ideas for small business ( 100+ ideas )

ideas for small business

Starting a small business is a great way to generate passive income. Also, if you plan well and work hard, there is always the chance that it will turn out to be a very profitable job. With the right tools and determination, even the smallest company can grow into a multi-million dollar empire. Of course, choosing the right small business idea is the first stepping stone to success. 

If your dream is to choose where, when and how to work, we are going to show you many options so that you do not postpone your plans any longer and start your business.

When we ask people how they define professional success, many respond: “have your own business.”

And there are many reasons why this desire is so common: to better manage work by deciding when, where and how to do it, to reconcile professional and personal life in a healthier way and, one of the most important, to find a purpose at work. and feel that something important and valuable is being contributed.

Are you one of these people? Do you think you have chosen the wrong career or do you want to make a change in your life? Would you like to decide what are the best strategies to meet your goals? 

If you have already thought about starting up , then this post is for you. We selected 52 profitable business ideas to inspire you. Choose the option that has the most to do with you and start planning your business.


most successful small business ideas : Business Ideas in Education 

a business idea

1. Private classes

If you master a subject in depth, you can give private classes in person, virtual or adopt a hybrid model , using many of the platforms and solutions available today. 

If you choose to meet personally, you have to think of a suitable space, which can be very simple, or offer your services at home. 

After defining the space, the first thing you have to do is think about your audience and get to know them as well as possible. 

Are you going to focus on adults, youth or children? Do you prefer individual or group classes? Would it be better to delimit a geographical region or could you move without problems?

Answering and analyzing these questions will help you prepare a good study material, according to the work methodologies you choose.

2. Online courses

The online courses are increasingly sought after and consumed around the world. The reason is that there are many advantages for both students and teachers.

Some of the positive points for the student are the following:

  • You do not have to leave your home to take the course.
  • You can access the classes at any time.
  • More freedom to respect your learning pace.

Some of the positive points for the teacher are the following:

  • Record the video classes only once.
  • Sell ​​the course around the world.
  • Choose your work hours.
  • Work anywhere, even on the go.

3. School reinforcement

Educational reinforcement means helping children or adolescents with the content they are working on in school. You don’t necessarily have to teach them something new, but rather deepen and exercise what they are learning. 

Therefore, it is a good opportunity for those who know a school subject in depth: mathematics, science, history, geography, music or any other.

Creativity is required to employ strategies for each student. If you have graduated in pedagogy, even better!

Classes can be face-to-face or online, and you will have to evaluate what works best with a person or a group.

4. Ebooks

Creating ebooks is an excellent option for those who want to create a profitable digital business quickly and easily.

The ebook, or digital book, is a highly sought after material by Internet users, as it is easy to download and consume. In it, you must pass on some knowledge that can help other people.

If your content is ready, but you don’t have a lot of design skills, you can create your digital book in Power Point. 

5. Exams

This is another of the activities that you can do both at home and remotely, over the Internet. 

Many times, people do not want to do regular classes or a course, but they need to prepare for some exam with specific topics. This is very common for getting into college, getting jobs, or getting approved for a graduate program.

In addition, in some schools there are subject matter specialists who are engaged in writing or correcting exams. This is a good alternative for those who want to work with education without having to teach.

6. Language school

This is a very profitable business idea that does not go out of style. However, you will have to have something that distinguishes you from the competitors : a teaching method, a specific target audience, a physical structure or classes in a language that few schools offer, for example.

If you do not have money to invest in a physical school, you can create your online school and offer various services, such as some of the ones we have named here: private and group classes, video classes, ebooks, etc. 

On the other hand, a first step may be to start giving private classes and gradually build your brand as a school. 

7. Online congresses

If you are a specialist in a subject and you like to speak in public , a good way to earn money from home is to give lectures on your subject of study and participate in conferences. 

Currently, it is very common to do courses or virtual meetings. This allows people from all over the world to participate without having to invest as much money in travel and infrastructure. 

