Reading: Master bathroom ideas : 100+ ideas + advice’s

Master bathroom ideas : 100+ ideas + advice’s

master bathroom ideas

The bathroom is a key part of any residential project, where aesthetics, technology and functionality must go hand in hand. In this article we give Ideas for master bathroom decor, one of the jewels of a home, with which to find perfect solutions to improve the efficiency and quality of life of people.

master bathroom ideas

3 keys to a good master bathroom design

  • Study the conditions and habits of those who are going to use it and their lifestyle, in order to obtain a totally personalized design that meets specific needs, without losing sight of two fundamental points that must be totally balanced: the practicality that ” it must bring, for example in the morning before going to work or in times when time is short, as well as the serenity that it must transmit, by becoming a temple where to take refuge, disconnect and take care of oneself afterwards a long day. It is therefore important to have an arrangement or equipment solutions in line with the needs of the users, because a couple does not use it in the same way as a family with children.
  • Design a layout plan to optimize the space. Whether the bathroom is larger or smaller, the key to getting the most out of every inch is the layout. Therefore, proper planning will ensure that the space covers all needs and is optimal in terms of use.
  • Integrate the bathroom aesthetically and decorative with the rest of the house or the adjacent room (if it is an adjoining bathroom ), so as to ensure continuity and visual consistency and to provide added value to the project as a whole. However, while it is essential to maintain visual order and distribution, it is important to emphasize that each of these has the character for which it was designed.

A main bathroom for two people: double sink

One of the main advantages of opting for a double sink for the main bathroom is, without a doubt, being able to offer everyone their own space for their beauty and hygiene rituals without wasting time or schedules. , by gaining in functionality and storage.

Here, we focus on versatility, both in terms of installation type and materials, so that the sink adapts to the specific needs of each bathroom.

Vivid designs, organic shapes and functionality are the pillars of this. Our sinks are available in two types of materials: Acrymold® Solid Surface , bold silhouettes and textures with a velvety finish in matte white color; and Acrystone® , the material composed of mineral fillers and recycled polyester resins coated with a thick outer layer of gel coat.

Ideas of double sinks for the main bathroom depending on the installation

  • Washbasins with integrated countertop: this allows for a larger support surface, with a larger countertop. It is a unique piece on which we can choose models and sizes, also integrating accessories such as the towel holder or storage spaces. Their advantage: they have no seals and are more hygienic.
  • Countertop washbasin  : this option provides a superior aesthetic finish, so that the washbasins themselves stand out like sculptures on the countertop. In order to give new ideas for the main bathroom , we present a choice of double basin sinks but on a separate  
  • Tailor-made toilet plan for the main bathroom: create your future

A perfect example of our commitment to achieve maximum flexibility in the bathroom: to offer total customization and adaptation to needs and measurements, our countertops can be cut to measure and adjusted on site. Design without limits


Incorporate shower panels for the main bathroom and give continuity to the shower tray: a new concept, a unique touch

Another idea for the main bathroom to give the space its own personality is to include shower panels , a practical and aesthetic covering solution that can be installed without work and quickly and easily. This solution allows to obtain a total look with the shower tray , achieving the continuity and visual consistency mentioned throughout the article.

It is also worth noting that it can serve as a “divider” in the master bathroom, making the room more flexible and versatile in its use.


What are their other advantages?

  • VERSATILITY AND ADAPTABILITY  : They can be installed on any tile or wall, and can be cut to fit any size.
  • Sublime aesthetics: the same finish as the shower tray can be applied to the wall for a real “total look”.
  • Lightness: extra thin with a thickness of 9 mm and 6 mm.
  • Of feeling textures: our shower panels are available in textures Vulcano, stone, slate and smooth (stone, slate or smooth) and can be combined with any shower tray and colors.
  • Easy maintenance: they can be cleaned with a damp cloth, soap and water.

