How to make a small bathroom look bigger

How to make a small bathroom look bigger

Are you looking for tips to learn How to make a small bathroom look bigger ? then this article for you

The bathroom is normally one of the smallest rooms in the house, and yet it is one of the ones we use the most. The ideal thing would be to have a large space, but if we do not have it, do not panic. We can make the most of this room “fooling the eye” . Believe it or not, a space can look larger than it is without the need to pull partitions or completely reform the house. So today I bring you  5 optical illusions to make your bathroom look bigger. 

TIps How to make a small bathroom look bigger

Small furniture to fool the eye

The psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus explained in his theory of Titchener circles  that the same circle appears larger if it is surrounded by smaller circles (and conversely, smaller when the circles are larger). The reason is that we perceive the dimension in relation to the size of what surrounds us. For this reason, it is advisable to use small and multifunctional furniture, simple and clean lines , change the bathtub for a shower or eliminate objects that obstruct the passage and use, instead, vertical shelves and sliding doors to save space . With all this we will get our eye to perceive the bathroom much larger than it is.

Small furniture to fool the eye
bathroom ideas small
bathroom remodel small

Perspective to create depth

The perspective is essential to try to gain space visually and thus create depth . The brain sees the farthest objects in lighter and more blurred color,  so we can apply this optical illusion by decorating the wall or furniture with soft and smooth tones. In addition, it must be taken into account that light tones reflect light, so do not hesitate to use light tones for walls, floors, ceilings, furniture or textiles. It is important that you do not combine different textures, since the fewer you apply, the greater the feeling of spaciousness. You can also play on the walls with pictures that have perspective to give a sense of depth. It is ideal to use materials such as glass, aluminum and ceramic. Put the same  tile on  walls and floor  and you will be able to visually expand your bathroom.

big bathroom
big bathrooms
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Horizontal stripes? It’s risky but worth it

Another option is to bet on horizontal stripes . Yes, I know it may seem strange, since we have always been told that in clothing we must flee from them, since they enlarge us. But in decoration, if you bet on horizontal stripes you will get a higher wall effect and stylize the space . Do not cut yourself. Do the test by placing striped paper on the bathroom wall and do not forget that if you use light tones you will promote the feeling of spaciousness as we discussed earlier.

bathroom decorating ideas
bathroom decoration
bathroom ideas

Lighting: create a false height

It is important to know how to light the rooms to create different effects. In the case of the bathroom, if you place a low-voltage light towards the ceiling, you will  get a feeling of false height,  which will visually make the bathroom more spacious. The ideal thing is to have natural light. In this case, it is necessary to make the most of it and use light-colored curtains and semi-transparent fabrics with the minimum thickness on the windows. But if it is not possible, do not hesitate to use ceiling spotlights and fixtures focused towards the mirror to deceive the eye and achieve a “false” amplitude.

bathroom ideas small
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Put mirrors and multiply the space

The old mirror trick works. Do not hesitate to put one or more mirrors and visually multiply the space creating a false illusion . In addition, if you place them in a place where light falls, it will reflect it and provide more clarity. The trick is that by reproducing the space, it is possible to give depth to the room, no matter how small it may be. But it is necessary to place it correctly, near a window and avoid putting it in front of an empty wall. 

bathrooms designs
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Despite the few meters that your bathroom may have, do not give up comfort and carry out these practical tips without the need for renovations. 


If you paint or put on a wallpaper – better vinyl – with horizontal and wide stripes, like here, your bathroom will be visually expanded. It is about fooling the eye and, incidentally, getting a very stylish bathroom, more dressed and more welcoming. 

designs for small bathrooms


And originality! The wallpaper is a booming trend in the bathroom and well implemented one small brings feeling of spaciousness. Light colors to match the floor, or prints like a small flower can make your toilet grow (visually).

designs of small bathroom


They will be the best borders so that the water does not leave its land, without subtracting meters from your small bathroom. You will achieve total continuity and greater amplitude. Underbasin cabinet by Mapini, basin by Bali, Zucchetti taps, mirror by Vive estudio, shower by Hidrobox and wall tiles by Inalco. 

ideas for small bathrooms


And continuing with the effect of the screen, reinforce it with a shower tray at floor level. These types of plates have many advantages , and one of them is that they make your bathroom appear larger by creating a visually continuous floor.

ideas small bathrooms


In a small bathroom the maxim of less is more should be mandatory. And if there is a color that brings clarity, even when there is none, and enlarges the spaces, it is white. In addition, you will achieve a harmonious environment where cleanliness is breathed. 

remodel small bathroom


You already know that mirrors , in addition to being practical and decorative elements, have the power to duplicate spaces. So to make your small bathroom look bigger, don’t be afraid to abuse mirrors. A custom frameless one has been installed here, to make it look lighter, in the corner. 

remodeling a small bathroom


These two features are ideal for a bathroom sink that you want to appear larger. A narrow sink will give you more passage area and, consequently, greater space. While if you choose a flown model or without a base, it will be lighter. 

small bathroom ideas


That is the norm. Large, ground-joint tiles provide visual continuity. In confined spaces, mosaics or small-format tiles and very marked joints create a parceled aesthetic that seems to visually reduce the space. 

