Reading: How to organize toys: 60 ideas to keep everything in its place

How to organize toys: 60 ideas to keep everything in its place

How to organize toys: 60 ideas to keep everything in its place

Do you know how to organize toys effectively? Teach the child that each item has its place, or rather, a “little house” – speaking in their language. You can also use labels, with drawings or with the names of the types of toys that will be in each place. For example: a box just for dolls. Another one, just for carts. Everything divided by types, it is much easier to organize.

To transform the mess room into a real toy library, use essential tools for this task, such as niches, wooden crates, plastic, fabric or even knitting and crochet baskets. Organizer options are not lacking!

1. Custom furniture


A custom-made bookcase houses, in order of color, the room owner’s stroller collection. Organization combined with decoration!

2. Invest in multifunctional furniture


This sideboard, which today houses wicker baskets with the little girl’s toys, could very well serve as a base for the changing table.

3. How to make fabric basket

You don’t have to be the best seamstress in town to make this fabric basket. Check out in this step by step the correct way to create, and gift your child’s room with a basket of different fabrics and sizes.

4. Design for play


Did you know that design and good taste in decoration can also appear when organizing toys? Use the same material and the same colors as the rest of the furniture in the room to unify the decor.

5. Invest in organizing baskets


These fabric organizers are perfect for the kids’ room! The handles make them easy to handle, and they can be washed from time to time.

6. Everything in its place


The niche shelf is perfect for organizing your entire toy collection. Baskets with blackboard labels can also be used for the child to get their hands dirty, drawing or writing the indicated content.

7. The best seat in the house


Having toys organized is a great help to reassure children on a rainy day, when they can’t play outside. After all, what young lady wouldn’t love to play in such a corner?

8. Cardboard box in the trash? Never!

How about reusing cardboard boxes? You can create a beautiful toy organizer with it, save some money and help the planet!

9. A house for each character


In the same idea as the made-to-measure shelf for carts, these exhibitors have the exact size to house a doll from the resident’s collection in each space.

10. A chest to call your own


A white chest, simple, without any detail, is perfect to “hide” your child’s toys, since he can stay not only in the little one’s room, but also in other rooms, such as the living room, for example.

11. Space reserved for toys


And isn’t it that they won a more than special place in this project? An anteroom, including a sofa, is the ideal space for storing toys.

12. There’s room for everything!


In the family room, as the name suggests, the idea is for everyone to be together. That’s why there’s nothing better than a space for everything, from toys to the computer.

13. Chest with casters

How about calling the kids to help you customize a trunk to organize the toys? You can offer stickers, stamp their hands and feet (pre-painted with plastic paint), use stencils or even stamps. The organization will turn into a fun family time!

14. A handmade touch


And how about some manual work among the toys? This marquetry-finished trunk is perfect for storing small pieces, such as the countless miniatures in the Polly Pocket collection.

15. Creative 4-in-1 furniture: bookcase + table + 2 chairs


This is one of those furniture to fall in love with! When completely closed, the piece is a bookcase. When opened, it is divided into three parts, forming a table (the central “T” design of the furniture) and two chairs. In addition to being a beautiful piece of furniture, you can still save money by buying and paying for just one piece instead of three.

16. Shelf, what do I want you for?


Shelves are wildcard pieces in decoration and organization. They serve for a lifetime, from the baby’s room to the adult’s room: to store plush, dolls, books, paintings and decoration pieces.

17. Montessori inspiration


The decoration and organization of this space was done with the Montessori method. The result is a playful space, completely accessible for the little ones, with books organized on the shelf and toys stored in wooden boxes under the bench.

18. Two in one: organizer box and lamp

This is one of those inexpensive, easy-to-make projects that the kids love! To make the organization more fun, how about a building, with lighting and even a ramp? So the carts can go up the ramp to the garage, which is the building! It’s easy to organize when the idea is to play with the carts!

19. Room to play


If you have an extra room at home, how about separating it exclusively for children’s use? Use organizers throughout the space, and also place a mat, preferably EVA, for greater thermal comfort for the little ones and ease of cleaning.