Take advantage and prepare a good presentation material to start spreading your work and making the first presentations. At first, you may have to do it without getting paid for it, but if you strengthen your authority, it is very possible that they will start inviting and hiring you.

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Ideas for Health and Personal Development

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8. Therapies

Today, there are many options to study and train in alternative therapies, even virtually. 

If this is your line of work or you are interested in entering the universe of health and care, opening a therapeutic space at home is one of the best business ideas. You may need to invest something in infrastructure and, as always, in publicizing your services. 

Some of the available options are reiki, acupuncture, flower medicine, aromatherapy, reflexology, shiatsu, and transpersonal therapy. But this is not all, there are many other possibilities for you to work as a therapist. 

If the technique allows it, you can create your business online and remotely serve people anywhere in the world.

9. Health Coaching

If you are a person who has experience in human behavior and health, Health Coaching is a very interesting path for you to start. 

These professionals help people to achieve sustainable healthy habits and change their lifestyle in search of greater well-being and relationship with themselves and their environment.

It is a profession that is here to stay, as more and more people seek to make significant changes to live better. 

If you are interested, you can take online training courses to prepare yourself and have more tools in your care as a health coach. 

10. Mindfulness

Many people seek to know and develop mindfulness to have better results in their professional careers or jobs. 

It is a meditation technique to achieve mindfulness and regulate negative emotional states.

If you already practice some other meditation techniques it will be much easier to start your business in this area. You can offer personalized trainings virtually or create other practice options to suit your audience.

Fitness business ideas

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11. Personal training

This is a good option for those who have training in physical education, as it is a profitable business that does not require large investments to start.

The high demand for these types of professionals is due to the fact that many people need personalized routines that adapt to their schedules and lifestyles. 

One advantage is that you can work in gyms, outdoor areas, or at your clients’ homes.

12. Dance classes

Do you have training and knowledge in some type of dance and do you like to teach? Then you can start giving private or group classes.

If your business idea is related to investing in something bigger, you can create a dance school and hire other professionals to expand the range of activities.

13. Specialty store

In case your business idea is to have a store and you also love sports, a good option is to combine the two by offering products for different sports practices.

A specialty store is quite profitable, but keep in mind that you will need to invest money to get started.

14. Gym

If you want to have a job in the sports segment and have money to invest, one of the best business ideas is to set up a gym, with different modalities.

However, remember that you will have to manage the purchase of equipment and machinery, the personnel that must be hired, the rental or purchase of the space, as well as the clients.

Ideas for Aesthetics and well-being

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15. Make-up for events

Do you have a talent for makeup and do you like to learn and stay on top of trends?

So an excellent opportunity may be makeup for events. To get started, you need to have practice and good products to work with. The more variety of material you have, the better you can serve your customers.

This work requires creativity, knowledge and constant updating. If all goes well, you can think of a second step, like opening your workspace.

16. Manicure and pedicure

This is an increasingly sought after service, and not just by women. Currently, manicures and pedicures involve aesthetic work, but also care and health. 

It is important to study and take practical courses to accompany the techniques and developments in this area. Undoubtedly, the high level of quality of your work will make you stand out in this market.

An advantage is that this is a service that people perform periodically: generally, once a week or every 15 days. Therefore, after you manage to win over your clients, you will always have a job.

17. Massages

Massage is another very popular service that caters to a very wide audience. 

Within this point, we find various techniques and types of massage, according to its origin and objective. For example, therapeutic, relaxing or reducing massages, among many others.

First you must know what you are interested in studying and choose the type of course. Think about how you would like to help people and start making a plan . 

Once you have a good training base, you can start attending at home or in a space that is already in operation, before thinking about having your place.

18. Eyebrow design and hair removal

Eyebrow styling and waxing are highly sought after services and have many positive points: few products are needed to get started, they can be performed in different environments, and there is generally a wide range of training courses for beginners.

