fun ideas for weddings – best 25+ ideas

fun ideas for weddings

You have been thinking for months about what will be the best wedding detail for all your family and friends, in all the wedding songs that you want to sound on your big day and in those  original ideas for weddings  that, in addition to allowing you to make a difference in your step by the altar, they will help you to enjoy an authentic day and faithful to your essence.

Your dream is to celebrate a 100% personalized wedding, right? Surely the answer will be yes. However, remember that you will also be accompanied by your loved ones on such a special day and that you want them to enjoy the magical wedding date as much or more than you do. So be sure to entertain the guests and make them spend surprising and unforgettable moments. To make it easier for you, we have prepared 25+ ideas for fun weddings that will turn your long-awaited wedding into an event full of originality.

25+ ideas for fun weddings 

Themed wedding

Themed wedding

If you want your day to be different and unforgettable from the first moment, bet on a themed wedding! What do these types of celebrations consist of? In links in which what you both like a lot , be it a hobby, your profession or something that defines you as a couple, becomes the central theme of the wedding . It can be your favorite movie, a historical period, a common hobby -such as travel or the sea, for example-, what led you to be a couple and want to share your lives forever …

Once you have clear the theme, you only have to capture it in different details of the “yes, I do”, such as decoration ideas for the wedding , the seating plan , the centerpieces or the gifts for wedding guests . In this way, all the details of the banquet and the party, as well as the previous ceremony if it is a civil liaison, will breathe the theme you choose: a film saga, the theater, Paris, the circus, the Wild West. .. There is no limit !

Custom badges

Custom badges

The badges are a trend in current links, since they manage to amuse all the guests with the witty phrases and cartoons that represent their impressions. And although the most common is to reserve a space for these small gifts, where the guests can help themselves and take those badges that they like the most, there is another option that is even more personalized and fun: leave a badge for each guest on their plate, with something that define you. In this way, you will have a perfect detail for everyone present. They will be one of the fun ideas for the wedding that will enjoy the greatest acceptance. And some fun surprises for weddings !

Photocall set

Photocall set

What do you think of the idea of installing a photocall on B-day ? It’s a great idea for guests to photograph themselves during the party, whether alone, as a couple, or in a group. And if you place a box with costumes and a  variety of props next to it – such as glasses, wigs, mustaches, hats, caps and fun posters – you will ensure that the fun is absolute. In this way, your guests will be able to pose like the big stars on the red carpet. Fun photos are guaranteed!

Unique gifts

Unique gifts

If you are looking for original details for weddings , as unique and personal as you and your link, you can give the guests small gifts to fully enjoy during the party : makeup service, temporary tattoos, flip-flops and heel protectors, for example. The most personal thing is to find a gift for each guest, humorous and designed just for him … although later he will have to explain his laughs to the rest of the guests! 

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Mats and inflatables

Mats and inflatables

Young and old will have a fabulous time if you decide to install inflatables or trampolines in the garden of the place where the celebration will take place. In addition, it will allow children (and not so young) to get to know each other. And the photos that are taken will be a lot of fun and hard to forget!

Without a doubt, this initiative is added to the must in the list of the  most fun and original gifts for wedding guests . Friends and family present at the link will be amazed by this pleasant surprise. There will be no more fun things to do at a wedding !

Unexpected dances

Unexpected dances

After the banquet comes the first dance of the newlyweds to the rhythm of one of the fantastic romantic wedding songs and, afterwards, the long-awaited party. A good way to break the ice at this time can be to bet on a joint choreography with some of your family and friends that will surely cheer up everyone without exception. Previous days of rehearsal, some flat bridal shoes  and a great desire to laugh will be enough to leave your loved ones with their mouths open, who will not hesitate to join the great dance as a flashmob . Don’t miss out on fun weddings!

Children’s games

Children's games

Games, coloring books, watercolors … Entertaining the little ones of the link during the long hours of the reception will be very easy if you hire an entertainer or clown to play with them after the banquet, organizing tests and games for weddings , like yincanas , contests or magic shows. Bet on this great idea if you want the little ones to have a great time on B-day, while their parents enjoy the great bridal party calmly and without interruptions.

Original games … or classics!

Original games ... or classics!

What do you think of the idea of ​​organizing different tests or contests throughout the banquet? If you want your celebration to have fun games, be  inspired by the traditional ones from when you were children , such as blind man, the game of chairs or bingo, and think of fun prizes for all the lucky ones. Are you looking for something more personal and unique? Create a game with questions about you and your relationship . Let’s see who knows you better! 

