Reading: How to pick a lock on a bedroom door : 9 method

How to pick a lock on a bedroom door : 9 method

How to pick a lock on a bedroom door : 9 method

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When a door lock malfunctions or locks, it is key to take some steps so as not to make things worse. Expert advice to reopen it.

When we cannot open a door of the room due to problems with the lock, in general, we have a bad time, especially if it is the one that lets us in and out of the house or is the one that guards some environment of a lot of daily use, such as a bathroom or a bedroom. Therefore, in order not to make things worse, the first thing to do is calm down, take a deep breath and get to work. We teach you how to open a locked door without the help of a locksmith and without causing damage that ends up costing you very expensive.

While locksmiths are the experts at home, business, and even car lock repair, there are many things we can do to fix these types of problems ourselves.

how to open a stuck lock

The first point to keep in mind is that when a lock begins to fail it is important to repair it as soon as possible, because at some point it will stop working and will create problems for you.

It is good to know what types of problems are the most common in domestic locks, what their causes are and how to solve the issue.

How to pick a lock on a bedroom door : method 1

There are different methods that we can use when we have to unlock a door. Let’s see what they are:

  • Use the Lever method.
  • Remove the old lock and fit a new one.
  • Remove the hinges and remove the door.
how to unlock a lock

Lever method

The lever method is one of the simplest methods of unlocking locks in an emergency. First of all, we must look at the lock and find the point where the latch fits with the frame and makes the closure. Once that point is found, we must get the object with which we are going to make the lever: it can simply be a card or a pointed kitchen knife.

Next, what you should do is insert the object into the gap between the latch and the door. For this you must go through it carefully, trying to move the latch. What you can do is use a spreader knife, which is harder, and pry off the latch. In these cases you have to be careful, avoiding breaking the wood or damaging the frame.

how to remove a locked key

Remove the old lock

If things are difficult, perhaps it is best to remove the old lock and see if it can be lubricated and recovered. To do this you have to look for the screws that hold the lock in position. Once located, you have to remove them from only one side of the latch or knob to disassemble the lock in parts. Once you serve from the side you will be able to see the interior system. What remains is to simply remove from the other side so that you can completely disassemble the lock.

Fit a new lock

Once the old lock is removed, you can try to fix it by lubricating it so that its mechanism works better or directly place a new one. The procedure is really very simple. Simply place the new one in the space where the old one was and re-fit it with the appropriate screws. The only consideration you have to have is to check that the size corresponds to the lock you removed.

To refine details and leave everything impeccable, check if when removing the lock you see the wood worn or broken in any sector. If so, you can apply caulk, let it dry, and then install the new lock.

the key does not turn in the lock

Remove the hinges

Sometimes the problem has nothing to do with the lock. In these cases, we will have to remove the door by disassembling the hinges. Although it sounds complicated, it is something quite simple to do. In general, you will see two flat metal leaves as hinges, which are joined thanks to a pin or bolt that is housed inside two hollow cylindrical tubes.

We just have to remove the pins that join the hinge leaves, placing a screwdriver under the cap or head that hides the bolt and then prying up. There you will see the bolt and you can begin to remove it with your hands or with a pliers. Next you must do the same with the next hinge. After removing the bolts, the door can be removed. If necessary, this will also allow easy access to the lock.

how to unlock a door

How to remove a locked key

This is one of the most frequent problems. In this situation, what you have to do is carefully pull the key without prying it so as not to bend it, otherwise it may break inside and that will aggravate the case.

He will grasp the key as well as possible and pull hard towards your position. Moving it from side to side, but very gently while doing this, can help you remove it. If you find it difficult to grasp it to remove it, you can use pliers.

How to open a stuck lock

Sometimes it has happened to us that the key does not turn in the lock to either side. In these cases, the first thing you should do is remove the entire old lock system as explained above and then, with a metal file, “eat” the mouth where the key is inserted a little. This will widen the gap, allowing you to insert the corresponding key but in an inverted position, that is, upside down. Being in that position you should turn it. This will correct the lock mechanism unlocking.

How to open a locked door : method 2



Although this technique does not work with modern doors, it is one of the methods approved for a spring lock. Also, it does not work on a slammed door.

You should know that the bank card you are going to use in this kind of operation may be damaged. To avoid this, choose a more or less flexible, thick and very hard model which is less important.

To do this, take the card lengthwise and insert it between the jamb and the door. It should be placed above where the lock mechanism and the door jamb make contact. Fold it back to force the lock. While operating the handle and pulling out the card with a sharp pull, your door should open.

In case there is no room between the frame and the latch, just push it in between the frame above and the door before sliding it down. Do not hesitate to lean slightly towards the frame.

How to open a locked door : method 3



This method is the most used by burglars. If you want to adopt it, you will need to bring some materials: a paperclip and an Allen key. It is a complex process, but easy to implement.

