30+ Small Bathroom Storage Ideas To Organize Your Space Efficiently

Ideas for storage in a small bathroom

Are you looking for small bathroom storage ideas ? then this article for you

Organizing the bathroom, especially the small one, is surely a hurdle. Also, if you have a lot of things, it can make your bathroom look like a complete mess.

The good news is, we’re here to provide you with a wealth of great bathroom storage ideas.

These easy yet effective bathroom storage ideas will make your messy bathroom look like it just came out of your favorite home decor magazine!

1. built-in wall

bathroom counter decor

For us who want a really clean looking bathroom, this idea is the perfect one among the other bathroom storage ideas. This built-in wall storage will be your storage cabinet and also the perimeter wall of your bathroom. You can have it open or with doors.

If you want it to be transparent, you can choose to cover the door with the same material with your bathroom wall. In this way, it is as if you have a secret storage inside your bathroom. This idea will take more steps to do, so you better plan it well and make the most of it. Carefully plan the space you want for the built-in cabinets. This is necessary so that you don’t have to add another storage space in your bathroom.

In fact, the built-in wall is such a brilliant solution for bathroom storage ideas.

2. Mirror storage ideas

bathroom counter decorating ideas

Other built-in bathroom storage ideas are various ways to use your mirror. Your bathroom mirror can also be a great camouflage for storage. This compact design mirror allows you to place everything behind the mirror when you are done and keep your bathroom in the right spot. This bathroom storage idea is simple and on point, here are a few for you to try:

Open cabinet

This type of storage has been around for so long. In fact, I think you can easily find one of your nearby home decor stores. This cabinet is undoubtedly cheap and comes in various designs. Or, you can always make your own.

Side sliding cabinet

Side-sliding cabinet is possible if you have space next to your sink. This is more convenient than the opening one because you don’t need to go back and forth to open and close your mirror. Because it can be very tiring, especially when you are doing makeup.

3. Not just a front door

bathroom counter organization ideas

Sometimes people simply neglected potential bathroom entry door space for storage. However, if you look closely and think creatively, there is actually a space that you can turn into storage. These particular bathroom storage ideas will inspire you on how to use narrow and limited storage space. Therefore, it is really perfect to be implemented in small bathroom ideas!

Behind the door

You can add any type of storage and hang it on the back of your door. It can be hooks, baskets, or even bags. Make sure you don’t put too much in so your door isn’t heavy or difficult to open.

Above the door

Clearance above door is higher than required clearance height. Therefore, using it will not disturb your movement in the bathroom. You can use it for your shelves and put the things that you do not reach daily.

4. About toilet storage

bathroom counter organizer ideas

Another space that is normally left empty is over the toilet. The space above the toilet is actually the perfect space to use as additional bathroom storage. There are actually numerous bathroom storage ideas for the space above the toilet. You can build shelves or drawers above the toilet tank and use it to store your things

One thing you want to do is make sure it’s closed storage. Most people don’t know that when you flush the toilet, bacteria actually spread from your toilet. This bacteria comes along with the air pumped to flush the toilet. So it’s best to keep yours on top of the covered toilet and avoid storing towels or brushes there.

5. Bathup Ends inspiration

bathroom organizer ideas

Most of the time, the size of the bathtub does not fit perfectly in the corner of the bathroom. This cause there is an empty space at the end of the bathtub. Like the space above the toilet, the space at the end of the tub is often left unused as well.

This narrow space is a perfect area for you to place your “relaxing bath” essentials. You don’t need to be scared that you would spill your aromatic oil or accidentally drop your scented candles. You can install a simple table as shelves and decorate it with drawings or flowers.

6. Under the sink

bathroom organizers ideas

The last strategic place to create storage in your bathroom is under the sink. This space is great for bathroom storage ideas because there are many types of storage that you can build under your bathroom sink. You can do the storage as the sink vanity counter expansion. It can be crowded until it hits the floor or floating modern style.


The easiest storage you can get almost anywhere in the racks. Not only is it inexpensive, the slim build of the racks will give you more storage space in the bathroom without taking up a lot of space. Although simple, shelves can bring a stylish atmosphere to your bathroom.

