how to remove stains from bathroom tiles

how to remove stains from bathroom tiles

Are you looking for tips to learn how to remove stains from bathroom tiles ? then this article for you

In most cases, we find the tiles that decorate our home and give it a touch of style. However, they are very easy to get dirty, and even more so if they are outside our home. In addition, they can be easily stained, giving a bad appearance. For this reason, we will present below  effective secrets to remove stains on porous tiles.

Tips to learn how to remove stains from bathroom tiles

Importance of removing stains on porous tiles

It is very important to remove stains on porous tiles, because when they  are clean and without stains they look like new.  Also, even if you have done an excellent cleaning, you will not achieve anything if your tiles are stained because they will look bad.

Therefore, when you are doing your superficial cleaning of  porous tiles, and you find stains, you should worry.  If you don’t deal with this in time, it could become a serious problem. Because the stain can be absorbed even more, and it would take a lot of work to remove it, so you have to act immediately.

The tricks that we will give you below are recommended by  the best cleaning company in the country. We are going to discuss how you should effectively clean your tiles, then how to remove stains on porous tiles. We encourage you to follow each of the experts’ recommendations step by step through this great post.

Dirt on porous tiles

We all want  our home to look clean and delightful to the eye , and we also want to have good times in clean environments. Even so, we know that the porous tiles in our bathroom or floor, pool, terrace, or garden get dirty very quickly.

Dirt, grime, bacteria and microbes take over, and your porous tiles are no exception. However, when you do  the proper cleaning constantly, you save a lot of work.  Because this way each cleaning session will require little effort.

When the porous tiles in our home are dirty, they visually suggest that the whole house is dirty. And in most cases we do not want to receive visitors in this way, but it is not a bad thing to die here we have the best  tips to make your porous tiles look great

Types of porous tiles

One point to consider that we have to keep in mind is that the tricks to  remove stains on porous tiles depend on their type.  We say this, because it would be a mistake to use the same thing in all, without knowing your particular situation. However, in the post we will explain the procedure to follow according to each circumstance.

The  consequences that can arise from applying the wrong trick  on a type of porous tile, due to not knowing them. They range from making the situation worse, causing stains even deeper and therefore more difficult to remove. And it can reach the point of deterioration so serious that it would have to be replaced.

This way  we make sure we do it the right way,  because if you make a mistake it can be expensive. We must also take care of the surface of the porous tiles in order to keep them in very good condition. Pay attention so that you benefit to the maximum and can take advantage of this post.

Products recommended by cleaning experts

Most of the products mentioned in this post  are very easy to get as well as being cheap.  So, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to effectively clean and remove stains from porous tiles. In addition, a large part of the products that we are going to present below we have at home.

We must follow the instructions to the letter, if we want to obtain the best results. In addition, as most of the recommended products are homemade, it brings us advantages, since they do not have foreign elements. However, if we are not careful with these  chemicals they could do great harm to our health.

Even so, you should not be afraid of this, if you follow the security recommendations that provides. We assure you that  everything will be fine, there will be no reason to be wrong. And your porous tiles will be to the liking of you and your family. Next we will give the list of the necessary products.

Recommended products to remove stains on porous tiles

  • Degreasing soap
  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Sponge
  • Dry cloth
  • Toothbrush

Recommended products to remove stains on tiles

  • White or wine vinegar
  • Solvent for paints
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Legia.

Something you should know

The first thing you should have is a good attitude and be willing to make an effort, in this way you will enjoy the work. And although the task is simple if you do it with care and dedication, you will surely obtain better results.

It is also important that you know that when using  some of the products mentioned here you must take the appropriate measures . Specifically the following: paint thinner, liquid, hydrogen peroxide, as these can be harmful to your health. They are the most effective when it comes to removing stains on porous tiles.

 We are at your service with the best experience and experts in the field. Now, the recommendations for dealing with these chemicals are these:


  • Wear gloves that cover the entire surface of the skin that will be in contact with the solution
  • Wear a mask to protect yourself from inhaling toxic gases that can affect your respiratory tract
  • Wear protective glasses to prevent eye irritation
  • Maintain good ventilation to avoid the concentration of toxic gases
  • Keep the solution away from children.

Guide on how to clean porous tiles

Guide on how to clean porous tiles

As we all know, our porous tiles are victims of dirt, grease build-up, mold, stains and the passage of time. However, if we dedicate time and love, we assure you that,  based on our professionalism, they will always be shiny.

Now it is necessary that we act quickly,  since they will not be clean and shiny by themselves We must do it before dirt and grease get into the porous tiles. Since the worst cases happen due to carelessness and lack of dedication.

As a general rule, we only need to clean porous tiles what we have mentioned: water, degreasing soap, sponge, toothbrush, flavoring, baking soda, dry cloth . And now, to clean it has been said!

Steps to follow to clean your porous tiles

The steps to follow  to clean your porous tiles are very simple . You don’t have to worry about anything other than taking the correct precautionary measures. Also simply follow the guide that we give you here to the letter.

