How do you enlarge a space with a mirror?

How do you enlarge a space with a mirror

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Want a tip to enlarge small spaces? Decor with mirrors on the living room wall and in small rooms. 15 models to get inspired!

The classic utility of mirrors remains indispensable in rooms such as the bedroom and bathroom. But why not take advantage and add other functions to its use?

The accessory looks good anywhere in the house and can be used for different purposes. Whether to enhance objects, reflect light or expand environments , the tip of this post is: create a decoration with mirrors.

mirror decoration

As we’ve shown in other posts, the use of this device to give an idea of ​​spaciousness to small spaces is no longer new. However, you need to apply the trick correctly so that the mirrors can bend objects or spaces, which will be better reflected to give the expected effect.

In this post, learn to use this element in the best way in different rooms. Discover possibilities of sizes, formats, frames and placements and be enchanted by everything that the decoration with mirrors can provide to your home.

Tips on How do you enlarge a space with a mirror ?

Decor with mirrors in different rooms

Decor with mirrors in different rooms

Before considering the specifics of the room in which the mirror will be applied, it is important to always keep in mind that it must be positioned in front of what you intend to highlight.

But beware! When choosing where you want to place a mirror, also note the opposite wall. Try to place all the pieces that you intend to highlight and attract attention towards the mirror.

The mirror will double the size of the space and make it stand out. That is why it is of great importance that what is in front of you is as charming as the mirror itself.

Living room

mirror decoration

The use of mirrors in the living room or dining can help transform any room. This way, if you have a wall available to place an entire mirror, you will practically gain a second environment. In this case, try to install it at a 90º angle to the floor on a wall that allows it to reflect the entire room.

However, if you don’t have walls available and you want to expand the room , you can cover some furniture with mirrors or place it behind the TV or the sideboard.

The use of shelves with a mirror in the background , for example, is increasingly common in decorations. In addition to enlarging the environment, these mirrors are used to balance the weight of the furniture, giving depth and highlighting the objects present there, such as props and books.

mirror decoration

But if that’s not possible, place the mirror above the furniture, at the top of the wall. In this case, even though it does not reflect such a large area, the mirror can at least increase the room’s field of vision , in addition to highlighting objects supported by the furniture.

When positioned above the height of a dining table, for example, a rectangular mirror can make it easier for people to see during meals. This brings more interesting perspectives to the interaction of those sitting at the table.

In addition, the room is usually a privileged space for its decorative aspect and the use of framed mirrors can highlight this characteristic. In addition to drawing attention to themselves, they can be positioned to highlight specific objects such as chandeliers , vases and other ornaments.


mirror decoration

Newer apartments have smaller and smaller rooms. To make them bigger, mirrors can take up large spaces, such as wardrobe doors and the walls behind the bed.

In the children’s room, which is usually smaller than the couple’s, what easily solves the lack of space are the mirrored cabinets on their doors. In addition to enlarging the place, they add more joy to the environment, especially if the room is colorful and bright.

mirror decoration

This is also a convenient solution for rooms where there is no space to place a full-length mirror . All you have to do is cover one of the closet doors, which can be open or sliding.

An important tip for decorating with mirrors in bedrooms is not to place them in front of the bed, as this can cause discomfort for those who sleep there. Choose to use over the headboard, for example.

In the bedroom, it is still possible to explore different shapes and styles for the mirror , which adds beauty and sophistication to the room , especially double rooms.


mirror decoration

As with the rooms, the trend is for bathrooms to become smaller and more functional. Typically, these environments are narrow like hallways. With mirrors, however, it is possible to lengthen space in different ways.

Using it on one side of the bathroom already guarantees the expansion of the space , but it is also possible to apply it at different angles, doubling the footage on more than one side of the room. Even the bathroom door can be covered with a body mirror.

mirror decoration

To get out of the conventional, which limits its application to the end of the sink countertop and at a certain height, it is possible to extend these demarcations in two ways.

One is to raise the mirror to the ceiling and the other is to go beyond the horizontal extension of the sink in order to extend the mirror along the bathroom wall. In addition, it is also possible to unite these two alternatives, giving a modern touch to the space.

If the sink is arranged in a “U”-shaped area, take the opportunity to apply the mirror on the 3 walls and expand the bathroom even further. This goes for all corner walls where mirror installation is feasible.