Make sure you choose the right materials. Wood or metal are wonderful options for you. If you want to get an unusual look, you can use a set of tables of different heights as the rack under the sink.


This type of storage will likely cost you more money because it needs to be customized to get the perfect fit. But this gives you the opportunity to get your own design. Also, the cabinet allows you to completely hide your clutter. Sometimes the closet can seem bulky. You can use the light and neutral color like white to make it lighter. Or, use the mirror as the cabinet door cover to create a spacious illusion.


As in the cabinet, the drawers generally need to be customized. The good thing about the drawers is that it gives you more organization for your storage. The multi-tiered drawer helps you sort through the things you want to store. You can play with the color of your drawers and make it an eye-catching combination in your bathroom.

7. Playful basket ideas

bathroom organizing ideas

Using clear plastic containers as your storage is an efficient way to keep your bathroom clean. But, if you’re doing it the easy way, your bathroom could look like a backyard warehouse to a store. Choosing the right container is the key to making sure it’s not happening.

Choose your container type wisely. If you put it in the dry area, a basket may be your options. The basket comes in various designs, shapes, colors, and even patterns. Treat your storage like accessories for your bathroom. Make a good combination to make your bathroom look interesting. Need to explore more about the perfect match for your bathroom? Feel free to check out these bathroom design ideas for more inspiration!

8. Store it on the ladder.

bathroom shelf ideas

Why use the common rack if you can use the ladder instead? Take your high ladder and start storing your things there. Using the ladder instead of the common shelf gives your bathroom a unique country feel.

This will look exceptionally good if you have a clean white bathroom. You can place metal framed pictures or use a glass bottle as a vase as accessories. To make it more interesting, you can paint your wooden staircase in the bright color or complement it with the rug underneath.

9. Wire basket

bathroom small storage

The storage elements that will totally change the atmosphere of your bathroom are the wire basket. It comes in various sizes and shapes, so you will definitely find one that you need. The wire basket is a smart choice for bathroom storage. Unlike solid boxes, the wire basket is waterproof and the bottom does not contain water.

To create a stylish bathroom look, you can combine a black wire basket with wooden shelves. Or, if you want to save space, you can hang the basket on the wall. To make the look more inviting, you can also combine your wire basket with the white fabric or small planting. This is also good so that they cannot be seen through the storage of your personal items in the bathroom.

10. Frame it and cuddle it!

bathroom storage

This bathroom storage idea is especially useful for girls. It is a smart alternative to store your makeup or accessories. All you need is to create a magnetic board and place it in a cute frame. Then all you need to do is stick a magnet to the back of your makeup and voila.

This way, you no longer have to dig through drawers to find your favorite eyeshadow palette. Because all your makeup looks great in the frame. This is a very useful DIY project if you don’t have a table or counter in your bathroom.

11. Reuse bathroom furniture storage ideas

bathroom storage ideas

It doesn’t always have to be new furniture to decorate your bathroom. Look around your house or maybe check your warehouse. You may find an old piece of furniture that you can use for your bathroom storage. With a little modification, you can turn your old dressers into a bathroom vanity.

What a great thing for bathroom remodel ideas too! In this way, you can significantly save your expenses. Also, you can make a catchy vintage look in your bathroom. Complete the look by decorating it with flowers and perhaps antique towels.

12. Cutie Mason Jar

bathroom storage small

Hair pins, toothbrushes, hair bands and many other small things that you need to put in the bathroom. Little things that are scattered throughout your bathroom can make your fancy bathroom look messy. Putting it in a large basket or tossing it all in the drawers doesn’t make your hectic morning routine any easier.

Well maybe cute little jars can help you. Not only is it the perfect size for your little things, but it also looks adorable. There are many ways to make your mason jars look sophisticated but useful for organizing your things. You can paint it to match your bathroom palette, or make it clear so you can see what’s inside.

Place it on top of your sink counter and use one as a crock to make them look prettier. Or, if you want to save space, you can mount it on the wall and use the wooden board as a background.

13. twist your gaze

organization ideas for bathroom

Yes, storage is a functional element in the bathroom. But can it look cool and make your bathroom look even more beautiful? YES!

