Reading: 30+ Stunning Fireplace Ideas With TV That Will Make You Cozy

30+ Stunning Fireplace Ideas With TV That Will Make You Cozy

fireplace ideas with TV : best 30+ ideas + advice's

Are you looking for fireplace ideas with tv ? then this article for you

The television, located above the fireplace, is magnificent. However, such contradictions are linked to the fact that the fireplace takes up most of the hearth. Consider the intricacies of this placement, we will understand whether this opinion is reasonable and whether it is worthwhile to combine these objects of the interior composition.

Special features

Putting a television above the fireplace is hardly harmonious. This is due to the fact that the fireplace and the TV are essential accents of the interior, which occupy most of the attention of those who are currently in this room. At the same time, each of the accents draws attention to itself, so it is necessary to deliberately make one of the two dominant. In other words, 100% balance is impossible, even if at first glance the room looks comfortable.

television above the fireplace

The television and the fireplace have a different emotional charge. The fireplace promotes a state of relaxation, it allows you to sit side by side for different thoughts and a relaxing stay. Your TV will not let you rest your head: even if you are watching a melodrama or a cartoon, different signals are circulating in your brain, forcing you to receive and process information. In this case, relaxation is impossible. The combination of two emotional origins creates discord at the subconscious level.

fireplace ideas with tv-2

Placing a television on the fireplace can only justify saving space in the living room. A television may take up some space in the fireplace area if there are no other suitable places for it in that space. However, in this case, it is necessary to adhere to the rule: two accents must not compete with each other. Therefore, the simultaneous inclusion of these devices is not desirable.

fireplace ideas with tv-3

Style is also important. Fireplace – detail of the interior with the characteristic nuances, which are nuances inherent in Antiquity. He plunges into a special atmosphere. The TV emphasizes manufacturing possibilities, as it must have a lot of features for a better interior, including its sleek design and ergonomics, and the combination of two different historical color accents requires a special approach. This is far from always doable, and if necessary, it cannot be done without bringing in a professional designer with an excellent sense of style, who understands the complexity of interior innovations, including the addition of furniture. , the choice of the television model, the fireplace, the relevance of the materials and the color solutions.

fireplace ideas with tv-4

Arguments against

The relevance of this placement, everyone decides for themselves. Some arguments speak eloquently about what this arrangement of equipment can become.

Consider the main aspects:

  • In most cases, the position of the TV above the fireplace creates a huge load on the neck, which eventually leads to abnormalities in the spine. Also, watching TV like this, especially in a small room, is extremely uncomfortable.
fireplace ideas with tv-5
fireplace ideas with tv-5Y
fireplace ideas with tv-2R
fireplace ideas with tv-2R
  • Often this neighborhood eliminates the disguise of the sons, they will take pride of place.
  • The proximity of the fireplace and the TV cannot be called safe: the rising hot air shortens the life of the equipment and causes a fire risk situation.
  • Not all models of fireplaces are suitable for installation on a television: besides the fact that it may require the construction of a ventilation system, the dryer and electronic filling will be dry.
  • In the process of two accents at the same time, the light from the fire will prevent television viewing, even though the fireplace will be much smaller than the television panel.
fireplace ideas with tv-2DD
fireplace ideas with tv-2SQ

Arguments for

We live in an era of technological advancement and maximum functionality, but comfort is also important. This is reflected in every object of life: even a fireplace, which actually serves as a heater, should be useful and have aesthetic appeal.

