Reading: 100+ ideas for living room wall decor

100+ ideas for living room wall decor

Ideas for living room wall decor : Over 100+ ideas

Are you looking for Ideas for living room wall decor ? then this article for you

When we decorate our house we think about the armchair, the chairs, the cushions, the tables … and the walls for when? The walls in your spaces are very important to achieve the decoration you want in a very effective way.

The walls are extremely important in the decoration, especially in the living space, in which we spend a lot of time.

22 Ideas for living room wall decor

Today we bring you many ideas so that you can decorate the walls of your living room with great style.

Paint a focal wall

We always mention that a paint change can do wonders. Choosing a prominent tone to paint a focal wall in a space is a very simple resource with great results.

In living rooms, the wall behind the armchair is usually highlighted to frame it and make it stand out, especially if dark tones are chosen for the wall and light tones for the decoration, as in this photo.

Use the paint in an original way

You can also look for original ways to apply paint on your walls, not just from ceiling to floor. The trend of walls with colored parts and white parts is widely used and you can certainly apply it to your living room.

In this example we see how a large dark green horizontal line runs along the walls of the living room, unifying the environment through painting.

Bet on wallpaper

A great way to quickly add design to your walls is by choosing a pretty wallpaper that goes with your décor. You can create a focal wall, or place it on all walls, for maximum effect.

Decorate with vinyls

Vinyl or stickers are a very effective temporary solution when it comes to adding color and design to your walls. They come in many shapes and sizes, and you can also customize them.

In this example, it was decided to place the flower vinyl in one corner , to highlight it and give the sticker dimensionality. In addition, some flowers are replicated on the adjacent walls so that you have unity with the entire space.

Line your walls with wood

Wood is a great material for adding warmth and texture to a space. In the living room, you can use wooden slats on the wall or adhesive coverings that simulate wood.

With either of the two options you will achieve a spectacular effect, even more intense if you only leave the wood on a focal wall.

Choose a textured coating

In addition to wallpaper, vinyl and wood, there are other types of self-adhesive textured coatings to decorate your home. You can find siding sheets that look like brick or stone.

These plates are glued on the wall directly and generate a very original effect both visually and to the touch. With this idea you can achieve those white brick walls that are so fashionable.

Add moldings to the wall

If you always dreamed of a French-style house with moldings on the walls, we have good news: you can create them yourself! Add moldings to your wall to give your living room a classic and vintage look.

Place a single painting for the wall

It is time to start looking at the options of pictures and frames for the walls of your living room. A good idea to fit in with the minimalist style and make a painting stand out is to place it only in the center of a wall.

Create an art gallery

On the other hand, if you have many works that you want to exhibit, you can create a gallery on one of the walls. There are many options when it comes to putting together a gallery of this type, but the main thing to take into account is the relationship of the colors between the works and with the decoration.

Opt for a symmetrical gallery

If you are a fan of symmetry, a gallery with paintings of the same size and color all over the wall may be your best option. It will be even better if the tables are related in some way, perhaps they are all part of a series, as in the example.

Display your photos on the walls

Photographs of loved ones and special moments are widely used to decorate interiors, but generally in frames resting on furniture that no one ever looks at. A good idea is to hang large photographs on the wall, unifying them in some way.

In this example, we can see how all the photos are black and white and have the same frame size, to create a uniform gallery.

Decorate with empty frames

To achieve a minimalist and modern effect on your wall, place empty pictures of the same color or several decorating the wall. This idea is very easy to achieve and it is sure to give a very interesting effect.

Place shelves to organize your paintings

Another way to create a gallery is by placing your frames on shelves. This way you make sure they have an order and you can change places as many times as you want. There are special “U” -shaped shelves on the market that hold the slanted pictures perfectly.

Or use the shelves for decoration

You can also choose to place pictures and decoration elements on the shelves for a much cooler and more serene space. There you can put your favorite objects, so that they are always in sight.

Set up a bookcase

Using the same cantilevered shelves or a complete bookcase, you can create a special place for your books. The size of the furniture will depend on the space available and the number of books you need to organize.

Increase the light with a mirror

Mirrors are great for adding light and also for decorating. The round mirrors on the sofa are widely used, which frames it and increases the space.

