How much are bathroom renovations ( full guide )

How much are bathroom renovations ( full guide )

Although it is one of the smallest rooms in the house, the bathroom occupies a very important place in the heart of a home. It must at the same time be practical, flirtatious and meet everyone’s needs while stimulating relaxation.

The renovation of a bathroom requires special any attention. The possibilities are numerous and the choices difficult. First and foremost, finding out about the price is essential: properly planning your expenses allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises.

renovation of a bathroom

Renovation of a bathroom: price table 2021

In addition to adding a significant dose of comfort to your home, renovating your bathroom is also very profitable from a financial standpoint. Numerous real estate research has indeed shown that the return on investment associated with renovating a bathroom reaches 75 to 100% when a house is sold.

But how much does it cost to renovate a bathroom? This price table will give you an overall idea.

Type of renovationMinimum costAverage costMaximum cost
Complete renovation (turnkey)3 000 $16 000 $$ 30,000 or more
Douche1400 $4000 $7000 $
Custom shower2900 $8500 $15 000 $
Linear drain (for a shower)250 $500 $700 $
Floor covering (vinyl)$ 0.70 per square foot$ 3 per square foot$ 6 per square foot
Floor covering (ceramic)$ 1.75 per square foot$ 5 per square foot$ 9 per square foot
Floor covering (granite)$ 10 per square foot$ 20 per square foot$ 35 per square foot
Floor covering (marble)11 $25 $40 $
Heating floorbetween $ 3 and $ 4.75 per square foot
Toilette300 $500 $850 $
Toilet with heated seataround $ 1000
Lighting and accessories200 $1000 $2000 $
Vanity unit300 $500 $3000 $
Workforce1200 $2000 $12 000 $
Shower faucet250 $400 $600 $
Washbasin faucet150 $250 $500 $
Plumbing replacementbetween $ 125 and $ 250 per linear foot
Replacement of cabinets300 $500 $800 $
Custom cabinets2000 $6500 $$ 10,000 or more
Consultation of a specialist (architect, designer or decorator)between 4 and 8% of the total cost of renovating the bathroom

Prices include installation.

As the table shows, prices for a bathroom remodeling project range from $ 3,000 to $ 30,000. This considerable difference is explained by the fact that several factors influence the cost of the work.

What influences the cost of renovating a bathroom?

When you want to renovate a bathroom, there are many factors to consider in order to assess the total cost of the work. Among the most important elements is the type of work you want to do, the style you want to give to the room, the materials desired and the labor required.

  1. First and foremost, one of the factors that will probably influence the cost of renovating your bathroom the most is… the area of ​​the room  ! As shown in the table above, the cost of some materials, including floors and plumbing, is calculated based on their square footage.
  2. Then, some changes in the bathroom will prove to be more expensive than others. The table illustrates it well: replacing the plumbing is a more extensive renovation than modifying the cabinets, for example. Likewise, replacing the floor covering is less expensive than having a custom shower designed and installed. The price of renovations to your bathroom will therefore vary depending on the nature of the work . If all you want to do is freshen up the room, a few details here and there can make all the difference for less.
  3. Renovating your bathroom will be a more or less expensive project depending on the style you want to give to the room . Would you like a bespoke vanity with unique details designed by a local cabinet maker? Would a prefabricated bathroom vanity from a big box store work instead? Take the time to shop around to learn about the different offers.
  4. The cost of the work in the bathroom will also differ depending on the desired materials . The price of a vinyl floor will certainly rise less than that of a ceramic floor or even a granite floor. However, the offer of vinyl floors has increased in recent years and we now find on the market products that perfectly imitate sophisticated materials.
  5. Finally, labor is an important factor in determining the price of renovating a bathroom . It must indeed have the expertise to adequately accomplish the work requested. Different tasks require distinct specialties  : the installation of a heated floor requires skills in electricity and that of the valves, knowledge in plumbing. The cost of labor will therefore also be influenced by the type of work to be done in the bathroom.

The importance of a contractor during a bathroom renovation project

The importance of a contractor during a bathroom renovation project
Man setting tile on cement board. He is tapping the tile in place with the handle of a hammer. Closeup. Real person on the job.

During a bathroom renovation project, the cost of labor represents approximately 20% of the total cost of the work. This proportion certainly repels many, who try to assume certain responsibilities and carry out part of the work themselves. However, it is often on a qualified workforce that the success of the renovation of a bathroom rests .

Trained workers and experts in their field will guarantee you a job well done and a good dose of stress in less  ! Indeed, carrying out renovations, especially in the bathroom, requires patience, thoroughness and, above all, the ability to face many unforeseen events on your own.

