How to organize makeup: step by step and tips to help you

How to organize makeup: step by step and tips to help you

Anyone who likes makeup knows that having an appropriate corner for it is essential. But that’s not all, it also needs to be well organized, even more so because of the variety of existing products and accessories, such as brushes, sponges, lipsticks, etc. Therefore, everything needs to be in its proper place to facilitate day-to-day use.

In addition, cosmetics require specific care to last longer. According to personal organizer Sanne Lima , makeup conservation is essential, especially for skin health. Therefore, organization is also necessary to prevent products from spoiling faster than usual.

How to organize your makeup (step by step)

To leave your makeup well organized, follow the step by step indicated by the professional:

Step 1: Triage what you have

“First of all, you need to do a screening to see if you have any items that are out of date and unfeasible for use. It is essential to discard makeup that has expired”, says Sanne.

The professional also recommends discarding spare items that you know you will no longer use and that could serve someone else.

Step 2: Keep everything clean

For brushes, you can use mild soap and water and remember to let them dry. “For foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush and eyeliner, always use a tissue where the product accumulates and that’s it. Mascara, gloss and liquid concealer applicator, if they are too much, remove with a tissue and let the applicator soak a little in warm water with neutral soap. Then wash it under running water and let it dry.

Step 3: Separate products and accessories by category

Sanne explains that the categorization can be done by segment or even according to the routine of use. By segment you can do it as follows: on one side, put everything that has to do with the skin, such as concealers, powders, blushes and foundations. On the other, eye makeup, such as pencils, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. In the third sector, leave a lip liner, lip balm, gloss and lipstick.

However, if you prefer to organize according to your use routine, separate the types of makeup for each occasion: day to day, work, parties, etc.

Step 4: Store in appropriate places

Personal organizer suggests using organizer boxes, preferably transparent ones, as they are practical and allow for better visualization. For those who keep products in drawers, the tip is to use dividers to keep everything separate and organized. Another very useful tip is to put labels on the boxes or jars to identify each category or item.

Products to help organize makeup

Check out some suggestions for products that can be a hand in the wheel when organizing your makeup:

  • 1: Makeup box
  • 2: Makeup bag holder leaves garden
  • 3: Vanity makeup holder with 43 niches
  • 4: Makeup Organizer Utilitá Azul
  • 5: Acrylic briefcase
  • 6: Black Fortune makeup organizer and silver mirror
  • 7: Laurent accessory organizer
  • 8: Suitcase Frasqueira Makeup and Jewelry Paris.
  • 9: Simple Brush Holder – Mirrored and Black.
  • 10: Adjustable makeup and nail polish holder organizer with drawer and 7 shelves. 
  • 11: Drawer P With 3 Drawers.
  • 12: Red Mouth Display Makeup Holder Organizer. 
  • 13: Makeup Organizer 16 Niches and 1 Transparent Drawer. 
  • 14: Makeup organizer. 
  • 15: Marco Boni Fashion Mini Bag. 
  • 16: Makeup Cart 4 Drawers. 
  • 17: Makeup organizer – trio with tray.
  • 18: Medium Organizing Basket With Lid Colors.

50 makeup corners to inspire you

We’ve selected inspirations from makeup corners to help you organize yours. Check out:

1. Everything in its place


On this bench, we see that the makeup is well organized and sectored. Lipstick holders, acrylic drawers, baskets and little pots were used. There was even space for a magnifying mirror. The decor was also cute, with flowers, a lamp and a comic that has everything to do with the feminine universe.

2. A dressing table dream


Who is passionate about makeup dreams of having a very spacious dressing table to be able to organize all makeup products and accessories. In this example, in addition to the furniture drawers, an acrylic cart full of niches was also used to store everything without error, and which can be moved more easily around the environment. In addition, the mirror and chair, both in a more classic style, made the place even more charming.

3. Step by step: dividers for drawers

With this video, you will learn how to make dividers for drawers to help you store makeup in a much more organized way. This is a super cheap project, as it is made only with cardboard and contact paper.

