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Furniture painting ideas : Best 50+ ideas

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Surely many times you have come across an old piece of furniture and you don’t know what to do with it … Paint the piece of furniture, believe me you can transform it so much that it looks like a piece of furniture just out of the store. You just need a little patience and paint ❤️❤️

There is no easier or more affordable way to change the look of a piece of furniture than with paint. Find an original idea, a different technique, and get down to work. Here are some alternatives to inspire you.

Furniture painting ideas

1. Paint furniture with geometric shapes

We started with a great transformation. Look what happened what they have done with this old piece of furniture so damaged. The important thing is to clean the furniture well. If there are any broken parts, fix them with putty and then sand the furniture well. Remove the knobs to avoid damaging them. If they are of good quality, you can clean them well and use them. Now it is time for color. Use masking tape to give the geometric shape that you like the most and apply different colors. In the example they have opted for different blues, white and wood colors. Which ones would you use?

Via: Inspirationists

2. Paint furniture in stripes

Painting antique furniture with colored stripes is also a great idea when you want to get out of your typical comfort zone and give it a great distinction. Imagine a white wall, which does not have much importance in the room. Place a piece of furniture painted in this way with a clock on top or a mirror. I assure you that it will become the center of attention of the stay.

Via: Maisons du monde

3. Aged effect for antique furniture

If you look at it, most of the antique furniture that comes our way is dark wood in color. You can take advantage of that dark color to make an aged effect with chalk paint. How to do it? First, make sure that the furniture is in good condition and if it is not, you know … you will have to restore it. Then, choose a nice color that you like and apply the product directly on the furniture. When it is dry, use a fine-grained sandpaper and little by little, without making very aggressive movements, remove the paint, revealing the dark wood color. Finally, apply wax all over the furniture and enjoy.

Via: Roll oid

4. Fluorine colors in antique furniture

If you want me to completely change your grandmother’s furniture, then use fluorine paint like this one in the example. It will radically change the furniture and give it a much more modern touch. Also, if you keep the original knobs you will make it have a much cooler vintage effect .

Via: 1 Group

5. Wallpaper

I love this idea for cupboards! The idea is to place a wallpaper on the front, that is, at the bottom of the glass. Then you paint the rest of the furniture the color that you like the most and that’s it. The result is spectacular.

Via: Pinimg

6. Black and white triumphs

If black and white predominates in your home, then bet on these colors for your furniture. Paint the inside white to give more clarity to the things inside the closet. For the outside, use the black color, it will be very elegant. What do you think?

Via: Therese Bruno Romell

7. Patinated effect paint

In this case we have refurbished a basic wooden chest of drawers that had an aged effect into a more modern table by painting each drawer a color and applying a patina paint effect on top. What do you think of the result?

paint_old_furniture_with_ patina_effect
Via: Handfie

8. Various colors for a chair

Not only can dressers and sideboards be painted, you can also restore old wooden chairs by giving them a touch of color… wait, one? Nerd. Why settle for a single color when you can paint it in several?

Via: Handfie

9. Paint with imagination

Many times it seems that we run out of ideas but no … That never happens and if not they tell the one who painted this beautiful piece of furniture. How many of you ever painting have a drop dripped off? Take advantage of those drops to paint old furniture and make it unique.

Via: It’s fashion

10. Pastel shades

The transformation of this piece of furniture is great. It has gone from being an ordinary chest of drawers to a very practical kitchen island with drawers. To begin, remove the knobs and sand the drawer well. Then paint the furniture with a pastel color, in the photo of the example they have dared with green. I don’t know what it will look like to you, but I love the idea, as it contrasts phenomenally with the pine-colored wooden countertop that they have put on top. In addition, to make it more practical, they have placed a bar to hang the rags. Idea 10! 👌

restore_old_furniture_commode_with_kitchen_ drawers
Via: Copper Dot

I hope you liked these ideas for painting antique furniture. You know, before throwing, restore and before buying, check. Surely you have a piece of furniture with a lot of potential waiting for you.