20. Staircase with boxes


This is another multipurpose piece of furniture. Assembled, it is a ladder with three steps, each step being a box for storing toys. Disassembled, the furniture is divided into four parts: the three boxes and a decorative ladder.

21. How about living in a playground?


It is not possible, but it is the dream of many children out there. To make this dream come true, invest in custom furniture. You can even have a slide inside the room! And to fulfill the parents’ dream of seeing an impeccable room with everything in place, drawers and organizers scattered on the shelves!

22. Mobile one thousand and one utilities


It’s not a thousand uses, but it’s multifunctional, for sure: these superheroes in the photo are actually organizing chests. In addition to storing toys, they are also used for the heroes’ fight scenario, as room decoration and as a stool.

23. Do it yourself: toy rug bag

If you understand the basics of sewing, you will take this project out of hand! The coolest thing is that the closed piece is a perfect bag for storing toys. When open, it’s a fun mat for kids to play with!

24. Putting the dolls to sleep


An alternative that also decorates the environment is to take the Barbies and put them to sleep in this triliche full of details. Isn’t it fun?

25. Niches and wheels: perfect duo


A well divided bookcase with wheels can be the dream of many mothers who live stepping on toys scattered on the floor of the house. Invest in a piece with wheels to make cleaning easier.

26. Playroom


The playroom (an exclusive room for this purpose) is one of the alternatives to “hide” the mess from the rest of the house. There, everything is allowed. And, preferably, that all toys return to their place afterwards.

27. Almost industrial style


To spend little and keep everything in order, you can reuse a bookcase or shelf that you already have at home and that is not in use. This type of iron in the photo is perfect for toys, because it supports a lot of weight. All it takes is a coat of paint and organizing baskets to give that messy corner of the room a different face.

28. Bus-shaped trunk: creative decoration

Many children have a real passion for a particular means of transport, such as cars, trucks, buses… Isn’t that right? For those who have a car lover at home, this organizer is the perfect choice.

29. Books also need organization


An organized shelf with books available to voracious little readers is a great incentive to read! In an organized space like this, it’s easy to let your imagination run wild and get into the story!

30. Everything in the house!


If the idea is to teach children that each toy has its own house, why not have an organizing shelf, in the shape of a house?

31. Thematic organization


You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a themed setting or room. For a nautical style, for example, abuse white, red and blue. Use niches and other organizers to keep everything in place!

32. Smart design


Woodworking can do wonders for the organization. How about making a bed a little higher, that needs steps? The step can become a great-sized drawer!

33. Crochet hammock: rest for toys

This idea goes straight to the artistic moms on duty: how about making a crochet net to store the children’s plush and dolls? Oh, and the best: you can use scraps of wool for this. In addition to avoiding waste, it will still make the piece very colorful!

34. Democratic colors


The neutral tones of the furniture please boys and girls. Here, everyone plays together! Niches, drawers and crates with wheels allow children to pick up toys by themselves.

35. Organization even in the bathroom


Children love to play in the water, and often end up taking toys to the shower. In order not to run the risk of the little one (or the parents) taking a nice slip stepping on the wet toy, invest in specific organizers for this area of ​​the house. Oh, and remember to leave it up to the child!

36. Creative stepladder


A staircase with niches to leave the corner of the room tidy. To get away from the obvious style, open niches and others with little doors, to store the most precious toys.

37. Multifunctional furniture


This bookcase is, in fact, the side of a desk, that is, the multifunctional furniture allows enough space for the small resident to study and also store toys.

38. Reuse the curtain rods

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make two organizers: the first option, with baskets to store toys; the second idea is a book stand. Let creativity take over when making the pieces.

39. Creative economy


A way to decorate with grace and spending little: pegboard! That’s right. Those wooden boards full of holes are great to keep the room all organized!

40. Box to hide the mess


If your child isn’t a big fan of organization, this is a piece they’ll love! A box that has strings in place of a lid. To keep the room organized, just take the toys off the floor and pass them through the rope. This is the famous “organized mess”.

