50+ Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Help You Organize Your Space

Kitchen cabinet ideas : best 50+ ideas

Kitchen cabinets  are what really change your face and transform it. When choosing them we find a great variety of options and it is difficult to know which is the perfect one for us. While it is true that you have to choose according to the decoration you have, that does not mean that we are going to be forced to choose the same material or the same colors. Far from that (and even more so if it is a modern-style kitchen), the combinations of materials, as well as the contrasts, have a lot of prominence. If you want to be inspired to redecorate your modern kitchen, be sure to see the models that follow.

Kitchen cabinet ideas

1. The design of the handles

cabinet ideas

Often times the details make the difference. These cabinets with a uniform design and large storage capacity could look very conventional if it were not for the design of the handles or handles, which, although they are small, provide a certain touch of modernity.

2. Cabinets with built-in lighting

cabinet design for kitchen

Modern-style decorating trends set the tone with a fundamental aspect: functionality! And what more functional than these cabinets with which you can incorporate light bulbs that help you focus the lighting of the kitchen, without a doubt a very smart option.

3. Blank cabinets – ideal for creating bright kitchens

cabinet design kitchen

White brings light and is undoubtedly one of the colors that sets trends in this style. If your kitchen is small, consider having the furniture in this color. You will achieve an effect of unique spaciousness and luminosity.

4. Overhead cabinets with included doors and shelves

cabinet design kitchen

It is known by all that in small spaces, the smaller the amount of furniture that can be incorporated should be. For this reason, it is essential to achieve practical and functional designs that facilitate the distribution in space, such as these wall cabinets with shelves included.

5. Base cabinets with sink

cabinet for kitchen

In base cabinets with a sink included, the placement of a quality top is important. To the surprise of many, the wooden top is a good option because, although moisture problems are immediately thought about, the market currently offers options with insulating technology, resistant to humidity.

6. Laminate, matt or with vibrant colors

cabinet ideas for kitchen

Modern decorations look beautiful with an accent of color. Dare to combine laminates with a matte effect, or enameled and why not? with vibrant color too.

7. Large capacity storage

cabinet in kitchen

Cabinets that become large storage pantries are ideal when it comes to small kitchens.

8. Wood cabinets (looks natural, but is not)

cabinet kitchen

Wood is one of the preferred materials in modern decorations due to its great versatility. Although it is true that it is difficult to get it natural for the design of the cabinets, you can opt for laminates that offer the same appearance and are much cheaper.

We were talking about the combination of materials, and it is very modern to create combinations that visually offer us more. In this design, for example, glass doors are perfect because in addition to making what is stored visible, it allows the possibility of including other colors that perhaps with another material would not look so good.

9. And also to make infinite combinations

cabinets for kitchen

White is also irreplaceable when it comes to combinations. Well, it offers you the possibility of making combinations with other colors, patterns, textures and even materials. Providing a unique style of elegance and sophistication, as we see in this kitchen design.

10. Another very modern option: white and wood

cabinets in kitchen

The uniformity of the white in the cabinets, with the light wood top that goes in perfect harmony with the floor covering, make this kitchen an irrefutable proof that white and wood is one of the best modern combinations that can be. . The silver touches of the appliances and other elements, such as the lamp, complement the decoration of the space, filling it with luminosity

16 options to revamp your cabinets

Cabinets take up a good deal of space in the kitchen. Since they set the tone at first glance, you might as well take care of their appearance to polish the atmosphere! Here are 16 budget kitchen cabinet makeover ideas.

1. Do some refacing

cabinets kitchen

2. Cover with plywood

colored kitchen cabinets

Design and layout: Flora Balandier, designer, florabalandier. com. Carrying out the work: OM Rénovation, 514 883-1186.

No need to change everything to update your kitchen! By simply revamping some more worn boxes and leaving the other cabinets as they are, you can get a new decor at a low price. In this kitchen, the designer decided to bring more personality to the decor by replacing the top panels with plywood made to measure by a cabinetmaker as well as by adding new wooden handles, also made to measure. Traditional plywood (spruce, pine, Douglas fir, poplar, oak, etc.) can be found on the market, generally available in standard 4 ‘x 8’ sheets. Entirely made up of successive layers of hardwood, Russian birch plywood (also known as “multi-ply plywood”) benefits from greater resistance than plywood made from sheets of soft wood.

3. Opt for the prefabricated

colorful kitchen cabinets

Design and layout: Caroline Beauvais, designer, carolinebeauvais.com.

Prefabricated cabinets can cost up to 50% less than custom made from the same material. And if you’re a good handyman, you can save a little more money by installing them yourself. In this small kitchen, we opted for cabinets bought in a big box store.