Acryprint®: unique decoration, strong visual impact

The master bathroom is one of the gems of the house and as such, the details can make all the difference, taking it to a higher aesthetic level. This is why the Acryprint® decoration technique can be a perfect choice.

Acryprint® is the technology that allows us to apply decorations inspired by natural stones on shower trays, vanity tops and sinks. Designs inspired by natural stones on the gel coat coating of our Acrystone® material which are transformed into “skins” with high visual impact and high resistance.


Mirage shower tray in Marquina Black finish


Wok sink and Acryprint® countertop, both in Marquina Black finish


Acryprint® Calacatta White on the Mirage shower tray, the Scala vanity unit and the Wok sink

A technology that makes the difference and which also makes it possible to draw on sinks with curvilinear shapes, obtaining integrated looks between the different elements of the bathroom equipment.

A wellness area: main bathroom with shower and bathtub

Balance is often the key to success. Why give up the shower or the bathtub when they can coexist in the same bathroom? Having a master bathroom with a shower and a tub is a practical solution for a bathroom for two (or more) people who need different solutions for the use of space throughout the day.

Visually, the result is very powerful, at the height required by any bathroom.


Ambiance Centuria Stone cover with Block bathtub and Scala cabinet


Mirage ambience with Block bathtub, Aire unit with Wok washbasin + shower tray in black Marquina finish

Interior decoration: How to decorate your bathroom?

When we think of interior decoration , we think of living room or kitchen decoration, but many ignore that the bathroom can also be a great place to decorate. The bathroom may be one of the smallest spaces in your home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.

1. Experiment with colors

Thanks to its smaller size, the bathroom is the perfect place to make bold design decisions. While a playful mix of colors, patterns, and textures can seem chaotic when done on a large scale, it’s perfectly suited for the confines of a powder room or small bathroom.

Whether you choose paint or wallpaper for decor , experiment with both to create a focal point wall. Express your personality with bold patterned fabrics on the sink skirt, shower curtain or window.

Add style using tile or a rug, and add sparkle with shiny metallic accessories. To offset these bolder options, fill the room with lots of white accents that don’t overwhelm the space.

2. Use light and simple colors

use light colors

A soft color palette in nature-inspired neutrals is a smart choice in a large master bathroom, where a rich color can seem overwhelming. The combination of white or cream-colored walls with beige or gray tones in the furniture and fabrics creates a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.

Use a large mirror to reflect natural light and fill the space with a warm glow. Floor-to-ceiling window curtains are a luxurious and unexpected option for a bathroom.

The interior decoration neutral is classic, but does not have to be boring. Colorful accents really pop when used in small doses, like fresh flowers or a main rug.

3. Maximize space

Maximize space

In a small bathroom, floor space is limited. Make the most of the square footage by going vertically. Wall-mountable cubicles are a smart way to cushion hand towels, soap, and other small toiletries.

Store pretty, colorful items in open spaces, and use covered baskets to keep tools and toiletries out of sight. Another colorful storage option is to install glass shelves over glossy or stained-glass mosaic tiles. Other space-saving solutions for small bathrooms include corner shelves, recessed medicine cabinets, and wall-mountable sinks.

4. Use accessible accessories

bathroom decoration accessories

To give your bathroom a new look, it is not necessary to spend so much money. The tiles, cabinets and the bathtub are the true budget lovers. Installing glass shelves, for example, creates space to display favorite decorative items. Replacing basic light fixtures with showcase sconces or a bright chandelier can make the room feel like a spa.

A new bath mat can cover the floor while adding a pop of color. The interior decorating says other economic ideas include changing the shower curtain or windows, repainting the room or add a row of decorative tiles over the sink.

5. Build your personality

In general, bathrooms can often feel cold and impersonal. A simple solution to creating a warm and inviting feel is to choose cabinet-style cabinets. If you can’t find an accessory she likes, consider creating one, turning a dresser table or sofa into a custom dresser.

