Reading: how to plan a romantic night in the bedroom ? ( full guide )

how to plan a romantic night in the bedroom ? ( full guide )

how to plan a romantic night in the bedroom

how to plan a romantic night in the bedroom ? is that what you search for , then here at 4 simple technique you will find full details guide

The decoration of your room for a romantic evening may seem simple at first … But what is a romantic decoration for you?

Everyone has their own vision of romanticism so when it comes to decorating their bedroom, it can go in all directions!

Red hearts, petals, heart-shaped cushions, feathers, roses, you will find a host of “romantic” products which, when combined, give you a more rococo than romantic look!

Here are some tips to get you out of it like a chef in decorating your romantic bedroom …

Tips how to plan a romantic night in the bedroom

When to decorate your room in a romantic way?

There are plenty of opportunities to prove to another that you love them. You don’t always think about it, but decorating your bedroom, for example, is a most romantic idea! Here are a few occasions on which you might surprise your loved one by setting up a romantic ambiance in the bedroom:

  • During a romantic dinner at home
  • For a romantic massage session
  • During a romantic weekend
  • For his or her sweetheart’s birthday
  • To celebrate the anniversary of his couple
  • For her wedding anniversary
  • For her wedding night
  • For Valentine’s Day

Just because you want to surprise her!
The advantage of making a romantic decoration in the bedroom is that your sweetheart will not see the surprise right away. He or she will not necessarily suspect it when opening the door!

The decoration of my room for a romantic evening at the top

There are essentials with which you can easily make a top bedroom decoration for a romantic evening:

Rose petals: arranged along the way or in the heart on the top of the bed, they are a sure bet for your romantic bedroom decor.

The cushions: the cushions bring a super cocooning touch, so you can add a few additional cushions on your bed for a cozy atmosphere and conducive to cuddling!

Heart-shaped balloons: It’s the cool little decorative accessory that always makes you smile!

The candles ! The must have for a romantic decor! Choose a pretty candlestick or romantic candle holders.

The lantern on the ground: bet on a pretty lantern to put at the foot of the bed or on fireproof paper lanterns if you want to make a path of subdued light (use LED candles for this type of decoration).

The light garland: you can hang it above the bed or run it with flower petals on the duvet. In both cases, it will bring a little touch of magic to your bedroom decor for the evening …

1-date night ideas at home

Whether you are romantic or not, a little attention such as decorating your room for a romantic evening never leaves you indifferent. So if you want to please your sweetheart, do not hesitate to make a little effort, even at the last minute!

How to decorate your bed in a romantic way?

Here are some ideas for decorating your bed (note that you can use them all year round, we won’t blame you, on the contrary!)

2-at home date night
  • A bed throw (a nice plaid or a solid color blanket)
  • A bouquet of flower on the bed
  • Flower petals that form a heart in the middle of the bed
  • LED candles on the bed
  • A mini light garland on the bed mixed with flowers
  • Pretty cushions
  • Heart-shaped confetti
  • A small gift to put on the bed in a pretty box
  • A “Love” balloon placed on the pillows
  • A teddy bear or made of red roses to put on the bed
  • A beautiful card written by you
  • A white veil that you can hang up to give the effect of a canopy bed

We think of decorating his headboard! You can put on a pretty light garland, hang some photos, letter-shaped balloons to say “I love you” … Go all out!

Also think about the silly details, but which can make the soufflé fall a little bit when the surprise comes.

For example, remember to light the candles a little before entering the room and for safety reasons, avoid lighting them if you are not there (if you are going to eat elsewhere for example).

If you have planned to decorate the room with flowers or petals, order from the florist a little in advance so as not to find yourself on the straw on D-Day.

No crazy night decor without a real breakfast the next day! To extend this moment for two, consider preparing breakfast in bed on a tray with some pastries, orange juice, coffee …

Decorating your bedroom for your wedding night is so romantic!

You can’t miss the decor of your room on your wedding day. But we grant you, on D-day, the decoration of the room, it is the least of your worries … And so that’s what the witnesses are for! We don’t always think about it, but decorating the bed and the bedroom of the bride and groom is a very romantic attention and a mission that can be entrusted to your witnesses or bridesmaids.

Wait for the evening to begin and take advantage of this moment of relaxation to slip into the newlyweds’ room. Hop! Neither seen nor known, a few rose petals on the bed, a few LED candles (don’t have fun putting real candles, safety above all) and voila!

If you want to make a real wedding bedroom decoration and have some time in front of you, here are some ideas:

  • The idea of ​​the canopy with veil or tulle: not everyone has a canopy at home, we can imagine it! So if you want to bring a touch of escape to the bedroom for your wedding night, think about it!
  • Create a special newlywed headboard or customize its headboard by attaching a “Mr & Mrs” or “Just married” garland.
  • Use faux ivy with flowers and run them around the bed for a romantic bedroom decor.
  • Place “just married” lanterns on the ground for a super romantic atmosphere.
  • The dream catcher : very romantic, you can find ready-made ones or make one yourself with a hula-hoop. It is not very complicated to do but it takes a little time!
3-date night at home

Is it possible to decorate my hotel or Air bnb room?