Create a mirror composition

You can also create a gallery, but with mirrors. Ideal if you like to collect objects, you can have a selection of vintage mirrors hanging on your walls. This ensures a lot of light in the space and a lot of visual interest as well.

Make up a vertical garden

If you want to add plants, but you feel like you don’t have space, you can turn to the walls and build your own vertical garden. The easiest way is to place shelves and organize your small garden, to which you can add plants whenever you want.

Display a collection as decoration

Don’t let your precious collection get dusty in a box, bring it to light! You can use your collection to decorate the walls of your living room and have it in view of everyone, so that others can also enjoy your precious objects.

Write a message on the wall

Your favorite song, a paragraph from a book or your mantra in life, you can capture these lyrics on the walls of your living room to inspire you every day. In this example the letters are painted on the wall, but you can also add a vinyl or wooden letters.

Hang a fabric to add texture

While decorative wall rugs have been around for a long time, you can see a revival of that trend lately with wall fabrics or tapestries. Look for one with a special design and with only two nails to attach it to the wall.

Achieve a bohemian space with macramé

The macrame pendants are very popular, following the bohemian style currently in fashion. You can hang them in your living room to decorate and make the most of the vertical space.

Creative Ideas To Decorate The Living Room Wall


  • Locate a visible wall, which can be noticed when entering the house, that when decorated is not hidden but rather can be shown.
  • Make sure that this wall is the back to the central furniture and that its decoration enhances the other objects in the room, that everything is in harmony.
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  • Before decorating it clean and fix it, in case it has cracks, holes, you can line it with white cement and a spatula, make the mesclilla and cover the holes or imperfections, let it dry and then with a small sandpaper you eliminate the rough surfaces, it is important that you wall is free of any imperfections and more when your option is to paint it.
wall decorations

Now, let’s see some tips on types of wall decorations for our living room, let’s study which one fits best with our home, let’s study the minimalist or vintage trends of living room decoration today and take the best option to be at the forefront.


Today stones are an essential use for vintage decorations, there are those who not only decorate one wall but several in the house giving a rustic touch to the home but at the same time very warm and modern.

3d rendering sandstone walls are decorated lights shines board 39730 420

You can use stone ceramics or slats, for this option you should look for a construction expert or look for a YouTube tutorial and start pecking your wall and prepare for the veneer, you can find smooth, corrugated, brown and even black stones, in the market has a lot of variety and everything will depend on your taste and style.


Something very practical and simple, today it is a world trend, due to its easy application and that you only need to be sure of the footage of the wall and know well if installation, there are many stores that offer the same installation of the wallpaper with qualified personnel.


The good thing about wallpaper is that unlike stone, the day you don’t want to use it anymore, its detachment will be much better and less work in the collection of waste materials. So this is a great idea, and there are even some in the shape of stones, and with touches of 3D, which will give a very real appearance to our room.


The vinyls are very easy to install, and you can do it yourself, the design can be found or created, from phrases alluding to the identity of your home, to drawings or silhouettes that distinguish the particularity of the decoration of your room.

interior wallpaper mockup 42637 1215

Commonly we can see them in black, but there are totally different colors, sizes and shapes, the variety is immense, the vinyls are a great idea, very economical, minimalist and modern, you can also find in the vinyls for portraits, or genealogical trees to color photos on the wall of the room you want to decorate.


Covering a wall in 3D is something super striking and very elegant and even more so if you add lights or reflectors that play with the figures on the wall. In this case, an expert in the placement of moldings is necessary since it is a more meticulous and delicate job.


You can leave your wall white or paint the moldings in a striking color that matches the rest of the room, you can attach the reflectors on the floor of the wall or on the top of the wall embedded in the ceiling, the lighting It will seek to highlight the figure of your moldings.


If nothing has convinced you so far, just paint your wall, choose a color that matches and harmonizes, dare for a fun color, look for this year’s trend color and start painting.


You can make abstract figures with pencil and rulers and combine both colors on the wall, the idea is that that wall stands out and not that it remains insipid or does not show the intention to be reflected.

Everything is to your liking, from stones to large moldings, from tapestry to just painting, all this will depend on your taste, finances and disposition as a great decorator of the house, remember once the wall is decorated do not forget accessories to reinforce the decoration of your living room.

How to Decorate the Wall of your Living Room with Stone

Believe it or not, this type of decoration is super modern and very elegant. In addition, it is widely used to decorate the wall of a luxury room .