Another great way to add character to a basic bathroom is by adding siding, crown molding, or built-in cabinets that give the look of an older home. Show off these architectural details by painting them bright white and surrounding them with brightly colored walls.

6. Light up your space

Interior decorating experts claim that any bathroom will benefit from lots of light. Natural light makes the room feel large and spacious, while artificial lighting makes it easy to shave or apply makeup.

Keep windows bright by leaving them uncovered or by using light-colored blinds or curtains. Update lighting fixtures with modern options that bring plenty of light while adding personality to the space.


To design a modern bathroom , either you have experience in interior architecture or you hire a professional or read this and get inspired by these bathroom designs that I have collected.

Why the 75 best photos revealed?

Well, because they are real bathrooms, not the kind that we wouldn’t even have in our dreams. In addition, they are modern, with designs for all tastes  and of very varied styles, where all kinds of materials are used.

So, I am convinced that among these 75 modern bathrooms that we are going to see next, you will find the bathroom of your dreams, or, at least, the inspiration to design your own.

That said, I leave you to take note and you can design the bathroom of your dreams.

Do you want inspiration to design your bathroom? Here are the top 75 photos and ideas of modern bathroom designs .


A modern design bathroom

Project by  Denis Krasikov and Anastasia Struchkova

This bathroom that we started with is extremely modern, which has a wide variety of materials.

Geometric tile on the floor in black and white creating a nice vintage mosaic.

Marble on the walls up to more than half a height, leaving the rest to apply a shade of gray and wood accents, on the floor and on the suspended furniture.

A detail that makes this bathroom very elegant if you have noticed, are the classic ceiling moldings. A simple finish but with great decorative power.

A modern design bathroom

Bathroom by  DIY Shelley  for  Style Curator

In shades of gray and white, but seasoned with warm accents of wood and vegetable fibers. A spacious bathroom with a simple cut, with space for a shower and a bathtub.

An extremely cozy bathroom

Photography  Stories from home   | Instagram  @historiasdecasa

If we are looking for a warm and cozy bathroom, it is essential to add wood and earth tones to curb the coldness that ceramics always add to a bathroom.

A modern design bathroom in white, gray and wood

Decorative project by  Jagoda Nowakowska

With a modern design, all gray tile imitation of marble, with the front covered with herringbone subway tile, and to add warmth, wood, which is well needed.

A modern and elegant bathroom

Photograph by  Sílvia Caballero

With an elegant and minimalist cut, this other designer bathroom features a textured wallpaper on the main wall, a minimalist bathroom cabinet with six drawers and to generate a great contrast with all the elegant and minimalist elements, a raw wood countertop.

A modern design bathroom

Photography and project by  Petite Harmonie

If you like a trendy bathroom, this one has it all. From the hydraulic tiles on the floor, to the subway type with bevel and wall relief, and the suspended white bathroom cabinet, as well as the built-in cistern.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

Another bathroom that shows us the great power of wood to add warmth and comfort, this time combined with ceramic in gray tones with large veins.

A modern design bathroom

Photography and design  Estudio R de Room

Well used with a great touch of color thanks to the subway-type tiles in blue and placed in a herringbone pattern, which are terrifying with the two white appliques on the round mirror.

A modern design bathroom

Design and photography Anton Gorbatenko

This other bathroom has nice details to stop a train. Pay particular attention to the main wall, as the rest is designed in neutral tones and simple materials such as tile.

But the front wall of the bathroom is quite a sight.

Vintage tile in neutral tones, which wears but does not recharge.

Wooden countertop but with the top covered with the same wall tiles.

Semi-recessed sinks.

And round mirrors with a large black frame, matching the vintage industrial-style wall lights that hang from the ceiling.

A marvel.

A designer bathroom in pink tones

Design and photography  Crosby Studio

This other impressive bathroom is a few years old, but still spectacular.

It is designed by the architect Harry Nuriev, in pink tones with all the edges in matt black, creating a unique decorative effect.

The pink bathrooms have a lot of charm.

