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small dining room ideas

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There are many tricks to decorate small spaces and make them appear larger, managing to improve their comfort and aesthetics. Below, you will see several tips for small dining rooms , which look fabulous and very modern. Turn a small dining room into a cozy gathering space with these foolproof design tips and tricks.

small dining room ideas

Whether you have a designated room, a kitchen nook, or just a blank stretch of wall, you can create a comfortable place to share your daily meals and entertain guests. These ideas will make your space look bigger, help flow traffic, and increase storage in a tight space.

Small dining rooms

Round table

A small dining room can be visually expanded, keeping the monochrome palette and furnishing with a round table and armless dining chairs. This green dining room feels airy and open even though the space is small.

Small dining rooms


A wall of shelves in small dining rooms enhances the cozy feel and offers more space to make the dining area look more spacious and comfortable, as well as providing storage space without taking up a lot of space.

Small dining rooms
Small dining rooms

Open shelves are often the best storage option in a tight space, but you have to fill them wisely.

Small dining rooms
Small dining rooms

Benches integrated into the wall

Wall-mounted stools are a great option if you’re short on space. Not only does it add seats, but the space under the seat can also be used for storage. Using the same upholstery fabric helps all the seats to be integrated into a harmonious whole.

Small dining rooms
Small dining rooms
Small dining rooms
Small dining rooms
Small dining rooms

This classic combo makes highly efficient use of space. Transform a corner into an elegant dining space.

Small dining rooms

Try a non-traditional color scheme. This will make a small space feel cool and inviting.

Small dining rooms

Long curtains from ceiling to floor

This is a widely used trick for enlarging small spaces. A ceiling-to-floor curtain will make the space look bigger.

Small dining rooms
Small dining rooms
Small dining rooms


Thanks to the reflection of a mirror, the dining room can be seen larger. This is another of the most used tricks in decoration.

Small dining rooms


In small spaces, the use of light and bright colors is always recommended.

Small dining rooms

Table against the wall

You can also consider placing the dining table against the wall. This will make more space available for a more comfortable and clear transit. Also consider using folding tables and chairs.

Small dining rooms
Small dining rooms
Small dining rooms

Today we have some ideas for you that answer the question of how to decorate a small dining room with style and elegance.

Decorate dining room with original paintings and figures

modern dining rooms blue carpet ideas

Set up your dining room with the colors , furniture, and artwork you love that will always leave room for a few details in a new style or design.

Decorate dining room in the Scandinavian style

modern dining rooms scandinavian style design ideas

Living rooms get a lot of attention, but a dining room that suits your style and meets your needs can make you spend a little more time in it every day.

Round table perfect for small dining rooms

modern dining rooms round table ideas

Why not try to fall in love again in this room? If you haven’t been using your dining room, it could be that a new design or decor will inspire you to dine there more often.

Decorate dining room with very original rugs

modern dining room decoration colorful carpet ideas

And if formal dinners don’t fit your lifestyle, there are plenty of ways to design your room around a design that you are passionate about so that you will enjoy your everyday use.

Decorate dining room open to the kitchen and living room, ideas for small apartments

modern dining room decoration attic apartment ideas

The first thing to consider is how many people will be sitting down to dinner each day and how many you would like to be able to invite from time to time.

Vintage-style furniture to decorate an attractive dining room

modern dining room decoration white wardrobe vintage design ideas

If you have to adapt to dining rooms of different sizes it is important to look for furniture that can cope with the task. Think extendable dining tables, and benches that can be tucked into the wall until needed.

White and yellow chairs in modern dining room 

white yellow modern dining room decoration ideas

If you are hosting the whole family only once or twice a year, you may prefer to go for a smaller table for everyday use – just buy yourself a couple of folding game tables for gatherings when needed.

Very bright classic dining room ideas

modern dining room decoration fireplace large table ideas

You have to pay special attention to the characteristics of the furniture that you like. You can make a short list of the key pieces you want in the dining room and always have them on hand during the design process.

Dining room and living room in the same space

classic modern dining room decoration design style ideas

For example a modern chandelier, a natural fiber rug, and details with a glossy black finish.

Modern blue chairs in modern dining room 

modern dining room decor colorful scandinavian dining room ideas

A little-used formal dining room could be remodeled to combine the features of a spacious home office, library, or craft center.

Very original wooden wall in the modern dining room 

modern dining room decoration simple design ideas

On the other hand, maybe you want to make it a more entertaining place in that case, try adding a bar or buffet, adjustable lighting, and comfortable seating.