In addition to ensuring the expansion of space, the bathroom mirror is essential to give the desired personality to the environment, abusing different formats and frames, as is the case with Venetian mirrors, lighting and bisote , for example.

entrance hall or hallway

entrance hall or hallway

Another tip is the mirror hanging in the hall and hallway. If your apartment or house has a small, narrow hallway, take advantage of one or two mirrors in different positions to make a game of reflections and expand the space.

However, don’t leave the mirrors there to reflect only the white of the wall. Choose flowers, pictures, photos, or any attractive decoration that can have its beauty shared by the mirror’s reflection as well.

Decorated with framed mirrors

Decorated with framed mirrors

Oftentimes, the accessory’s adaptation to the environment takes place through a frame. Rooms and bathrooms, for example, can receive the decorative touch that was missing by choosing the correct frame.

Wide, elegant, modern, rustic, classic or traditional, the options are many. The important thing is to choose the one that best suits the style of the room where the mirror will be placed.

By doubling the size of space, this object draws a lot of attention to itself. Therefore, it must be a decorative element that speaks to the environment in which it operates.

There are no rules to establish this harmony, but here are some suggestions to inspire you:

– For more loaded and colorful environments, prefer frames with more discreet colors and shapes;
– In clean and sober environments, choose the most striking shades;
– Environments with a cozy and less modernized air ask for wooden frames;
– For modern and elegant environments, prefer metal frames;
– For more versatile solutions, prefer plastic frames;
– And to decorate forgotten corners of the house, such as sideboards, opt for elaborate frames, made of iron or wood.

mirror decoration

Different materials, styles, colors and shapes make up the frame options. There is always one that matches the decor of the environment where it will be introduced, whether this space is vintage, colonial, romantic or more relaxed.

However, the decorative aspect of a mirror can also be evidenced by other proposals that dispense with the use of frames. Techniques such as bisote, for example, work the edges of the mirror with different angles and with bevels, composing a frame with the mirror material itself.

Decor with creative mirrors

Decor with creative mirrors

Mirrors can be molded in many different shapes and sizes. And this variety also contributes to its decorative function.

Below are some suggestions that you can adopt depending on the environment where the mirror will be placed:

– The squares combine with more formal and organized environments;
– Rectangular ones are ideal for small rooms, as they tend to be larger;
– Round ones combine with relaxed or delicate environments and are also great for highlighting something specific;
– Those with geometric motifs, in the form of triangles, hexagons or octagons, for example, are great for creating mosaics of abstract composition, with an original, psychedelic and curious appearance;
– Irregular ones are ideal for relaxed environments and to generate dynamic movement in space;
– The large ones lend elegance to the environment and a greater sense of spaciousness;
– Low beams give comfort perception;
– Finally, the small ones are ideal for discreetly completing the decoration of the room.

Another way to add creativity to mirror decor is to create good placements.

Decor with well-placed mirrors

Decor with well-placed mirrors

When placing the mirror in any environment, it is important to think about the harmony of the space, which can be harmed by placing reflective items close together.

The feeling of spaciousness generated by mirrors becomes charged when overexploited, especially in environments that are already heavily decorated. Therefore, do not bring the mirror close to a table or other mirrored objects, for example.

Also avoid hanging small insulated mirrors on large unoccupied walls. In that case, make a composition with more pieces. A solution to this problem is to fill the wall by grouping mirrors with geometric motifs in a mosaic, for example.

mirror decoration

Always seeking the harmony of the environment, it is possible to be daring in relation to the placement of the mirror in different ways. One possibility is to position it behind furniture such as dressers and even sofas. In that case, adopt the larger models.

Also, don’t get hung up on hanging them on the walls. You can simply lean the piece so that it is slightly tilted to reflect taller objects.

Decorate with mirrors, but when choosing yours, be creative and seek to preserve the harmony of the environment. Also, don’t forget to carefully consider the objects or area that will be duplicated and to follow the other tips presented in this post.


Mirror are perfect for all types of environments. They can be basic, innovative, chic, cut together, grouped into sets of different models, and even serve to duplicate small areas.

But these objects are demanding. So, spend some time choosing the most beautiful pieces of decoration, such as lamps, pictures, armchairs and sculptures for the mirror to reflect !

mirror decoration

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