A modern design bathroom in marble

All in white Carrara marble with its unmistakable veins, suspended bathroom furniture in earth tones, wood to cover the floor and give warmth to the bathroom and black built-in taps .

If you have noticed, from a few years ago until today both built-in taps and matt black finishes have become a trend.

A modern design bathroom in jade green and earth tones

Jeff Mindell Photography   for  Studio DIY  | Instagram  @Studiodiy

In jade green combined with terracotta and earthy tones plus warm wood and vegetable fibers. All this dotted with golden, white and pink tones. One of the most spectacular bathrooms of all that we are going to see.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

Purple and black or dark gray is a very successful color combination to design a modern bathroom, as we see above in this paragraph.

A modern design bathroom in white and wood

Design and photography Prosto W Szarosci

If you want a designer but cozy bathroom, you need wood or ceramic that at least imitates wood. This one that we see above these lines is one of the warmest bathrooms of these 75 bathroom designs that we are going to see, and all because of the wood.

Also, as you can see, it has very little smooth surface, as even subway tiles create a raised grill that makes the bathroom very textured and less cold.

The smoother surfaces, the colder.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

Bright and spacious, the design of this other bathroom shows us a very modern and simple space, as well as practical. All in white, like these white bathrooms .

A modern designed bathroom with zellige tiles

Design and photography Jefta Offerman

Another material that is becoming very fashionable is the unmistakable Moroccan zellige tile that we see in the bathroom above these lines in such beautiful greenish tones.

This tile has a very handcrafted finish, which creates texture and warmth in the spaces where it is applied.

The rest, raw wood for the countertop, built-in taps, mirrors with rounded frames, suspended white furniture and gray-toned floors dressed by a round black and white rug.

A minimalist modern design bathroom in black and white

Design and photography Nathalie Verbeeck

Minimalist and in white tones with black accents. Even the floor is covered with parquet in very light tones.

The decorative touch is provided by the two black appliqués on the square mirror.

Have you noticed that it has a white lacquered ceiling? Extremely elegant and bright.

A modern vintage design bathroom

Design and Photography Northernestates by Northern Estates

With a modern vintage look, with a large and robust wooden cabinet and classic white tiles put together on the walls, and white grestie mosaic on the floor.

And to give it a modern touch, the taps and the partition profiles in matt black .

A modern design bathroom

Photography ?

All in gray, white and wood. With the shower separated by a wall with storage space.

If you decide to design a gray and white bathroom, remember to put wood in it because otherwise it will be very cold.

A modern and sophisticated design bathroom

Design and photography Decor Aid

Marble in earth tones, an elegant freestanding bathtub and a no less elegant wall-hung unit that occupies the entire wall, with a large sink instead of two, which offers a more unobstructed and continuous view.

A modern design bathroom

Design and photography Kristin Dion Desging | Instagram KDionDesign

With a certain rustic and industrial charm, this other bathroom surprises us with the hexagonal clay-type tiles, which already gives the whole bathroom character and personality.

Then the beautiful robust wood furniture is added, and again, contrasting, black taps and accents. They are a must.

Is it still said must? I think I’m getting obsolete.

Let’s continue with more bathrooms.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

If you like elegant and sophisticated bathrooms, marble and white are a winning pair. Although they also create cold baths.

A modern design bathroom in black and white

Design and photography Mia Mari Holst

The taps and the profiles of the screens in black rule. If you have a white bathroom, you can change all these accessories and add them in matte black, and you will see what change the bathroom will make without even the need for work.

A modern design bathroom with hydraulic tile

Design and photography Dom_w_sansewieriach

Beautiful and cozy raw wood for two countertop sinks with recessed or recessed faucets in the wall, and framing everything, industrial-type tile covering the entire main wall of the bathroom.

The custom mirror is a great success to take advantage of space and visually make the bathroom larger, since the roof to one slope makes the bathroom lower.