When you think about storage, don’t go the easy way and just order a bunch of plain boxes. Go further with your purchases and plan the look of your bathroom. Many functional things come with a very attractive look now, so you will definitely find one. Instead of buying a regular laundry bag, you can use a wicker basket.

Instead, hide your wire basket inside the vanities, you can decorate it with patterned fabrics and use it as your bathroom decor. This way you can create a stylish looking bathroom and also store your things in it.

14. Spread it over all the walls.

organized bathroom ideas

How many things do you store on your wall? If the answer is none, you’ve been wasting so much space. Especially if you have a lot of cute necklaces and earrings, and just throw them in the drawers. Your personal things can be your decorative element. You just need to get creative and get it all out

Your wall is the perfect way to store your accessories. Not only will its accessories make your bathroom wall more alive, but it also makes it easier for you to access your accessories. Forgetting that you have a cute necklace that goes perfectly with the dress from the night before will not happen again.

15. Eye-catching shelves

organizing small bathroom

Shelf is a great item for your bathroom storage. Not only for storage, but you can also get creative with the look of your shelves to make your bathroom look interesting.

One of the easy ways is to make a color scheme for your shelves. Paint the wooden plank shelves in various colors that complement each other, then mount them to the wall.

Also, you can create a theme for your bathroom and tune in your shelves to see that theme. For example, you can have an industrial look in your bathroom, and you can put decorative plumbing fixture in the decor. The pipe can be the frame for your shelves or you can use it as the frame for your shower curtain. Think creatively!

16. Artsy Storage Ideas

small bathroom organizers

Placing a piece of art in your bathroom can bring an elegant atmosphere to your bathroom. In the elegant-looking bathroom, everything is usually clean and simple. There is nothing on top of the dressing table except the neatly folded tower and the fresh flowers.

But you can really make your artwork out of anything. Yes, anything, even things that we usually hide in the cabinet. This bathroom storage idea encourages you to bring out the more creative side of yourself. This example shows how a toilet paper storage can turn into a classy-looking piece of art.

17. Recycling of wooden boxes

small bathroom storage

A fun way to decorate your bathroom is to create your own storage furniture. You can do this by recycling and making good use of totally inexpensive things. The wooden box is an interesting material to play with. You can break it down and use it to make a shelf or combine several of them to make a cabinet.

18. Inside the pipe

small bathroom storage ideas

Another fun material to play with is a pipe. The pipe has a very simple basic shape and there are many things you can do. One of the creative ways to use pipe is to cut it and install it on the wall. The cylinder face of the pipe creates an interesting pattern for your wall. You can fill the entire wall or create an interesting pattern with it.

19. Vertical drawer for bathroom storage ideas

storage bathroom

Smart hacks to utilize the narrow space in your bathroom is to build the vertical drawer. The simplest way is to simply add wheels to a well-fitting box. This type of drawer is perfect for your styling stuff.

You can build it out of waterproof material and slip it into your tight nook in the corner. The wheel makes it easy to remove. So you can also put heavier things there without having to overlook it.

20. Not for bathroom

storage for bathroom

There are no rules in the mix and match your decor item. And, certainly, there is no rule of what you can and cannot put in your bathroom to make it pretty. You can always bring something from outside your bathroom to make the look interesting.

Bring in other furniture that doesn’t speak “bathroom” and add restlessness to the look. You can use the spice racks in the kitchen to store your makeup. On the other hand, use the ladder instead of a regular rack. Or, you can use your rolling cart!

21. Divider inside the drawer.

storage for small bathrooms

One last tip to create efficient storage in your bathroom is to have a divider inside the drawers. This way your things will always be organized. If the interior of your storage is organized, it is easier to keep the entire bathroom clean and tidy. Plus, it saves you time finding what you need.

These amazing bathroom storage ideas are your inspiration for creating a clean and organized looking bathroom. There is a large amount of space that you can use in a very attractive way. Think outside the box and transform your everyday things to decorate your bathroom. There are always creative ways to squeeze some extra storage space into your bathroom with these amazing bathroom storage ideas.

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