Original ideas to personalize your furniture

1. Paint Churretes – A proposal that breaks the canons of the most rigid conventions. Well chosen, the trio of colors will be responsible for something unusual: turning an application defect into an artistic motif .

chest of drawers with three colors and splashes of paint

2. Chalk look – The taste for shabby chic environments has spread the passion for stripping and patina . In the market you will find special paints that will give the furniture a very elegant chalk finish.

cupboard with chalk finish paint

3. Cheerful birds – Nature offers great examples to evoke. To get a good definition when drawing these winged animals, you will have to have some experience. Nothing that is not impossible after a few tries.

four-drawer chest with painted birds

4. Mexican folklore – The culture of the people is another good mirror to look at. The designs that characterize the cradle of tequila represent freehand geometries with sparkling tones . The furniture will be a burst of life.

table with flashy Mexican-inspired colors

5. Floral motifs – If before we talked about fauna, now it is the flora’s turn . The most ornamental species give grace to the furniture. If you prefer to play it safe, download images of flowers from the Internet so you do not err with the brush.

chest of drawers with painted flowers

6. Stencil templates – This is one of the most popular methods among the less skilled. When following the contours of a clipped pattern , it is difficult to commit a fault. It is important that you fix the model well to the surface.

table with stencil template imitating lace

7. Romance inspiration – The good thing about personalization is that more elaborate alternatives are allowed. Let’s take a book as a starting point . This dresser could well decorate the rooms of the Queen of Hearts from ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Alice in Wonderland nightstand

8. Colored circles – Skill is a competence that is acquired after months of practice. Something simple to start with would be the circles. Although the post is about painting, some cut vinyl will also meet the objective.

set of table and chairs with circles

9. Degraded geometries – It is necessary for the gifted students to play it by putting more risky techniques into practice . Handling the brush close to that of professionals gives results with these blurred rhombuses.

chest of drawers with faded geometric patterns

10. Wide stripes – Generously thick lines look good on walls, fabrics … And also on furniture. An insubstantial bedside table takes on new meaning thanks to turquoise stripes and fuchsia details .

side table with turquoise stripes and pink details

All of these suggestions are subject to expansion. Your imagination is the only limit . Have you ever been inspired and painted a piece of furniture in a special way? Let us know what you did.

With stencil

Decorating a piece of furniture with simple motifs is an easy project that can be accomplished without too much difficulty thanks to the stencil technique. It consists of using special templates (usually plastic or acetate) to create the drawings, as in the sideboard in the image. To achieve the same result, you will have to paint the furniture in the base color using a foam roller and acrylic paint. Apply two coats and allow to dry completely. Then place the stencil template where you want to reproduce the design and secure it with masking tape. To apply the paint you have two options: use a small roller or a stencil brush (stiff bristle and straight finish). Go working little by little,without loading the tool with too much paint and with strokes that go from the outside to the inside, so that the paint does not extend over the edges of the template. A tip: before you start using your stencil template, you can apply a coat of water-based varnish to give it more body and make it more resistant.


The power of vibrant colors

Bright yellow, strong orange, blue, passion red … Very vivid colors have an undeniable ability to decorate any space, as long as you know how to combine them with other elements to find balance. In the image an Ikea Billy shelf has been customized with a bright yellow. Apply two coats of acrylic paint with a foam roller (if you use a brush, you will get marks). An idea: decorate the inside of the shelf with wallpaper.Cut out each piece and glue it on with wallpaper glue, or take the shelf apart and line the entire back at once. For best results, sand the surface before applying the glue, and then press down on the paper with a plastic spatula, insisting on edges and corners.


With printed polka dots

The children ‘s rooms are filled with color and fun thanks to painted furniture as original as this little closet decorated with polka dots. Renewing this type of piece could not be easier. Choose two contrasting colors, like blue and orange, and use one for the interior and one for the exterior. Once the paint is dry, you can stamp the white spots with the help of a circular stamp . Start at the bottom and work your way up, decreasing the number of circles as you see in the photo. An idea: you can stamp the moles with homemade tampons devised by you. You can use the cork from a wine bottle, for example.


An industrial touch with fluffiness

With a simple metal cabinet and the sponge technique you can get an industrial-style sideboard as original as the one in the photo. To do this, all you have to do is paint it petrol blue with spray paint covering the entire surface of the furniture. One tip: find a ventilated place to paint the furniture, and cover the floor and other surfaces with plastic to avoid stains. Spray keeping the can upright at a distance of about 25 cm, taking slow strokes in all directions. Once it has dried, use the puffing technique to give it that uneven textureso special. With the help of a sponge, apply blue and reddish brown paint with small touches and alternating both colors, until the desired appearance is achieved.