If you have planned to go on a romantic weekend, it’s not easy to decorate the room … But be aware that you can sometimes get information from the reception or the owner of your Air bnb to organize a little surprise. Have a bottle of champagne, flowers delivered … You can very well buy a bouquet of flowers and have it delivered directly to the address of your room or apartment. Don’t hesitate to ask, it doesn’t cost anything!

To organize a romantic weekend, consider renting a suitable room! Because to install a romantic atmosphere in a room, apart from the decoration, there are rooms with bathtubs or jacuzzis. A good opportunity to prepare a romantic bath and have fun;)

With the bathrobes placed on the bed, a few candles, two glasses … A good romantic evening in perspective!

4-date nights at home

Make a romantic bedroom decoration for Valentine’s Day

Haaaaa Valentine’s Day! Whether you like it or not, the result is the same: when you want to surprise your other half, a beautiful romantic decoration to end the evening in the bedroom always has its little effect. For an evening, you will have the right to bring out all the cliches that make Valentine’s Day a little “ass ass la praline” as some would say, or downright romantic for others!

Come on, to decorate your room on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, we allow ourselves the right to be a little too much. Yes we let ourselves get caught up in the game because in the end, we find it funny and that spending a moment together with your darling, it feels good!

How to decorate your romantic room for the whole year?

And if ultimately you wanted to have a romantic bedroom all year round, you can! Well we forget the heart-shaped balloons on the other hand … And then the red it prevents sleep so for one night, it’s good but all year … Well, it’s as you want eh!

It’s up to you to determine what appeals to you in your relationship to provide the right touch of romance. Is it the passionate side, the blue flower side or even a little vintage side that you want to bring out in your bedroom decor?

In any case, your bedroom decor for chilled lovers must be cozy, intimate and you must feel good there.

Here are some examples of decorated rooms for lovers who want to cuddle all year round. You will see that it is not only red that can have its effect!

5-ideas for date night
6-at home date night ideas
7-home date night ideas
8-date ideas during quarantine

The importance of color in a romantic bedroom

The colors for an adult bedroom play a key role in this style of decor. The colors on the walls, the carpet, the bed linen, the candles… influence our sleep, but also awaken all our senses! For the atmosphere you are looking for, prefer soft tones, white, and why not a few darker touches, all sparingly, unless you want to bet on the card of originality.

White is the most common shade found in this type of bedroom, and its fresh appearance certainly has something to do with it. To avoid the sanitized side, add some colorful accessories. The softness of powder pink, very trendy is enough to bring this romantic side. Pastel colors in general are quite what is expected for this style of bedroom, it gives the much appreciated boudoir aspect. They can be mixed with decorative objects, white bed linen and a few touches of wood for a natural look if you are fond of them.

Red is a bit of a cliche, but if you stick to it, use it sparingly, on linen or curtains for example. Warm tones are obviously perfect, they provide the necessary privacy in this decorative option. They range from deep black to charcoal gray to brown. You can choose a dark blue that you wake up with a few touches of gold, your room then takes on the appearance of a fairy tale.

Here are a few examples where color really does!

9-dates at home idea

A magical atmosphere, all in simplicity and almost monochrome, perfectly highlights the beauty of the furniture and their originality, this gentle room is a true haven of peace.

10-quarantine date night ideas

The romanticism is brought here by the choice of the furniture mainly and that of the accessories like the embroidered sheets and the mattress protector with ruffles. The base is a shades of white, punctuated with barely perceptible and very discreet colors and the headboard very dark for contrast.

11-date night ideas at home for him

Here everything is available in white and light blue, for a very soft atmosphere, but the romanticism is hidden elsewhere, in this alcove hidden at night by the curtains.

12-romantic dates ideas

A certain research predominates here: the choice of materials both on the headboard and the bedside table and on the light and raw wood furniture, including the cushions and the plaid gives a feeling of comfort. The composition on the shelf brings the extremely romantic side as well as the patterns.

13-things to do for a night in

Here, the total white look enhanced by a few plants is enough with a few well-chosen accessories to give that sought-after romantic atmosphere.

14-indoor date ideas

Here is a great example of the integration of powder pink. Here a few touches of this monochrome shade bring style to this otherwise stripped-down bedroom.