Green wall and mirror with vintage design in modern dining room 

modern dining room decoration precious gold mirror ideas

One of the most common questions we ask ourselves is how to make the dining room more inviting – and not just when the family comes over, but every day.

Dining room with black furniture and white walls

modern dining room decoration Geremia Design ideas

 It is very common to focus our attention on the living rooms since they are more used by the family and this means formal dining rooms sometimes end up neglected.

Splashes of blue in the modern dining room

modern dining room decoration beige room ideas

Maybe you’ve already chosen a dining room set that you love, but never took the time to finish the room.

Furniture ideas for bright dining rooms

modern dining room decoration beautiful lamp ideas

Or maybe you filled the space with pieces you like with the idea of ​​creating admirable looks, but actually found that the chairs weren’t comfortable and the style was too loaded for your family.

Dining room with design and furniture in classic retro style

modern dining room decoration lamps hanging ceiling design ideas

Today we propose you to re-evaluate the colors, the shapes of the furniture, accessories and even the distribution of the dining room, to give your dining room a new lease of life, creating a space that seems warm and welcoming, and in which you feel good.

  Large glass table in modern dining room

modern dining room decoration luxurious glass table ideas

Use a rich wall color to warm the space if it is very large. A large dining room may sound good but it may feel cold.

Large mirror and green wall in modern dining room

modern dining room decoration color options wall ideas

Wood-like brown walls can make the dining room feel cozier but also rustic, any shade with depth will create a cozier feel in a dark, narrow space.

Very nice matching wall paper and curtains

modern dining room decoration options curtains wall paper ideas

Be sure to use a soft rug that matches the curtains or chair seats. If you really want a look our advice is to choose upholstered pieces this is the way to go.

Carpet and furniture ideas for small spaces

modern dining room decoration options white furniture ideas

Creating a spectacular dining room begins with choosing the perfect table. There are so many designs that it is very difficult to know where to start.

Small dining room with book shelves on red walls

decorating modern dining room walls library ideas

With a minimalist metal table it will provide an industrial feel that contrasts very well with wooden chairs or vintage-style benches. A table made of wood would work too.

Very original lamps to illuminate the dining room

modern dining room decoration wall lighted shelves ideas

Most dining areas are designed to accommodate a rectangular table that seats six to eight people. That’s a good starting point and one thing you should know.

Victorian furniture ideas in the small dining room

modern dining room decoration victorian style steel chairs ideas

When you think about how to decorate your dining room, think about how much space you need for the furniture you have chosen. If you are an avid party who loves to host parties and dinners for special occasions, you may want to have ample space with plenty of seating.

Very Large Picture Ideas On Modern Dining Room Wall

modern dining room decoration white chairs pictures ideas

If you are a simple room owner who only serves a few times a year, a regular table that fits your family will be great.

Contemporary designer furniture in modern dining room

modern dining room decoration black table chairs ideas

Be careful of clutter. A messy dining room is an uninspired dining room. Many of us have to admit that for the sake of decoration, we tend to beautify our homes sometimes we add too many decorations.

Dark green wall and white furniture in modern dining room

modern dining room decor white furniture green wall ideas

This can be a bad decision. The best of dining rooms actually work differently. Its appearance should be clean and offer a visual sense of spaciousness.

White chairs and purple curtains in modern dining room

decorate modern dining rooms vibrant pink curtains ideas

What needs to be done is to remove the unnecessary decorations and put it somewhere else, such as a clear glass shelf or closet.

Combination of black and white in the dining room

decorate modern dining room combination white black ideas

Thinking about how to make the most of your dining room space be careful not to avoid walls. One tip is to embellish regular walls with shelves for books, magazines, or beloved ceramic materials.

Very light green curtains in modern dining room

decorate modern dining room green curtains ideas

You can also mount a mirror to give a more complete illusion to the room. For those with large, high walls, a work or two can certainly add character to the space.

Ideas of very beautiful pictures on the wall

decorate modern dining room nice pictures wall ideas

Adding a wall-mounted indoor fountain can also help create a luxurious atmosphere for your dining room.

Dining room with modern and elegant design

decorate modern dining room contemporary design lighting ideas

A balanced and even look can help make your dining room appear more neat and organized. Proper symmetry is the best way to maximize space.

Fresh flowers decorating the modern dining room


Remember the space, balance and harmony will make your dining room more attractive. We are sure that with these images you will be inspired to create a perfect environment for your loved ones with whom to enjoy homemade meals.

