Reading: Over 100 Master Bedroom Ideas To Suit Your Personal Style

Over 100 Master Bedroom Ideas To Suit Your Personal Style

Best 100+ master bedroom ideas

Are you looking for master bedroom ideas ? then this article for you

The bedroom is the place where you meet yourself, you can relax, relax, it is your space for rest. Therefore, the better decorated and designed it is, the more you will enjoy it every moment you spend there. We show you below a large number of photos and bedroom decoration ideas , and some of the most important trends for this 2021 and 2022.

Your room should be your personal oasis, a space where you can forget about every problem. Between fixtures and furniture, divert attention to concerns.

Bedroom decoration

Here we will try to give a lot of room decoration ideas, to satisfy all needs and preferences. Surely, the current design trends will help to find options for all tastes.

Master bedroom ideas : Styles in room decoration


Although this aesthetic has been around since the post-WWII era, especially in Northern Europe, it has recently seen a sharp rise in popularity globally. Since the look is defined by clean lines and sleek minimalism, it’s not hard to understand why so many people are incorporating Scandinavian flair into their interiors.

Bedroom decoration

In Scandinavian spaces, the goal is to keep things bright, light, and airy.

Bedroom decoration

To that end, the colors you choose should be dimmed. Stick to pastel shades and use neutrals a lot. If you want to add a little more color, icy blues and old pink are particularly popular shades.

Bedroom decoration

Scandinavian furniture features simple silhouettes, clean lines, and an emphasis on natural materials. Wherever possible, well-made artisan products should be chosen over mass-produced pieces.


The traditional decor is calm, orderly and predictable, in which there is no chaos. The furniture is classic and can be antique. Furniture and accessories are arranged in pairs and are centered in the room.

Bedroom decoration 2

In case you lean towards something classic, but with modern slides, you should focus on a large bed like the old ones. The rest of the bedroom furniture will revolve around it, as well as the lighting, decorative elements and the color of the wall.

Bedroom decoration 2r

We recommend soft vanilla walls and good accent lights. A plant can add a very subtle detail to the bedroom.

Bedroom decoration 2rr

But there are also those who want something simple, although with detectable color combinations only for the most detailed. Look at the photo and you will understand. The metal details, yellow details of cushions and the armchair and carpet in different shades of blue.

Bedroom decoration 2è-

Classic style furniture from the mid-20th century should be used for this style.

Bedroom decoration 2q

Vintage chic

Vintage describes a wide variety of styles that capture the look of decades past. Whether built in the past or created anew with design elements inspired by the past 30 to 100 years, vintage style offers the opportunity to add elegant and unique distinction to the home.

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Bedroom decoration 2g

There are those who are inspired by older styles, such as Victorian, and make their bedroom a scene from a movie.

Bedroom decoration 2a

With a stately bed, the bedroom can become a place that sparks the imagination.

Bedroom decoration 2o

The vintage interior design is old and elegant. It involves the use of old or artificially aged furniture and decor items. Vintage mainly welcomes natural materials: wood, more rarely stone and forged elements, natural fabrics. The interior should look like it was designed decades ago.

Bedroom decoration 2ff


The minimalist rooms also have their ground gained when it comes to designing the bedroom. Its straight lines and the variety of light and soft colors, win many times over other contemporary trends.

Bedroom decoration 2oy

The spaces free of unnecessary furniture and accessories, look extremely attractive.

Bedroom decoration 2e_


You can bring your fantasies home and not believe that they are unattainable. If you like the aesthetics of rustic forest houses, you can be inspired by them to decorate your bedroom, for example, clad a wall with old, worn-looking planks, and of course, use natural wood furniture.

Bedroom decoration 2oiu
Bedroom decoration 2qyt

Colors in bedroom decoration

For a long time, beige, white and cream have been the colors that are most used in the decoration of bedrooms, for transmitting calm and for being eternally classic. It should be noted that in recent years, colors such as brown or dark gray, and even black have also been incorporated.


Bedroom decoration 277

It is predicted that gray will continue to be one of the most used in these spaces, especially in combination with white.

Bedroom decoration 221

A room in darker grays also has its charm. The photo below shows this; a simple room, in shades of gray, with the brown color of the wood as the maximum expression of color.

Bedroom decoration 20

To show that dark rooms don’t have to be tacky, just look at this photo. The room is more than attractive and it is good not to forget that such a room serves more as a meeting point with your partner, than a room with greater clarity.