15-stay at home date ideas for couples

The role of light in a romantic bedroom

A beautiful light adds further to the romanticism of the room, no doubt because it provides the warm atmosphere you expect from it. Highlight your window (s) and do not hesitate to open or remove your curtains if you have no vis-à-vis and a nice view of a garden, for example. A beautiful pendant light is present is installed, but also think about the subdued lights, essential in this atmosphere. Small lamps with soft warm light do the trick.

Also multiply candles or candlesticks on furniture. Choose your candles in the shade that best matches the dominant colors. It’s also an opportunity to add a touch of color, without overdoing it. If you go for candlesticks, why not go for gold or silver? Two materials that go very well to this type of bedroom. The light garland diffuses a pleasant light, it is moreover, a decorative element in its own right. Colorful, in natural materials, simpler and stripped down, there is something for all tastes and all styles, it’s up to you to choose the one you prefer. No need to put two or three, one is enough and it must be placed well, above the bed for example.

16-romantic date ideas at home for him

In this room, the softness is provided by the brightness which is perfectly highlighted. The bed placed in front of the window benefits greatly. The tender atmosphere is further enhanced by the colors chosen.

17-lazy date ideas at home

The subdued light is provided by a light garland which is installed above the bed. With its gentle curve, it reinforces the romantic side of this simple piece.

Must-have: the canopy

The canopy obviously rhymes with romanticism, it is its cocoon side that is acclaimed. Plus, the advantage is that it is easy to perform. With a simple piece of fabric and a few wooden posts, create your own canopy bed . This “roof” gives the impression of a real haven of softness. This choice is possible in high enough rooms. You just need to change the fabric whenever you want for the aesthetic appearance to vary completely.

Favor the freshness of white curtains in summer and dare a more sustained shade and a heavier fabric when the first cold comes. The suspended bed canopy is also a great option. Lightweight, it has the same qualities, its realization is very easy. It simply hangs from the ceiling and we prefer for a vaporous, flexible material, and why not, a little transparent. You give it the shape you want, octagonal, triangular, square, rectangular, round … It is thanks to the frame that you can vary it. Drop the bed canopy, if that’s what you chose, down to the floor, the effect is much prettier than if it stops at the mattress.

18-dating ideas

Here, the canopy creates a welcoming cabin atmosphere. This space gives only one desire, jump in bed and curl up in the sheets.

19-good ideas for a date

A much more classic universe for this very light bed canopy. Enveloping, it fulfills its role perfectly.

20-date night ideas at home

In this loft-style bedroom, the canopy takes on a very contemporary feel. The curtains symbolize a pretty headboard and create a false ceiling. This is the charm of this very modern room.

21-Amazingly Romantic Ideas & Ways To Say I Love Youv

The intimate atmosphere of this bedroom is provided by this bed canopy halfway with the canopy. Sheer curtains create a feeling of protection without veiling the light. Timeless, they are perfect with all styles of canopy . Wicker baskets and embroidered cushions add a feminine touch to this space.

Canopy bed: romanticism in its purest form

The four-poster bed instantly evokes princess bedrooms. This is not abnormal since it was present from the end of the 15th century in all the homes of the well-to-do. If for a long time the structure was in wrought iron, giving a very classic side to this space, it has now evolved a lot and it fits perfectly into very contemporary or more traditional atmospheres.

You can choose for several installation options. In a large area, it can be placed in the center of the room to highlight it. In a small bedroom, you place it against a wall, in this case, prefer a model with pure lines that will not overload your entire decor. And rest assured, even there, it retains all its majesty. This is an element that does not fail to recall the romantic style, and this, whatever his bias. You add light sheers or heavier, colorful curtains, if you wish, but be aware that even nude, it is sufficient on its own.

22-Creative Ideas for Romantic Date Night at Home

Headboard in leather, wood, but clean and very modern lines for this trendy canopy. Note that the curtains are absent, but that it still retains a certain charm and gives this bedroom a contemporary romantic style.

23-Romantic ideas for the bedroom

Much more classic version, even a bit vintage!

24-Romantic ideas

A fresh version and a seaside atmosphere for this driftwood canopy.

The romance of your bedroom is in the details

It is also the textiles, accessories and decorative elements that set the tone of the romantic style. Sometimes it takes almost nothing to rock your room into this atmosphere. In terms of bed linen, choose certain colors such as linen, white or very light gray. A few floral motifs on the cushions are sufficient. Also consider the headboard or padded cushions, this can be an armchair or a chair. A swing, embroidered plaids, a worked and soft carpet, a screen that plays with light, mirrors, photos of the two of you, a large-format headboard, flowers … All elements that recall this style while softness and without overloading the space! We have already told you, the contemporary romantic universe can be imagined lightly and without pushing it to the limit.

25-Quick Romance Ideas for Her

Here, it’s the swing that sets the scene for this romantic atmosphere. You can hardly imagine this bias if your room is too small. But if you can, do not deprive yourself!