Watching TV with a beautifully designed device will be much better than an insulated permanent heater on its own, which you can trip over as you move around the room. The room is a place of reception, it is advisable to create a most comfortable atmosphere. The fireplace is beautiful: this design creates the desired ambience of a special room at home.

fireplace ideas with tv-2U

Material and functionality. The fireplace provides warmth and therefore comfort in the living room. A warm room is more conducive to confidential conversation, common rest, moreover, if the room does not have a TV, it will seem boring to modern man. It is important that the fireplace looks harmonious, and this is possible with observance of safety rules, taking into account the type of fireplace and the details of the location.

fireplace ideas with tv-2R

Types of fireplaces

There are many types of fireplaces today. These include:

  • wood – heating space due to natural fuel (firewood);
  • electric – imitate fire, relying on the principle of heaters from the power source;
  • gas – need fuel gas to work;
  • false fireplaces – imitation of the fireplace, often performing a decorative function.
fireplace ideas with tv-2I
fireplace ideas with tv-2I
fireplace ideas with tv-2R5
fireplace ideas with tv-2OI

Each type has its own characteristics; however, models requiring firewood, as well as gas varieties, cannot be placed next to the TV. Sometimes manufacturers point out the possibility of proximity of the second models to a TV, but in fact, the masters who participate in the installation of heaters do not consider this to be reasonable. They note that for a 100% secure installation, both decorative and virtual models embedded in the wall gate are more suitable, usually they install an electric fireplace with its own safe: it can be turned off at any time, so it is safer. to be near the television.

fireplace ideas with tv-27
fireplace ideas with tv-27R

How to place?

If there is no other way to place two accents, then a number of nuances should be considered. This will help maintain harmony between the placement of commonly competing furniture and reduce the negative impact of the heater on the TV. When choosing the location on a wall, it is absolutely not necessary to hang the TV strictly above the fireplace. You can beat several options for the location of these interior items.

fireplace ideas with tv-29

It is undesirable to use a separate ledge for the fireplace: it should be sunk into the wall. Thus, the two objects will be located at the same level and the fire will not obstruct the view.

fireplace ideas with tv-210

If a protrusion is selected for the accent wall, use the same protrusion as the product: none should stand out from each other, while choosing a small model of the fireplace and positioning it symmetrically to the TV .

fireplace ideas with tv-211

Well, if the protrusion is divided into two vertical parts: this will give the wall an organization, identify a place to relax and watch your favorite TV shows. In this case, the fireplace and the TV will be located nearby, but will not be able to compete with each other.

fireplace ideas with tv-212

An interesting solution would be a combination of accents and built-in furniture. For example, it can be a wall or a rack of a muted shade. In order not to overload the general appearance of the interior, it makes sense in this case to make the fireplace discreet, giving the dominant role to the TV, decorating the wall or shelves in the same style with plasma.

fireplace ideas with tv-213

Use color effects: You can hang the TV on the wall in a dark box, while the fireplace color can be tied, but light. Embedding the fireplace in the wall or making it less noticeable will help to tone down the gray tone of the entire fireplace wall. At the same time, to highlight the TV use black or dark gray, the design of the fireplace should not contain bright touches (enough fire).

fireplace ideas with tv-2134

Avoid using decorative brackets for the fireplace: they draw attention and draw it to the fireplace itself, which over time will raise the question of the suitability of this TV design.

If the layout is open and space is limited, You can divide the wall into separate functional areas. For example, the bedroom area is separated by a fireplace and next to it is a recreation area for watching TV. In this case, the TV should be placed above the fireplace, thus emphasizing the dominant role of the accent.

fireplace ideas with tv-215

An interesting solution, providing the most harmonious combination of two accents in the living room, is to place a TV and a fireplace when the adjacent walls are not joined at a right angle, but this part of the wall has a ledge or an inclined plane. can be placed under the fireplace and the mirror. Here you can put a fake stand, while the selection will not be so controversial. The television will also be located above, but not above, the fireplace, but approximately one meter from it. In addition, furnace-type constructions are relevant here. In this case, the television can be mounted on the wall or placed on a tall cabinet or chest of drawers.

fireplace ideas with tv-17

There are cases where it is fundamentally important for the client to separate two accents. This is usually the case when a certain ledge in the living room is placed under the fireplace or television. In this case, the designer can come up with a version with two niches, at the same time, to achieve the visual effect of drowning the fireplace, place a narrow console shelf, on which is added a TV. To avoid an imbalance in the room, they will equip the doors of the compartments to hide the television. However, this technique is contradictory: here the fireplace is dominant, even if its size is small.

fireplace ideas with tv-175
fireplace ideas with tv-175


If the location of the TV above the fireplace in the living room is fundamental, It is worth using the advice of experts.

