25 Dining Rooms Decorations Ideas That Will Make You Want to Host a Dinner Party

Dining rooms decorations ideas

The decoration of dining rooms can be the one you prefer, it is a personal option and tastes come first, but before getting down to work and decorating a dining room , you can learn a little about what are the basic tips to take into account so that your Dining does not become the bad review of the year.

In this article we will learn some of the best tricks and ideas to decorate a luxury dining room , with a good distribution where each piece of furniture and object is in its corresponding place, always maintaining consistency with its volume and space … How to decorate dining rooms?

decoration of dining rooms and living rooms in houses

We remember that whenever we want to decorate or renovate a space in our home we have to make a small house plan or scale sketch on graph paper.

The objective of the sketch is to have a better perspective, to be able to do tests and to have the measurements in case we want to buy something, we will not end up wasting the money!


Dining rooms decorations ideas

Key elements to decorate the dining room

Although the current trends in decoration and interior design styles is to unite different spaces by eliminating architectural barriers such as partitions to obtain a larger area, in the loft style (Mainly because the houses are getting smaller and smaller).

An example would be to unite the kitchen area + eating area + work area + rest area – relax and leaving the bathrooms and rooms that would be the night area individually.

a single dining room kitchen
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dining room with different environments
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The first thing we have to be clear about is determining what use or functionalities the place that forms the dining room or living room is going to have. Here we can distinguish three main distributions that we can normally boost:

  • If the space has a Eating Area + Work Area + Rest Area.
  • If the space has a Dining Area + Rest Area.
  • If the space has only a Rest Area.

Regarding the possible distributions outlined, we have to emphasize that there are some priorities that must be met, which in truth is a coherence that we must not forget:

  1. Eating surface priorities: It will be close to the kitchen and natural light.
  2. Work surface priorities: It will be close to natural light.
  3. Rest surface priorities: Optional in terms of natural light.

The central dining room table

What would the dining room be without its central table? … A somewhat strange experiment, surely. Therefore, the choice of the central table is one of the keys in decorating dining rooms .

In the first place, it is advisable that it occupies the central place of the dining room and close to natural light (some window), it will be in a prominent place, but it has to allow free movement through the space.

The size of your environment will tell you about the proportions you need, the shape and the table model you will use. A round dining table is more recommended for small spaces with few people, on the other hand, rectangular tables are more used for large dining rooms and many diners.

small dining rooms
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The style is marked by the colors of the wall or the furniture that accompany it, although if you start from scratch, you can start from the table of your choice, since it usually stands out for its size compared to other furniture and is an element of central location

Chairs for dining room

You cannot necessarily buy them with the table, the dining room sets are no longer so fashionable. On the one hand, you can choose the table and, then, the chairs that best match, according to your tastes and the style of it.

dining room decoration

On the other hand, there is a very popular trend of creating your own dining room set with chairs of different models, materials and sizes, but remember that the furniture set must be accompanied and in line with the interior design and the decorative style adopted in the home .


Another important point, they should not bother or be uncomfortable to look at and of course, they should be comfortable to be able to endure a good after-dinner without being “thrown out of the food”. Forget folding chairs , they are used only as auxiliary elements and for other uses such as when decorating balconies or small terraces .

Lighting and ceiling lamp

It is recommended first to choose the central ceiling lamp  that is normally associated with the dining table, which you will only use when it is night or cloudy, you have to take into account the lighting of the space will only be directed to the dining table.

dining room lighting
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For round and square tables, a single round shaped lamp with a round light beam. In rectangular tables, or several round tables in a row or an elongated lamps with several points of light following the line of the table. The appropriate height for the table to light is about 75 centimetres.

If you have a small space, remember that light helps small spaces appear larger. Use preferably warm lighting instead of white and look for the corners and the central sofa to add a floor lamp on one side, it is appreciated.


As for the design of the lamps, it is to the consumer’s taste, but those that have round and simple shapes are the most appropriate from the point of view of aesthetics, since they combine with almost all environments, until the time of cleaning them, It’s easier.

