Reading: Grey flooring living room ideas : 40+ ideas

Grey flooring living room ideas : 40+ ideas

Grey flooring living room ideas : 40+ ideas

Gray flooring is a great idea for any room in the house. The gray color is timeless, classic and has a lot of undertones. It adapts easily everywhere and goes with all styles of interior design. The proof is through our selection of 40 living room grey flooring ideas .

40+ grey flooring living room ideas

Are you thinking of opting for a gray floor at home and you are looking for original ideas for your home interior? Perfect ! In this post, you are going to find several ideas of gray floor models for all tastes. What are the advantages of having a gray floor at home, how to adapt it to its interior and what coating for different rooms, find out in the following lines.

Modern, minimalist, rustic or industrial, any interior style blends easily with the purity of gray flooring. The options for a gray floor are quite varied. Their aesthetic side differs depending on the material and the nuances. The same goes for the price. Some materials are more expensive than others. Which one to choose depends first of all on the part and its function and second, on the budget you have at your disposal. The best choice is the one that combines aesthetics and quality at the same time.

40+ grey flooring living room ideas

Gray floor: wood, waxed concrete, tiles and more 

Gray floors don’t make a statement, but delicately enhance the decor. They also give the space an airy and light appearance. What types of gray flooring can you choose from? Basically there are tiles, wood, concrete and stone so you can easily find what you like or even mix them all together in an open space.

Of all the options, waxed concrete, tiles and wood are arguably the winners. However, prices also vary depending on the materials and their quality. On average, waxed concrete costs between 100 and 180 $ per m² with installation. And if you want top-of-the-range waxed concrete, it is necessary to count close to or more than 300 $ per m², installation included. The price of the wooden parquet goes from 8 to 100 $ for the m² and more. It depends on the quality of the wood. For tiles, it is generally necessary to count from 70 $ to 140 $ per m². If you are not the demanding type, you can also take advantage of the discounts and choose according to what the market has to offer you.

the gray floor invites itself into the modern living room

Each style has its gray floor

The choice of material is essential for the style of the room in general. For industrial interiors, we will rather choose waxed concrete, while for rustic-style interiors, we will bet on wood. However, it is possible to mix styles and create something original. The final decision is up to you! The main thing is to choose something that is both beautiful and durable at the same time. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to have a nice gray floor at home, but that doesn’t mean you have to go for the cheapest. If you have a clear idea of ​​what you want for gray flooring, you are likely to find something that suits you aesthetically and price.

Each style has its gray floor

This warming wood

There is no doubt that wood is the most popular and beloved material in interior design. Plywood or laminate, wood makes any space warmer and more comfortable. When choosing your new floor in gray, consider the fact that wood is fragile. For it to be durable, it is necessary to opt for a good finish. As we mentioned earlier, covering your wooden floor is a possible idea for any room. But you have to consider the humidity of some rooms. Marry your gray wooden parquet floor with rustic-style furniture, add some warm cushions and blankets and you will see the comfort that will settle in your room.

modern living room with corner sofa in blue design

The waxed concrete that purifies 

It is a durable and timeless material. Waxed concrete is not only suitable for industrial style interiors, but also for those of rustic, minimalist and modern style. If you live in a shabby chic style space, then it is better to go for a sleek gray floor. And if you find that your living room is missing something, you can add a bit of pizzazz by opting for a Moroccan-style gray coating . It is really important to match the styles in order to create a pleasant space to inhabit.

designer living room with gray sofa and decorative floor mat

Flooring is an essential interior element that should not be overlooked. Investing in a good quality coating means making a lasting investment. Choosing the cheapest options is not necessarily the best idea. Instead, go for something beautiful and solid.

sofa in white parquet in gray and brown

As we mentioned before, gray pairs easily with any color. It is often married to red, orange and yellow. The gray floor is suitable for both large and small spaces.

brown gray parquet for the living room

Do you want to have a gray floor, but not necessarily change the current floor covering? In this case, you can install a large carpet in gray as was done in the living room interior in the photo above. This floor mat was perfectly matched with the furniture and the decor. Indeed, it is a classic and comfortable modern interior. This type of layout is adaptable to small and large spaces.

gray pouf house design armchair with cushions

Resurfacing your floor is a job that takes time and resources. If you want to add some gray to your floor, but without making big changes, the groundsheet is a good idea. Beautiful gray rugs in all sizes are easily found online or in specialty stores.

Design corner sofa kitchen curtains coffee table

Match the floor dressed in gray with another element of the same shade.

This harmonization technique is simple and yet always successful. By tuning the elements, you create a feeling of balance. It can be a piece of furniture or an object. It all depends on your desires. As we have already mentioned before, gray floors easily fit in anywhere.

Design floor mat corner sofa black light fixture

Combining black and white is a great classic, adding gray is also becoming. These three colors, which are not really colors, combine wonderfully in any room of the house. These are also the three must-have shades for a Scandinavian or industrial style interior.

And yes, sometimes we can dress everything in gray! It is still necessary to add some elements in white and black, so that the living room is not too sterile.

gray flooring sofa living room armchair cushions

One of the great advantages of gray floors is that they never look dirty. This does not mean that they should not be cleaned …

One of the great advantages of gray floors is that they never look dirty. This does not mean that they should not be cleaned …

interior decoration scandinavian style black hanging light
gray parquet flooring modern interior design idea

gray satin porcelain

Gray satin porcelain, unlike glossy gray porcelain, does not receive the last layer of enamel, responsible for the material’s shine. This absence provides a matte and smoother surface on the porcelain. 

The advantage of this type of porcelain tile is that it can be used both outdoors and indoors. Many also take the opportunity to use it as wall coverings, due to the variety of colors and textures available. You can even make a bathroom with satin gray porcelain without fear. 

gray satin porcelain

Polished gray porcelain tile 

The polished gray porcelain tiles receive a polish on the material that leaves the surface super smooth and shiny. Because of this, you can also find this type of porcelain in stores under the name glossy gray porcelain. 

However, it is worth considering that polished gray porcelain tile can get a little slippery, so avoid using it in wetter environments and wet areas such as the bathroom and entryway.

Polished gray porcelain tile 

Another important factor to consider is that glossy gray porcelain tile reflects furniture, so if you don’t like the effect, go for gray or matte satin tile. In the project above, the glossy gray porcelain tile highlighted the presence of the black sofas , the white coffee table and the printed puffs .

Gray porcelain tile shades 

Yes! In addition to choosing the finish, it is important to pay attention to the tone of your gray porcelain tiles. The color of the floor makes all the difference in the environment. It highlights the decor and makes the house even more beautiful.

See below!

light gray porcelain 

If you want to enlarge your small living room, the ideal is to invest in light and muted colors, therefore, light gray porcelain is the best option for your home. 

In addition, the light gray porcelain tile is super neutral and matches the most colorful decorations. The walls can be of darker and more vibrant tones, as the floor does not interfere with the harmony of the place. 

light gray porcelain 

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