Reading: 50+ Gas fireplace ideas to make your home extra cozy this winter

50+ Gas fireplace ideas to make your home extra cozy this winter

Gas fireplace ideas : best 50+ ideas

Are you looking for gas fireplace ideas ? then this article for you

The fire, apart from heating the interior, also creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere when it is cold outside. And even if we tend to immediately think of wood as a source of energy to heat the interior, there are other alternatives such as, for example, the gas fireplace and the ethanol fireplace. In this article, we will present the advantages of the fireplace ‘s gas and ethanol to help you choose the best alternative for you, between these two options.

Gas fireplace in a modern design living room

gas fireplace decoration living room

The stack gases are fueled by natural gas and can be operated even by a single button. When they are working, the indicator light is on and the gas heats the room. The fire is very reminiscent of that produced by wood and gas fireplaces can be traditional, integrated or freestanding. Ethanol fireplaces work by pouring ethanol into the ignition box which supplies and lights the fire. Much like gas fireplaces, ethanol fireplaces come in a wide variety of styles and can be freestanding or built-in.

Interior decoration with bio ethanol fireplace

ultra modern design gas fireplace

When it comes to how much heat each type of fireplace can produce, the gas one is the big winner. Even though the ethanol fireplace produces some heat, in addition to its decorative effect, it is not sufficient to fully heat a room and cannot be used as a main heater. The ethanol fireplace typically produces 2-3.5 kW of heat. For this reason, it is more suitable for small spaces or simply as a decorative element. To make the comparison, the modern gas fireplace can produce from 3 kW to 15 kW and can therefore be used as the main heating.Contemporary decor living room with gas fireplace

interesting design gas fireplace

As for the installation, gas fireplaces must be installed by a specialist and require a gas connection and a ventilation flue to vent the gas combustion to the outside. Ethanol fireplaces can be attached to a base, but they do not need a vent. It is also possible to buy a free-standing or built-in ethanol fireplace in the coffee table, for example. That’s why they don’t need installation. They are also more expensive.Bedroom decoration with modern gas fireplace

gas fireplace room decoration

Most gas fireplaces can be turned on with a button or a remote control. For their part, ethanol fireplaces require a little more effort to light them. You have to fill them with bio-ethanol (about 1 to 2 liters) by hand and then light them with a special lighter. The choice of fireplace you are going to make will depend entirely on your personal preferences and needs. Both types of fireplaces are modern and very stylish and come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colors. Here are now 50 ideas for modern interiors with gas or ethanol fireplaces that will inspire you for the decoration of your interior:Design bio ethanol fireplace

original design gas ethanol fireplace

Gas fireplace decoration with stone and wood

gas fireplace decoration

Living room decoration with gas fireplace

gas fireplace ideas living room decoration

Original design fireplace 

original design gas fireplace

Living room decoration with contemporary design fireplace

freestanding gas ethanol fireplace

Minimalist design bio ethanol fireplace

design gas fireplace
interesting design gas fireplace
gas fireplace deco living room
cheminee bio ethanol deco
cheminee bio ethanol design
cheminee decorative bio ethanol table basse
cheminee decorative bio ethanol table basse
cheminee design bio ethanol
modern interesting design fireplace
gas fireplace ideas
gas fireplace ideas
traditional design ethanol fireplace
gas fireplace to integrate design
gas fireplace ideas living room
gas fireplace decor living room
contemporary design gas fireplace
modern design gas fireplace
fireplace gas ethanol decor
interior decoration gas ethanol fireplace
contemporary design gas ethanol fireplace
interior design gas ethanol fireplace
modern interior gas ethanol fireplace
gas ethanol fireplace contemporary living room
traditional style gas ethanol fireplace
gas fireplace ideas for living room
gas fireplace dining room
gas fireplace bathroom
bio ethanol fireplace bedroom decor
bio ethanol fireplace living room decor
interior decoration bio ethanol fireplace
gas fireplace ideas
gas fireplace ideas
gas fireplace ideas
gas fireplace design living room
modern fireplace living room decor
gas fireplace ideas
gas fireplace ideas

Natural Gas Corner Fireplace

A romantic and practical addition to a corner space, a natural gas corner fireplace gives a homey charm to any room. The fire induces a sense of relaxation, the flickering flames provide a mesmerizing quality, and the natural gas burns clean, limiting your carbon footprint. Perfect for any room that could use a little more warmth, or a rustic touch.