Fabrics in the dining room

Decorating a dining room with fabrics is cheap and fast. In large spaces they are a good option; from curtains, cushions to rugs, through fabric squares or combining fabrics and colors in the patterns of the chairs and the sofa.

Fabrics in the dining room
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the fabrics used should not be the center of attention in the interior design of the home, they are a complement.

Color in walls living room – dining room

Here, it is played more with the tastes of the occupants of the house, but remember that colors with strong tones are better used in a single wall. The rest, with light colors that also provide luminosity.

Play with the psychology of color which works very well

Like the color game they offer, wallpaper is another option. The decorative wall paper can also provide a different look and is very cheap to buy and easy to put on .

Characteristics to be fulfilled

  1. You must always leave a minimum space of 70 centimeters between the table and the rest of the furniture or the wall. From this measure, keep in mind that each diner must have a minimum space of 60 centimeters to feel comfortable.
  2. If your dining room is integrated into the kitchen, you can separate it with a hatch or a bar, in this way we will give the feeling that you are in another environment. On the other hand, if it is integrated into the living room, you can have a base unit or a two-section armchair to make the division.
  3. In small spaces you can support one side of the table to the wall, for example, the headboard, using its sides to place the chairs or the entire side.
dining rooms without space
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4. If you have a long table, you can use a bench that leans against the wall and the chairs are placed on the other side to save space.

Dining rooms in a small space

If you have an apartment or a small house, you can integrate the living room into the dining room as we have already indicated at the beginning, but without being too noticeable. An example of a dining room where the different spaces do not stand out …

dining rooms with little space
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If you want differentiation, you can use the following tricks: generate divisions with wall coverings, a change of colors or flooring for each environment, build unevenness, you can add rugs or place a piece of furniture that delimits the sides.

On the other hand, if you have been forced to make the dining room the first room in the house, it is advisable to use a small division that limits the entrance in the shape of an “L” or in parallel by means of some thin furniture and a little more high than normal (A two-sided library is perfect).

Also at the entrances, you can use a screen or a curtain with wooden slats that look great and are cheap. The umbrella stand, a coat rack or a coat closet are essential. It is recommended to use a mat that will actually delimit the surface.

How to decorate the dining room according to Feng Shui

The dining room is the space in our home where we sit down to enjoy food, have dinner with our family and friends, and have good times talking and exchanging experiences. Precisely for this reason, because it is an ideal space for coexistence and intimacy, the oriental philosophy of Feng Shui gives great importance to all the furniture and elements that are in the room, taking into account from its distribution and materials to its color . If you want to know what are the recommended premises to decorate the dining room according to Feng Shui and fill your home with positive energy and good vibrations, then don’t miss this One

Dining location

The location of the rooms is also something that Feng Shui takes into account to ensure the good flow of positive energy throughout the home.

In this case, if we talk about the dining room , it is a space that according to the premises of this oriental philosophy should be located in the front part of the house, next to the kitchen if they are in separate spaces and away from the front door, Ideally, the main door of the house should not be seen from the dining room. All this will make the energy flow much better through all the rooms.

We know that deciding the exact location of the different rooms is something that we can only do if we are going to design our home off-plan, so it is best that you focus on the following decoration tips if you want to apply the rules of Feng Shui in your dining room.

Colors and materials to decorate the dining room

The dining room is the space where the family has the main meals of the day and, therefore, it is important to decorate it with colors that stimulate the appetite and awaken the desire to eat. So there is nothing better than those warmer tones , such as red, orange, peach, burgundy, yellow, etc., for decorative elements that help give a cheerful and lively touch to the environment and invite you to enjoy the food and conversations that can be generated over the table.

To paint the walls of the dining room , Feng Shui establishes soft and pastel colors as the best options , such as beiges, creams, salmon, white, pastel yellows, etc., in this way the space will be given greater amplitude and luminosity, something that is great for smaller dining rooms.

