How to plant bell pepper: 9 valuable tips for growing the plant at home

How to plant bell pepper: 9 valuable tips for growing the plant at home

Easy to grow, spicy and very tasty, peppers are increasingly present in  gardens . In addition, it is rich in vitamins, strengthens the immune system and brings many health benefits. So check out tips from an agronomist cultivate at home.

how to plant peppers

In addition to being widely used in cooking, bell peppers have many health benefits. With red, yellow and green fruits, the plant is the darling of gardeners who also use it in ornamentation. Below, check out 9 tips from agronomist Henrique Figueiredo to grow the plant at home:

1. Cultivation


The cultivation of peppers can be carried out in the ground or in pots. According to Henrique, “it is important to choose pots from 50 to 60 cm in height, so it is possible to better accommodate the roots of the plant”.

2. Fertilization

During the life cycle of peppers, Henrique advises that “fertilization must be carried out at least 2 times”. The first can be done right after planting and the second after 30 to 35 days.

To ensure the health of the plant for longer, “it is important to use organic fertilizers, such as cattle manure, chicken manure, earthworm humus or bone meal. In addition, bell peppers also adapt well to chemical fertilizers, such as NPKs.”

3. Watering


For growing in pots, the ideal is to perform watering with the help of a watering can. According to the specialist, “the peppers must be irrigated every day and receive good lighting”.

4. Lighting

To ensure that the plant blooms healthily and bears good fruit in the future, it needs to receive a few hours of direct sunlight each day. “The ideal is that the plant receives at least 4 hours of sun and is located in an airy environment”, he said.

For indoor cultivation, Henrique recalls that the vegetable “must be close to windows and balconies, ensuring more adequate light”.

5. Ideal soil


According to the expert, the secret to planting peppers is also in the soil, which must be rich in organic matter. “The vegetable must also be grown in a substrate that ensures good drainage,” he said.

6. How to make seedlings

The main way to propagate peppers is through seeds. In this way, they guarantee the propagation of the plant and, also, can generate new seedlings of higher quality.

7. Best time for planting


“The best time to plant peppers is between the spring and summer seasons. However, in protected environments such as greenhouses, it is possible to grow them all year round,” he said.

8. Varieties

Despite having several varieties and colors, peppers have no difference in terms of cultivation. According to Henrique, “the difference in color concerns the time the fruit remains on the plant”.

In other words, “red and yellow peppers, for example, are considered ripe fruits. Green peppers, on the other hand, are harvested before this ripening process.”

9. Average fruit production time


Finally, bell pepper is an annual vegetable and therefore its harvest begins, on average, 110 days after planting. However, Henrique recalls that the plant can continue to produce fruit for up to 3 to 4 months.

From all these tips, it became easier to plant peppers at home, right? Following all the guidelines, you will have a healthy and beautiful plant for a long time.

Extra tips on how to plant bell peppers

It’s always good to stay on top of more information when you want to grow a new plant, isn’t it? So, check out a selection of videos with more useful tips on how to plant peppers:

More tips on how to plant peppers

In this video, gardener Henrique Buttler brings more tips on planting peppers. The vlog brings more details about fertilization, irrigation and shows how to grow the plant from seed. It’s worth watching and writing down all the recommendations.

How to plant peppers in a pot

Planting peppers in pots is a practical way to grow the plant. In this video, biologist Anselmo teaches how to grow them in this container, ensuring that the vegetable grows beautiful and healthy. It’s worth watching the video, because it brings the step by step of the entire planting.

Tips on how to plant peppers in the pet bottle

Finally, growing plants in the pet bottle is a more economical way to practice gardening and, in addition, ensures sustainable planting. Therefore, you will learn how to grow peppers in these containers in a simple and very easy way. Worth checking out and getting inspired!

Following the guidelines, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that the plant has. To expand your vegetable garden at home, also grow chives . The plant also has culinary uses and, incidentally, is perfect for beginning gardeners.

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