4. Use and abuse of pots


Jars are super useful for organizing makeup. The ones in the photo are ceramic and with drawings of faces and eyelashes, leaving the decoration of the environment very themed and cute. But, if you prefer, you can use plastic, acrylic, glass and any other material you prefer.

5. Drawers can be great allies


For those who don’t have room for dressers or large furniture, how about a chest of drawers like this? Here, each drawer was used to store a type of makeup, such as: lipsticks, foundations and eyeshadows. And then there’s the top, which can also be used for storage with the help of some organizers.

6. Countertops with niches are great solutions


dressing tables tables and countertops like this are also a great way to organize your makeup better. The glass base lifts up, showing the separate storage niches. The furniture also has several drawers to help even more in this storage.

7. Improvise a dressing table


How about a modern and improvised dressing table like this? You can reuse furniture that is unused in the house or even assemble one with some pieces of wood. Then just decorate it your way. In this example, the top of the dressing table was decorated with pasted photos and prints and, just below, with Chinese dolls. The mirror, on the other hand, gained a super charming blinker, to simulate the lighting typical of this type of furniture. Regarding organization, glass jars , the type of mayonnaise and canned foods, wicker baskets and a plastic organizing box were used.

8. For those who have a lot of makeup


Anyone who has a lot of makeup needs a well-organized corner, otherwise, everyday life will not be easy. In this example we see that a lot of organizers were used, especially for lipsticks and brushes. The drawers are also very large and spacious. Spaces like this are ideal for those who work with makeup and really need to have a lot of products.

9. Trays are useful and elegant


Another option of organizer are these mirrored and metallic trays. They leave the products exposed, but without ceasing to be tidy, also contributing to the decoration of the environment. After all, there are many product packages that are beautiful and deserve to be seen, especially perfumes. You can mix many different models and sizes of trays. In this case, more elegant cups and pots were also used to complement.

10. Step by step: cheap organizers for each type of makeup

In this video, check out the tutorial to make different types of makeup organizers using very cheap and super easy to find materials. In addition to being super functional, they are also great for enchanting decor.

11. All matching


This beautiful baby blue dresser made a beautiful combination with the glass organizer pots, which also followed the blue color, only in a darker tone. Glass jars are very useful and charming, especially colored ones like this one. You can use different formats to make an even more original composition.

12. Practical and functional bookshelf


Here, we see another option for those who cannot or do not want to use a dressing table. A simple medium shelf can be used to organize makeup in a simple and practical way. And the top part can still be used for decoration, with flowers, pictures and decorative boxes.

13. Make a set of furniture


Another really cool idea is to complement the small dresser with drawers and other furniture to help with organization. In this example, the dressing table is very compact, with just one drawer. So, to help with storage, a larger chest of drawers was used right next to it, as if it were a set. This project even has professional studio lighting!

14. The more space, the better


In this example, various pieces of furniture were also used to help organize makeup and cosmetics. However, in this case, the furniture is of different styles and does not follow a single line. The wooden one follows a more retro style and was used to store beauty products, such as perfumes and creams. The turquoise blue cart is plastic and was used to store makeup. To the side, we can still see a very large chest of drawers, which can help even more in this organization.

15. Step by step: organizer box with lipstick holder

In this tutorial, learn how to make a beautiful makeup organizer box with lipstick holder to decorate your table or dressing table. It is made with shoebox cardboard, using the cardboard technique.

16. Optimize drawer spaces


If you prefer to store your makeup in drawers, the best way to optimize spaces is through dividers. Thus, each corner will be super well used, in addition to helping to sectorize the product categories. There are several models, from different materials, including those you can make yourself. The one in the photo is acrylic.

17. Flowery and organized dressing table


Look at another beautiful dresser all organized! Here, a type of organizer was used that is also very cool and practical: the mini round bookcase. In addition to being super charming, it is very useful for any type of organization. In this case, it has two floors, but it is possible to find larger models made of different types of materials. In addition, the decoration with red roses gave a touch of romanticism to the environment.