In addition, you can combine them with other aesthetic services that you do or other people with whom you propose to work.

19. Hairdresser

This is one of the oldest business ideas and one that will probably exist forever. Most people need this service, more or less frequently.

If you have talent for that type of work and you do not have much money to invest, you can take courses and do work at home .

If your idea is something bigger, you can set up a salon and hire specialist professionals, offering different services, such as dyeing, hairstyles and various hair treatments.

20. Skincare advice

Skincare and aesthetics diversify as time goes by, and the trend will probably continue the same: more care, more services, more options and more products.

Therefore, a person specialized in skincare products and routines, or skincare, will have a high demand for work and clients. 

The counseling can be in person or not. Even many influencers are already achieving fame within this niche. Of course, you have to have a great disposition to constantly investigate and test the novelties of the market, in addition to studying hard to guide your audience and your customers in a responsible way.

21. Makeup courses

We recently suggested some business ideas related to makeup for events. Now, we give you another option, which is to use all your knowledge to create one or more makeup courses.

In addition to knowing and applying the techniques well, you must have a certain facility to teach them and show interesting content for those who want to learn.

The ideal is to offer various courses, either by levels or by the type of makeup that you are going to teach. 

You can record the classes and sell them as an online course on an EAD platform , do a live online course, and also in person.

Business consulting

Business ideas about business consulting.

22. Financial advice

The financial advisory market is growing and recurring.

Therefore, if you have experience in this area, financial consulting is a business idea that you can bet on.

The advice to get started is to have contacts in the area and develop your authority to have a successful business.

Also, you are even more likely to grow if you focus on a specific niche and have your own method.

23. Marketing consulting

When we talk about marketing consulting, we are referring to a very broad area. Within this type of consulting, we have traditional and digital marketing.

In digital marketing , the possibilities are endless and the market is expanding. There are several companies and even beginning entrepreneurs that need specialists to help them in areas such as:

  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Digital media

To open a consulting business, it is important to have experience, know how to analyze data and develop creative solutions. This is what will raise the quality of your service and delight your customer.

24. Business plan consulting 

Business plan is business planning .

This idea is for those who understand how to teach others to open and develop new businesses.

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Generally, it is necessary to have a solid foundation in management, but anyone with talent and experience can open a business in this area.

Profitable ideas in the field of Gastronomy

examples of business ideas

25. Restaurant specialized in a specific niche

If you think about opening a restaurant, you probably know that there are thousands of options already available in the market. Therefore, the competition is very high and standing out is not an easy task.

However, if you think about a specific niche , the chances of you being successful are much higher, because you will have a particular audience to which to direct all your strategies, in addition to having few competitors in the market.

For example, if you opt for a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, you will have a specific target audience: people who do not eat meat or animal products.

That is a very important trend in today’s market. It is about focusing on the need of a group of people and serving them in the best possible way.

26. Sale of frozen food

The sale of frozen food is another of the business ideas that is on the rise, especially when we talk about healthy, nutritious and homemade meals.

Currently, there is great concern about the quality of the food we eat and, at the same time, people want practical and quick options.

If you have cooking skills, this is a good possibility, that you can start with little investment, even attracting clients from your social environment.

27. Food Truck

Perhaps you have already seen a Food Truck. These vehicles adapted to produce and sell food on the streets are very successful.

It is an excellent business option for those who want to undertake in the gastronomic area. Especially in the turmoil of big cities, everyone is looking for easy and practical food solutions.

28. Food for children

Children’s food attracts a lot of attention from parents or those who live with young children and have difficulty organizing their eating routine or looking for healthy and attractive options.

The problem, however, is to compete with the well-known “junk foods”, which attract a lot of children’s attention.

An excellent option, then, is to prepare healthy meals that have aspects and flavors that the little ones will love: salads that form funny pictures, ice creams made with natural fruits and foods placed in eye-catching containers, for example.