Malachite effect

Malachite is a mineral with a characteristic green color and very special veins. Recreating its appearance on a piece of furniture, on the top of a side table for example, is a great idea that you can carry out with paint. Start by applying a coat of deep green paint. Once dry, use a fine-grit sandpaper to make the surface smooth to the touch. Next, mix dark green paint with a little water-based varnish. One tip: to mix paint and varnish and achieve a special texture, both products must be acrylic (water-based). Never mix a water-based paint with a synthetic varnish.

Apply the paint and create semicircular waves with a piece of cardboard, imitating the appearance of malachite. You can emphasize some lines with the handle of a brush, or any other similar tool. Allow to dry completely and apply a coat of gloss finish varnish.


With reservations

One of the simplest techniques when painting a piece of furniture is that of reserves. It consists of covering with painter’s tape the areas that we do not want to paint to avoid covering them with paint. This is what has been done with these untreated wooden boxes. The job is as easy as sticking the painter’s tape to your liking, pressing the edges well so that the paint does not get underneath. Paint the boxes with a foam roller and allow to dry before removing the tape. After decorating them with vertical and diagonal stripes, a modular furniture for storing toys has been assembled with them .


An original design

Arouse your creativity and use original drawings to decorate any piece of furniture you want to renovate. Like this funny white hand that adorns a chest of drawers, in a most imaginative job. The key, in addition to the spectacular design, lies in using only two contrasting colors , in this case dark gray and off-white. A paper template can be used to draw the motif on the furniture. Then paint the drawing with a fine brush and fill in with a flat brush of the appropriate size. Finish with a layer of colorless varnish with a matte finish. One tip: changing the handles of the dresser will be the final detail to achieve a more original result.


Color gradient

The furniture drawers are perfect for decorating with the technique of the color gradient. It does not need to be noble pieces or special furniture, any simple chest of drawers can work the miracle. Choose two contrasting colors, better if they are complementary such as blue and orange. Paint the top one orange and the last one blue. Then mix both colors, varying the proportion of each one, to create intermediate tones, and paint each drawer with a different tone. Finish by painting the frame of the chest of drawers in a dark, black or gray color.


With retro air

Inspired by the decoration of the 70s , this sideboard has been decorated with a psychedelic pattern on its front. If the furniture that you are going to paint is very old, remove the remains of old varnish with a good sanding. One tip: if the surface is very dirty or has many layers of old paint, it is best to use a specific stripper. Apply the product with a brush, let it act for the time recommended by the manufacturer, remove with a spatula and finish sanding the wood. Ready!

Once the furniture is prepared, make the drawing using fine brushes and acrylic paint of the desired colors. In this case, a palette of warm tones inspired by the seventies was used. The rest of the furniture has been stained with a honey-colored wood stain that does not cover the grain, but rather gives it a fresh, natural look. You can protect the drawing by applying a layer of matt spray varnish.


Pickled in pink

Would you like to give a romantic air to your bedroom? Change the look of your nightstands and paint them in a soft pink color like the one in the photo. To achieve this, the technique of pickling on wood has been used Start by painting the table a dark base color (black, gray or brown). Then apply two coats of light pink paint. You can use chalk paint to achieve that special vintage powdery look . Once dry, remove the paint with the help of a sandpaper block, insisting on the edges, corners and protruding parts, letting the dark base color emerge. To finish, apply a layer of colorless wax and rub with a cotton cloth.

Painting furniture in white for a navy or romantic style

Both create relaxed and welcoming environments, but with a differentiating point.

The navy or marine decoration is a breath of the sea, the coast, the breeze. Provides a fresher air due to its white and blue color combination . Although tones such as bluish gray or greenish blue are also included.

On the other hand, in the romantic decoration the light is softer . White is combined with pastel tones or with light colors such as powder pink or lavender.

Painting furniture in white for a navy or romantic style

The marine, oriental and romantic tendencies are easily identifiable. You can incorporate them into your home with these storage drawers, and decorate while you have everything in order.

