Reading: 45+ Stunning Black and White Bathroom Ideas That Will Never Go Out of Style

45+ Stunning Black and White Bathroom Ideas That Will Never Go Out of Style

Ideas for black and white bathroom : best 45+ ideas

Are you looking for Black and white bathroom Ideas ? then this article for you

In this article we are going to see the main keys to decorating bathrooms in black and white, following the tricks used by professional decorators . It is a timeless style with personality, which manages to create incredible spaces in a super simple way.

When we plan the decoration of our house, the bathroom is usually left in the background, we know that it is something that has to be done, but more as an obligation than because we feel like it. It is usual that our bathroom is small and leaves little room for the imagination, but very beautiful things can be done with little space and with a low budget.

This guide of ideas, examples and photos of bathrooms decorated in black and white will help you design yours to make it look like a magazine

How to decorate bathrooms in black and white

Bathrooms decorated in black and white

When it comes to combining colors in the bathroom, many people get stuck. The classics blue or green? Pastel shades? Follow the latest trends? The truth is that it is not easy, because if you decide to go classic it can be old and if you decide to follow the trends it will end up going out of style in a few years.

Black and white is a timeless option that does not go out of style and that can be adapted to any design style, be it minimalist, vintage, rustic, modern, Nordic, eclectic.

Bathrooms decorated in black and white  2

One of the biggest advantages of this color pattern is that you can hardly go wrong . It is a binary combination so the only thing you will have to think about is the black and white ratio. If you want more light you will put more white and if not more black. In addition, it also allows you to play with the tones, from pure black, ebony, brown, or pure white, broken whites, etc.

Create balanced color environments and add lots of light

Bathrooms decorated in black and white  2T

This style makes everything look more eye-catching, refined and elegant. It is a good way to create luxurious environments by achieving beautiful balance between black and white tones. Because too much black can cause a cave effect, making the bathroom appear smaller and darker than it actually is.

If the bathroom is small, you have to choose white as a base for the ceiling and tiles, it has to predominate so that the light bounces and creates the feeling of a large and bright space.

If the bathroom is large, you can allow yourself to add more black to achieve a luxurious style atmosphere, of course , adding more lighting so that it is not dull.

Bathrooms decorated in black and white  2Y

In any case, lighting is very important in black and white bathrooms. Dark tones absorb light instead of bouncing it off, so more lighting is required to achieve the same level of clarity. You are not aware of this until you go to look at yourself in the mirror and realize that before you saw much more.

Add interchangeable pinches of color

The bathrooms decorated in black and white are spectacular, but over time they can become a bit boring. Adding touches of color automatically takes you out of that boredom and transports you to what it evokes . And since they are easy to change, you can vary the color according to the time of year, your mood, or a specific celebration.

Bathrooms decorated in black and white  2F

For example, when the heat arrives you can add touches of yellow, even yellow and green lemon lime roll that is super summery and holiday. On Valentine’s Day or on your anniversary you can put them passion red, at Christmas red, green and gold colors.

Bathrooms decorated in black and white  2DD

How do you manage to change so much and so fast? Well, very easy, adding color with the towels, the shower curtain, the carpet, flowers, accessories .

Thanks to the neutral background, any color looks great and will stand out a lot.

Beyond the pure black and white

Bathrooms decorated in black and white  2ZZ
Bathrooms decorated in black and white  2ER

Choosing a black and white color pattern does not mean limiting yourself to just these two shades. There are dozens of variants that you can use on tiles, ceramics, furniture, and textiles. The grays are allowed to soften without losing elegance, the broken whites to give more warmth , even cream tones also marry in this style.

Bathrooms decorated in black and white  2ZE

It is true that limiting yourself to these two colors achieves a more intense visual force, but not doing so opens a range of possibilities, in addition to facilitating decoration without losing the essence.

Black and white bathroom ideas of various styles

There are many styles of decoration and, although we can understand the above concepts, it is better to see ideas and real examples of bathrooms in the style we are looking for. So let’s see photos of black and white bathrooms for all tastes.

Minimalist black and white bathrooms

This style seems tailor-made for lovers of minimalist interior design. The lack of color makes it a perfect option, as it eliminates unnecessary frills and reduces the chances of oversaturation.

Bathrooms decorated in black and white  1
Bathrooms decorated in black and white  11
Bathrooms decorated in black and white  12
Bathrooms decorated in black and white  13

Black and white minimalism is great for wood tones, adding warmth and softness creating a more welcoming bathroom. Some wooden furniture or a closet hanging from the wall is a very easy option to carry out and that complements the style very well.

Vintage black and white bathrooms

This combination not only suits minimalism, it is also an incredible option for vintage, retro and industrial style.

Bathrooms decorated in black and white  14
Bathrooms decorated in black and white  15
Bathrooms decorated in black and white  16
Bathrooms decorated in black and white  17

Small black and white bathrooms

As in the minimalist style, this combination suits small bathrooms. By suppressing noise in the form of objects and ornate colors, everything seems more spacious, larger, more comfortable. But remember that you should light it well , especially when it is small.