29. Pastry

Cakes are a must at a party, which is why they are on our list of the best business ideas. If you focus on themed cakes, with current elements such as movies, television series, cartoons, bands and celebrities, you are sure that you will have excellent results.

In addition to delivering excellent quality products, this business idea requires making advertisements with good images and presentations, so that the public is interested in trying them.

If you like traditional pastry, perfect yourself in this area. But if you want to innovate, bet on pastry with some special feature, such as wheat and gluten-free products.

30. International gastronomy

International gastronomy is usually an excellent business idea, especially in today’s world. People are more and more open and curious to try different foods, from different countries and cultures.

If you do not have any cultural or historical ties with the gastronomy of another place, the ideal is to carry out an investigation and analyze the interests of the public in the region in which you live in order to think of a profitable proposal.

Today you don’t need to have a physical space to start this type of venture. You can start selling food through applications and increase your customers until you position yourself better in the market. 

31. Cooking classes

If you like cooking and you think that your experience can help people, one of the best business ideas is to teach classes on the subject. 

To teach the right recipes, you must first know your audience and know if they are interested in learning about gourmet gastronomy, easy, healthy recipes or some other specific type of cuisine.

32. Artisan products

The production of homemade food also allows you to explore many options, therefore, it is one of the business ideas that could not be missing from our list. 

You can make artisan drinks and foods, like beer, candy, or cheeses, or grow organic produce, for example, and appeal to a diverse audience. 

For sales, if you do not have an adequate physical space, such as a store, take the opportunity to spread the word on the Internet and deliver to home. 

33. Food service for the day to day

The latest business idea about gastronomy is to take care of preparing dishes made for lunch or dinner. The format of your business may vary. Here are some examples:

  • Prepare a weekly menu and sell the frozen dishes.
  • Make one or two different dishes every day and sell them on the spot.
  • Prepare personalized menus for each client.

Choose the option that you like the most and, above all, that best serves your audience .

Ideas related to Arts and Crafts

idea business

34. Recycled products

More and more people recognize the importance of caring for the environment and, therefore, the number of people who are looking for options for objects that do not further damage our ecosystem is growing.

If you have manual skills, recycled products can be an excellent business idea. Obviously the initial investment is very low and that is why starting to start and sell can be a little easier. 

35. Personalized gifts

This is one of the most common business ideas, but one that never loses its charm. 

The ideal is to choose a technique, such as digital printing, and create products for special dates, birthdays and weddings, among others. 

You can also define a theme or style that gives your work an identity . 

36. Costume jewelery and jewelery

Another of the best business ideas in this segment are those related to the manufacture of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other similar objects, since they never go out of style. In addition, there is an infinity of models and styles that can be marketed.

Undoubtedly, as in all manual work, you need to try what works best and practice a lot to achieve better and better results.

To sell them, you can create a virtual store and make shipments outside your region. Thus, you will reach a much wider audience.

37. Home repairs

Finally, a very useful and fun business idea. It is about creating content with tips and solutions to solve problems at home, such as changing a faucet, painting a room or assembling a closet.

You can create a channel on YouTube or write a blog and upload photos with the explanation of each process. 

Beyond the examples we gave you, the options are endless and you can focus on something specific that you do very well or create responses to what your audience asks of you.

Business ideas in the Fashion segment

idea to business

38. Selling clothes from a specific niche

This is a case very similar to that of the specific niche restaurant, only in another segment: fashion and clothing.

Selling items to a smaller audience can be a good idea to have loyal customers for your products. Look at some examples:

  • Comfortable and versatile underwear.
  • Matching pajamas for the whole family.
  • Clothing with prints inspired by works of art.
  • Fun sets for kids. 

39. Used clothing store

Selling used or second-hand clothing is definitely a simple and profitable business idea.

If you love shopping for clothes, but don’t want to fill your closets with the ones you no longer use, creating a used clothing store is the perfect idea!

As your business grows, you can also call on others to collaborate and sell clothes in your store.

