50+ Gardening Path Ideas To Make Your Neighbors jealous

Gardening walkway ideas : Best 50+ ideas

An outdoor patio offers many possibilities to a house, especially when it has a considered size. On these occasions, the best option is to create different environments in order to get the most out of it. When we opt for this idea, it is important to use walkways and paths that help us connect those different areas that we have created. Today we want to share with you all a series of modern paths that will give a very special touch to the decoration of your garden .

Modern Gardening path ideas that are creative and functional

Square pavements

Gardening path ideas

We start our list of modern garden paths with a composition made up of geometrically arranged squares.

Wooden path

modern path to the garden 2

In this case it is a short path made of wood of different shades. It is responsible for connecting two different parts of the patio with a contemporary style .

Thin wood panels

modern path to the garden 3

The walkway of the exterior patio of this house is composed of thin panels of light wood that is responsible for guiding its tenants throughout its surface.

Raised concrete

modern path to the garden 4

In this coastal house, they opted for the use of raised concrete blocks, thus protecting themselves from the actions of the sand.

Curved walkway

modern path to the garden 5

For this other case, they opted for a curved design along the backyard, giving the patio a more natural look.

Wood and concrete

modern path to the garden 6

To unite the different environments of this house, concrete and wood flooring has been used. A mix of materials that provides the perfect touch.

Paved walkway

modern path to the garden 7

Here we meet again with a paved walkway that has been used to plant trees along the structure, as if it were a walk.

Wood through the house

modern path to the garden 8

You could say that it is an endless path that connects the exterior with the interior, creating a very pleasant continuity.

Elevated wooden walkway

modern garden path 9

Something more sophisticated is the option chosen on this occasion, since it has opted to install a raised platform. In this way you avoid damaging the landscape.

Path surrounded by ivy

modern path to the garden 10

Of course, there is nothing like a path surrounded by nature. In this case we find a walk created with wood and on both sides, ivy that brings color and freshness to the area.

Illuminated with LED lights

modern path to the garden 11

The nights can also be a good time to use this type of path, so this option of lighting them with LEDs can be perfect for those cases.

Concrete mixed with grass

modern path to the garden 12

Something simple and traditional but that always offers very good results. Mixing grass and concrete, you can give a modern touch to our garden.

Staggered distribution

modern path to the garden 13

The rectangular concrete pavers have been laid out in a somewhat staggered manner to create a curved path that runs through this contemporary backyard.

Dark wooden walkway

modern path to the garden 14

we bring you this dark wood walkway that is responsible for dividing the pool area with the lawn space.

Garden path with oriental slate stones

garden path slabs pebbles stone

We start with a photo of a garden path made of oriental-inspired slabs. As we can see, this idea goes perfectly with Zen decoration and oriental-inspired gardens and in particular Japanese and feng shui spaces .

Slate slabs have naturally cut edges, which are sometimes jagged and non-uniform, as opposed to clean cut slate tiles. This characteristic of the intentional decoration evokes an oriental style, synonymous with calm and relaxation.

To achieve this look, the secret is in the simplicity of the materials you choose and respecting a few key colors and textures. Black slate is able to blend a traditional look with a contemporary feel, making it suitable for a wide range of garden walkways. It is generally more expensive to buy than other garden path materials, but it is durable and has a classic appeal that defies time. It is therefore an excellent option for the development of zen and relaxing spaces.

Rustic-inspired garden path and paved path

garden path with wooden slabs

This straight and simple path has become an interesting feature with the use of aged wood planks. These planks have been joined at the seams to create a continuous run with a rustic feel. A similar look could be achieved with tiles that have been designed to resemble wood. The advantages of wood-style tiles are that they last longer than real wood, which will rot over time on contact with wet floors.

Of course, you can also bet on wooden slabs to achieve a similar look. In this case, we advise you to choose the type of wood and the materials to make it more resistant. Generally speaking, tiles are more durable than wood, hence the preference of contemporary homeowners and decorators for this type of coating which combines the beauty of wood with the durability of tile.

An idea for an original terracotta garden walkway

terracotta garden path

This wavy walkway used a collection of heavily ridged terracotta tiles. Terracotta, in general, is synonymous with the decor style of the Mediterranean region.

This garden path idea helps evoke a sense of rustic European decor, so it can be used in gardens that yearn for that kind of ambiance. Terracotta blends well with hot, dusty climates, so it’s ideal for desert locations. The curved nature of this walkway gives it an informal feel, which adds to the way the tiles are laid in a slightly imperfect manner. The ridges of the tiles add more interest to the track, but be warned that debris such as berries and dead leaves could get stuck in the ridges and make them difficult to clean.

For a more successful Mediterranean atmosphere , you could also bet on plants typical of this region.

Orange tiled trail idea for a more original exterior

garden path slabs idea

Outdoor tiles can be purchased in a large number of designs, shapes and sizes. These tiles have a vaguely floral style, in a color that is half neutral and half bright, allowing them to be a point of interest without taking all the attention of the garden. If you want to achieve a similar look, choose large tiles that give the impression of a large space, rather than small tiles that can look busy. Large tiles like the ones in the photo will also save you time and frustration when you install them.