4. Add moldings

colors for kitchen cabinets

Design, layout and cabinets: Atelier C3 Design, atelierc3design.com.

To give a whole new relief to your kitchen, simply decorate the cabinet panels with the addition of simple moldings! For example, framing doors and drawers with straight, shaker-style slats produces a stunning makeover that requires minimal skill. In addition, the top or bottom of cornice cabinets (ogee-type moldings) can be enhanced to give them more character and texture at low cost. Another option if you want to bring a more country feel: add paneling. A little brushstroke, and you’re done! There are several types of moldings made in various materials (wood, MDF, etc.) that will fit your budget.

5. Air with glass

kitchen cabinet transformation with glass panels

Design: by the owner. Realization: Elder’s Home Renovations, facebook.com / ehrenos.

Airy decors are popular! This is the perfect opportunity to lighten the atmosphere of the kitchen by integrating glass into your cabinets, which will also have the effect of infusing a good dose of light into the room. Clear glass inserts will ensure you have visual access to the contents of the cabinets, while frosted or textured glass doors will hide unwanted people, while adding a hint of elegance. Incorporating smoked glass will instead bring a touch of glamor . It is also possible to enhance the glass with moldings (cross bars, grid lines, etc.).

6. Refresh with paint

transformation of wooden kitchen cabinet with painting

Design and layout: Isabelle Dussault, ART Design & STYLE, artdesignetstyle.ca.

Most cabinet makers often prefer to redo entire kitchens. But for the sake of ecology and economy, it is ingenious to be able to recover certain elements and bring them up to date by simple transformations. One of the easiest solutions to put into practice, painting quickly brings a breath of fresh air to a room without inflating expenses. This is the case here, where we have chosen to bet on a two-tone look by painting the upper cabinets in white, a shade which increases the luminosity, and those at the bottom in gray, a color which anchors the decor in the interior. present and creates a link with the new backsplash. Which paint to use? A water-based alkyd paint or a chalk paint that adheres to all surfaces (even glossy, such as melamine).

7. Coating vinyl surfaces

vinyl wrap kitchen cabinet transformation

Fitting: Karine Matte, Matte & Glossy, matteetglossy.com.

“Wrapping” your melamine cabinets with a faded or old-fashioned appearance, it’s truly magical. Here, the owner used self-adhesive vinyl wrap type Wrap My Kitchen available in two colors: bright white at the top and graying wood grain at the bottom. Available in several aesthetically pleasing colors, textures and finishes (barn wood, satin white or black, gloss red, 3D mini-tiles, brushed aluminum, etc.), this easy-to-maintain coating is an economical choice for operating a hassle-free cabinet resurfacing. Even if the installation can be done by any skilled handyman, the owner preferred to have the work done by installers. In total, it cost him about $ 2,600.

8. Update handles

kitchen cabinet design

Design, layout and styling: Karine Matte, Matte & Glossy, matteetglossy.com.

Whether you decide to repaint the cabinets in place or to wrap them in adhesive vinyl, as here, it is judicious to polish the finish of the whole by replacing the handles with more current models and in accordance with the style of the cabinet. new decor. Dark-finished handles, like in this kitchen, will contrast with light-colored cabinetry overlay. In the case of dark colored modules, we could also play on the contrast by going to a hardware store in cold tones (chrome, brushed nickel) or warmer (brass, gold, bronze, copper). The shape of the handles also dictates the style: minimalist bars, neo-classic cups, button handles, etc.

9. Remove doors

kitchen cabinet organization ideas

Design and layout: Mélanie Cherrier, designer, Blanc Marine Living, blancmarineliving.com.

Open shelves are the kitchen trend of the hour. Do you dislike your wardrobes? Why not take the opportunity to remove a few doors to create cabinets where you can keep everyday dishes close at hand, display decorative objects or even create a niche for small appliances or the breakfast nook? In addition to softening the massive effect of a cabinet unit, these open pedestals will give rhythm to the space. To inject life, you could even have fun covering the bottom of one or more cabinets in a vibrant color (turquoise, bright yellow, burnt orange), wallpaper or patterned fabric.

10. Make a faux wood finish

kitchen cabinet storage ideas

The proof is in place: melamine is not proof against a well executed faux finish! The technique consists of superimposing two or more layers of paint of different colors. To make your job easier and reproduce the grain to perfection, there are different tools (faux finish comb, grain cradle, etc.). This gives you the possibility to create various texture effects.

11. Close the top of the cabinets

kitchen cabinets

This metamorphosis undoubtedly gives an impression of height to the kitchen! We can close the space between the cabinets and the ceiling using MDF panels painted the same color as the cabinets: an inexpensive and easy to achieve solution.