Ideas of small figures to decorate the dining room

decorate modern dining room large mirror classic dining room ideas

Now we are going to comment on some decorative elements that you can add when decorating dining room, living room or kitchen, these ideas are universal. We start with the mirrors. In the dining area a mirror can do wonders. You can place a large mirror on the floor next to a side table.

Yellow walls in modern dining room

decorate dining room modern mirror modern furniture ideas

Add to that a dining table for 4 and the room will seem bigger and your table will too. Add something interesting to the front of the mirror. Very beautiful would be the reflection of a vase of flowers, cutlery and candles, a beautiful cloth tablecloth, creating a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Lovely wallpaper in the modern dining room

decorate modern dining room shelves wall ideas

You can also hang a small mirror in front of the table, or you can put a rectangular plant in an incomparable setting, if you want, you can even make a vertical garden on the wall in front of the mirror, the effect will be remarkable.

Various vases with fresh flowers in modern dining room

decorate modern dining room vases flowers decorate ideas

Another thing that should not be missing in the dining room is the elegant and modern furniture. If you have a small apartment and for the dining room it cannot take more than 3 square meters, we advise you to give up the pompous furniture and the classic flowery tablecloths, also the exuberant chairs and the carved wooden table.

Blue painting and white vases in the dining room

decorate modern dining room vases cups white lamp ideas

Choose more elegant furniture with simpler design. A good example of modern furniture is transparent furniture, a great way to fool the eye. Chairs and tables made of acrylic, plexiglass, or clear glass don’t seem to take up space in the room, making the room seem more spacious.

Beautiful wooden table in modern dining room

decorate modern dining room thick wood table ideas

To design a modern and elegant dining room, it is better to use furniture made of light materials. Please note chairs with wrought iron backs and legs are very comfortable and durable. If your style is more industrial or Scandinavian.

Aquarium recessed in the dining room wall

decorate modern dining room wooden table classic chairs ideas

Consider buying chairs, the top of which is a metal mesh. Or why not some wicker outdoor chairs that fit perfectly indoors. Forget the heavy and massive chairs.

Country-style dining room

decorate modern dining room table chairs wood ideas

If you want you can also place benches or stools. If you have a small dining room, you can remove the chairs with their high backs that look too bulky and draw the attention of the guests with a table surrounded by stools, two benches or chairs without backrest a perfect option for a vintage style is the combination of the three elements.

Very nice black pots decorating the table

decorate modern dining room furniture black curtains ideas

Another very important thing for the small dining room is the use of multifunctional furniture. For a small dining room it is relevant to use a folding table. Before buying the dining room table, as we have already mentioned, the size of the table must be objectively evaluated so that it fits the needs of the family.

Lovely blue chairs and silver slats on the wall

decorate modern dining room luxurious furniture silver blue ideas

If you live in a small apartment and do not cook much better to choose a small and folding table but if you live with 2 or 3 people, you often cook and eat at home, then if it makes sense to remove half of the kitchen area to put a massive dining table.

Ideas to decorate the dining room wall

decorate modern dining room options wall approach ideas

Note the small round and oval tables. Avoid sharp corners in any small room. Natural lighting is extremely important for small spaces. We advise you to choose bright colored curtains and place the dining table near the window to enjoy sunny mornings having breakfast with the family.

Very original wallpaper in the modern dining room

decorate modern dining room wallpaper wood furniture ideas

If your room is darker, don’t forget that the dining area has to be bright enough. You can hang a beautiful chandelier on the table, giving a soft and warm light.

Orange color for the dining room

decorate modern dining room striking orange wall ideas

Everyone knows that white color makes the room seem more spacious. Please note that the dining table and chairs can be in bright white.

Decorative plates on the black wall of the dining room

decorate modern dining room walls black furniture ideas

Today we propose you to re-evaluate the colors, the shapes of the furniture, accessories and even the distribution of the dining room, to give your dining room a new lease of life, creating a space that seems warm and welcoming, and in which you feel good.