Bedroom decoration 21

Black and white

Another trend is the use of white with touches of black, a very dynamic and effective combination to achieve a modern bedroom.

Bedroom decoration 22
Bedroom decoration 23

Pastel shades

For 2021 and 2022, pastel colors make a major return.

Bedroom decoration 24
Bedroom decoration 25
Bedroom decoration 26

Dark green

The dark green color makes an important appearance, especially to incorporate it through details or why not, on the walls.

Bedroom decoration 27

Bedroom decoration is definitely something very personal, some people need a calm and relaxing atmosphere, which encourages rest and sleep, and other people prefer a bright and energizing environment, which breathes life every morning when they wake up.

Bedroom decoration 28


In its dark and calm tones, it is another color to consider for the bedroom.

Bedroom decoration 29
Bedroom decoration 3

Bright colors

The use of bright colors can be one of the options to achieve this goal. It is recommended that you use touches of vibrant color in small decorative details, such as cushions or the bedspread.

Bedroom decoration 31
Bedroom decoration 32
Bedroom decoration 33

It can also encourage you to color using the walls. One of the trends is to color only one of the walls of the room, keeping the rest in white or pale neutral.

Natural and environmentally friendly materials

This is a trend that is growing, fortunately. Eco-friendly materials are widely used by contemporary interior designers. For example, the use of brick or wood treated respecting nature. These materials are being used a lot on the walls, creating a very interesting rustic effect.

Bedroom decoration 34

The use of natural fibers in carpets, ornaments and bedspreads is also very important.

Bedroom decoration 35

Upholstered headboards

This is another trend that resurfaces with great force this 2021. The headboards made of wood, which dominated the market in recent years, will be left a little aside to give way to soft and sophisticated backrests.

Bedroom decoration 36
Bedroom decoration 37
Bedroom decoration 38
Bedroom decoration 39

Ideas to decorate the walls behind the bed

Whether your bed has a headboard or not, the wall behind it is often the most important wall in the entire bedroom, and it can become a decorative accent. For this reason we present several ideas to decorate it. These ideas presented are an effective way to add interest, style and fun in some of the cases.

Bedroom decoration 4

One way to enrich the wall behind our bed is to make a kind of collage with our favorite photos.

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Bedroom decoration 41

Decorative wallpapers are also an effective way to add style to the walls of our bedroom.

Bedroom decoration 42

Painting a headboard in two or more colors can also be a successful way to turn it into a decorative accent.

Bedroom decoration 43

Felt headboards are another inexpensive option.

Bedroom decoration 44

Painting this wall in a different color from the other walls in the room is another successful idea.

Bedroom decoration 45

The walls behind the bed in children’s bedrooms can become a real children’s story.

Bedroom decoration 46

Decoration of double bedrooms

Decorating an adult room is not an easy task. It is important to take into account several parameters, including brightness, the color of the walls and furniture, to create a pleasant atmosphere and gain comfort.


One of the best decorations for a double room is the romantic one. The most important element in this type of decoration is the choice of colors, whether for the walls, carpets, candles, etc.

Bedroom decoration 47

The choice of color is crucial, as it gives meaning to the decoration of the room. Ideally, opt for shades of pink or white. The white color is characterized by its freshness and clarity. Various shades of white can be used to create volume and depth.

Bedroom decoration 48
Bedroom decoration 49

The second important criterion for decorating a modern adult romantic room is lighting. Good lighting that is both warm and tender, therefore candles are an excellent solution.

Bedroom decoration 5


This is another of the great current trends, a cozy environment that promotes relaxation and provides an escape from the daily routine. Both the curtains, carpets, rugs and furniture, must be placed in order to create harmony in the environment.

Bedroom decoration 51

It is best to opt for plush and cotton fabrics. As for the curtains, choose models that are pleasant to the touch and with warm materials. And of course wood can help us.

Bedroom decoration 52
Bedroom decoration 53

The element that makes the difference in the decoration of a cozy bedroom is the lighting. In order to have a warm and pleasant atmosphere, it is better to choose soft colors.

Bedroom decoration 54
Bedroom decoration 55
Bedroom decoration 56

Zen decoration

Zen decor is conducive to relaxation. Relaxation and comfort are the words that best describe this type of room. It should offer good oxygenation, thus freeing up space and creating storage places without leaving anything cluttered.

Bedroom decoration 57
Bedroom decoration 58

Choose trendy colors like white, blue or gray. These colors can add real value to your bedroom décor.