Remember to give your customers a good experience, have a commercial profile on Instagram to advertise the pieces, create your brand and use your creativity to innovate with used clothing.

40. Rental of party dresses

Party dresses are usually expensive items that people generally wear only once or twice. Therefore, an alternative is the rental of party dresses.

If you have a taste for fashion and good negotiation skills, this business idea may be ideal for you. It is not necessary to have a store, because you can take the garments to your home and manage your business online.

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41. Style coaching

If everyone admires you for your ability to choose and combine pieces of clothing and accessories, a good business idea may be style coaching or the role of personal shopper.

Carrying out an evaluation of the clothes available in the client’s wardrobe, giving advice on what to buy and where to buy it, or even buying the products, are some of the activities of this professional.

If you don’t want to do it personally, you can also write a blog or ebook about it.

42. Customization and arrangement of clothes

It is very common to buy a piece of clothing and need to make adjustments to the size or shape. However, not all people have manual skills, time, or patience to do it.

That’s why many tailoring professionals are also looking for ways to learn how to customize garments to meet the demand in this market. 

With creativity, it is possible to capitalize on this niche.

Business ideas to undertake in Events

ideas for a small business

43. Organization of events.

Events happen all the time in our lives and many people don’t have the time or really don’t like to think about organization. That’s where the event planning professional comes in.

If you like to plan, create and organize, this is a great opportunity to undertake.

This area is very comprehensive, so it is ideal that you focus on a specific niche, such as children’s birthday parties.

Another tip to open an event organization business is to have good partners and suppliers, this will be very important for the good quality of the service offered.

44. Event decoration

If planning is not your thing, but you are still thinking about undertaking in the events area and you have a talent for decoration, this idea is for you!

Many people want to have the perfect event, but they need someone who can do it for them.

Like organizing events, a party decorator needs good partners and vendors to enchant their customers and ensure business success.

45. Rental of toys and party supplies.

Even at events, renting toys and party supplies is an incredible area to start a business. Best of all, you don’t have to know the events to get started.

What you will need is an initial investment to buy toys or party supplies, such as: trampoline, pool table, tables, chairs, etc., and a place to store them.

This business is very scalable, but you should always pay attention to the maintenance of the toys and the objects that you are going to rent.

Online business ideas

ideas for business

The digital businesses are now one of the best options for those who want to undertake. We show you why:

  • The digital enterprise grows increasingly.
  • You can work anywhere , since you do not need to be in a specific place to perform your tasks.
  • You can work at the time that seems best to you because you do not need to worry about office hours.
  • You get clients anywhere in the world and not just in the area where you live.
  • You don’t always need big investments to get started.
  • You can scale your earnings much more than in any other type of business.

Now we will give you some online business ideas to inspire you.

46. ​​Digital trafficker

This is one of the most innovative professions in recent times and, therefore, you may not know what it is about.

A digital trafficker is responsible for creating and optimizing advertising campaigns for people or companies. It is a totally online job and, therefore, it is essential to have a good Internet connection. 

It requires preparation in the matter, which implies an investment of time and money greater than in other types of professions. However, if you like to work with social media and digital marketing, it is well worth it.

47. Social media management

As you have seen, many of the business ideas that we see here can be disseminated through social media. Without a doubt, platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, among others, have become the main means of communication and dissemination of brands, products and services.

Therefore, making an excellent management of professional and even personal profiles is essential to have a successful venture. 

Many companies and individuals hire professionals who are exclusively dedicated to this work. If you are interested in the matter and you are preparing to update yourself constantly, this business idea may be for you.  

48. Virtual Assistant

This profession is on the rise and more and more people and companies are turning to this type of service. 

As a virtual assistant , you can develop administrative or accounting tasks, project management, organization and planning of tasks, executive assistance or provide support to the human resources area.

49. Digital influencer

The so-called influencers or influencers are content creators on different platforms and social networks. 