Do you want to go a little further? In addition to fun and original wedding ideas , opt for funny wedding ideas . They can be, for example, photos of you throughout the relationship or photos of both with family and friends in elementary school, in high school, at the beginning of university, on a field trip … Laughter and fun are guaranteed!

Live music

How to make your wedding unique and unforgettable

Live music will give an unparalleled value to your party. So don’t hesitate when it comes to including special melodies on your big day and don’t forget that, played live by an experienced orchestra and with the right acoustic, they will be the perfect claim for the most emotional moments. For fun, make sure you play songs that invite you to dance and do not forget the classics of a lifetime. They never fail!

Shows of all kinds

make your wedding memorable quotes

So guests really feel entertained, Hired a show  with which to thank you for your presence at the wedding and fun garantizad large and small. A live comedian, an equestrian show , a magician, some dancers, a fireworks display … Without a doubt, the event will be much more than a party. It will be a fun wedding!

These magnificent ideas will become the best of the gifts you could offer on B-day to family and friends, splendid with their party dresses . They will be very grateful and truly valued! Do you want to start the link on the right foot? Make the wedding invitations the best anticipation of what awaits them, think that each element of the decoration can surprise them, choose the aperitif and the banquet food well, and give your personal touch to the wedding scene. No one will forget your passage through the altar!

A video invitation

Now that new technologies allow us to take a video to infinity, why not prepare an original video invitation . You can tell all the ins and outs of your love story , give prominence to your pet or record it in the place where you saw each other for the first time. Then you will only have to upload it to Vimeo with a password, or to Youtube and put it hidden, so that only those who have the address can see it. To send it, in person in the form of a DVD, to see their reactions, or if it is a little further away, by email or WhatsApp.

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Treats for everyone, a good idea wedding

Not only children love sweets, we older also like them and if it is with a glass in hand, even more so. So take a moment to choose some delicious sweets and present them in an original way in the area of ​​your dance, it will be many hours giving everything on the floor and a little sugar will not hurt.

Interactive wedding ideas

An original cake doll

The cutting of the cake has become a tradition that more and more couples dispense with it, but if you are one of those who want to keep it and are going to make the cut, do not leave the figures in the hands of the pastry chef, look for one that suits you. There are very funny ones, which represent hobbies, we have seen it from Playmobil and even from Eva rubber with that air to the bride and groom.

fun ideas for a small wedding

Save everyone’s footprints, one of the best ideas for your wedding

It is an original way to keep a memory of everyone who attended your wedding . A sheet to your liking and some inks , invite everyone to go and capture their footprint on the sheet. Then we will frame it and it will occupy a special corner in your home.

fun wedding

Not only the date on the rings

The inside of the rings is always engraved with your wedding date and your names, but what if we engrave a phrase for example? There are them with fingerprints , with your pet’s electrocardiogram and even with the GPS coordinates of that place where you declared your love, give your wedding rings an original touch !

ideas wedding

Stamp for all your stationery

The invitations, the details labels, the minutes…; We could personalize all your wedding stationery with our own stamp , a rubber stamp that will bear your names, your date and everything you can imagine. Grab one and see stamping it on all your wedding stationery

unconventional wedding ideas

Fill the lapels with plates

Funny, original and personalized phrases . It is a resource that has become fashionable and rarely lacking in a wedding. We could decorate the dance of your big day with some badges full of humor , your guests will wear the one with which they feel identified and it will be cause for laughter , do not forget them !.

unique wedding ideas

Decorate the bathroom doors

It is an original detail , sooner or later everyone will have to go through the door, so leave them a message , a photograph of when you were little or whatever else you can think of to make your guests smile.

wedding trends

That we do not lack beer

After a hearty ceremony , nothing better than getting to the aperitifs and tasting a beer in an ice-cold bottle . For this, we can present them in drums full of crushed ice, in hand cheeks, wooden boxes or why not, in a bathtub, but always very cold … essential !.

how to make your wedding unique and unforgettable

Light up your dance with Vengalas

Let’s make a circle with all the guests and add some sparklers , a soft light and a good song will do the rest to create a romantic atmosphere . One piece of advice, the flares that are large and remember to also distribute at least a dozen lighters, otherwise, when some are lit, the others will have already gone out …

ideas for wedding reception

Requests to the DJ

Involving your guests in your wedding is a gesture that will honor you. We suggest you ask them what music they would like to hear at your big party. You can do it when they confirm their attendance or with some cards and an urn at the dance , they will fill them out and introduce them for the DJ to read the requests.

cheap wedding

Personalized photocall with its accessories

It will be a lot of fun to prepare a space for the photographs of your guests during the party. For this we will prepare a personalized background, your names and the wedding date will be essential and then we will add some accessories to make everything more fun .

cheap wedding ideas

Live centerpieces

If you are tired of flowers and old and old-fashioned centers , we propose you some fish tanks with pond fish, it will be very fun to share a table with these animals. We can put some food for your guests to be in charge of sharing the moment with them.

cheap weddings

First aid in the bathrooms

Stain remover, deodorant, compresses, cologne or wet wipes, everything you need to alleviate the unforeseen events that your guests may suffer , in a corner of the bathrooms, ready to solve unforeseen events.

