35+ Glam Bedroom Ideas That Will Make You Feel Like A Hollywood Star

glam bedroom ideas : best 35+ ideas

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Glamorous bedrooms are often referred to as palatial-type interiors, for good reason. These types of interiors are known for their class – when combined with special materials, they are very elegant. Some think that a glamorous bedroom means pure luxury. Although this interior is full of splendor, it is distinguished by a thoughtful concept. Thanks to this, excess of extravagance and a kitsch impression can be avoided. Are you dreaming of a glamorous bedroom? Get Inspired – We have some great ideas for you.

glam bedroom ideas

Chic Glam Bedroom - 3 Glamor Bedroom Ideas You'll Love

What is a glamorous bedroom?

A glamorous bedroom is often associated with elegance and luxury. An interior design of this type is very thoughtful and there are no random objects. Does this mean that the interior is sterile and lacks warmth? Not necessarily.

In reality, every glamorous bedroom looks completely different . It all depends on the color palette and decoration you choose. If you choose a combination of light tones, for example, dusty pink and gold, the effect will be much “warmer” than with blue and silver. But both interiors can be described as a glamorous bedroom. Also, each of them is impressive… to different people.

What is a glamorous bedroom?

Glamorous Bedroom Ideas – What Colors to Choose?

Over the years, the concepts of glamorous bedrooms have changed, especially in the color palettes . At one point, high-contrast and fairly strong and saturated colors (eg purple or emerald ) were a popular choice for glamorous bedroom decor. You have to be careful when choosing these tones, since using them is not as simple as it seems. It is not surprising, then, that more and more people are deciding on a more vivid color palette. These are both very light colors such as ecru or ivory , as well as darker tones, but still neutral, such as taupe .

Are you wondering if a glamorous bedroom in a neutral shade is a better idea? If you choose such a color, you can easily combine it with various elements of decor. This solution also offers more possibilities for future changes you want to make inside.

Ideas for a glamorous bedroom: what colors to choose?
source: spacejoy.com/interior-designs-blog/modern-bedroom-vanity-glam-station-style

What accessories and decorations can be used in a glamorous bedroom?

Decorating a glamorous bedroom is a serious challenge. Such an interior focuses on the details. The best option is to choose a variety of decorations that complement the glam bedroom ensemble and create a unique design.

What accessories are the most popular? You can choose, for example:

  • gold or silver lamps,
  • mirrors with decorated frames,
  • glass or ceramic vases,
  • candles in glass containers.

Make sure you don’t mix silver and gold – choose one of the colors. In this way, the risk of a kitschy appearance of the interior is reduced.

What accessories and decorations can be used in a glamorous bedroom?
source: home-designing.com/luxury-bedrooms-furniture-sets-design-ideas-images-tips

Glamorous Bedroom Set – Remember the bed!

Interestingly, one does not usually pay much attention to the bed in a bedroom. While the best mattress is crucial to ensure a peaceful sleep, the rest is less relevant. This attitude is a serious mistake, since an attractive bed can completely transform the interior.

Choosing a bed with a padded headboard will create a luxurious feel. Manufacturers also offer models decorated with small crystals. Are you renovating your interior and do not want to replace the bed, since it is not yet worn? Just ditch the headboard and use an upholstered panel on the wall behind the bed.

Choosing a bed is not everything! Make sure you plan what to put over it – choose matching bedding. In this case, pay attention to the material. Silk is the most recommended fabric, but you can also choose shiny satin or satin.

Glam bedroom set - remember the bed!
source: home-designing.com/luxury-bedrooms-furniture-sets-design-ideas-images-tips

Chic bedroom ideas – a glamorous gray bedroom

Do you associate gray with boredom? Gray is one of the basic colors that fits perfectly in a glamorous bedroom. It can be combined with basically any interior, always looking good.

A glamorous bedroom can use various shades of gray: when combined and illuminated, they are very interesting. Also, regardless of the color you choose – charcoal or graphite – you can give it more shine by using silver or gold.