18. Keeping the environment organized is essential


Here, we see yet another example of a large makeup collection that requires a lot of storage space. In this case, dividers were also used in the drawers, but this time they were made in the carpentry shop itself.

19. Ideal for small spaces


Here, the makeup corner was made inside the closet, complete with decorative comics and everything! This example is proof that it’s also possible to have a small, compact corner for your makeup, especially if you don’t use a lot of products. The case is great for these cases. Special emphasis on the copper color, which was used in all the elements present in the photo, making a beautiful combination.

20. Step by step: brush holders and pearl trays

In this video, the ‘do it yourself’ is a brush holder and a tray made of pearls, to help organize your dressing table and make it even more beautiful and well decorated.

21. Desk organized and ready to use


Another very good option for organizing makeup are these plastic baskets. There are models of various sizes and colors, for you to use according to your preference. In addition to the baskets, acrylic lipstick holders, suitcase and cups were used. It even has a super cute and fun brigadeiro-shaped potty!

22. Ideal for closets and large spaces


This dressing table , even large and spacious, still had a shelf to help store makeup. This solution is ideal for larger spaces, such as large bedrooms or closets. So, you can also enjoy and perfect the decoration.

23. Crochet baskets make the environment beautiful and organized


You know these beauties of crochet baskets? So, they are also great accessories to store makeup. In addition to being beautiful and graceful, they make the beauty corner more practical and accessible. Just pay attention to keep the products tightly closed so they don’t stain the baskets.

24. Simple and tidy corner


This tiny dressing table is pure charm, isn’t it? Despite not having many products and cosmetics, everything is in its place and easy and practical access. Remember that you don’t need to keep a lot of stuff accumulated if you don’t use it. Donate or discard!

25. Step by step: Chanel brush holder and Tiffany & Co perfume tray

With the video above, you will learn how to make a personalized perfume tray and brush holder inspired by the great jewelry and perfume brands, Tiffany & Co. and Chanel. It’s cute and has everything to do with the makeup theme!

26. Acrylic organizers are a hit


Look at the classic acrylic drawers and organizers! This is one of the preferred materials for storing makeup, as they are super practical, transparent and easy to clean. There are several models, ranging from the smallest to the largest and with varied storage spaces.

27. Compact and modern


Here, we see another example of a more compact makeup corner that, even so, fulfills its role very well. If you don’t have a lot of products and cosmetics, you don’t need to have a very large dressing table, just a small bench with a mirror and some organizing accessories and everything will be solved.

28. Briefcases are also great options


For those who like to keep everything well tucked away, a good option are suitcases like the one in the photo. They usually have several compartments, including some that are extendable and retractable. You can store everything neatly and without taking up a lot of closet space.

29. Organize according to your needs


Look what a charming and cozy makeup corner! In addition to being super well decorated, it has all the organization elements mentioned here: acrylic drawers, lipstick holders, brush pots, trays and, in this case, even a special place for the hairdryer. Have you ever thought about having a space like this to put on makeup for that important event?

30. Step by step: dressing room bag

How about a dressing room bag to put on make-up with style and still keep everything well tucked away? The style consultant and personal stylist Gabriela Dias teaches the step by step on her channel Gurias Vaidosas . A very cool and creative idea for those who love to get their hands dirty.

31. Dressing rooms are great for makeup


Here, we see another dressing room-style dressing table model, which is the biggest hit in the makeup fans’ universe. This one has a large and spacious drawer, with drawers with divisions, which are great for storing this type of products.

32. Perfect space for makeup lovers


This dressing table is quite large and, in addition to the countertop and drawers, it also has high shelves and built-in lighting. In the organization, baskets and cups with a similar style were used, making a beautiful outfit. At the top, the resident chose to place decorative objects and picture frames.

33. Simple, without ceasing to be charming


This makeup corner is pure charm! Here, only the brushes were exposed in the little pots and all the rest of the products were kept in the zebra-print box. The heart pot and the flower vase made the environment even more beautiful, proving once again that less is more.

