Reading: 45+ Dazzling Formal Dining Room Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

45+ Dazzling Formal Dining Room Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

formal dining room ideas

A formal style is implicit in the so-called elegance. This is what we can see with the following examples of formal dining room ideas . Without a doubt, one of the main areas of our home and where we can spend the best moments with family or friends. So, whether separately or integrated into the living room itself, there will always be a more than great space to focus our vision on a decoration like this. Discover the examples that we show you!

In the first place, the longest table is the one that presides over this room. At the same time, the armchairs in smoke color present the great elegance of the moment. In addition, their most classic style can be seen in them. A large lamp has to star in a decorative environment like this one. Elegance also breathes the simplicity of every detail. A perfect contrast is the furniture in a neutral tone that joins the table lamps. Without a doubt, a unique style for a living room with great taste .

dining room elongated table with neutral chairs

In this case, we go to the chairs combined in white with black legs, as can be seen in the image. In this way they are combined with the table in the same color as it. Armchairs with a wide backrest that, in addition to style, reveal your comfort. The rest of the decoration is accompanied by a mirrored wall and lots of light.

elegant dining room with combo chairs

Also the most elegant and classic spaces offer us originality. It is about the combination of the chairs or armchairs in this area. From the seats with a wide backrest to those with a different touch in shape and colors. Arala lamp and large paintings, as well as mirrors will complete this place.

round elegant dining table

We don’t always have to talk about long tables. Today we can enjoy the round ones with the same elegance. A great idea if we have a rather small dining room . Wenge brown and white is the most perfect combination to delight ourselves in a place like this.

elegant modern dining room

Because elegant and tasteful dining rooms are not always the most classic. Also those with a modern touch are loved a lot. We have selected on this occasion, a special dining room. It has a mirror cabinet that lets us see how the light is what decorates part of this place. In addition, wood will be the main part of the table and chairs, which have a very attractive shape.

formal dining room ideas : GRAY / BEIGE, WHITE, PATINA IN THE DINING ROOM

In another atmosphere, a shabby chic atmosphere, we can find more neutral associations with a gray or beige base. The white will be used to diffuse the luminosity but in less quantity compared to the preceding atmospheres. Patina has an important role because it gives character to your furniture and therefore to the room. This play of color due to time creates this elegant atmosphere. Not in the blingbling sense but thanks to the old furniture which has a history.

elegant feminine chabby chic dining room


Finally the last color, white. It is possible to create a feminine and elegant atmosphere thanks to white. The use of monochrome white can scare many of you. (And I admit that I will be part of this group too even if I love white). The symbolism of white, the pure side is resolutely feminine. Just look in the literature, especially medieval literature full of symbolism, the young lady is often associated with the color white. The elegance of the dining room will be worked through the details: moldings on the walls and ceiling, associations of materials to work tone on tone and give it depth.

elegant and feminine white dining room

Opt for the classic but current

Opt for the classic but current

The greater the sophistication in the decoration of the environment, with the help of our  Interior Designers , the more formality and etiquette the dining room will demand in its use. This undoubtedly influences the performance within this venue that will display sobriety in manners and talks during meals. This type of dining room is arranged in spaces designed in a classic style but renovated with modern touches where it weighs the elegance and glamor of formal meals and those special occasions, such as Christmas dinners or welcoming family members or guests who visit us infrequently. .

Pair of armchairs at the head

Pair of armchairs at the head

You can have armchairs at the head of the table. To give more character to the dining room environment, these armchairs can be another model that harmonizes perfectly with the rest, or the same model but with armrests, for example. This variation must be very well cared for so as not to fall into extravagances in colors and models that affect the elegance of our  dining room .

Hanging lamps

Hanging lamps

An essential element to give elegance, is undoubtedly a good lamp that stars in the ceiling area of ​​the dining room. The most traditional are the pendants, especially the classic chandeliers. But, you can opt for a more avant-garde model that occupies a certain volume of the table and that complements the glamorous model of the chairs or the table, if this were the case.

Round or rectangular but distinguished table

Round or rectangular but distinguished table

If the chairs stand out in grace and elegance, you can be more permissive in the selection of the table in terms of shapes and materials; yes, without losing sight of the distinguished touch that corresponds and provided by wood, marble, glass and dark tones.

Design the environment carefully

Design the environment carefully

The aesthetic design of the space where the dining set sits must be harmonized with the decorative resources selected according to the style and personality of the room. Everything must be carefully combined: neutral tones on the walls, upholstery, works of art, complementary furniture, sheer curtains and rugs that frame the area of ​​the floor where the table is.