How to have a white navy style furniture?

  • Go for purer whites like cool white or with a hint of gray like chalk white.
  • It incorporates the typical horizontal marine stripes by painting a drawer of each color.
  • Apply stencils with anchor, rudder, or fish motifs.
  • Use knobs with those same elements or dare to create your own with knotted strings, for example.

Complement with accessories such as lanterns or decorative fish figures.

And, romantic style?

  • Choose warmer whites like cotton white, off white, or off white.  
  • In addition to painting furniture in white, you can play with decoupage inside the drawers, using papers with flowers, very fine stripes or small dots.
  • Incorporate decorative wooden appliqués on the front of the drawers with floral or baroque designs.
  • Choose glass, ceramic, matte metallic or flower-shaped knobs. 

Add wrought iron occasional furniture like a coffee table or something nature like vases with fresh

How to have a white navy style furniture?

The PARIS bedside table has a romantic air. The FOREST duvet cover is freshness. They share the same base color, white, and coordinate perfectly in this bedroom.

An authentic home feels. Make your senses activate every day! In addition to the use of color, you can combine textures on rugs and cushions or place candles or scented wands at key points such as your hall.

Painting furniture in white for a shaby chic effect

It is a more rustic trend that achieves a somewhat old atmosphere or even with a country house air. With it you can have very warm and quiet rooms.

Painting furniture in white for a shaby chic effect

Comfortable AURA solid pine wood with six drawers. An auxiliary furniture with personality that will fill your room with warmth.

For it:

  • Give your white furniture an aged look by sanding the most exposed areas after the paint has dried, or by applying a patina to unpainted wood.
  • Choose handles that are vintage style or that appear to be used a lot.
  • Change the glass on the doors for chicken coop screens.

Add wicker baskets, metal pots, or natural or herbal flower arrangements.

How to paint white furniture and get an ethnic style

An ethnic-style living room or room quickly transports you to another culture. It is a space dominated by roots, by the local and the traditional. And therefore it is cozy and full of a unique

How to paint white furniture and get an ethnic style

The ETHNIC chest of drawers is a breath of naturalness. Put away all those little objects from your day to day life and enjoy its cozy finish.

  • Here the wood dominates over the white color. So a good option is to use templates to decorate tribal motifs , mandalas or even dream catchers in this tone.
  • Another option is to use masking tape on the front of the cabinet to form geometric patterns and paint them in different colors. In this trend, warm colors that connect with the earth dominate. So combine white with browns, terracotta or ocher, for example, or bet everything on the range of white.
  • Use metal knobs made of materials such as copper, brass, or tin , or go hand-carved.

In this trend, handicrafts or textiles with prints cannot be absent.

Combine patterned fabrics with plain fabrics, in similar colors, on your curtains, rugs or cushions. This way, the room is not saturated with different shades and patterns, and you preserve a warm atmosphere.

Painting furniture white for a wabi sabi effect

Achieving the wabi sabi style by painting a piece of furniture in white is very simple. The key is in the essence of this trend, which considers imperfection to be beautiful .

Painting furniture white for a wabi sabi effect

CUORE bed , with chest, in a modern style and straight lines.

  • Select a dull white as an off-white. Although you can also use a pure white as a base, and add a colorant drop by drop until you get the tone you like.
  • You do not need to take great care of the previous appearance of the furniture to be painted. Because damage, scratches or cracks are not frowned upon . On the contrary, they are a reflection of the passage of time.
  • It also doesn’t matter if the final finish is flawless, so don’t bother leaving brush strokes, places that require a second coat of paint, and even forget about sanding. 
  • Natural aesthetics like a lot in this style, how about using some wooden logs as knobs?

Incorporate frayed fabrics and natural materials such as wood, bamboo or ceramic for your decorative accessories and furniture.

Incorporate frayed fabrics and natural materials such as wood, bamboo or ceramic for your decorative accessories and furniture.

Simplicity and functionality are characteristics of the Nordic style that is also present in kitchens.

A single piece of furniture can completely change a room. It may be because of their color, their design or because you have renewed them by painting their doors white. Find that something that differentiates them and makes them unique for you!

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