Surely it is easy for you to think of a blogger, youtuber or influencer on Instagram , as it is a profession on the rise.

To be successful and make this business idea profitable, you must create interesting content for your audience, increase your audience and start advertising or receiving sponsorship from big brands.

If you find it easy to communicate and you master a subject very well, take advantage of this business opportunity. Create content, gain followers and get started.

50. Membership

Affiliation is one of the most interesting business ideas for those who want to work with the Internet without having a commodity.

Affiliates are people who promote third-party products and receive sales commissions, without the need to create a product. 

For many people, this is a gateway to the digital market. 

51. Online store

Also called ecommerce, that is, electronic commerce , virtual stores are places to sell physical products or not.

If you want to open a virtual store, you will need software that manages the store and the means of payment. You will also be responsible for taking care of the logistics of the stock, if the products sold are physical.

52. Mobile applications

Anyone who knows how to develop software and mobile applications has a great opportunity to work with the Internet and achieve many professional achievements. 

If you don’t have programming skills, but have a great idea that might work, you can find someone with the necessary skills to be your partner.

9 tips to develop your business idea with little money

Undertaking is a path with challenges, but also with many possibilities for growth, autonomy and success. 

One of the great objections for those who are starting is having an initial investment. If you are among these people, don’t worry. We have prepared a list of tips for starting your business with little or no initial investment.

1. Find what you really like

It is useless to open a business that you do not like and that will end up being a burden. It is very likely that you will end up quitting and leaving your project behind.

So, bet on what you are passionate about . Thus, the work will become lighter and you will face difficulties with more conviction .

2. Define your operating niche

We have talked about this a few times throughout this post.

A business within an established niche increases the possibilities of growth and good brand positioning, since the actions will be strategically designed for an interested and qualified public.

3. Prioritize digital business

Online business ideas, without a doubt, are the easiest to undertake as the investment is low.

Depending on the area in which you want to undertake, you will only need a computer, a lot of desire to study and learn to do a good dissemination to attract your audience with organic traffic . 

4. Do market research

The market research is an important step in creating new businesses. 

With it, you can identify what works, define your target audience, discover what they like and detect spaces to innovate.

This is a fundamental step to understand the scenario in which you are going to start and avoid big mistakes.

5. Plan your business with a focus on innovation

With the results of market research it is easier to recognize the spaces in your area of ​​action to create an innovative business.

Innovating may seem like a difficult thing to do, but it is easier than it sounds. There are many possibilities, mainly related to technology.

Your company can be much better with services that break with traditional models and provide truly useful solutions for people.

6. Start working from home

Before thinking about having a physical office or store with a super infrastructure, start with the simple. Offer your service working at home , prioritizing service and quality of delivery.

As you gain customer trust and grow with your business, your profits will increase and you can think of something more structured to further develop yourself.

7. Have a presence on social media

Social media is a channel that many people can access for free. Nowadays, it is essential that a company of any segment has its commercial profile in at least one of the most used social networks.

Analyze where your audience is and create your commercial profile and make constant publications with quality content to sell more using social networks .

8. Create a blog

Another way to organically increase your online presence, get customers and make sales without spending anything is by creating a blog .

The idea is to write interesting content that has to do with your business and that offers real solutions for people. Thus, in addition to consuming it, they will know your brand and, consequently, they will buy your product or service.

9. Network and alliances

Having a good network of contacts is important for those who undertake. Therefore, our last tip is to network and make alliances to strengthen your business.

If you don’t have that much money to invest at first, someone can give you the support you need to get started.

So, go to events, talk to strategic people, look for other companies in your niche, and offer something of value in exchange for a good partnership.

How about starting today?

If you’ve made it this far, you already know that there are many excellent business ideas to start with. It is very likely that at least one of the options that we show you has caught your attention, hasn’t it? 

And we don’t want you to be just dreaming, so do you dare to take the first step?

Whatever business idea you choose, have confidence in yourself. To take action. Success awaits those who try!