Many decorators use stone because it is a hard material and has a touch that helps complement any type of decoration done in a living room. So you, do not stay behind and start decorating the wall of your living room with stone .

All human beings know stone, but we did not know that it is a very expensive material to decorate luxury spaces . Stone is used because it is a natural material and has endless combinations in wall decoration.


Currently we have succeeded in showing that the stones are one of the most versatile options for decorating walls of halls . Mainly a stone decorated wall absolutely helps to create a natural stylish focal point in your living room.

Mostly a stone wall can work as a context for your furniture and paintings or also to enhance the beauty of the fireplace . If you decide to decorate the wall of your living room with stone, it will be much easier to reflect your style.


1. It is very important that you choose the stone according to the type of decoration you want to do in your room . If you want to create an elegant and modern room , I advise you to decorate the walls with smooth stones created from materials such as granite and marble.

But if you want your living room to be traditional in style, you just need to decorate the walls with stacked raw stones. Especially river stones are used to decorate the walls of a room that has a rustic style .


2. Decorating the wall of your living room with stone is very favorable, because you will improve the style and elegance of the fireplace .

If your living room has a fireplace and the decoration you want to make is rustic, then the only solution is to decorate the wall with polished and rounded river stones. Frame the fireplace , add a fire pit with a smooth slate top, and extend the fireplace toward the ceiling for a raised focal point.

If your living room has a small fireplace you should wrap the fireplace with a granite wall to give it a bright urban loft look.


3. With the stone you will also be able to create a beautiful accent wall . What you should do is cover the entire wall with marble stone. After that, you must make or make three shelves on the wall that are not very deep, but have the shape of steps. On the shelves that you have made, you must place some decorative element , in such a way that you can enhance the decoration .

You can also put a beautiful overstuffed sofa against a slate wall and behind it you should hang a large colorful tapestry.

Here are some photos of rooms , especially these spaces have a luxurious and modern decoration, so be sure to see them:


Some others decorations ideas

Ideas to decorate a very original living room wall

Ideas to decorate a very original living room wall

Whether it is a kitchen, a bedroom or a living room, a wall decoration will make your environment truly irresistible. Of course, the choice of decorations will change depending on the room, whether it is large or small, narrow or wide and to your taste. For the living room, you can opt for a series of paintings and drawings on the wall. The images should all have more or less the same theme and a truly refined and original style.

Ideas to decorate a living room wall with shelves with plants

ideas to decorate a living room wall shelves pots modern

Often after a problem is fixed the room looks clean and tidy, but too empty and uncomfortable. One of the reasons for this to happen is the lack of proper wall decoration. In order to create a space with an atmosphere full of comfort and convenience it is important to decorate one of the walls.

Stone wall, black granite slabs and lovely fire place in modern living room

ideas how to decorate wall living room modern fire place

Traditional shelf options are working without a hitch, but it may seem boring to someone. However, it is not difficult to make the most of bare walls, thus turning an ordinary living room into an exclusive interior.

An original living room design in a modern style


If paintings are not your thing, we are in love with the ideas of very large clocks in bright gold or silver colors that are very luxurious on any wall. Or you can opt for a wall decorated with mirrors with remarkable frames, a shelving device that in addition to being useful if you put decorative figures on it will also serve to beautify its surroundings.

Large pictures on stone brick wall

ideas to decorate a living room wall carpet modern colors

Decorate with clocks

Without a doubt, the clock in the home is an essential element. In our case, it can not only be a functional element for the interior, but also the exclusive focus of the room. A very elegant looking clock, located on the wall is a good decoration.

Small living rooms with dark walls and decorative paintings

ideas to decorate a modern dark colored living room wall

There are many great and original models that will quickly gain popularity. And instead of a regular clock, you can use anything to create your own clock design. You can use photographs, images, unusual figures.

Pictures and decorative tree for the modern living room

ideas to decorate a living room wall large picture ideas

These clocks can be an accent on their own or they can be guaranteed to transform any room into an exclusive and original space. There is a large selection of very beautiful vintage models. A huge clock in the room will certainly attract attention and even more imitating the vintage design.