You must obviously make sure that the contractor and the chosen workers all have in hand a license in accordance with their practice. To do this, check if its name appears in the license register of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec . The skills of the workers will ensure your safety and the proper functioning of your home in the long run. Note that all entrepreneurs in the Home Quotes network hold a valid permit in accordance with their profession.

Not to mention that an entrepreneur has at his fingertips a network of contacts to refer to you in case of need. In addition, doing business with a licensed contractor guarantees you the possibility of legal recourse should any aspect of your bathroom renovations go wrong . Finally, it should not be underestimated that the contractor is responsible for the coordination of the project, which takes a huge weight off your shoulders.

Obviously, all of these advantages do not reduce the cost of labor during a bathroom remodeling project. Carrying out such a project requires a considerable investment. A well-planned and realistic budget will show you that it is possible to hire skilled labor while doing the work you want . And this even if your financial resources are limited.

Why entrust the design of your new bathroom to a Designer?

Because to design a bathroom that you will love for a long time, the intervention of an interior designer is essential. Think about it for two minutes: you have to choose the floor materials, the cabinets, the shower, the bath, the faucets, the paint, the light fixtures, and more!

All these elements must also combine perfectly, so as you can see, the intervention of a designer is not a luxury.

What price for a bathroom designer in Quebec in 2021?

Hourly rate$ 60 to $ 150 / hour
Percentage of the cost of the work8 to 15%

Bathroom renovations fall victim to passing trends and fashions. Some self-builders get caught installing trendy materials and accessories, without thinking that in a few years, they will no longer appreciate these favorites as much.

The designer is there to avoid such a scenario for you by designing a bathroom to your liking and that you will love for a long time!

Which shower model to choose for a bathroom in Quebec?

The shower is often the “piece de resistance” of a bathroom in Quebec. That’s why you’ll want to compare all of the different shower models before you make your choice, and with plenty of options, here’s what you need to know!

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the different shower models in Quebec!

Shower modelAdvantagesDisadvantagesPrice range
Prefabricated EconomicVariety of shapesEasy to assembleFragile (easily scratched)Visible joints (maintenance)$
MonocoqueQuick to installEasy to maintainComes in one pieceComplex transport$
Acrylic base and ceramic wallsSeveral shapes availableCustom designNo space / shape constraintsProfessional installation required.$$
Ceramic base and wallsModern styleCustom design (choice of ceramic materials)Complex and expensive installation.$$$

Obviously, the shower model must fit your bathroom style!

For a bathroom, style and budget are the two main key factors you will need to try to arrange, which is easier said than done in many cases.

Take the time to compare prices for your bathroom renovation with Home Quotes!

When should you redo your bathroom?

Renovating your bathroom is a big step that comes with a sometimes steep bill! This is not the kind of work that we do every year, and it is all the more important to know when to do it in order to optimize your renovation work.

Here are some good times for bathroom renovations!

When should you redo your bathroom?

After water damage!

Water damage often causes damage to the floor, the bottom of the walls and sometimes even to the cabinets. If such misfortune strikes you, take the opportunity to do the bathroom work you expected! Repairs will have to be done anyway, so you might as well rebuild to your liking.

When you move in …

Is the bathroom in your new home not up to date? Buying a new home means getting a new mortgage; this means that you have the option of borrowing more at the time of purchase to finance your bathroom renovation.

When you want to sell (but BE CAREFUL!)

Renovating with the goal of selling can actually attract buyers, but make sure the work increases the value of your home! If this is not the case, you will lose by renovating your bathroom …

After enduring the old bathroom for too long already!

Obviously, renovating a bathroom can be done from a purely aesthetic perspective and there is nothing wrong with that! Tired of the old bath? Take out the mass and start over by entrusting your bathroom renovation to a qualified contractor.

The materials to choose and avoid in your bathroom!

A powder room is suitable for certain materials only! Since there is a strong presence of humidity and a very great danger of water damage, some floor coverings simply cannot be installed, at the risk of seeing them deteriorate.

How to recognize the materials to avoid? Home Quotes presents them to you right here!

Here are the floor coverings you CAN install!




Heating floor

However, some materials should be avoided at all costs!

Floating floor


What happens if you install non-recommended materials?

If you install a hardwood or laminate floor in your bathroom, the contact of these materials with water may cause them to warp. In fact, it is certain that over time these materials will deteriorate due to contact with water.

Can you install vinyl flooring in a bathroom? Yes, vinyl flooring is a very trendy floor covering at the moment, and its synthetic composition means that it can be installed in a bathroom without problems and without the risk of premature wear.