26-Easy Romance Ideas

Between the crochet rug, the refined textile on the bed and the heart hanging on the wall, there is no doubt that we are in a romantic bedroom. With finesse and discretion, thanks in particular to the choice of skin tone, the atmosphere is soft and warm.

27-Romantic Ideas for Him

Flowers as a romantic picture, this garland of flowers and greenery brings all its charm to this room. We note the use of white and powder pink creating a soft and fresh atmosphere. Flowers in wreaths or bouquets are also perfect.

28-How often do you date your spouse

A little bohemian touch for this pretty bedroom. As you can see, the romantic style can go roundabout, but still be just as successful. A touch of madness in this universe.

29-bedroom decor ideas

A few decorative elements once again set the tone, notably the touches of gold that can be found on the cushions and the fireplace. Romantic and luxurious atmosphere.

30-bedroom decor ideas for couples

Have fun with the bed linen, pom poms and a colorful plaid, for an otherwise very simple bedroom.

31-bedroom decor inspiration

The pretty padded headboard brings an undoubtedly romantic side to this cozy bedroom.

32-bedroom decorating ideas

Modern and poetic, this XXL feather on the wall is a real bias that gives a spectacular side to the sleeping area. A modern and daring option which nevertheless takes up a most classic code of romantic style: the feather.

Bedroom with open bathroom for refined romance

Do you know ? A bathtub or even a shower integrated into the bedroom brings it a lot of romance. You can leave it open onto the room or separate it slightly with a glass partition, for example, for a little privacy. A workshop canopy fitted with a roller blind is a good option. On the bathroom side, do not hesitate to turn to the free-standing bathtub, to exacerbate. Rather retro or ultra-modern, it’s a matter of taste. The free-standing bathtub is reminiscent of the royal bedrooms. If you have a very large room, why not consider installing a whirlpool or whirlpool bathtub in which the two of you will slip voluptuously for a pleasant moment. If the tub is not easy to place, don’t panic! A walk-in shower with pretty cement tiles will do its job perfectly.

33-modern bedroom ideas

Classic, and yet it is the bathtub and the marble that give it the refined and very elegant touch. A fine example of an open bathroom, warm, welcoming and even if the padded headboard and golden touches contribute to the romanticism, it is not for nothing either.

34-simple bedroom decorating ideas

Bright whiteness for this bedroom and its open bathroom, worked in the continuity of the decorative options, the decor is very harmonious and does not leave you indifferent.

Last 7 steps to organize all those informations

If you want to surprise your partner for a special occasion, you can decorate your room for a romantic night. Yes, if there is one point not to be overlooked, it is the decoration! Here we are going to give some ideas and simple tips to transform your bedroom into a real love nest for an unforgettable night. Follow our tips on how to decorate your bedroom for a romantic night out and leave your partner speechless.

You will need:

  • Soft or luxury linens
  • Low consumption lamps
  • Mirror
  • Rose petals
  • Champagne or wine
  • Strawberry or cherry
  • Veils to cover the lamps
  • Candles
  • Essential oils or home fragrance

Steps to follow:

1-The first thing to take into account is that to enjoy a romantic night, you will have to appeal to the five senses, and none of them should be neglected when decorating. So start by choosing a set of soft or luxury sheets that are clean and scented.

You can also put a blanket on the top of the bed or pretty cushions (in the shape of a heart for example). You can also leave a romantic note under the cushions to surprise your partner.

2-Another suggestion for decorating a bedroom and obtaining a romantic atmosphere is to place colored canvases on the lamps (if the lamps allow it without the risk of burning the fabrics).

Do not neglect the smell and to have a pleasant aroma in the whole room, put perfume or a few drops of essential oils on the curtains and on the sheets.

3-Replace strong lights with low consumption bulbs for a softer and more romantic atmosphere. A good option is to turn off the light and put in small candles instead.

4-The candles contribute a lot to the romantic atmosphere, and even more if you distribute in all the room (but never close to the curtains or too close to the bed). Turn them on just a few minutes before your partner comes in. They will definitely hit the mark.

A mirror in the bedroom, if there is not already one, will give a sensual and erotic touch, placing it in such a way as to increase the excitement with your partner.

5-An elegant and romantic idea is to place a glass of champagne or your favorite wine, with a few strawberries or cherries to accompany it. As a final touch, place some rose petals on the bed and on the floor, you can even make a figure with it. It will give a soft, aromatic and suggestive touch.

6-To top it off, add a soft musical touch in the background. Pick one of his favorite bands or make a romantic song playlist that will drive him or her crazy with desire.


  • For a romantic night, avoid turning on the television
  • Organize your family photos
  • Draw the curtains

Here you have all the tips to make your room the most romantic of meeting places, whether for an evening or for the whole year! So what romantic tips you choose for tonight ? If you feel like it, don’t hesitate to show us your best photos at comments

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