41. Place for the paint kit


If your child is a budding artist, he must have lots of pencils, chalk, paint, brush and marker around the house, right? For know that even they may have a specific place to be stored. Wooden, plastic or acrylic niches, in the same style as the sock organizers, serve to store all this offal.

42. Unbeatable trio: bookcase, shelf and boxes


These three pieces are more than enough to leave any space well organized. What you can do is use more or less parts. Here, for example, just one shelf and one bookcase was enough. For smaller toys, organizer boxes.

43. Decorative mini-niche

Did a home renovation happen and there’s PVC pipe left? No going to waste! With it, you can make small niches to store your little one’s favorite miniatures.

44. Everything within reach of the little ones


The thoughtful design of this room allowed the children to have easy access to toys, with the shelves and low drawers. In the upper cabinets can be seasonal toys – like beach toys, for example.

45. Hit the road… and with everything organized!


For longer periods in the car, such as a trip, for example, the ideal is to have some entertainment for the child, such as toys, books and even a tablet. So everything doesn’t get scattered on the floor or in the back seat, use an organizer attached to the back of the front seat.

46. ​​The only rule is to play!


A colorful environment awakens children’s creativity. In this project, drawers to store toys, shelves to store books, and vinyl flooring to protect children.

47. All Tagged!


Call the kids to help and turn organizing time into great fun! The children’s task is to separate the toys by type, which will be stored in properly labeled boxes.

48. Plastic crate can also be used

The sturdy plastic crate, found in supermarkets and fairs, can become a stool with a trunk to store your child’s toys. The cool thing is that they are always colorful, perfect to brighten up the little room.

49. Shared organization


Three brothers share this playroom, and the organization needs to be threefold. That’s why organizing boxes on the floor and below the bench are ideal for everyone to reach. The shelves, with names, keep the toys in their place.

50. For those who dream of being a great chef!


If you have a young lady who dreams of being a great chef, this organizer is perfect for her! A counter simulates the kitchen countertop, complete with a cooktop. It even houses two organizing boxes, camouflaged as an oven and shelves. How about keeping all the pots, snacks and tea sets in this corner?

51. Customized joinery


Making planned furniture, it is possible to give more than one function to the piece. In this case, the side of the wardrobe, which is usually smooth and straight, gained niches to store the superhero team.

52. Use white


Usually the playroom is very colorful, but you can also choose to have white pieces. In addition to being a blank canvas for the kids to literally paint the seven, it still makes cleaning a lot easier!

53. Cardboard bookcase

You may even doubt it, but it is possible to make a toy shelf with just cardboard, cardboard and glue! In addition to organizing the toys, you still save, and a lot, with a furniture of this type.

54. Shall we play house?


Girls love to play house. So, one suggestion is to play another game with them, in the “follow the master” style: if mommy cleans the house, and they love to play mommy, how about copying the adult at that time and tidying the whole room?

55. Organization according to age


You can customize the organization along with the child’s growth. For example: in the crawling phase and when you start to walk, the ideal thing is that the toys are all at hand. Therefore, small organizer boxes on the floor are enough.

56. Fabrics that organize


Make baskets with fabrics that are the same color as the room decor and also easy to clean. Pieces can be of various sizes to hold different items.

57. Faux wicker chest to decorate and organize

Wicker chests, especially white ones, tend to have a high value. To have a piece like this at home and without spending a lot, how about opting for cardboard and EVA? Check out this step by step to learn every detail!

58. Open and closed spaces


The rack-type furniture, with open and closed spaces, is ideal for showing bigger toys and that hidden mess!

59. Walking around…


The little train-shaped niche is so beautiful and versatile… What a ride! He left the room and went to the birthday party to decorate the space and organize the souvenirs!

60. Organization allies


Boxes, boxes and more boxes, in all sizes, colors and shapes! They are great allies when it comes to decorating. And if they have wheels, then even better! Thus, the child himself can take them to another room.

In addition to encouraging the child to be more organized, you can enjoy the moment and teach the technique of letting go. Tell your kids that they can donate their toys to other kids who don’t have anything to play with. After all, you’re not old enough to be organized and generous!

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