A modern design bathroom in gray and black

Design and photography HolmerHome

All covered with dark gray ceramic with white veins, many accents in black, such as the screen and the front of the drawers of the white bathroom cabinet, and a great decorative point is the round backlit mirror.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

Orange and Mediterranean in style, this other bathroom has a very modern design, although perhaps somewhat extravagant, where curves dominate the space.

A modern designer bathroom with a single sloped ceiling in white, wood and black accents

Design and photography Tam_i_tu by Mojetamitu

Very nice this other bathroom with a simple cut, all in white with wooden accents and, of course, also in black.

Attic bathrooms have a special charm, right?

A modern bathroom in black and white

Design and photography @beachsociety from Beach Society Design

All in black and white, with a beautiful concrete sink, herringbone subway tile covering the wall and a large screen with matte black profiles.

A cute and modern bathroom

Design and photography Jaccikelly

This other small bathroom is charming, with a geometric tile floor with an industrial pattern, a partition without profiles so as not to overload the space and create a sense of continuity, something that comes in handy in small bathrooms .

Details such as the built-in taps and the round mirror finish off this charming and beautiful modern bathroom.

A designer bathroom in white, black and wood

Design and photography Villa V Interieur

Wood on the floor, which always makes spaces warmer, and is a good base on which to later set up a minimalist scene in cold tones and with straight lines like this other bathroom has.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

Simple but current, with traditional and simple tiles, without bevels or relief. Sometimes, less is more. A bathroom that will not go out of style.

A modern bathroom

Design and photography Villa Pynten

Another beautiful designer bathroom, simple but very well decorated, with the right materials to create a cozy bathroom, thanks to the wood-effect ceramic that gives the bathroom texture.

The two bowl-type sinks with the tap on one side are a success to add a charming touch to any bathroom.

A modern bathroom in white and wood

Design and photography Silvias Home

A mix between rustic and tropical. An exotic, spacious and bright bathroom, where wood is the main protagonist.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

Another color that is used a lot for bathroom design is orange. Do you like orange tiles or do you prefer something more sober?

A modern bathroom with an exposed brick wall and freestanding bathtub with vintage and industrial accents

Design by @ this_e17_life of This e17 Life

This other bathroom has no waste. Do you have a notebook and a pen handy? Aim:

Imitation wood ceramic, which gives warmth and texture to the bathroom.

Freestanding bathtub placed diagonally.

Bathroom cabinet with drawers and open bottom.

A vintage tile front with the built-in faucet.

An exposed brick wall.

Vintage / industrial lighting.

And plants.

This is a bathroom with character.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

Pristine white with some small contrasting nuances. Simple but very modern this other bathroom design.

A modern and elegant design bathroom

Design and photography Love Tear Sand Teepees

All in white with gold accents for a glamorous aesthetic and a touch of chic. So that it is not so cold, you can add wood or a carpet in natural tones.

A modern bathroom with a glass partition with black metal panels

Design and photography @littleterracedhouse by Little Terraced House

The partitions with black metal panels are another trend that is sweeping, and not only in the bathroom, but as enclosures for the whole house.

Look at the bathroom upstairs, it has nothing. It is a simple bathroom with a beautiful black and white floor, a wooden cabinet and subway tile in the shower area, but it is the screen with black metal panels that gives style and presence to the whole bathroom.

A small bathroom in white and wood

Design and photography Mi Reforma

A good example of inspiration for small bathrooms.

Walls in plain white, without ceramic, wood on the floor and in the shower area, plus the countertop of the washbasin cabinet, small and suspended to lighten the view.

A modern bathroom with a sloped ceiling and freestanding bathtub under the window

Small but well used. All in gray and white tones on a roof to one slope.

Admittedly, on one of these roofs you put a freestanding bathtub under the window, and you already have half a magazine bathroom done.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

Ceramic is always the main protagonist in bathroom design. You can combine textures, patterns and colors to give the bathroom the style you want.