Chic bedroom ideas - a glamorous gray bedroom
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Gray color palette - glamorous bedroom ideas
source: bacojj.wordpress.com/2019/03/22/black-and-grey-bedroom-designs/7404472d-880f-498a-b9e8-cb716d14b2ba-jpg
Warm gray tones - chic bedroom ideas
source: houzz.com/photos/glamour-bedroom-ideas-phbr0lbl-bl\~l_100000
Unusual decoration of a glamorous gray bedroom
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A glamorous bedroom with a dark wall – a stylish interior

Do you want your glam bedroom to look interesting and impressive? It is not difficult to achieve: it is enough to choose an original solution, for example, a black wall. It fits perfectly with the glamorous style, especially if you combine it with silver or gold, crystal elements or shiny materials. Each of these elements makes the room look light and beautiful, but unique.

A glamorous bedroom with dark walls - a stylish interior
source: bocadolobo.com/en/inspiration-and-ideas/black-white-stunning-master-bedroom-designs
An interesting dark glamorous bedroom set
source: home-designing.com/luxury-bedrooms-furniture-sets-design-ideas-images-tips
Elegant dark glamorous bedroom
source: novocom.top/view/0e2960-black-bedroom-decor-pinterest

Pastel colors in a glamorous bedroom

Pastel colors are one of the most common elements that appear in home interior design. It is the result of the fact that, using them, interesting designs can be created in various styles .

It is no different for glamorous bedroom decor. In this case, you can choose:

  • cream,
  • arena,
  • dove gray.

Several glamorous bedroom ideas typically use light purple or dusty pink . When combined with gold, these colors look very noble.

Pastel colors in a glamorous bedroom
source: luxdeco.com/blogs/styleguide/pink-bedroom-ideas-colour-schemes
Glamorous bedroom ideas - light gray and pastel purple
source: nerolac.com/blog/simple-ideas-to-beautify-your-bedroom.html
Glamorous bedroom ideas - white and pink
source: home-designing.com/pink-bedroom-interior-design-decorating-ideas-images-tips-accessories
Glamorous bedroom in pastel bright color palette
source: luxdeco.com/blogs/styleguide/pink-bedroom-ideas-colour-schemes

Glamor for bedrooms full of elegance and comfort

Especially for girls, glamorous spaces are very popular. It is common for many to prefer luxurious settings in the style of a queen or princess. Today we have several ideas to precisely turn bedrooms into modern and glamorous spaces. Good ideas for bedrooms include everything from materials to the right colors. We have compiled some bedroom photos that can be a great start.

Glamor for modern bedrooms

modern white brick walls

A glamorous bedroom setting I can take these examples as a starting point. To begin with, the best thing is the color and as we see in many photos, pink is the color par excellence. Taking advantage of it in its different shades is the best of ideas. As complements to the pink finishes, neutral tones and pastels are an excellent idea. In combination with the traditional pink they are a good base for any decoration.

glamor modern ideal bedrooms

When we have well defined the color base in our bedroom, it is time to add other details. Metals are the best accessory for an elegant and modern place. Silver or copper accents will make the bedroom look brighter. In combination with various pink finishes the room will have a delicate look. We will choose the prominence and intensity of the color to our liking.

stylish spectacular modern design

It is always possible to give it more or less prominence within the entire design. Cream is another of the perfect solutions to make the upholstery stand out. With dressers or chandeliers the bedroom will be really special. As another good example, a bench is another perfect piece to change the look of the bedroom. Your image is what will really determine the glamor of the bedroom. The upholstery with floral details along with different shades of pink will look great.

glamor modern fur rugs

On the other hand, a certain romanticism with an air of lavender will make the room look more neutral. Some mirrors will not be too much to improve the luminosity. The good use of colors is vital to obtain good results in the room. However, the use of precise materials is another important aspect to take into account.

glamor zones real leather

We need some very accurate ones for the space to keep its appeal. At the same time they must recreate the whole idea of ​​luxury and glamor. A moment ago we mentioned the use of shiny textured metals. In the same way, synthetic leathers, velvet or real leather are perfect. Without underestimating the effect of mirrors for a better visual impact.