Bathrooms decorated in black and white  18
Bathrooms decorated in black and white  19
Bathrooms decorated in black and white  2

Whether you choose vintage or contemporary decor, you can get small modern black and white bathrooms without even considering it, they look like this on their own.

Black and white bathrooms with bathtub

Whether it’s a vintage bathtub or a modern one, here are some ideas to decorate yours.

Bathrooms decorated in black and white  21
Bathrooms decorated in black and white  22
Bathrooms decorated in black and white  23

Bathrooms with black and white shower

Showers are a great option in bathrooms with little space, here are photos to inspire you and designs yours as a magazine.

Bathrooms decorated in black and white  24
Bathrooms decorated in black and white  25
Bathrooms decorated in black and white  26

In the black and white decorating guide you have more tips and practical ideas to learn to master this style, which looks so good in any room in the house. Once you know the basics and the main tricks, the possibilities are endless.

Black and white bathrooms – 20 inspiring designs


Since everything depends on you we are sure that there are good reasons for choosing the colors for your interior. Bathrooms are no exception. In this article we show you inspiring bathroom designs in black and white, in addition to the photos we will discuss their characteristics in detail.

A bathroom designed by Soma Architekci¹


Black is considered by many to be too gloomy for use in interior design, and its combination with white is too obvious, cold and pessimistic and uncomfortable. However, in recent years, the combination of these two colors is often used in the decoration of rooms, such as a living room or a hallway. But the most popular is the black and white bathroom design.


Black and white in the bathroom is not a trend: the color combination has proven its power in recent years. In fact, many of the black and white tile patterns that are popular today date back to the Victorian era. And since not using white, the most common choice for accessories like sinks, toilets, and bathtubs, adding the sharp contrast with black is an easy way to make a strong style statement.


Whether you like traditional modernity, modern avant-garde, or anything in between, black and white will work in your bathroom. For those who decide to make a black and white bathroom design, it is important to understand that if these colors are used improperly and incorrectly, there is a risk of turning this room into a gloomy storage room.


The use of black and white scales is possible in classic interior design, in the style of hi-tech or modern, vintage or Art Deco. No other style of facilities does not accept such sharp contrast and even some lack of tone in the design.

What bathroom design styles can you use black and white for?


Determining the choice of design direction is quite easy: in the contemporary style we find the predominance of rectangular shapes in the bathroom and a minimum of accessories. Furniture, plumbing, mirrors – everything has a strict and clear outline, with right angles.


Art Deco is all about luxury decor. All items are pompous, on curved pedestals, imitating carved wooden or stone legs.


The modern style is known for the lack of symmetry and repetition in objects, the use of vegetal or geometric ornaments, the presence of stained glass, for example, near the shower.

The vintage style is a skillful and understated combination of antiquity and modernity. In the bathroom, “old-fashioned” lamps will look great, along with shiny new plumbing in a strict color scheme.


Classic style is the simplest solution if you are planning a black and white bathroom interior. Opt for tiles on the floor and on all the walls, massive porcelain toilets, luxurious minimalism in the decoration and luxurious but not flashy accessories. Despite such high requirements, at first glance, you don’t even have to be a professional to successfully create such interiors.


For your design we advise you to start with an accent wall. The black tile pattern on the sink wall will provide a beautiful backdrop for the brass fixtures and mirrors in your modern bathroom.


Advantages and disadvantages of black and white bathroom design

Despite the fact that only two colors are used in the decoration, the flight of fantasy is almost limitless. Depending on the objectives that are being pursued, you can vary the colors and create a unique design in the room. This is the main advantage of using the black and white combination.


Also, such an interior will never go out of style and will surprise guests. And if you decide, change or update it just increase the presence of one of the colors, and the room will look completely different. For example, you can replace the toilet seat or liner in the bathroom, the curtain or the light source or add a stylish accessory.

Furniture ideas for bathrooms in black or white


Even psychologists believe that the use of these two colors in a room where most people seek comfort and relaxation is optimal. First, they are not bored. Secondly, they are able to adapt to the mood of a person: melancholic people subconsciously distinguish black elements, and optimistic – whites. That is, both those and the others will always be satisfied


The downside to a black and white bathroom is just one: any dirt will show up, and it will have to be removed much more frequently. When planning the interior in these two contrasting colors, several rules should be observed. If the floor is black you can safely experiment, then when decorating the walls you need to be careful. Too much black will create a depressing atmosphere, so think of everything, consider various options.


If the bathroom is spacious, then using a contrasting color game, you can divide the spaces. Those areas that you want to hide should be dark, and those that should be displayed white with black trim. If you don’t want to make a contrast, you can decorate the room with vertical black or white stripes on the floor, walls and ceiling.


The black and white design of large and small bathrooms has significant differences. In a small room, the main color should be white. This will significantly expand the space and visually increase it.


To “lift” the ceiling use the vertical dark stripes on the walls. And in no case should they be reflected in the mirror, which will be placed in the bathroom. Before decorating the walls, you need to determine where the mirror will hang.


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