12-Paint with a glossy finish

kitchen cabinets colors

The choice of an eggshell finish, generally reserved for moldings, gives shine to cabinets. This option is similar to the glossy thermoplastic finish, but is much more affordable. Here, we bet on a bright color for a spectacular effect that fits into the contemporary era. 

13. Add paneling

kitchen cabinets ideas

To afford a country kitchen, the owners chose to paint the paneling and put it on the cabinet doors. Moldings have been added to finish the panels. It is also possible to create a paneling effect on a melamine or wood door inexpensively by making a notch on the doors using a table saw.

14. Create a patina

kitchen designs ideas

The secret to giving character to these cabinets: create a patina, that is to say a faux finish with a worn effect in reference to the past. This option is suitable for different styles of doors, with or without moldings, and allows you to choose the color of your choice.

15. Install wood veneer

kitchen organizer ideas

To camouflage old melamine at a low cost, you can use wood-look laminate veneer. The latter can be dyed or varnished. It is found in roll form in large-surface hardware stores, in the most famous species (cherry, maple, oak, etc.). However, some companies specializing in forest products offer a greater choice of species. To conceal the sides of cabinet doors, obtain edgebanding.

16. Install ogeas

kitchen storage cabinet

Decorate the top of the cabinets with cornices (ogeas): this is a great way to add elegance to the room! Different sizes and models that can be installed in the top of the cabinets are available. To enhance them, they are painted in a color that contrasts with that of the cabinets.

12 ways to style your old kitchen cabinets

Is it right time for you to change your 80’s kitchen? Do you lack inspiration to revamp your kitchen cabinets or do you have no budget to renovate your kitchen ? Here are 7 suggestions that will save you from having to completely redo your kitchen, but will give it a youthful look! As a bonus, you will wow the gallery!


wood cabinet renovation

Painting or staining your old wood cabinets to restore them is definitely an option. Even more if your cabinets are made of quality wood. With a little patience and thoroughness, this option can give spectacular results.

Of course, the task can be complex, it all depends on what is covering your cabinets. Here is the procedure for painting wood . You can also paint only a few sections of your cabinets for a unique effect.


kitchen cabinet sticker

You can transform your old melamine cabinets by covering them with a vinyl with a wood texture


wood plank kitchen cabinet transformation

If you like small jobs, here is a great idea! Find some old planks of wood: pallet wood, barn wood. Replace several or a few cabinet fronts with wood plank doors! You can even make them yourself, with a minimum of skill, the result will be amazing and your kitchen will be unique.


Another option is to revamp your faded white melamine cabinets by adding moldings and paneling. Siding panels are affordable and available at all good hardware stores. You can then paint them in the color of your choice.

slat for wood cabinet transformation


changing kitchen cabinet handles

Too often, the impact of cabinet door handles is underestimated. Yet this simple change can rejuvenate or personalize your kitchen. Use your imagination to choose handles that will enhance your cabinets and give your kitchen the look you want.


stainless kitchen cabinet

Swapping a few kitchen cabinets with one or more stainless steel modules can also add style to your kitchen. Stainless gives an industrial look and is up to date. If you prefer to keep all of your cabinets, a stainless steel industrial table, catering style, to replace the central island is also a good option! The same goes for a stainless steel shelf that can help redefine style! These additions, while not directly affecting cabinetry, could enhance the look of your kitchen and cabinetry.


open kitchen shelf

A kitchen full of cupboards, while practical, can sometimes feel smaller. The tablets are an aesthetically beautiful and up-to-date solution. Swap one or two wall cabinets for a few shelves of wood, stainless steel or other materials and the result may impress you. This solution often allows the kitchen to be ventilated, an advantage especially in smaller kitchens!


painting on kitchen cabinet

An original idea that will not fail to make your kitchen unique, in your image: transform your cabinets into a picture with the paint created for this purpose. You can then write recipes, memos, words to your children or even create beautiful illustrations!


paint kitchen cabinet

You can simply refresh the interior paint of your cabinets to restore them. Choose a dark color if your cabinets are pale or a light color if your cabinets are dark. You will see, the simple act of painting your kitchen gives an impressive result.



You can even remove the divider between your cabinets to create huge, lengthwise kitchen cabinets. You will see your kitchen stretch out. How to do? Remove your doors and use wood filler to plug the holes in your hinges. You will likely need to paint your kitchen cabinets to complete your kitchen makeover.


rustic finish kitchen cabinet transformation

Do you like the rustic finish? With 2 different paint colors, you can create it easily. Learn about the colors and finishes to use to create your effect.


molding on kitchen cabinet

Shiplap type cabinets are very trendy Represented by straight lines and moldings on the cabinets, they are quite easy to replicate if you have simple cabinets. Simply add strips of wood to your cabinet and paint them the color you want.

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