Bedroom decoration 59
Bedroom decoration 6

Colors according to Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, it is better to opt for cool colors on the walls, such as blue or gray. These colors are very fashionable and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Bedroom decoration 61
Bedroom decoration 62
Bedroom decoration 63
Bedroom decoration 64

Youth bedroom decoration

The teenager’s room is a place of privacy for your child, where he will sometimes be alone and sometimes with friends. Decorating a teenage bedroom is not an easy task. Girls usually want to get out of that feminine atmosphere of pink, and other too childish tones. As for the boys, they leave the world of small cars to move towards a more rocker or more industrial style, where they change from pastel blue to navy blue. The first idea is that the bedroom is to the adolescent’s taste. This space must combine multiple functions, ranging from living room, place to sleep and to study.

Bedroom decoration 65


The adolescent’s room usually requires three different spaces, one dedicated to work, the other dedicated to rest, and the last dedicated to relaxation.

Bedroom decoration 66

The room should include a bed, a desk, and an area similar to a small living room. Beds with drawers or storage to store books and other essential items such as the bedside lamp.

Bedroom decoration 67

For small spaces, loft beds are excellent that house a dedicated work space at the bottom and therefore will leave more free space. For larger rooms, the different areas can be separated more easily.

Bedroom decoration 68


For girls, different shades of white or pastels can be very appropriate.

Bedroom decoration 69
Bedroom decoration 7
Bedroom decoration 71
Bedroom decoration 72
Bedroom decoration 73

For guys, who move naturally towards an industrial style, black, brown and navy are very popular.

Bedroom decoration 74
Bedroom decoration 75
Bedroom decoration 76
Bedroom decoration 77
Bedroom decoration 78
Bedroom decoration 79
Bedroom decoration 8

Hanging beds

One of the elements that has gained important ground in recent years in the area of ​​bedroom decoration is undoubtedly the incorporation of hanging beds; since they can be seen in multiple proposals, some for children’s bedrooms, others in youth bedrooms and many others in double bedrooms.

Bedroom decoration 81

They are an effective way to add interest and personality to bedrooms, regardless of their style, since these beds are extremely versatile.

Bedroom decoration 82

And the best of all is that we can find them in a huge variety of styles and materials, since they are presented to us both supported by thick and strong ropes of the sailor type or by means of thick iron link chains, among others.

Bedroom decoration 83

They also allow you to play in terms of layout, in shared rooms, since they can perfectly be incorporated like traditional bunks one on top of the other or simply.

Bedroom decoration 84

We can also opt for a false hanging bed, like the one we see below.

Bedroom decoration 85

Bedroom decoration according to the season

Many people tend to have the habit of changing some decorative details in their bedroom according to the season of the year. Obviously, the bedding has to change, when summer arrives, the warmest things are kept for the following winter, and we begin to use other types of bedspreads and materials. But these changes do not only apply to bedding, some accessories can also be adapted. Let’s look at some ideas.

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Autumn Winter

So that you can bring to your bedroom the peculiar spirit that characterizes autumn, we will show you some ideas that become one of the most effective ways to accompany the season and benefit from its main attractions, among which the attractive earth tones stand out, orange and yellow.

Bedroom decoration 86

It is undoubtedly one of the stations that allows us to benefit from the decoration with a greater diversity of textures, thus allowing us to add charm to our walls, furniture, beds and windows.

Bedroom decoration 87

The paintings with autumn motifs are another of the great options that we find for this type of decoration, since they are a fast way and with a lot of presence in the decoration.

Bedroom decoration 88

Those who prefer a more genuine spirit, on the other hand, can perfectly make works of art on their walls with the characteristic autumnal leaves and their peculiar colors.

Bedroom decoration 89
Bedroom decoration 9

Spring Summer

Decorating bedrooms in this season is so easy that you hardly have to resort to moving the bedding and curtains. If you do not want large expenses or do not have a major renovation planned, this is the best way to impose the colors of the new season on it. Whether in the children’s room or the master bedroom, because everyone can benefit from color.

Bedroom decoration 91

We show you images of a summer collection in which color prevails, so that you can choose options for a summer season. The bedding is overflowing with color and originality, through its bold prints.

Bedroom decoration 92

And it is so easy to add a colorful detail to any room from the bedding, that you just have to decide what pattern you like and what colors motivate you the most, to forget the neutral colors of a long winter and face spring with overflowing originality.

Bedroom decoration 93
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