On the contrary, the use of cold and dark colors in the dining room, such as blues and blacks, should be avoided, as they would give it a very unwelcoming appearance and would not invite the family reunion moments that take place in this room.

And as for the materials? Feng Shui also has a lot to say about the materials you choose to decorate your dining room. You should bet on furniture and decorative objects made of metal , since this is associated with healthy nutrition and disease prevention. You can use it both on tables and chairs and decorative objects, such as paintings, vases, chandeliers, etc.

Another suitable material for the dining room is wood because it is related to comfort, convenience and relaxation. On the other hand, it is not advisable to incorporate the glass due to the feeling of restlessness or nervousness that it can transmit to the diners.

How to decorate the dining room according to Feng Shui - Colors and materials to decorate the dining room

Dining table, a central element

There is no doubt that the table is the main piece of furniture in any dining room and, therefore, Feng Shui insists on the importance of choosing the most appropriate model to contribute to balance and promote the movement of energy around it.

The ideal ones are those that have a rounded or oval shape , since these, unlike the square and rectangular ones, allow to improve the coexistence between the diners and ensure a great communication between them. Besides this, they are also a reflection of equality and brotherhood. It is important that the table is made of a single piece, robust, solid and strong.

Tables that have right angles should be avoided, since they do not promote good communication between people who are seated and, on the contrary, are more suitable for work because they stimulate activity. In the event that you have a table of these characteristics in your dining room, it is convenient that you avoid that some of the diners sit in the corners.

How to decorate the dining room according to Feng Shui - Dining table, a central element

Other dining room furniture

According to Feng Shui, the dining room being one of the rooms in the home that most encourages social life among the inhabitants and personal ties, it is essential that it is quite clear and looks spacious. In this way, you should avoid cluttering it with furniture or choosing too large tables and chairs that interfere with the flow of energy and visually dwarf the space. It is preferable to opt for little furniture and modest dimensions.

The chairs must also be, like the table, robust and comfortable , preferably with a very high back so that the diner can lean perfectly on it and eat peacefully. It is also advisable that behind the chairs there is a wall and not windows, and that they are located so that the entrance door to the dining room can be seen. Likewise, it is not recommended that any of the diners sit with their back to a corner or a right angle of a piece of furniture, as this causes instability or uneasiness in that person. In the event that this situation cannot be avoided, a good way to easily solve it is by placing a decorative plant right in front of that corner of the furniture.

How to decorate the dining room according to Feng Shui - Other dining room furniture


Another aspect in which you should pay attention if you want to decorate the dining room according to Feng Shui, is the lighting. The main thing is that it is balanced, direct and that it perfectly illuminates the table to highlight the food present and, especially, to create a relaxed and warm atmosphere in which the inhabitants can eat as comfortably as possible.

The ideal is to have good natural light, but if this is not possible, you can simulate it with light bulbs or lamps placed on the ceiling just above the head table. On the contrary, you should avoid those lights of cold or very low intensity. The lights that can be graduated are also recommended, as this way you can achieve one environment or another depending on the occasion and the lunch or dinner that has been prepared.

Decorative elements

  • Candles are the quintessential decorative element for dining rooms. They provide a great feeling of warmth to the space and are the clear exponent of the fire element of Feng Shui, which will make meals much more appetizing and diners have good times talking. Place them as beautiful centerpieces, in candle holders or candle holders. 
  • Reinforce Feng Shui in the dining room by decorating the table with tablecloths in warm colors , such as orange or red, to stimulate appetite and communication. Save whites for formal lunches and dinners or when diners don’t know each other.
  • If you like to have a painting decorating the walls, in this case you should choose images according to the function of the dining room. Pictures of food, nature, scenes of daily tasks, warm and reassuring landscapes, etc. are good choices.
  • If you place a mirror on the wall that directly reflects the dining room table, you will increase positive energy and promote abundance and prosperity in your home.
How to decorate the dining room according to Feng Shui - Decorative elements

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