Small dining rooms in shared spaces

Small dining rooms in shared spaces

Who said you can’t have a fancy dining room in a small room? The secret is to adjust the size of the furniture. A long table or a round table and thin chairs will give the dining room the feeling of more space. If the space is a living-dining room, you have to be careful with the amount of furniture and decorative elements so as not to fall into exaggeration and cram the space and our guests.

Modern minimalist elegant dining room

Modern minimalist elegant dining room

With the evolution of the real estate market, the trend has been towards homes with smaller spaces, putting the ingenuity of interior design to the test. But along with the changing world of architectural design, models of modern-style furniture and appliances have also emerged. All these resources, combined with the strategies in colors and textures to give a feeling of spaciousness as well as the different details and ornaments conceived to save space and provide sobriety, give us the possibility of having an elegant dining room with a modern minimalist style.

Country elegance

Country elegance

Also in the mountains you can enjoy a distinguished and at the same time cozy dining room, framed in the landscape that provides the majestic view through the large windows and the natural lighting of the environment where the imposing dining set with armchair and large chairs presides over. armchairs presiding over the table.

Elegant dining room in eclectic style

Elegant dining room in eclectic style

This typical decoration design is very simple, fresh and bright. The detail of the vintage finish of the rustic table, combines phenomenally with the refinement of the chairs and the country atmosphere of the large windows with wooden shutters. A dining room where various styles harmonize and elegance reigns. 

Danish style dining room

nice elegant Danish dining room
Fuel 3D

Let’s start with a bright and wonderful dining room that balances Danish simplicity with luxurious undertones. The pendant lamp above the table is the standout piece that makes a simple interior like this so effective. We cannot deny that a simple but well chosen decoration always gives an elegant and beautiful result.

Marble is synonymous with elegance

nice and elegant dining room with marble
Arc Media

Marble has always been associated with elegance and luxury, because in the past it was an excessively expensive material. Today we can have it available to everyone to give that elegant and luxurious touch. Combine it with a simple decoration like the one in the photo with white furniture and light wood and you have an incredible result.

Dark doesn’t have to be boring

nice and elegant and fun dining room
Svitlana Petelko

Everyone recognizes black as the color of elegance. And for that it is enough that you see this dining room. It is decorated in very dark tones that add a modern and luxurious air to the entire room.

From the wooden floors to the black chairs, everything has been chosen with good taste and great care. And the star of the composition is this absolutely beautiful lamp with orange tones.

Add a touch of color to black

nice elegant black dining room

If the previous proposal was too dark for you, here you can see another example of a dining room in dark tones. The idea is very similar to use dark wood tones to give warmth but not to go too far from the black color with the furniture, the chairs are an example of this. But this time, to give it a little more color, a work of art has been chosen that decorates a large part of the main wall.

Beautiful, elegant and colorful dining room

nice and elegant and ornate dining room
Nasser Malek

An authentic library that reminds us of the 70s and 80s. At first glance it looks very nice and cheerful due to the colorful touches provided by the records, the posters and the floor. But it also has the elegant touch of the table, the exposed beams and the stately shelving. It is a very interesting mix that you don’t see every day.

Add geometry to your dining room

nice and elegant and geometric dining room
K-frame Honeymoon

Geometry is the predominant theme of this dining room. We find it in the back of the chairs, the lines that form the drawers on the left, the theme of the painting, the sizes of the vases … And that shows that a dining room can be achieved with an almost chaotic system, like the previous one, or with a practically mathematical decoration like this.

Nice and bright dining room

nice and elegant and bright dining room
Digital cubic meter

Just seeing this dining room gives us a feeling of peace that is wonderful. If we simply analyze the dining room, we will see that it is a fairly elegant minimalist style, with neutral colors such as beige, gray, white and light brown.

But what makes it really beautiful are the views of nature that you see from the large windows and the tons of natural light that comes in. Without a doubt, a perfect place to have a snack while reading a book.

Take advantage of the dining room views

nice elegant dining room with views
Kateryna Senko

This is another example of a modern dining room that plays with dark colors to show elegance in the dining room. But this time it is not the furniture that stands out. The cut of the furniture is quite low, it is designed so that the beautiful views of the mountain are part of the decoration itself. And it really works very well.

A touch of green always looks pretty

pretty elegant dining room with plants
NY Mag

This incredible garden view is everything anyone could wish for. Not only does it bring out the colors and materials used throughout the dining room, it also influences the structure of the dining table set – the structural variation is natural, rebellious, and carefree. 