A small modern bathroom

Design and photography Chezdhillon

Even if you have a small bathroom, you can play with the tiles to give it a certain style and personality, as we see in the one above, where the typical subway-type tile has been placed on the walls placed in a wide herringbone topped with black grout, matching with the bathroom floor.

If it weren’t for these details, the bathroom would just be a small bathroom.

A modern loft bathroom

Design and photography Berge Elisabeth

In this other bathroom the walls have been covered with flooring in light tones, which makes the bathroom gain a lot of warmth, in addition to the wood-imitation ceramic that the floor shows.

The rest, toilets, bathtub and furniture in white, but it is the ceiling to a water that gives that charming touch that this bathroom has.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

If space allows, a large vanity unit that occupies the entire wall and houses two sinks will provide us with a lot of comfort and functionality as well as storage space, which never hurts.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

Marble in gray and the rest in white, a very elegant and bright design.

A minimalist design bathroom in black and white

Design and photography Meinfeinesheim

Minimalist cut with an industrial floor creating a very interesting contrast. The small and designer bathroom cabinet also gives it personality and defines the style of the bathroom.

A modern design bathroom

Design and photography  Anastasia Kapralova

If you are looking for a sophisticated designer bathroom, this is a great example.

Marble, gray tiles and smooth surfaces in different shades achieve a clean and refined aesthetic.

Without a doubt, the main protagonists are the beautiful wall lamp in golden tones and the large round mirror.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

Natural, simple and very beautiful this other small bathroom.

A designer bathroom in white and wood

Design and photography Sonia Kaminska from Mommyia

Marble and wood are the materials that dress and decorate this other designer bathroom, with a shower that uses a screen with matte black profiles, a screen model that is becoming very fashionable lately and we are going to see it a lot.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

You don’t have to resort to great designs and go crazy. By choosing materials wisely, we can achieve a bathroom as modern and current as the one we see above.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

If we do not like natural wood we can resort to imitation wood ceramics; nowadays very popular and with some very successful designs.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

All blue? Yes, why not.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

This other bathroom has a traditional design, almost old, but the bathroom is beautiful. Simple and natural. Authentic vintage cut,

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

The design of this other bathroom has a more professional finish. A wall covered with 3D panels creates a nice optical effect while hiding the cistern.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

With straight and simple lines, with accents in wood and the rest in gray tones. This can be a great template on which to design your bathroom.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

This other bathroom has a more natural and cozy design thanks to the warmth of the wood. The rest, all blank.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

A sophisticated bathroom where we see that the grout of the joints of both the ceramic on the wall and the one that covers the floor has been added in yellow. A touch that gives the whole bathroom a certain personality by coloring the tile joints .

Bathroom designs in white and wood

Valeruanka Design 

In white and wood, in this other designer bathroom the wooden floor has been covered and it has been extended to the ceiling of the wall that houses the toilets.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

A very modern bathroom with fine details in natural wood. The rest, all in a simple tile in gray tones.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

Naturally, if we have space, we can create an authentic oasis of peace and relaxation, as in this other designer bathroom that we see above these lines.

A modern design bathroom in white with black accents

Design and photography Design Love Fest | Instagram @designlovefest

All in white, simple and bright. On the floor there is a tile mosaic in gray tones to give texture and some color to the bathroom.

A white bathroom cabinet with legs and wooden countertop for two sinks with the taps recessed in the wall.

The bathtub with screen and the rest, accents in matt black.

Let’s see the next one.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

Minimalist cut, with suspended furniture and finishes in natural and lacquered wood. Almost futuristic.

Modern bathroom design

Photo ShutterStock

Natural and beautiful with freestanding bathtub. It is not a very large bathroom but as we saw in this article on small bathrooms , designs for small bathrooms do not have to envy larger spaces.

What do you think of these modern bathroom designs ? Do you have enough inspiration? Did he lie to you before telling you that you were not going to find the bathroom of your dreams or the necessary inspiration?

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