Choose waterproof and water-resistant materials like concrete and ceramic. These are two safe values ​​that have been proven time and time again.

Heated floor: optimal comfort for your bathroom!

The bathroom is the perfect place to install a heated floor! Why? Because it is a room so the floor is often cold (due to the ceramic) and which is often wet. The installation of a heated floor therefore makes it possible to limit these inconveniences!

Besides, bathroom renovations are the best time to install a heated floor, since you will have to replace the existing floor anyway. All you need to do is install the heated sub-floor and you’re good to go.

What is the best model of heated floor? The electric model is an attractive option for a bathroom, since it can be installed under any floor covering and costs much less than the glycol option. However, the glycol heated floor offers superior performance, especially for large areas.

Compare prices for an electric or glycol heated floor by contacting Home Quotes – Get 3 free quotes!

COVID-19: what impact on your bathroom renovation in 2021?

From the first wave of the pandemic, problems began to arise in the construction industry, which complicates renovations of all kinds. How will this affect your bathroom remodeling project in 2021?

The lead times for the cabinets will be long!

In fact, the order books of cabinet suppliers are filled several months in advance, whether for a kitchen or bathroom order. Arm yourself with patience, but above all, take yourself in advance!

Expect to wait after the shower doors!

Due to a supply issue, all types of doors are hard to come by in the residential construction industry, which includes shower doors.

How long do renovations take in your bathroom?

Renovating a bathroom is not taking longer because of COVID-19, but the availability of contractors is becoming more scarce. Once the work has started, allow a few weeks delay if all the materials are ordered arrived and available. Delivery delays can stretch the lead time by several weeks, so make sure you have everything you need.

How to properly plan your budget for a successful bathroom renovation?

Planning means organizing your expenses and knowing where you are going. It is also having a realistic portrait of a situation. When renovating a bathroom, we want to avoid unpleasant surprises at all costs: this is what your budget will allow you to guarantee. So how do you make a budget?

List your needs

Before having an idea of ​​the price to renovate your bathroom, you must know what the work will consist of. To do this, as a couple or as a family , make a list of the needs of each person in the house  : who uses the bathroom the most? Is there enough storage? Do you need to add a shower in addition to the tub? Would a makeup counter be welcome? Do you want to install a heated floor? Make a storm of ideas in order to have a general idea of ​​the desires of each one.

Determine the renovations to be carried out

The previous step made you think about the daily use of your bathroom by yourself or by your family. Now is the time to determine the nature of the work to be done. Obviously, you can rarely do everything. Making choices and remaining realistic is inevitable in order to prevent the price of your bathroom renovations from rising too quickly.

List the desired changes and, using the table at the top of the page, note the costs associated with them. To confirm your calculations, request a quote from a qualified contractor. Provide him with as detailed a picture of your needs as possible. Take care to evaluate the cost of each of the desired renovations in the bathroom. This will help him to inform you as to the price of your project in the fairest way possible.

Know how to save where possible

Being creative will save you money on renovations to your bathroom. This is especially true in terms of accessories. If, for example, you want to add a light fixture to the room, it might be worth browsing through bazaars or other second-hand merchandise places.

Renovating existing furniture also reduces the costs of renovating your bathroom. Sometimes applying new paint, changing handles, and installing a new countertop creates a new piece of furniture for a fraction of the cost. As for other types of remodeling, always ask yourself if a material is likely to offer a similar quality and look like the one you first thought about for less .

How to properly plan your budget for a successful bathroom renovation?
Female hands framing custom bathroom design. Combination drawing and photo.

Don’t forget anything: work design, demolition, sales taxes and… tax credits!

To make the most realistic budget possible to determine the price of renovations to your bathroom, it is essential not to put anything aside. Some of the things that are often omitted from calculations include the following:

  • The design of the work  : doing business with a decorator or an architect to renovate your bathroom is an asset that is often overlooked . These professionals can indeed offer you ideas that you would never have thought of in addition to providing you with solutions to save. Normally, their services represent between 7 and 11% of the total renovation cost for a bathroom.
  • Demolition  : naturally we think of the cost of renovations… but not of demolition! Usually, this will take about a day’s labor. A waste container will also be necessary.
  • Sales Taxes  : Suppose the total cost to renovate your bathroom is $ 15,000. The contractor will obviously add taxes, which brings this amount to $ 17,245! Forgetting to calculate taxes can therefore lead to a nasty surprise.
  • Tax credits  : find out about the various tax credits applicable to your bathroom renovation project. These could lower the price considerably! At the federal level, the Home Accessibility Tax Credit (CIAD) can save you money if the renovations facilitate access for the elderly or disabled.