Reading: How to wash baby clothes: everything you need to know about this cute quest

How to wash baby clothes: everything you need to know about this cute quest

How to wash baby clothes: everything you need to know about this cute quest

Washing baby clothes deserves special attention due to the care that little ones require from an early age. Baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and more likely to develop diaper rash, dermatitis and allergies, so it’s important to know how to wash baby clothes correctly.

But don’t be scared! Although it requires some care and attention, it is simpler than it looks. To help you in this mission, we’ve separated some golden tips. Check out:

15 tips for washing baby clothes correctly

There are many questions when it comes to washing baby clothes and, for you to have clarity in the information, we brought the most common doubts about this subject. And the best, all the answers!

1. Which parts should be washed?


All parts that come in direct contact with the baby’s skin need to be washed. From clothes to sheets, everything needs to go through the washing process, due to possible exposure to mites, dirt and dust.

2. When to wash babies’ clothes?

It is recommended that the clothes start to be washed from the 30th week of pregnancy. You can choose whether you prefer to wash all the pieces at once or as you earn or buy the pieces.

3. Can the baby’s clothes be washed together with the family’s?


Baby clothes, in addition to being extremely delicate, need special care, so washing the baby’s clothes should be done separately from other family members.

4. What items are needed for washing?

It is important that, in addition to the soap, a bucket is provided for this purpose. This is important, as the buckets in the house can contain leftover cleaning products that can mix with the water when washing. Try to acquire a bucket that is very different from the others for easy identification between them.

5. What is the best soap to wash baby’s clothes?


Choose to use a mild or coconut soap that is specific for babies. There are several products available on the market, but it is important to remember that products with a strong smell can cause irritation to the baby’s skin or breath.

6. How to sanitize the machine before washing baby clothes?

First of all, sanitize your washing machine internally. Some models have a self-cleaning function, but a normal cycle for other models is sufficient. When the machine is full of water to start the “wash”, add bleach and let it complete all the cycles until the end. It is recommended to put bleach also in the soap and bleach compartments. If your machine has a hot water wash option, choose it.

7. How to wash baby clothes in the washing machine?


Let the machine fill with water, add the liquid soap and then put on the baby’s clothes. Use the most delicate cycle of the washing machine, in order not to damage the items that are usually very delicate. It is important that the machine completes the entire washing cycle in order to clean the clothes well and remove all excess soap.

8. What products should I avoid?

Avoid products that give off a very strong smell. Babies’ clothes should be sanitized as neutrally as possible so that the baby’s skin and breath are preserved. There are specific softeners for washing this type of clothing that must follow the criteria mentioned above.

9. How to wash baby clothes by hand?


In a bucket, mix the water with the liquid soap and then put the baby’s clothes. Rub gently in circular motions and then let them soak for approximately 15 minutes. The most important step in this process is rinsing. Make sure that the clothes do not have traces of any product used and repeat the rinse in running water until the pieces are clean.

10. What is the best time of day for washing?

It is recommended to wash clothes first thing in the morning on the hottest and sunny days, so that all items dry quickly and completely.

11. Can I wash all the pieces together?


It is ideal that a separation is made for washing the baby’s clothes. Try to wash similar items of the same color together. Never wash baby towels next to a delicate item like a blouse. Pieces that release bubbles must be washed separately, or inside a special bag that can be taken to the machine. A good tip is to categorize clothes, such as separating colored blouses, white pants, blankets and so on. That way you avoid stains and other damage to the pieces.

12. Do clothes need to be washed with lukewarm water?

No! Warm water can help sterilize the pieces and help remove stains, but it’s not a rule for routine washing.

13. Where to dry baby’s clothes?


The most recommended is the use of ceiling or floor clotheslines. Clothes should be well stretched and preferably in a place with plenty of ventilation to dry completely. Some machines already have the drying function, but avoid doing this process in commercial laundries due to the excess exposure that clothes can suffer.

14. Do clothes need to be ironed?

It is recommended that all pieces are ironed at medium temperature to help prevent skin irritation, in addition to keeping the pieces always ready for use.

15. How to store washed clothes?


It is important that, at the end of the entire process, the clothes are stored in a clean place and preferably by size, in order to facilitate the routine of changes.

Another important tip is to remove all tags from clothes before washing, as they can bother the baby or irritate their skin.

Now that you have the answers to your questions, check out how you can wash clothes in different ways.

how to wash baby clothes

  1. Before starting the wash, separate the pieces by color and type, remembering that towels should not be washed together with clothes and sheets;
  2. Turn on the machine and select the option of washing delicate clothes;
  3. After the machine is full of water, mix the soap and put on the clothes;
  4. Make sure that the clothes are properly rinsed and spun in order to not contain any traces of any used product;
  5. After washing, lay out the clothes in an airy place so that they dry completely;
  6. After drying, it is recommended to iron the clothes and store them in a clean place.

To make you feel more secure, we have separated some simple and effective tutorials on how to wash your baby’s clothes without mystery and complication. Check out:

How to wash baby clothes in the machine

Machine washing is usually more practical and faster, but requires some care. Follow the instructions in the video and leave the clothes very clean.

How to wash baby clothes by hand

Hand-washed clothes tend to have less risk of being damaged, but require more work and effort. In this process, rinsing is very important so as not to leave product residues on the clothes.

How to wash newborn clothes in the machine

Newborns’ clothes require a lot of attention, so it’s important that they are washed carefully, in a low-abrasive way and with specific products for babies at this early age.

How to make baby clothes clean and smelling good

The smell of clean clothes is already good, but the baby’s clothes are much better! Use good quality products specifically for the little ones, always remembering that their skin is more sensitive and requires caution.

Washing baby clothes is a very pleasant and simple task. With the right products and tips, you will be able to wash your baby’s layette in a practical and correct way, without having to use fancy tactics that could damage the clothes or expose the pieces to inappropriate products. Follow our tips and good luck!

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