This is the kind of table to dress simply, perfectly equipped with a plant and a couple of simple glass bottles.

Cute, there is no other word that defines it

nice and elegant and simple dining room
Emanuela Berardi

Cute! Eclectic chairs unify the theme of white, black and wood used in this cozy kitchen and dining room combination. It’s interesting to see how the chair arrangement really shifts the visual weight of the area, the warm wood on the right balances the darker area near the breakfast bar on the left.

Nice and elegant dining room with designer lamp

Nice and elegant dining room with designer lamp
Annie Schlechter

Soft powder blue and a geometric ceiling command attention in this Bronxville dining room designed by Carrier & Co. A black walnut dining table splits in two, with a drop-down center leaf that slides out for more intimate dining. Frosted glass lanterns, Circa Lighting. Acrylic paint, Leah Durner.

Nice and elegant dining room with a work of art

Nice and elegant dining room with a piece of art
Douglas Friedman

In this Meredith McBrearty-designed Dallas dining room, a fascinating cast of characters join in at dinner time in this anthropological painting by America Martin, known for her interpretations of human forms. The dining room table is inspired by a Japanese sword stand (Studio Piet Boon), and the rug is by Holland & Sherry. Oak console, Liaigre

Nice and elegant white, black and gold dining room

Nice and elegant white, black and gold dining room
Mali Azima

In this dining room in an Atlanta home designed by Melanie Turner and Yong Pak, scenes from “Diana at the Hunt” painted upside down in French Empire-style credentials enliven the living room in a fascinating Roman theater. A Murano glass chandelier (one of a pair) hangs above a table draped in custom parchment (J. Robert Scott). Chair cloth, Miles Redd for Schumacher. Credenzas, Jean de Merry.

Nice and elegant dining room with neutral colors

Nice and elegant dining room with neutral colors
Max Kim-Bee

In this bright and airy Nashville dining room designed by Richard Hallberg, the walnut table, carved wood seating and crystal chandelier are by Dennis & Leen. Chair upholstery fabric, Ashbury Hides (seat cushion) and Romo (back).

Pretty and elegant dining room with timeless decorations

Pretty and elegant dining room with timeless decorations
Max Kim-Bee

Dinner is always a decadent affair at the Georgia of Furlow Gatewood. In the dining room, a mix of antiques from John Rosselli Antiques starts its own history conversation. The tole leaf wall hangings were designed by Gatewood.

Nice and elegant blue and white dining room

Nice and elegant blue and white dining room
Amy Neunsinger

Blue and white pastiche and textiles dominate the scene in this California dining room, designed by Mark D. Sikes and upholstered in a trio of paisley prints from Brunschwig & Fils. Spider, formations through Jerry Pair.

Nice and elegant dining room from the golden age

Nice and elegant dining room from the golden era
Laurey Glenn

At Keith and Jon Meacham’s Nashville home, the dining room wall color (Babouche by Farrow & Ball) is a nod to Monticello’s chrome yellow dining room. The 19th century chandelier is Italian, the chairs are antique, and the table top is Schweitzer linen. Entrance Wall Covering, Adelphi Wallpaper Tapestries

Nice and elegant spring style dining room

Nice and elegant spring style dining room
Jeff mr

In this Georgia home designed by James Farmer, references to the garden envelop the space. An ancient Persian carpet is the basis of this “garden.” Lewis and Wood Wallpaper is truly a vine motif that grows skyward. The ceiling is lacquered in sky blue (Pearl by Benjamin Moore). Hints of fresh green from the garden are carried everywhere, from the lampshades to the majolica plates.

Nice, elegant and refined dining room

Nice and elegant and refined dining room
Stephen Karlisch

At the 2020 Kips Bay Designer Show House Dallas, the bright dining room features a refined blend of traditional Dallas style and global influences. Designer Cathy Kincaid was inspired by the beloved rooms of Alidad and Veere Grenney, along with their most trusted artisans in the industry, to create a one-of-a-kind dining room. The room also features custom embroidered covers on the dining chairs from Kincaid’s debut collection with Penn & Fletcher.

Nice and elegant Mediterranean style dining room

Nice and elegant Mediterranean style dining room
Bjorn Wallander

For his 1926 Mediterranean Revival home in Florida, Lou Marotta commissioned decorative artist Chuck Fischer to create a whimsical black and white gazebo design featuring colorful vines and passionflower. Blackman Cruz’s 19th century golden aura acts as a golden backdrop for Jonson Cornell’s 1980s sculpture.

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