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Of course, if you still have a bidet, say goodbye. And for your toilet, choose a model anchored to the wall, without a pedestal and with a hidden cistern, since they are the ones that provide the greatest feeling of lightness and spaciousness to a mini bathroom. 

small bathroom layout ideas


Therefore, if your bathroom has a window, do not fill the shelf with things, or place thick  curtains . If you choose to put them to give warmth to the environment, make them of a vaporous fabric that allows as much light as possible to pass through without losing that intimacy you are looking for.

small bathroom remodel


…Take good care of your lighting. That no corner is left in the dark. Place an applique on the mirror (or near it). Apart from looking good, the light will multiply and your small bathroom will seem bigger and brighter. Another option is to backlight shelves or niches, which will give more depth and volume to the space.

small bathroom remodeling ideas


We recommend not overloading the bathroom decoration too much to make it look bigger. Leave free spaces on the walls, remove moldings if you have, as they make the ceiling seem lower, and do not fill the sink counter (better keep everything in the vanity unit or in the mirror cabinet).

small bathroom remodels

Generally, the bathrooms in flats and apartments are not large enough as we would like. If it is impossible for you to throw down walls and expand them, you will have to use the decoration to make your toilet look bigger and more beautiful. With just a few changes to your small bathroom you can create an environment that is more visually spacious. It’s about playing with the illusion of space, tricking the eye into making your bathroom look bigger without the need for construction.


Attract as much light as possible. Light and bright rooms always look more spacious than dark ones. Paint the walls and ceiling in the same color tone to make the bathroom appear twice as large. Each time an area of ​​the room has a different color, it “cuts” the space into different compartments, making it appear smaller.


Keep storage systems as close to the walls as possible, as anything that sticks out will reduce the space and close it off. Plus, it eliminates clutter . There is nothing that fills a room faster than having it full of things. As a general rule: if you don’t need it, goodbye. You know, no mercy.


Raise the shower curtain rod. Raising the shower curtain rod to the ceiling raises the view and makes the ceiling appear higher, creating the illusion of a larger space.

Hide the bath mat. Having the bath mat on the floor all the time makes your bathroom smaller. Put the rug away when you’re not using it.

Install a sliding door. Conventional doors can take up almost half the room, depending on how small the space is. A sliding door will not invade or leave dead corners of laughter.

Stay alone with the sink. Most of the vanity takes up valuable space, so try a flown sink. There may be no place for soaps or towels, but there are plenty of perfect wall solutions for bathroom fixtures.

Choose light floors. Even if the walls and ceiling are light, a dark floor will cancel out its effect and close the space.

Add an antique piece of furniture

In addition to adding an elegant touch to any room, in a bathroom an antique piece of furniture fulfills a mysterious reason: to create the illusion of space. This is achieved by placing a piece of furniture with legs, either a chair to support towels or a cabinet with legs. Of course, don’t even think about putting something under the furniture or chair, because the effect will be lost!

small bathrooms remodeled

Use clear glass

We know that the opaque glass in the bathroom screen offers more privacy. But clear glass does have the advantage of providing a greater sense of spaciousness, and ultimately you can always lock the door for true privacy in the bathroom.

very small bathroom ideas

Eliminate the dresser

The vanity bathroom may seem very practical to store cleaning goods and toiletries, but also take up much space and make the little space that you have piled up the look. If you get the chance, install or swap the dresser for a simple pedestal. You can always store things in a closet in the hallway or another place in the house with more space.

bathroom decor ideas

Prefer large tiles

While large tiles give a feeling of spaciousness , small tiles seem to emphasize the fact that the bathroom is small. A small, well-lit bathroom with large tiles will create a pleasant sense of space.

bathroom decorating ideas

Store few things

We know that you have many rolls of toilet paper, bars of soap and clean towels to store, especially if you have a large family, but so that your small bathroom does not look cluttered it is better that you keep the bare minimum there and store the rest elsewhere. of the house .

bathroom decoration

Forget about overhead and wall cabinets

If when reading the previous tip you thought that you could take advantage of the space above your head to store those things, forget it! Any closet above the waist line will make your bathroom feel even smaller.

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Hide the bath mat

Although in a large bathroom it can add a nice touch of color, in a small bathroom a bath mat enhances the small space that the floor occupies, causing the eye to instinctively compare the size of the rug with that of the floor. So if you want to create the illusion of more space in your bathroom, hide the bath mat when you are not using it .

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