How to have a wedding cheap ? ( full guide )

How to have a wedding cheap

One of the problems that most worry some couples when facing their wedding is calculating the budget . You do not always have the desired or expected amount to organize a spectacular wedding, and since the average number of weddings in our country amounts to 20,000 dollars, many couples have to settle for much lower figures. But your wedding does not necessarily have to be expensive and there are many formulas to achieve it. With a little organization and originality, you will be able to save on the expenses generated by a wedding celebration without having to give up what you had in mind.

However, this may not be a problem, but a virtue for planning a more original wedding. One of the most practical options, without a doubt, is to hire a wedding planner service that helps you organize everything so that it is as economical as possible, offers you alternatives by analyzing the number of guests, budgets, dates. Then they present you with a project with several alternatives and above all, they will tell you where to save and where not to .

Therefore, before giving you the keys to a low cost wedding, we have asked Sin hache  , weddings planner and they have given us these tips:

  1. Planning a budget: it is essential to design a budget and try to stick to it as much as possible. It will be necessary to be condescending with some expenses that arise but in others, if from the beginning the couple decided to leave them out of their wedding, you have to be strong and not be influenced by external opinions.
  2. Decide the essential points for each couple: we always make three columns: Essential / Probable / Expendable. In the first are those things that do or do have to be at the wedding. In the last all those things that the bride and groom consider totally disposable and in the one of “probable” those points that if there is money left we can go including.
  3. Design the ideal wedding and bring it to life : your dream wedding may be on a large estate, but its rental means that you have to discard it. We suggest you look for its low cost version: between the large estate and the closed restaurant there are many options for restaurants with their own kitchen and garden that give us the option of having a wedding similar to the estate but for a much lower price. So we could go analyzing point by point each party of the wedding.
  4. Take advantage of offers: there is always the option of getting many of the things that interest us at a lower price. You have to be attentive to special offers such as Black Friday, sales, outlets.
  5. Always work with professionals: with them we can negotiate and cut services to reduce costs, but you should never be tempted to hire someone who is not a professional.

After these tips we give you some other tips that we hope will help you:

1. Guest list

2. Low season

3. Low cost wedding menu

4. Low cost wedding dresses

5. Unify services

6. Wedding details

7. Low cost wedding invitations

8. Wedding photographs

1. Guest list

In a low cost wedding there does not have to be a reduction of guests, but this is a good way to reduce expenses. The bride and groom have to be very clear about whom to invite and who to leave aside due to commitment issues.

At the same time, it highlights a typical practice abroad that can help you cut costs: doing two shifts for the wedding . First, you should organize two groups: one made up of family and closest friends, and one made up of all the other friends. Both groups attend the ceremony, but only the first one stays at the banquet and at the party . A risky decision, but one that can help you a lot.

budget for wedding

On the other hand, some of your guests must have participation in your wedding, be it very expensive, medium or low cost. However, in the latter, his role has much more relevance, as long as you want to save and, at the same time, turn your wedding into a more special event.

From the moment of organization, the creativity and help of your family and friends must be reflected. When it comes to decorating, officiating the wedding or even participating in the menu, they have a lot to say. In the latter case, in many weddings it is observed how the guests take advantage of the informal meals to prepare a large plate and participate in the welcome cocktail . In the context of a totally different and carefree wedding, it is an option that is becoming fashionable.

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2. Low season

There are times of the year that are in high demand for wedding celebrations, so it is likely that the prices of some services are higher than if you hire your wedding outside of the season. The low season months are December, January and February . The weddings in winter are magical! Using the low season to celebrate your wedding can be a good way to save and, at the same time, gain in specialty. The low season is full of advantages, since it is much easier to find the desired date, exclusive packs used by spaces to get grooms and a reasonable price since they are dates with much less demand. There are many small places full of charm, located in mountainous areas or on the beach, that can be useful at this time.

budget wedding

Remember that in addition to choosing low season dates, you always have the option of choosing a less requested day of the week to get married, such as a Friday or Sunday .

The honeymoon will also be cheaper if you travel to destinations where the season is also low. Take advantage of this period and subtract some zero from the final figure. In fact, some idyllic countries maintain this low season with excellent weather conditions, much more profitable in the middle of the year as there is very little tourism.

