– Large spaces
– Living
rooms – TV rooms

Gas fireplace

Elegant Fireplace Decoration

This is one of the most current models. It is perfect because it allows modern environments to be heated with an even more efficient and practical product. 

Here, instead of firewood, it is the gas that acts as a power source, a cleaner material, which does not require chimneys and does not cause any dirt, whether from soot or embers. 

In these options you can choose to use the linear version, which comes with volcanic stones over the burners; or firewood of refractory ceramics that have greater thermal efficiency.

  • Advantages: clean burning, no residues or odors. In addition, it can be activated with a simple push of buttons, providing maximum practicality.
  • Disadvantages: static fire and in the absence of gas it becomes unusable.

Recommended environments:

– Spaces that provide gas installation;
– Living room;
– TV rooms;
– Outdoors;
– Balconies.

Electric fireplace

electronic fireplace

Unlike any that we have mentioned so far, electric fireplaces are a kind of simulation of the fireplace, as they do not use wood to burn, much less fire to heat. 

It actually works by creating hot air and throwing it into space. This exchange, little by little, warms the environment and makes everyone there comfortable. This type of product has a drawback, which is that it drastically removes the relative humidity from the air, which cannot be very good for the health of our lungs. Thus, it is recommended to use a humidifier or plants in the decoration.

Another differential of this product is to imitate the fire of the fireplace, allowing a safe environment for those with children, in addition to not producing smoke, residue or odors for the space.

  • Advantages: practicality and efficiency.
  • Disadvantages: artificial fire and high electricity consumption.

Recommended environments:

– Any space, as they can be portable, depending only on the availability of an electrical power point.

ecological fireplace

Ecological Fireplace Detail

It is so called because it does not use wood as a combustion material. Instead, alcohol is used, dispensing with construction and chimney concerns.

This type of product can be purchased ready-made or you can create and adapt your own to your decorating style. It works with a base, called a burner, which is where you pour the alcohol and set it on fire. 

This structure can be adapted to masonry or furniture, all you need to do is make sure that the elements are resistant to heat and that they will not deteriorate over time.

  • Advantages: low maintenance and practical handling. It does not require a chimney and is very efficient in generating heat, offering good value for money.
  • Disadvantages: There is no continuous supply and when it stops there is a need for supply if the intention is to continue enjoying its heat.

Recommended environments:

– Bathrooms;
– TV rooms;
– Living room;
– Balconies;
– Offices;
– Bedrooms;
– Kitchens.

Which Fireplace to Choose to Decorate the Room?

Everything will depend on your project and, mainly, on the financial availability you are able to invest. Depending on the size of the room, the power needed and the style you want to achieve, the cost can be higher or lower.

And so that you can be inspired and decide between the different styles and possibilities of fireplaces in the living room, we have separated a sequence of images that will help you to know the best projects and better understand how it is possible to obtain sophistication and elegance with an ingredient that is already so popular. ancient in the history of man.

Image 1 – Simple and delicate fireplace

Fireplace Blue Carpet

Modest fireplace while the rug  is what wins the eyes of visitors.

Image 2 – Staircase and fireplace composing charm in the decoration

Electronic Fireplace in the Living Room

A nice staircase and an electronic fireplace give warmth to this modern and compact decor.

Image 3 – Electronic fireplace giving its show!

Electronic Fireplace Living Room

Efficient and modern, electronic fireplaces beautify any room.

Image 4 – Scandinavian style modern room

Elegant Electric Fireplace

The fireplace is a mandatory item in Scandinavian countries and here it was no different, only with a much more technological fireplace.

Image 5 – Fireplace for modern decorations

Fireplace Wood Decoration

High elegance suspended wood-burning fireplace, composing a peculiar detail of this frame.

Image 6 – Discreet and efficient

Small Fireplace Detail

The large chimney duct ensures that all the heat generated by the burning of the wood is exchanged with the cold air inside.

Image 7 – Highlight for singularities

Fireplace Shelf Cement

The fireplace’s finishing frame is beautiful, as are the neatly set stones. But let’s face it, the idea of ​​the cement counter, which also served as a sideboard, is even more exclusive.

Image 8 – Tailor-made projects

Sophisticated Fireplace Modern Decor

Every project needs its own fireplace. The one that corresponds to the personality of the space in which it will be integrated.

Image 9 –  White and black in the decoration

Modern Metal Fireplace

Image 10 – Luxurious room!

Luxurious Fireplace Room

Very delicate and refined gas fireplace, as well as all the items present in the decoration.

Image 11 – Rustic fireplace

Delicate Rustic Fireplace

Natural elements such as wood and stones are some of the elements that make up the rustic or country style.

Image 12 – Fireplace with  mirror

Fireplace with Decorative Mirror

Fireplace with stone finish.

Image 13 – Choose your stone and add your style!

Fireplace Stones Living Room

Did you like a model but prefer the finish in another way? No problem! This is actually how trends come about – being creative!

Image 14 – Marble in the finish

Fireplace with Black Marble

We’ve already talked about  marbles  and about their power in decoration.

Image 15 – Choose as per your style

fireplace with marble

Choose the marble finish that best suits your decorating style.

Image 16 – No luxury, just in the details

Minimalist fireplace Details Marble

Rather than covering the entire fireplace, give it just the finishing needed to make it shine.

Image 17 – Unique and receptive!

Fireplace Modern House

A completely different corner fireplace. Unique finishes and textures, as well as its charm.

Image 18 – Corner fireplace

Modern Corner Fireplace

The corner is always a poorly used space that can very well be explored by a fireplace, which is commonly treated as a central object in the space.

Image 19 – Delicate and efficient

Fireplace Corner of the Room

The electronic version, on the other hand, is well suited to small spaces, as it is maintenance-free and dirt-free.

Image 20 – Little black dress

Black Fireplace Decoration

Black is a dramatic color and when you have a fireplace in the living room, why not be the big choice?

Image 21 – Modern, and on the tile

Modern Fireplace Design

If marble doesn’t fit your budget, any other material will do, including tile. 

Image 22 – Small fireplace

Fireplace Small Room

A small room should have a fireplace compatible with the space to be heated. Here, a delicate and bespoke fireplace for the whole.

Image 23 – Alternative: Ecological fireplace

Ecological Fireplace Center Table

Small spaces can also opt for the ecological fireplace, which is efficient and charming.

Image 24 – Electronic fireplace

Electronic Fireplace Modern Decor

All combines: colors, shapes and textures. The electronic fireplace seals the Decor.

Image 25 – Here a fireplace with architectural design

Fireplace Modern Architecture

It was really cool this effect. Elegant and charming!

Image 26 – Electric fireplace in a white and clean decoration

Decorative Electronic Fireplace

The  plant comes as an aggregate to bring color and life into the scene.

Image 27 – One more clean Scandinavian style version

Scandinavian style fireplace

White predominance; natural elements in wood; lots of rugs and tapestries,  pillows – these are some of the characteristics of the Scandinavian style.

Image 28 – Ecological fireplace in the living room

Ecological Fireplace Living Room

Ecological fireplace with marble finish, giving refinement to the application.

Image 29 – Already this one has its own personality

Fireplace Contemporary House

Highlight for the harmony of colors and elements. Black markings and visual interests in colors that mix blue, orange and red.

Image 30 – A detail in the structure..

Ecological Fireplace Living Room

The finish inside the masonry itself is what gives exclusivity to this ecological fireplace delicately designed for the space.

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