34. Assemble the corner according to the amount of products


Here, we see another piece of furniture with large drawers, ideal for those who have a lot of makeup. If you chose to use a piece of furniture that doesn’t come with a mirror, just place one on the countertop or buy a tiny one. In this case of the photo, both solutions were used, where the small one works as a kind of mini dressing room due to the lighting.

35. Step by step: modular makeup holder

In this video, the idea is to make a modular makeup holder, that is, one that is stuck on the wall. It’s a super versatile and very practical idea, as well as being super easy to make and cheap, as it uses reusable materials.

36. Romantic and feminine


In this photo, we see another super organized and well decorated dressing table. The lighting was provided by the blinker hanging along the mirror. The environment is cleaner, but the touch of color was the shades of pink present in the box, in the flowers and even in the perfumes.

37. Modern and stylish dressing room


This super modern dressing room used a beautiful mirrored tray to organize makeup. These trays are very stylish and, in addition to helping with storage, they still have a beautiful effect on the decor. There are several models and styles, just choose your favorite.

38. Mirrors Everywhere


This dressing table bet on mirrors as decorative elements. There are several on site, even the small organizer drawer is mirrored. The mini round shelf with two shelves and beautiful glass pots decorated as brush holders was also used. Not to mention this super comfortable and inviting plush chair.

39. Multipurpose organizer


These multipurpose organizers, with different types of storage, are great options for optimizing space on your vanity or countertop. In it you can store lipsticks, pencils, brushes, nail polish, eyeshadows and even perfumes and hair sprays.

40. Step by step: makeup holder with toilet paper rolls

Here’s another recycling idea! Check out the step-by-step guide to make a creative makeup holder with toilet paper rolls. This is a beautiful and sustainable option, as you will be reusing a product that would otherwise be discarded.

41. A true makeup showcase


Here, we see another makeup corner set up in a smaller space, where most of the products were exposed. In addition to the chest of drawers, a shelf with niches was used to help with organization. The mirror was stuck to the wall and the lighting was on account of a lamp.

42. Form sets with what you have


Here’s another simple and organized dresser! As the resident has Chanel perfumes, brand brush holders were also used to form a set. The flowers made all the difference in the decor.

43. Make the most of spaces


In this case, we see another example of countertops with interior niches and a transparent cover. Note that even though the niches have already been used to store many things, the resident still put many products on display on the dressing table. The golden tray made a beautiful combination with the decorative glass of the same color.

44. Decorate and organize creatively


Look how cute this pearl outfit is! It has a tray, pot and even a little mirror with a cat’s ear. The environment is organized and decorated with the face and personality of those who use it. It still made a beautiful combination with the wallpaper, also very delicate. Wasn’t it fun?

45. Step by step: makeup palette holder

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a makeup palette holder. This is a very interesting organizer, as there are palettes of various sizes that end up taking up a lot of space, often getting scattered and loose on the bench.

46. ​​A different idea for storing brushes


Look what a cute idea to keep your brushes always preserved and organized! Just use a glass or acrylic pot and fill it with beads, pebbles, pearls or even coffee. The effect is incredible!

47. How about organizing everything in a cart?


Makeup carts are great and fit in any corner. This solution is super practical, functional and greatly optimizes space, especially in small environments. This example of the photo still comes with tags to write what’s inside. Very cool, isn’t it?

48. Dressing table stuck on the wall


This wall mounted dressing table is also super compact. She was organized with acrylic boxes and organizers, including a super cute jewelry box, complete with ballerina and everything!

49. Store inside cabinets


Here, the makeups were all stored inside the dressing table closet. It is also a great option and prevents that accumulation of things exposed on tables and countertops. In this case, a very cool detail is the mirrors attached to the door. Just don’t forget Sanne’s tip: avoid storing makeup in the bathroom, as humidity can ruin the products.

50. Step by step: drawer organizer

With this video, you learn how to make a beautiful organizing drawer to make your makeup corner even more tidy and decorated. The piece is made with cardboard and fabric. In other words, very cheap!

Simple attitudes like having a cleaning routine and leaving everything in its place can make your day to day a lot easier, especially when we are in a hurry and need to do that special make-up. So, don’t waste time and start organizing yours now!

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