3. Low cost wedding menu

The menu is one of the items that has been most altered in recent years, especially due to the relaxation of protocols and lower budgets. This has provided the coexistence of alternatives that adapt to the styles of 21st century weddings:

Weddings buffet

Where self-service is the dominant note when consuming any dish. In addition to reducing the price of the place setting per diner, greater freedom is allowed for attendees, greater experimentation for cooks, and all this without detracting from gastronomic excellence. At the same time, elongated tables are arranged so that guests can sit. In some spaces, there is a styling service pack next to the chosen buffet.

Weddings cocktail

Much longer and more abundant than in the usual weddings, but that maintains the philosophy of the same, that is, waiters serving appetizers, people standing and a few seats, all this to motivate social relationships.

budget weddings

Corners and food stalls

They can be part of the long cocktail or other types of meals, they also join the new tradition, generating many more options. Sushi, grilled meat, fast food, cold cuts, seafood and cocktails are arranged at different stations in the cocktail area, with one person serving or with the label of self service.

Uncut wedding cake

No to the cutting of the cake! In addition to being old-fashioned and being a most boring time for everyone, you will save as you will not have to order a cake just to make the cut. Bet on innovating with donuts , ice cream, crepes, muffins, waffles, etc.

4. Low cost wedding dresses

Who said that the wedding dress and the groom’s suit have to be premiere? There are several alternatives to consider when saving on this part of the budget. The first is to rent the look , it is cheaper and today there are designs for all tastes among which you can surely find one that goes with our style.

cheap wedding packages

You can also reuse the dress of your mother, grandmother, aunt … and adapt it to you, you will save on fabrics and your outfit will be very special. But yes, do not forget to choose a professional designer who is responsible for adapting it to your figure so that it fits you like a glove. And finally, you can always buy a cheap wedding dress and or a party dress that is white from an affordable brand, there are real cute!

And as for accessories, you can always use something you already have, your most beautiful shoes that go with the look or even line them to fit. In addition, you can borrow the veil, the jewelry or even the headdress.

5. Unify services

Many wedding items do not have to be deleted, but replaced by others to remove the most expensive items or use some in a way that allows you to save. For this, we recommend the participation of a wedding planner. Although it seems an unnecessary service if the intention is to save, this professional is a master in shaping your ideas, organizing, structuring and advising based on the mental planning that you have established. That investment ends up being excellent, since it is the main weapon to save and achieve the objectives. The wedding planner also has an interesting agenda of suppliers who will make a special price for the services, as Lidia’s Wedding & Events tells us ,“A wedding planner and his team work saving as much as possible and will make the necessary proposals for suppliers that fit into your budget .”

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In the case of wedding photographs, an album is always a good idea, but there are providers who can deliver a digital copy and forget the matter, leaving the opportunity to reveal it to the couple. Today, many couples save their wedding photographs on hard drives and print a few to post at home and distribute to family and friends, but without overdoing it.

6. Wedding details

When thinking about wedding details it is important to take into account something when saving and it is the creativity and imagination that must be put in and the possibility of using the Do It Yourself (DIY), where the bride and groom should use their art to cut out some wedding expenses. The decor is the aspect where more discipline applies, from floral arrangements to the details that will be on tables, decorating the ceremony banks or centerpieces.

The same applies to the details for the guests, you can do them yourself! You can always buy the gifts for the guests , but also make something special for them personalized. You can get a lot of ideas searching the internet and with a little skill create beautiful and unique gifts for your most special guests, such as photos of yourself with personalized dedications. How about?

7. Low cost wedding invitations

The DIY invitations also help make the wedding most original and certify that the celebration will have a much more personal touch to the letter act as such a forceful way. The rest of the wedding stationery (seating plan, minutes …) can also be done manually with great results. 

cheap weddings packages

8. Wedding photographs

Another option to reduce the price is to hire the wedding report without an album, in this case the report would be delivered in a digital medium such as a pendrive . You would have all the professional photos anyway, don’t forget that not everyone can take pictures, and less of the most important day of your life, hire the services of an expert. There are teams of professionals  that offer you the possibility of ordering your photos without a wedding album and your video with one or two cameras, according to your needs and preferences.

wedding budget

Go ahead and celebrate your wedding if you spend too much taking into account these  original ideas to organize your low-cost wedding 

Questions And Answers

What is the perfect location for a simple but elegant wedding?