Wonderful drawings on the wall of the small dining room

decorate modern dining room beautiful wall ideas

Dining room and kitchen in the same space

decorate modern dining room chairs bench table ideas

Very large mirrors in the dining room with a very natural design

decorate modern dining room white chairs wooden table ideas

Orange leather chairs in modern dining room

decorate modern dining room orange leather chairs ideas

Small dining room with contemporary style design

decorate modern dining room beautiful wooden chairs ideas

Minimalist dining room designed by Alessandro Ferro

decorate modern dining room designed by Alessandro Ferro ideas

Modern dining room designed by Alexandra Fedorova

decorate modern dining room designed Alexandra Fedorova ideas

Dining room and living room in one


Ideas to decorate dining room and living room that share space

dining room-small-apartment-small-design

Ideas to decorate dining room, living room and kitchen


One more idea to decorate dining room and living room


Some questions and answers

How do you use a small dining room?

There are a lot of ways you can use a small dining room. The first thing you need to do is think about how much space you actually have available in your dining room. Then think about whether or not you’ll be eating in that room or if it will just be used for storing things like extra furniture, books, or other family items. You also want to consider whether or not guests will be over often because if they will, then storage may become an issue as well as cooking and food prep space.

What is the minimum size for a dining room?

Before you start designing, it’s important to know just how much space you have to work with. Measure your available room and double-check that your table can comfortably fit into your dining area. In general, designers say a dining room table should be about four feet from each wall. If you are working with an open floor plan and want a more spacious feel, consider getting a larger table or adding leaves to expand it.

How do I fix a small dining room?

Dining rooms are great for hosting big family feasts and formal events. But for most of us, we use our dining room more often as a small dining room, in which case it needs to provide enough seating for 4-8 people. Fortunately, there are many ideas that you can implement to make your small dining room feel less cramped: here are a few of my favorites!

Chests are great for storage, but you can use one as a display center to create a focal point in your dining room. Arrange books, trinkets, and flowers on top of it to create an elegant centerpiece. You can also use these chests as end tables or side tables; if you have enough space, put them on either side of your dining table instead of chairs.

Typically, dining room chairs are built from solid wood and in a sturdy design. But if you don’t have enough space for your dining room table, you can still create a refined setting with elegant glass dining chairs. These chairs let guests sit in style without occupying lots of space.

While some dining room tables have built-in drawers, they don’t tend to have enough storage space. An umbrella stand, on the other hand, is a great piece of furniture for storing extra tableware and other accessories.

A sideboard can be an excellent piece of furniture for your dining room. Not only will it give you more storage space, but it’ll also add to your table’s overall aesthetic appeal. Additionally, a sideboard is an excellent idea if you need some extra counter space for preparing food and serving dishes. Use shelves or drawers to keep plates, utensils, and spices out of sight when not in use.

If you’re lacking space for a side table in your dining room, think about using a stool instead. Stools tend to be much shorter than chairs, meaning they don’t take up as much space. This gives you a way to add some extra seating without sacrificing your ability to walk around comfortably. You can also use stools as display tables by placing candles and flowers on top of them.

Which shape dining table is best?

It’s a debate that never seems to end: oval or rectangular? Rectangular dining tables make better use of space, while oval tables leave guests feeling more intimate. The perfect dining table shape depends on many factors, like how large your home is and how much space you have for entertaining, but ultimately you should buy based on what feels right for your space.

How do I make my dining room classy?

A classy dining room doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. To bring a touch of elegance to your dining room, here are 5 ways you can spruce up any room at an affordable price!

1- Change your table cloth
How often do you change your table cloth? Change your table cloth more often and make sure it coordinates with your dining room decor. Or simply lay a white or colored placemat underneath. It’s simple, affordable, and gives a new look instantly!

2- Light up that chandelier!
If you have a chandelier in your dining room, light it up! This can create dramatic lighting. If you don’t have one, now is a good time to consider adding one. A chandelier instantly classifies any space as classy.

3- Add flowers and candles.
I have a small dining room and there is no space for a flower vase. In order to bring some life into my room, I add flowers in decorative jars or bowls on shelves around my dining area. It brings color, style, and sophistication to my table instantly! Candles can also help make any setting more elegant; try different candle shapes, sizes, and colors until you find what looks best with your decor.

4- Change out your chairs! When I was growing up, my parents had a hardwood dining room table. They kept an old set of brown chairs in there for years, but finally decided to upgrade it and paint them white. The change was so dramatic; it made their dining room look bigger and added a nice pop of color. If you have one or two broken chairs, replace them with something new that matches your decor or brings some style to the space. New seats instantly elevate any setting and make you feel more comfortable.

5- Use a placemat. If you’re looking for an easy way to class up your dining room table, try a new placemat. It adds just enough elegance to make your space feel more polished. You can even find ones with patterns that coordinate with your dining room decor! Or if you want something simple, invest in some new dish towels and place mats.

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