If you think “it’s a lot of work”, we also have a solution for you,  hire the best cleaning company  with international experience , Kassista. Here are the steps:

  • Mix the degreasing soap with the water in a proportion of 100 ml of soap per liter of water
  • Immerse and completely soak the sponge and rub the porous tiles in a circular motion
  • With the toothbrush, rub intensely the parts that are covered with more dirt
  • Remove excess soap from porous tiles with more water
  • And then to finish with the dry cloth you must dry the porous tiles
  • Now use another dry cloth to use a flavoring agent of your choice.
Best results

And in this simple, fast and easy way you can achieve professional results with homemade products that are easy to get. Your tiles will be sparkling clean, a clear pride  for you, which you can show off to all your visits. Even so there is an even more serious problem, intense and difficult to remove stains, for them we also have the solution.

How to remove stains on porous tiles with vinegar

Thanks to the many posts that we have offered you. We have all known  the many wonderful benefits that vinegar has  when it comes to removing stains from porous tiles. Since, it is a powerful antibacterial and a wonderful disinfectant.

You must mix water with the same amount of vinegar, scrub the surface of the porous tiles with a sponge. You can quickly  see that it immediately removes  surface stains from porous tiles in a short time and without much effort.

One of the many wonders of vinegar is that it adds a great amount of shine, an excellent homemade product. It is also exceptionally good at cleaning gaskets , one of the places where dirt accumulates the most. This product, from which you can get so much benefit, also carries bad odors with it.

Vinegar: the best product

Although it is true and experienced by all that vinegar has an intense odor, it is the best agent we can use. When it comes to deep cleaning  we have given you many recommendations in different posts . Among them that you use vinegar to clean different areas.

We recommend trying to ensure good ventilation  and at the end wipe with a dry cloth with flavoring. This way you will eliminate the bad smell and it will be pleasant to our nose, we must not take for granted the beneficial effect of this product..

How to remove stains on porous tiles with ammonia

How to remove stains on porous tiles with ammonia

One of the most effective tricks when it comes to removing stains on porous tiles is with the ammonia product. Now with warm water and the same amount of ammonia rub the porous tiles and  this agent is phenomenal to remove embedded dirt .

As time passes and if you have shown us love to your tiles, the dirt will accumulate. Later it  will be much more difficult to remove stains from porous tiles , luckily ammonia is one of the best products. Since it can remove deep stains of grime, dust, mold and the most difficult stain to remove grease.

You have to know that before removing the solution to remove stains on porous tiles. You should allow the powerful solution to work  directly on the porous tile for a considerable period of time. 

It is important that you know

You must be very careful with ammonia as it is a product that can be toxic. For this reason we  always recommend that you take the appropriate measures , we in its long experience can help you. We know that for this type of product it is best to use a mask, gloves, glasses and carry out the work in an area with good ventilation.

It is also important that you know that small amounts of fluids can accumulate. So mold can be a factor that you should consider in some places in your home. But you don’t have to worry too much about this  as ammonia is perfect for these situations . You just have to dry the liquid on the surface and use the ammonia liberally.

How to remove stains on porous tiles: paint

It is undoubtedly one of the most frequent stains on porous tiles and they are also difficult to remove. This is because paint is usually applied after porous tiles are laid on the floor. For these cases, what we recommends  is that you use a commercial paint thinner .

The procedure is very simple, follow the advice  that we give you here and everything will be very fast and above all effective. It is exactly as if the stain is on the wall, apply the solvent to the cloth and rub over the stain. You must rub intensely so that, if the stain is deep, it comes out in its entirety, you can follow the instructions that the product mentions.

You can remove stains on porous tiles, all you have to do is follow the advice we are giving you. .

How to remove stains on porous tiles: rust

One of  the most unpleasant stains is rust , and they can also be difficult to remove. So we encourage you to take special care, and if you already have the stains we will give you some tips to remove them.

The most effective way  to remove stains from porous tiles is bleach , which completely dissolves rust. Something you should know is that bleach is a fairly strong chemical agent, therefore we must use it with great caution.

The procedure is very easy, you just have to empty the bleach on the affected surface and leave it as necessary. Little by little you will see how  the stain disappears , that is if we reiterate to use the preventive measures that we mentioned above. If you do not have bleach and hydrogen peroxide is within your reach, we recommend that you use it, it is just as effective

How to remove stains on porous tiles: blood

Stains caused with blood are very unpleasant, most people think that soap and water is enough. However, at some point we will have to go through this situation. We will tell you that when  the blood dries it becomes more complicated to remove it.

In this case, soap and water or paint thinner will not suffice. The product recommended by the best  cleaning companies in the country  is hydrogen peroxide.  Your steps to follow are to apply it to the surface and leave it for about 25 minutes and the stain will disappear. And so you can remove stains on porous tiles.


In this other great post, we have shown you how to remove stains on porous tiles , we have given you excellent advice. The tips offered here are the tricks that the best cleaning companies have used for years.

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