  • In order not to create a barrier between two accents, make a niche for the television. This will facilitate the perception of this area.
fireplace ideas with tv-1719
  • To get rid of neck pain, place the TV panel slightly tilted for more comfortable viewing. So you don’t have to throw your head back, which is dangerous for the brain.
fireplace ideas with tv-1720
  • Do not make a large firebox: a small square-shaped model will allow you to position the TV below, which will create convenience for the eyes.
  • Do not accentuate all the details of the duo in addition: exclude the additional shelves with the accessories for the fireplace, the separate panels for the fireplace and the television. Try to make this area monolithic, make the wall the same material.
  • A good option would be to make two niches on a concise wall without much decoration: one for the plasma and the other (smaller) for a fireplace accent.
fireplace ideas with tv-1721
  • Consider that the fire draws attention to itself. For a duo with a TV, the fireplace should not be large, otherwise both accents will lose their expressiveness, and the interior will lose its style.
fireplace ideas with tv-1722
  • Pay attention to the color scheme of the room. Try to keep the fireplace area with the TV not too different from the main background. The color can be linked or contrasted, while it should not attract attention, otherwise the duet of the fireplace and the TV on its background will be broken.
fireplace ideas with tv-1723
  • Use the delicate trick: connect two key elements of the interior with a suitable finishing material. Make an imitation of brick or masonry of surface coating: harmonious for the fireplace and elegant solution for modern interiors, in which technology is a key element of the design.
fireplace ideas with tv-1724

Do not forget to take into account an important nuance: both articles have a certain status. They must be identical to each other, otherwise one product will lose another, which will visually spoil the interior of the fireplace area. At the same time, try to select the two products in the same color and finish, this will create the illusion that the fireplace and the television are components of one whole.

fireplace ideas with tv-1725

Also, consider the size of two accents. They depend on the living room images: the smaller the room, the smaller the TV and fireplace settings. However, there is a nuance here: for balance, the TV panel should be larger. At the same time, the fireplace will not look small and will be able to maintain a cozy atmosphere even in a small space. If the room is spacious, and a ledge is reserved for two accents, then do not increase the dimensions: this is possible only if they are placed on a large wall with an offset.

fireplace ideas with tv-1726
fireplace ideas with tv-1726

Fine examples inside

Under the television set, in front of the wall of the bay window, a fireplace is placed next to it, sunk into the wall. The close neighborhood looks harmonious.

fireplace ideas with tv-1728

A difficult but successful example of a combination of two accents: placing a TV with a shelf above the fireplace with doors, combined with the masonry of the lower part of the fireplace projection.

fireplace ideas with tv-1727Y

A clear demonstration of the dominance of television: a ledge with a niche for the television panel emphasizes the place under the fireplace. The contrast of two accents creates the desired effect.

fireplace ideas with tv-1730

An interesting solution for the guest area with the projection and niches: the TV area is accented with a dark color to match the details of the furnishings.The space for a fireplace is limited, the model is recessed in a niche and does not have an eye-catching design.

fireplace ideas with tv-1731

Forced reception in conditions of lack of space: selected plasma and a small decorative fireplace with feet. For the selected entourage, stand imitating the projection of the fireplace.

fireplace ideas with tv-17AA
fireplace ideas with tv-17A2

The use of shelves. Under the television, a large shelf houses a fireplace built into the wall and shaded by a beige shade. Due to the composition of the furniture looks appropriate and harmonious.

fireplace ideas with tv-17A2F

The use of small accents on the spacious living room ledge is beautiful, and the accents don’t compete with each other.

fireplace ideas with tv-17QZ2

Good reception with a brick shelf and fireplace, contrasting colors. The television is located at an angle.

fireplace ideas with tv-17E3

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