pink carpet under furniture

For many accessories such as cushions, synthetic leathers and velvet itself highlight the warmth. Located on the bed the image of this centerpiece will not be the same again. Velvet is always comfortable and has become very popular. To make the bed look like a true paradise then this cannot be missed.

glamor metal tables flowers

As long as they are suitable for our style, imitation leather can be used in rugs. The same bench option we mentioned above is a good example for leather upholstery. With these features shiny metal variants will not be a bad idea. They do not need to occupy large pieces, there are many ways to incorporate them.

Glamor and gray details

gray modern style rugs

The lamps are a good choice or in the finishes of the bed or even handles. Reinforcing the effect with mirrored surfaces such as bedside tables is something different. Just placing them on the walls can be boring and we don’t always have the right space for it. Many modern beds even have them built into the frames. A fantastic and glamorous touch is given by the sequins.

small cushions special bedroom

With some velvet cushions and the imitation leather itself, you will change the whole environment. In both cases we recommend pink velvet in contrast to the white of the synthetic leather pillows or cushions. All this together with the bedside tables with a built-in mirror will enhance that much-needed sparkling touch. With just a blanket, both the comfort and the image of the bed will undergo a noticeable change.

pink details traditional house

Along with the impact of materials and colors, the style of the furniture carries great weight. Inside the furniture the lamps that are used will contribute to reinforce the style in many ways. If we have to start with a piece of furniture, it would obviously be the bed. It is the center of every bedroom and all eyes will fall on it.

golden centos feminine bedrooms

The elegant models are based on canopy designs or perhaps headboard with an upholstery finish in a different color. Those with a high headboard are a real beauty. Always contrasting with the back wall behind the bed. To add other bright details to the furniture, the nightstands cannot be absent. It has great functional value within the bedroom.

colorful effects girly room

Like mirrored dressing tables they allow you to exploit various glossy surfaces. The glass used in the lamps is one way to add an unmistakable touch of style. With the velvet and textured leather upholstery it is already guaranteed as a beautiful accent. Ottomans or stools are options that can follow the same faux leather trend.

elegant setting dark tones

Otherwise combine them with the shades of pillows or cushions. On the ottomans or the bed, the brown upholstery is another great advantage. The chandeliers in these designs, thanks to the magical effect of the glass, are sparkling. It is a concept that can be used for example in a children’s room with only some variations.

ideas concepts ideal rooms

As we already mentioned, a four-poster bed would be the perfect closure for a style of this type. The elegant image and impact on the entire décor is evident when you look at the sample images. In general, the furniture and its selection can be very flexible.

decorative ideas modern spaces

Starting with modern lines or those completely eclectic. Together with the lights and the metals we will obtain a true room full of elegance. Enjoy these designs that we have selected for today. We hope that one of them will inspire you to transform your space.

black lines special materials
modern leather brown furniture
original ideal modern beds
concept space modern ideas

📍 How to design a glamorous bedroom?

The design of a glamorous bedroom above all involves the right colors and decorations. The interior must also be well lit. The whole design should be elegant, but think about it so you don’t overdo any element.

📍 What are the best colors for a glamorous bedroom?

Both bright and dark colors are used in a glamorous bedroom. As for the first category, pastel colors are a good choice: for example, pink, purple, sand. If you prefer darker tones, you can choose emerald or black, as long as they are used skillfully and complemented by the appropriate embellishments.

📍 A glamorous bedroom set: which one to choose?

The bed is the heart of a glamorous bedroom – pay attention to its design. A padded headboard enriched with small crystals is very interesting. Also, you can choose upholstered or shiny furniture with small gold or silver elements.

📍 A small glamorous bedroom: is it possible?

A small glamorous bedroom has the opportunity to be very interesting: here it is not the size that matters, but the design. Don’t forget the basic rules, for example a light color palette. Even a small interior offers many possibilities.

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