Reading: 25+ Ideas For Craft Room Storage: Keeping Your Workspace Organized

25+ Ideas For Craft Room Storage: Keeping Your Workspace Organized

Ideas for craft room storage : best 25+ ideas

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There are creative people who like to do stuff. Sure, they’ve got a bunch of stuff, from tiny beads to big pieces of paper. Yes, all of this and more can be found in a crafting room. That’s why it’s important to keep everything organized as it would be extremely difficult to get the products you need if you don’t put them in labeled boxes. In addition, the quality of the products can be destroyed if they are not stored properly.

In addition to organizing your belongings, you will also ensure that your place of creation is creatively decorated. You can still express yourself through your decors using your own crafts. But if you’re looking for ideas on how to do it, you can always take inspiration from other crafting rooms like the ones we’re going to show you below.

Ideas for craft room storage

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Craft room designs

Alan Masscord Design Associates Inc.

We love the idea of ​​using a chalkboard for the office where we can write reminders.

Expressions in Stapleton

Crossed ribbons

Wonderland Houses

Cross ribbons are used for the board to place pictures which could be used by the craftsman for ideas and the like.

View from the eastern point

storage area

Siemasko + Verbridge

Materials like holly, teak, and mahogany replicate boat materials that are the theme of space. Look at the storage area, isn’t that cool?

Le Greenwich

colorful backgrounds

Collins design

Do you have so much stuff? You can store them in different ways. You can hang them with colorful backgrounds or place them on shelves.

Craft room

black and white

Refined LLC

A neat black and white craft room. Text wall art is lovely but still looks simple.

Bright and beautiful craft room

colored walls

California Closets de Cincinnati et Dayton

The colorful walls with shelves look great! It will surely make you feel very creative once she gets to her crafting room!

Craft room

Mood board

Monkey frog

The storage for this craft room is really cool and we also love the mood board.

Nhassen Lower Level Renovation Project

Craft room designs

Imagerie Steve Silverman

Everyone would love to have a craft room as neat as this one! Credits to large storage areas to keep all crafting materials.

Bywood Street Residence


Martha O’Hara Interiors

Using one side of the wall for cabinets and desks is a good way to save space.

Small pin cushion studio

fun rooms

CM Glove

With the owner’s extensive collection of craft papers and other items, the craft room proved to be a fun place to work.

Craft room

Retro wallpaper

Michelle Hinckley

The Blue Mountain Retro wallpaper in black and white looked lovely with the yellow walls and white objects in the space.


handicrafts exhibition

Photograph by Kurt Johnson

Designed by Bruce Frasier Architects, the room used a combination of direct and indirect lighting located in appropriate positions to facilitate homeowners’ craftsmanship.

The cities

ribbon decorations

Kristi Will Home + Design

Sorting threads and ribbons on the shelves will not only look good, but it will also make your job easier.

Chemin d’Amhurst

industrial design

Conception d’Edgley

This industrial craft room is magnificent! We love the colors with its use of gray, white and wood.

Flexible spaces

Craft room designs

Conception d’hydromel

The rug is a nice feature in this craft room. One thing we love is the support of this beautiful packaging!

Wicker Baskets for Storing Your Crafts:

Craft rooms should also be in harmony with the other decors of your home. If your home has a more natural, rustic atmosphere; You can store your materials in wicker baskets in your handcrafted room and label them with text.

1. Wicker Baskets for Storing Your Crafts:

Wicker Baskets for Storing Your Crafts. Photo(Photo): The Country Chic Cottage

Use Perforated Chipboard for Vertical Storage:

Pegboards, that is, perforated chipboards; It is a traditional and good way to keep your materials organized. Please paint your pegboard in your garage or workshop in order to make it different from the visible and to ensure harmony in the room. And choosing vibrant colors as paint color will allow you to focus on your work better psychologically. By wrapping this board in fun and different colors; For example, colors according to the type of tools, you can make it more extraordinary and perfect.

2.Use Perforated Chipboard for Vertical Storage:

Use Perforated Chipboard for Vertical Storage. Photo: Honeybear Lane

Adding Novelty to Wardrobe Space in a Craft Room:

If the rooms in your home are limited, you can combine all your crafting supplies under one cabinet. In some small craft room designs, you can turn a built-in desk or cabinet into a workspace.

3. Adding Novelty to Wardrobe Space in a Craft Room:

Adding Innovation to Wardrobe Space in a Craft Room. Photo: IHeart Organizing

Revise Unused Fields:

Before you go out and buy expensive craft storage solutions, consider how you can organize your home without making purchases. Try using old or unused furniture in your home. If you have an entry wall or repair wall that you no longer use, you can hang scissors or similar household appliances on the hooks there. You can also put your belongings in other compartments.

4. Revise Unused Fields:

Revise Unused Spaces in Your Room. Photo: Hey Let’s Make Stuff

Combine Multiple Shelving Units:

When remodeling a craft room, consider completely freeing up space to put the tools, then find a place that will not be a problem in terms of both storage and functionality. It is essential to have an environment where you can separate open and closed shelves where you find them. Do not forget that; You’ll need some serious space for your craft supplies.

5. Combine Multiple Shelving Units:

Combine Multiple Shelving Units

Keep Crafting Items Organized in Containers:

One tip to consider is to keep all kinds of ingredients in the container. For example, keep pens and colored pencils in vases instead of lying around. But when you use the pens, be careful not to move the vase. It will make a positive contribution to you psychologically if it looks neat and beautiful.

6. Keep Crafting Items Organized in Containers:

Keep Crafting Supplies Organized in Containers. Photo: Unskinny Boppy

Use Holders for Your Colored Jewelry:

If you are into jewelry and jewelery style crafts, you can store your materials with such a holder. During the work, it becomes one of your indispensables with the order it adds to you. If you trust your wood craftsmanship; You can also produce it yourself. Otherwise, you may have to go to DIY stores or stationery stores to buy it.

7. Use Holders for Your Colored Jewelry:

Use Holders for Your Colored Jewelry

Turn Storage into Sliding Door:

Sliding door, concealed foldable area or swinging door compartment; It is a formula for masterful use of narrow spaces. If you also use paint for coloring works; It will be a great option for you. Instead of paint or bottles, you can also house your different utensils. By enlarging or shrinking the partitions, of course. You may need support from a furniture maker or carpenter for such a door.

8. Turn Storage into Sliding Door:

Turn the Storage Unit into a Sliding Door. Photo: Infarrantly Creative

Display Your Important Pictures On The Wall:

It often happens that craftsmen who engage in crafts or painting often forget to plan a space to display their artwork. Please designate a space on the wall for your artwork and finished projects, whether it’s yours or your children’s work. You can get results by mounting such chipboard or laminate pieces on the wall. You can find the apparatus, the inventory of screws to be attached to chipboard or laminate, in DIY stores.

9: Display Your Important Pictures On The Wall:

Display Your Important Pictures On The Wall

Stick Boxes On The Wall To Store Your Paints:

To replicate these craft organization ideas, buy inexpensive metal cans and glue them to a wooden chipboard. Tilt rimmed containers slightly upwards to protect your ingredients from falling.

10: Stick Boxes On The Wall To Store Your Paints:

Stick Cans On The Wall To Store Your Paints. Photo: Sugar Bee Crafts

Like what we said, you can always express your creativity in decorating your craft room. But of course, you also got to choose a few ideas from the list we have given above. It would be easier for you to do the decorations, especially since you have lots of stuff on hand!

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