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cheapest wedding

Little details for everyone or just one but good

We know that the details to the guests is something that should be cheap, beautiful and above all useful, but what do you think if we organize a raffle among all and give a gift . A weekend in a hotel, a massage with a spa, an experience … In this way, we will gather all the budget of the details in one, bigger and more fun, do we raffle it? What if we reward it with a game of bingo?.

cheapest weddings

Do you have any other ideas to make your wedding more special? We look forward to your comments! .

7 fun games to play with your wedding guests

If you have chosen your wedding hairstyles with such care and the same impetus put you in the search for your wedding rings , then why not do the same with the party. Most grooms worry about the banquet and finding the best wedding centerpieces , among other details, but they forget to add a personal touch to the celebration.

Because, although the marriage will have a specific program, it is always good to prepare some different activity to break the ice or to raise the indicators of fun at times of the party when the spirits are calmer.

And since a marriage is usually a long day, planning a few different games or activities will be an excellent idea to give your wedding an original and creative touch. That said, don’t miss out on these 7 fun dynamics that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Song contest per table

Coordinating with the DJ, assign a song to each table and, towards the end of the meal, when the general music starts playing and that song comes out, all the guests at the corresponding table will have to get up to dance . At the end of the game, the group that did the best will be chosen and they will be awarded a gift. In addition, it will be a good time for your friends to show off their modern short party dresses and warm up the first steps on the dance floor.

cheapest weddings ideas

Cinderella’s shoe

It can be done at the reception or at the beginning of the dance, with the idea that single people get to know each other. The game consists of all the girls without a partner taking off a shoe and leaving it in a prominent place, for example, in the center of the room. Once this is done, the singles will then be asked to pick up a shoe at random and then look for “Cinderella” who owns that shoe. To make it more romantic, once the couples meet, they should all go out dancing.

The kiss song

Choose a song and inform everyone that, every time it plays in the middle of the party, they should kiss their partner or the person closest to them on the cheek . Whoever does not achieve it, will have a penance and must go out to pay it on the dance floor or on stage. While the game is already fun, the funniest thing will be to see everyone running to find someone to kiss.

fun wedding reception ideas activities

Wedding trivia

Simple and entertaining, plus it will allow you to discover how much your guests know about you . The game consists of family members and friends answering different questions about the couple, whether related to their interests, favorite foods, hobbies, books or movies. The guest with the most successes will win and, for being so diligent, will win a good prize, which can be a replica of the wedding glasses or the bride’s bouquet of flowers.

Photo safari

Also known as the spy game, with this you will not miss any detail of your marriage . Leave a camera on each table (or ask guests to bring theirs), along with a previously assembled list of moments to capture . For example, the groom looking at the bride, unexpected kisses, the first dance, people crying, falls, girls in blue party dresses , the typical juicy curing, some unsuspecting eyelashes, in short. Decide which spontaneous images you don’t want to be missing from your wedding album and have your guests take them, who will have fun like never before.

ideas for small weddings


Indispensable! One of the world’s favorite musical games is karaoke, in addition to being a great idea to break the ice before the dance or, to make intermissions of musical numbers starring the bride and groom, who will have the freedom to invite those who sing to sing. want. Remember to put a screen in the center of the dance floor and hand out a list of available songs on the table. They will see how even the shyest ones get loose as the celebration progresses.

ideas wedding

The anniversary piñata

A very charming idea is to leave pieces of paper and pencils on the tables for the guests to write their advice, good wishes and suggestions for the couple, but thinking of them on their first anniversary. Then, those messages will be kept in a piñata or special box that the bride and groom must open one year after they have exchanged their gold rings at the altar. The game will bring beautiful conversations about love to the tables and, most importantly, it will leave you with a precious gift for the future.

Entertaining, right? With these ideas there will be no time to get bored and at the end of the day, even the older ladies will have polished their party dresses that they used that night. Likewise, they will have a good repertoire of anecdotes to tell and as many beautiful phrases of love from their guests that they will be able to treasure.