Insert the end of the key into the lower part of the keyhole. Turn it slightly by pressing the latch in the direction of the rotation which opens the door. Then insert the paper clip stretched out in the shape of a small hanger to be able to hook the lock. As soon as it touches an ankle, try to grab it on the hollow and pull it up so that it clicks into place. This technique is called: “ankle after ankle”.

There is also another tactic called the rubbing method. It consists of inserting the paperclip slowly into the lower part of the keyhole. Bring it back to your direction by raising it up while increasing the pressure of the Allen key. Use circular motions until the lock begins to move. To open the door, keep the pressure and resume movement.

How to open a locked door : method 3



This operation uses a drill to punch a small two-millimeter hole in the keyhole. The goal is to destroy the jacks which are the accessories that hold the door lock in place.

Then, you will have to pass a wire or a hook through the hole in order to grab the handle and lift it very gently. In this way, the door will open without using force. You just need to turn the barrel with a screwdriver to open the opening.

However, the use of the drill is only valid if your door has closed and you do not know how to open it. It will not work for a locked door. Do not forget to fill the hole with a suitable material such as putty , for example.

How to open a locked door : method 3



Even if this method seems absurd at first, it is a very good choice for opening a door without a key. Indeed, the radiography is at the same time fine, flexible and resistant. She manages to force the lock of a door without any difficulty. In addition, it is one of the accessories that locksmiths use in certain situations.

How to proceed ? Start by sliding the radio between the bolt and the doorframe. Vibrate the door so that the radio can pass in front of the bolt without any problem. To do this, give light kicks at the door. When the bolt is passed, the door should open automatically.

If there is no radio, you can swap it with a hard plastic sheet or plastic bottles. However, the steps remain the same, but you can still use lubricant. Where can I find a radio? Ask your neighbors for help. By checking well, by chance, you may have one on you.

How to open a locked door : method 4


key-service-4521069_1280 (1)

Very simple to implement, the screwdriver method is very effective for opening a door which has an opening button located in the middle. Bet on a thin screwdriver that slides easily into the lock. Once inside, he will be able to turn inside. After several tries, the door will open. If you don’t have a flathead screwdriver, you can use a butter knife.

If you have DIY skills, this screwdriver will allow you to remove the hinges from the door. In this case, you need a hammer. This solution is more radical. In addition, the screwdriver can also perform other service. You can remove the cover plate from the lock.

Thus, you will discover the entire mechanism including the follower on which the door handle is located. To open the door, turn this system with pliers. However, not all locks will allow you to use this tactic.

How to open a locked door : method 5



This last step is the most violent to open a door without a key. However, they are not recommended at all, except in cases of force majeure and if the other techniques have not had positive results. It is also useful if you want to get home as quickly as possible. This massive destruction of the door is also recommended if the lock is too armored.

Use a hammer to hit the lock with all your might to break it. Without a doubt, the door will open. In this case, the intervention of a locksmith is mandatory. It will cost you little more than replacing your lock permanently. Do not forget to call the services concerned to replace your front door.

How to open a locked door : method 6



One of the safest and fastest ways is to hire the skills of a locksmith . If you live in the capital, a locksmith in Paris can open your door in just a few movements. In addition, its intervention does not cause any damage.

Regarding the price, it is still affordable and accessible to everyone. You won’t have to pay any other additional damage since the work is quite professional. If the incident happens in the middle of the day, opt for a locksmith who lives near you. Thus, travel costs will be limited.

Take the trouble to establish an estimate before his intervention as well as a well-detailed invoice after his work. In the majority of cases, you are insured for this type of difficulty through a bank card or home insurance.

How to open a locked door : method 7

The other keys

They are not comparable to the keys you use daily, in fact we are talking about Allen keys or hexagonal keys. These are L-shaped wrenches which are generally used for bolt heads or screws.

You will only be able to open doors that have a circular hole in the center.

If so, here’s the procedure:

  • Insert the long end of the Allen key into the lock, you have to find the right size and try several.
  • The key will slide easily into the lock and if it works, you will have the impression that it engages a mechanism.
  • You just have to activate it for your door to open.

This is a very effective method provided, however, that your lock lends itself perfectly to it.

How to open a locked door : method 8

With a percussion key

The percussion key looks like a classic key. However, it can open pin locks, these locks are found on many doors, which is why the impact key can be very useful in this case.

Good to know  : this type of key is available over the counter on the Internet and it is very easy to get it.

Here are some tips on how to use it well to open your door:

  • Push the key into the lock until the last pin, the teeth of the key lift the pins with a peculiar noise.
  • When you get to this point, push it in sharply with a tool to lift up the last pin.
  • You are then able to turn the key to open your door.
  • The only downside with this method, which is effective most of the time, can damage your lock.

How to open a locked door : method 9

Call a professional

Before considering using force by tapping with a hammer to drop the handle, for example, which will require you to change the mechanism, seek professional help. Calling a locksmith may not cost you much more than replacing a lock.

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