The new trend is home marriages, this is because home receptions are always more personal and intimate. However, the logistics involved in having a marriage in a house are very complicated. It is necessary to take into account the additional cost of the awning, the transport of the waiters, the security and logistics to park the cars, among other important details. My recommendation is to find the best option among the available party rooms or small venues that are rented for this purpose.At first, the cost of renting the premises may seem excessive, but the infrastructure of the site is also being paid for, as well as the services it offers, such as parking and covered areas. If this initial expense is compared with the rent of the awning or the platform, the security for the guests, the transfer of the waiters, etc., generally that single expense comes out better. In addition, after the event, the bride and her relatives do not have to be aware of the disassembly or possible damage to the houses. An additional expense that is not taken into account in the budgets is the recovery of the garden that suffers a lot due to the installation of the awnings or platforms, the heels and the rain, if it is the case. Thus,it is best to locate a ballroom or venue that meets the demands of the bride and provides these comforts on a joint budget. The important thing is to save yourself headaches and unnecessary expenses in complicated logistics to be able to enjoy that special day to the fullest.

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What elements can be overlooked to lower wedding costs?

There are many elements that can be ignored without losing the essence and elegance of the event. Currently, there is a trend of placing a cake and also a candy table. In my opinion, one of the two elements is enough. I like candy tables better as they offer more variety and are more delicate. The cake Although it is a classic, it has lost prominence and most of the guests do not even test it. Besides that the photo of the bride and groom with the cake seems a bit cheesy and old-fashioned.
Another element in which costs can be reduced are invitations. Choosing recycled cardboard is the smartest and cheapest option, and the bride can also feel good about helping the environment.
Third, I advise brides to ask their decorator or florist which flowers are in season and should not be imported. It is a very important fact because if they are easier to get, the price is reduced and more can be used without overspending. Likewise, it is worth rethinking the decoration of the church. In this sense, it is good to focus on the decoration of the altar and the immediate area where the bride and groom will be located instead of decorating the entire church. This helps the bride to avoid expenses in the decoration of the benches, for example, without losing the elegance of the marriage.

What are the decorative elements that cannot be missing to achieve a simple but impressive decoration?

The most important decorative element in making a simple wedding look impressive is lighting, particularly candle lighting . These are essential in any celebration due to the warm light they emanate and their affordable cost.Lighting makes or breaks any marriage , no matter its size. My advice for brides who want to make a simple marriage is to focus on lighting . The candles create environments “in half light”, more intimate and cozy, they make the guests feel more comfortable to start dancing and having fun. Candles are so noble and versatile that they enhance and complement other decorative elements while maintaining an affordable cost.

What is the maximum number of guests when talking about a simple wedding?

The maximum number of people for a simple wedding should be limited to  100 guests. It is precisely this control that will reflect favorable changes in the budgets: The incidence is immediate! With a controlled number of guests, furniture, centerpieces, food and drink are reduced.
In addition, a more intimate and exclusive reception is achieved. The bride and groom are forced to invite their closest relationships who will be there to celebrate this new stage in the lives of the newlyweds and this is precisely what it is all about.

Can a wedding during the day be elegant and is it also an option to reduce expenses?

Weddings during the day can be very elegant, as well as being more original than the classic evening receptions. These allow the use of more versatile, fun and colorful decorative elements. However, they do not represent a cheaper option unless there is a scheduled time for the end of the event. There is a risk that the reception will drag on late into the night , increasing the amount of food and drink that guests consume. In some cases, even the overtime of the waiters, discplay and the orchestra is paid (And because of how we are, these weddings tend to be extended!).

And a wedding at night, can it be simple? How to do it?

Evening receptions represent the classic of weddings, and they can be simple and elegant. It is important to emphasize that sometimes less is more . When it comes to decoration, to achieve something elegant and simple, it is worth concentrating on one important decorative element that enhances the rest. It could be a lounge or an arrangement that is the focus of attention. 

What are the advantages of organizing a simple wedding?

Simple weddings are more intimate. They stop being the great production and return to the essential: Celebrate -with the most loved ones- the bond and the commitment that the new couple acquires.

After reading the words of our expert, did you have any questions? Impossible! A simple wedding can be as much to talk about and be as impressive as a super glamorous one. So don’t complicate your life and let YOU AND YOUR PARTNER be the center of attention, because everything else is optional.

When push comes to shove, what’s the most important thing: impress everyone with a tremendous wedding party? Or join the person you love and share that moment with the special beings in their lives?