Pictures of different sizes for the walls of the living room

ideas to decorate a living room wall pictures modern carpet

Decorate with mirrors

The mirror is a very functional element since in addition to its traditional use, with the help of mirrors you can visually increase space, depth, fill rooms with light and create comfort.

Ideas for modern living room wall

ideas to decorate a modern chic living room wall

In the event that you need to create an interesting composition and emphasize the style of the room, it is better to use several mirrors. This solution will also emphasize the originality and taste of the homeowners.

Black bookshelves hanging on the wall in the living room


Mirrors can be grouped in different ways: by using the same shape or creating a composition from a variety of patterns. The first option will emphasize rigor and add elegance to the interior, the second will add dynamics due to the play of contrasts.

Very original wooden wall in the living room

ideas to decorate a modern contemporary style living room wall

Decorate with photos

Many of us have stored a large number of photos, this is the perfect material for decorating the walls. By making collages, we will not only decorate the walls, but we will also create a decoration that inspires us on a daily basis. After all, the selection of photos can be based on any criteria, you can give free rein to your imagination.

Painting and colored furniture for the modern living room

ideas to decorate a modern feminine style living room wall

For example, you can select photos by color to match the walls or other details in the room. In the living room or bedroom it can be themed collage with the same photo frames, which will unite the composition.

Brick wall and huge painting for the modern living room

ideas to decorate a modern brick living room wall

Decorate with pictures

One of the most popular items in the decoration of the walls of the house are the pictures. This is not surprising, as well-chosen paint can transform an ordinary interior into a work of art.

Ideas to decorate a living room wall with wood sheets and pictures

ideas to decorate a living room wall modern wood laminates

Now large paintings without frames are gaining more and more popularity. This method is used not to distract attention from what we see in the picture. The combination of colors and images should be in harmony with the rest of the interior and not overload it.

Wall with very different images in the modern living room

ideas to decorate a living room wall modern colored furniture

If you follow the latest trends and ideas in terms of decoration you can bring a breath of fresh air into the living room and have a good reason to renew curtains, fabrics, pictures, posters, whatever you want. In general, try not to overdo it especially if the environment is not very large: having a wall in the living room that is too crowded could be counterproductive. Now we let you review our ideas to decorate a living room wall and get inspired.

Ideas to decorate a living room wall with beautiful wallpaper with an original and modern print

ideas to decorate a living room wall modern wall paper
ideas to decorate a living room wall modern wood wall
ideas to decorate a living room wall modern black wall
ideas to decorate a living room wall large modern sofa
mirror panels wall living room modern decorated ideas
wall living room modern decorated ideas
modern living room wall decorated fireplace mirror interesting ideas
modern living room wall decorated fireplace wood paneling ideas
modern living room wall decorated blue color lamp ideas
modern living room wall decorated beige color picture ideas
modern living room wall decorated white color beautiful ideas
modern living room wall decorated neutral colors paintings ideas
modern living room wall decorated comic tiger head ideas
modern living room wall decorated black picture ideas
modern living room wall decorated pictures fireplace ideas
modern living room wall decorated paintings bright colors ideas
wall living room modern decorated paintings shelf built-in wood ideas
modern living room wall decorated pictures pictures ideas
modern living room wall decorated picture windows ideas
modern living room wall decorated sophisticated table lamps ideas
modern living room wall decorated decorative shields ideas

Bright modern living room designed by Lu Barradas

modern living room wall decorated shelves original print ideas
modern living room wall decorated bookshelves books ideas
modern living room wall decorated wooden shelves decorations ideas
modern living room wall decorated concrete picture ideas
modern living room wall decorated tiles mirror wall ideas
modern living room wall decorated concrete slabs white panels ideas
modern living room wall decorated stone slab ideas
modern living room wall decorated large flower pot ideas
wall living room modern decorated wood paintings nature ideas
modern living room wall decorated white walls ideas
modern living room wall decorated large plate ideas
modern living room wall decorated various pictures ideas
modern living room wall decorated various pictures ideas

No more empty walls

We hope that among all these tips you will find the one that best suits your style and personal needs to say goodbye! to empty walls without personality.

When decorating a space, we must take into account all its plans: floors, walls and ceiling, to be able to organize the environment in its three dimensions. Just as we add a rug in the living room almost without question, we want you to propose to decorate your walls in an original way.

You no longer have excuses, start planning the walls of your living room so that they are full of life and style.

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