Best Products



White is associated with modernity, a chromed powder coating, an electric fireplace – enclosed in white. It is a combination of family warmth with a modern frosty environment in white. Natural gas corner fireplace has realistic-looking flames.

Vent Free Natural Gas Stove

Vent Free Natural Gas Stove

With the cutting edge vent-free technology and premium quality construction, this heavy-duty fireplace is a welcome addition during those cold, winter evenings. Realistic burning logs bring in the ambiance of a real fire to your home whilst providing sufficient heat. Its small size makes it ideal for compact living spaces.

Vent Free Natural Gas/Propane Fireplace Insert

Vent Free Natural Gas/Propane Fireplace Insert

Spotting a black finish in cast iron material, this fireplace insert seamlessly fits into any interior style. This insert is vent-free, hence, extremely easy to install, less pollutant, and quickly heats a room. The blower circulates heated air throughout the room, making it more efficient. Note that this fireplace insert requires a gas line.

Direct Vent Natural Gas/Propane Fireplace Insert

Direct Vent Natural Gas/Propane Fireplace Insert

This beautifully crafted vented fireplace insert injects some warmth and coziness into your home. It comes with a flame sensor that senses when the pilot flame is off and automatically shuts down, plus a safety screen to reduce the risk of burn injuries. Venting hardware is included for breezy installation.

Corner Gas Fireplace

Corner Gas Fireplace

Cozy contemporary family room with corner gas fireplace that boosts the general coziness to maximum. Love the warm caramel walls and atmospheric lighting. And the stone wall above the fireplace. And the vintage rug. Perfect.

Basement remodel psch

Basement remodel psch

A pretty contemporary gas fueled corner fireplace. It has a wide dark grey-coated metal frame and a front of transparent heatproof glass. It looks especially well against a wall with cladding of stone tiles in beige and creamy tones.

Gas Fireplace

Gas Fireplace

Imagine – no electricity, only candles and fireplace. It would be great to spend that time at such a nice corner, the black gas fireplace frame, soothed by the white solid carved casing. All sorrounded with decorations, vases or pics around.


Buying Guide

A fireplace can still be the feature of a room if it’s in the corner, but it can also take a back seat and not be too prominent if you don’t want it to be. There are various designs that you will see when looking for a corner fireplace for your living room. Natural gas fireplaces are becoming more and more common within households, so let’s have a look at what’s out there for you.

What are the best designs of natural gas corner fireplace and how to style with them?

Brick fireplace

If the décor of your home is already quite natural or you have the indoor brick style in your living room, a corner brick fireplace is the ideal way to keep it subtle while heating your home and brightening up the room. With natural bricks extending all the wall up the corner of the room, your fireplace can be a dark color such as black or copper so that it blends in and doesn’t stand out too much. People will still notice the fireplace, especially when it’s burning, but you won’t need to feel like it’s the center of attention in the living room.

White fireplace

Many homes have white walls, so a white fireplace will slot nicely into the corner of the living room. This looks superbly elegant and will blend in with your existing décor while looking classy and beautiful. You may prefer a basic white look, or you can choose a white marble effect fireplace if you want to add some extra interest.

Tall corner fire

While fireplaces are traditionally not positioned above any existing furniture, you can opt for a modern corner fireplace which fits neatly half way up the wall. This allows you to have furniture above and below the fireplace should you wish, embedding the piece even further into your household. A cast iron cover is a popular choice for natural gas fires, bringing a traditional design to a modern idea.

Freestanding fireplace

What better way to make your living room look modern and use up the corner space than by installing a free standing fireplace? This type of fireplace is only suitable as long as it’s been correctly installed and you have it linked up to your chimney where necessary. A stand alone fire won’t be embedding within the walls of the room, but you will still have to have it installed within the home properly. These fireplaces are often designed using concrete or cast iron, and may be curved or twisted in shape to allow it to easily slot into a corner.

Modern glass fireplace

A long horizontal fireplace or a small glass fireplace with no frame is a good example of the modern designs which are available now. A similar design is the same but without the glass, thus allowing you to access the fire easily. However, be careful if you have children in your home as you will also need to shop for a fire guard in order to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

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