Curved garden path made with paving stones

garden path model

This unusual walkway features a brick path that descends down the center of a paved path. The paved part of the walkway is made by laying pebbles among the laying concrete, and this gives the path a very original appearance when combined with the wide and unpredictable curved edges. This cobblestone effect is relatively easy to achieve, but beware, it is very difficult to walk on. The interior path is of a slightly more standard design, using bricks to create a paved walkway. The sparkle of this quirky look lies in the simplicity of the materials and colors used, which allows the catwalk to be playful without being wacky.

This garden path idea is perfect for homeowners with a large space who prefer durable coverings as opposed to lawn landscaping. To make this space greener, while being easy to maintain, you can bet on potted plants.

Original garden path with tiles in various colors

deco garden path

The creator of this walkway used various shapes and sizes of irregular pavers. These were arranged to form a large mosaic pattern, with smaller stones fitting together perfectly among the larger stones. This could be a great way to use old, not all of the same paving stones to give your walkway a cheap makeover. To make this look stand out, use a contrasting color of concrete or grout between the tiles to help them stand out.

Outdoor path in recycled slabs

stone garden path

This walkway has been made from a selection of recycled concrete in an array of shapes and sizes. It has a rough, industrial appearance, which contrasts with the uniform, well-maintained lawn. This type of walkway is a good way to recycle old materials, using concrete slabs that might otherwise go to waste.

It is also an idea for a garden path that will appeal to enthusiasts of natural and ecological decoration and recycled outdoor landscaping solutions.You can use it as inspiration to make other outdoor walkways in recycled materials too!

Garden path with large red slabs and pebbles

how to make garden path

These large pieces of stone were laid out with spaces between which were filled with large pebbles. Typically, gravel or chippings fill a space like this, but using large pebbles is very smart if you want to encourage people to only stand on the stepping stones. Large pebbles like these are difficult to walk, and people will automatically choose to walk on flat stones instead. The choice of pebbles against the slate slabs gives the path a coastal appearance, which fascinates many gardeners.

Path with passage lined with plants

garden border ideas plants

This curved path was bordered on either side by a neat row of matching plants. It’s an aesthetically appealing choice, but it also serves as a barrier between the path and the lawn, which will keep people on the walkway and discourage them from walking on your lawn.

This low edging, while it can be easily walked over, is an almost mental block that will deter people from standing on the grass, thus preserving your lawn and keeping it in better condition for longer.

Bamboo exterior passage

wood garden border

This bamboo walkway was built like a low bridge, to cross the meadow of wild flowers. Creating a bridge as a walkway in your garden is an alternative to digging a path if you prefer to minimize disturbance to your lawn and plants. This bamboo bridge can be taken down by a handyman or you can have a local carpenter build something similar for you. If your deck surface is slightly uneven, like this one, adding handrails is a good choice to prevent anyone from falling on your walkway.

In addition, you should know that bamboo is one of the sustainable solutions for outdoor landscaping, unlike other types of wood which are not so resistant to the test of time.

Outdoor trail decoration with painted pavers

garden walkway ideas

If you want to improve the look of your catwalk, then removing it completely and installing a new one is not your only option. If you have a tired looking walkway that is still structurally sound, consider redeveloping the old walkway to give it new life. This walkway has been renovated with just a lick of paint.

You can use brightly colored paints in a repeating pattern, a single color, or a few colors in a sporadic, random design. Before painting, it is best to wash old bricks, ideally with a pressure washer, to remove any buildup of garden debris and dirt. This will help your paint to have a smooth, even finish and ensure a good hold.

Japanese-style outdoor walkway

model allee jardin zen

Seen from above, this walkway in a Japanese garden is very simple but effective. It is made up of a number of irregular black slate tiles that have been set among very fine gravel. The contrast between the two materials is evident in several ways; the colors contrast, the shapes contrast and the sizes contrast.

The design of the walkway has a contemporary feel and could be easily replicated in your own landscape with a few choice materials.

Garden path idea with checkered lawn

design garden border

This majestic-looking landscape is fairly straightforward in design, although it must be done with complete precision for a professional finish. The checkerboard look is achieved by placing square paving slabs among the lawn to create a surface of perfectly positioned squares.

These tiles must be lowered to an accurate measurement so that the lawn and the tiles are on the same level. In keeping with the sophisticated design, maintaining this look is important. The lawn should be kept lush and trimmed, while the tiles should be kept clean and free of debris.

Garden path with slabs, green plants and lawn

garden border ideas

This walkway was created using terrace boards grouped in pairs and arranged in the middle of the lawn. You can recreate this look using any number of materials, from old wood planks and tiles to slate slabs.

It is a good idea to group the planks in half if they are not wide enough to accommodate the length of an adult foot. This will help prevent overshoots on your lawn and keep it in good condition.

Contemporary design wooden walkway idea for the exterior

examples of alley, garden borders

This gangway is the ultimate in contemporary gangway design. It uses long planks of wood arranged among the lawn in an unusual pattern to give it a modern touch. Simple angles, shapes and colors add further to the minimalist design.

The linear pattern of the planks creates the illusion that the walkway is longer than it actually is, which is a concept you can borrow from your own landscape to maximize space. We recommend this outdoor walkway solution if you have opted for a modern style garden. It will also go well with a minimalist space or Zen atmosphere.

Of all these modern roads, which one has caught your attention the most? Cheer up and share your comments with all of us. We are waiting for you!

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