Reading: 22+ Kitchen Countertop Ideas To Make Your Home Pop

22+ Kitchen Countertop Ideas To Make Your Home Pop

kitchen countertop ideas : best 22+ ideas

Are you looking for kitchen countertop ideas ? then this article for you

At a time when hygiene has become part of our daily lives, outside and inside the home, and when we are always looking for the most natural and sustainable side of everything we buy, the choice of countertop becomes a priority in the  decoration of the kitchen . We need it to be as functional as it is aesthetic and to make daily work more comfortable, but also to provide a plus of style and guarantee that we are free of germs. Among our selection you will find models of all budgets .

kitchen countertop ideas

New designs

Best kitchen countertop ideas

In addition to the material, the countertop is also distinguished by its increasingly thin thickness for a refined atmosphere, by its atypical shape , round or with cut sides for example, as well as by its color . If black is still an infallible recipe, gray and other less classic neutrals find a niche next to  marble , which is back in fashion,  intense shades  such as burgundy or pastel tones . This one from Leicht that imitates concrete and has no joints joins the new trend with a minimalist and modern thickness.  

Laminate with built-in treatment

Kitchen with black furniture and with a wine-colored island with a black flown table

Laminate continues to  be one of the preferred materials, both for floors and countertops , as it combines a competitive price with good features . We have instantly fallen in love with this Cesar countertop both for its technical qualities and for its wine colour , as daring as it is sophisticated, ideal for a modern and functional kitchen. Its Fenix ​​laminated coating incorporates an innovative treatment that greatly improves its resistance to scratches and heat , offering a silky touch that is fingerprint-proof.

Black stone with flamed finish

Kitchen with black countertop and cabinet under a window

If for you a good countertop is one that brings together everything you need in the kitchen ( resistance , functionality and ability to withstand heat ), natural stone such as granite or lava is your best option. In this Mobalpa kitchen , the Naturaplan stone with a flamed, rough and somewhat relief finish is perfect for recreating a Japanese-inspired environment that plays with the Okobo wood finish and the soft-touch matte graphite fronts of the furniture.

Solid wood

Wooden kitchen counter and cabinets, cutting board and coffee set

Although it is not a state-of-the-art material, it is one of the most popular and a true ally of kitchens with a ‘green’ spirit . Able to integrate into all kinds of styles , rustic and industrial are two of their favorites, they manage to bring warmth , beauty and authenticity to all of them, you just have to look at this Garde Hvalsöe proposal . Your Achilles heel? Moisture, although most have a waterproof treatment.

Latest generation laminate

White kitchen open to living room with brick wall

Although laminate countertops have always stood out as a ‘low cost’ option , available in a wide variety of designs, the new laminates have little to do with them, not even in price. Although they maintain their chameleon character that allows them to get into different skins (from wood to marble), they stand out especially for improving their main weakness ( humidity and water in general). This pebble-colored monobloc countertop from Bulthaup is a good example. Minimalist and sensual, it adds the right note of contrast with the brick wall.

Porcelain stoneware that cleans itself

Kitchen with dining area and a central island with marble-finish laminate countertop, cabinets and sink

Finally! This SapienSton e porcelain stoneware has everything that any good countertop needs: resistance, beauty and durability. But now, in addition, it incorporates everything you were looking for: an antibacterial surface that cleans itself . The Active Surfaces range incorporates a revolutionary technology that makes dirt less sticky and can be cleaned with just mild soap and water. In addition, it has anti – mold and anti- fungal properties and is capable of degrading organic components, eliminating bad odors .

An ultra-compact that is proof against everything

Kitchen with wooden furniture, island and Dekton countertop with marble finish and black and white photography on the wall

This cutting-edge material has everything, except perhaps its price, to become the king of modern kitchens . It is hygienic , resistant to high temperatures, it is not porous , it is not afraid of water and it is available in a wide variety of models , including natural stone or those with a metallic effect. In this space from the Mark Williams Design studio, the Dekton countertop  is allied with the Mediterranean aesthetic, thanks to the beautiful warm tones and the white marble veining of the Entzo finish.

Conscientiously ‘green’

Kitchen with island with white cabinets and light green Silestone countertop

This selection could not miss a classic like Silestone , yes, now more sustainable . Recently presented at Milan Design Week 2021 (September 4-10), Cosentino’s Sunlit Days HybriQ+ collection incorporates a pioneering technology through which 99% of the water used in the manufacture of your countertop is reused from the production processes , 100% of the electrical energy is from renewable sources and a minimum of 20% recycled raw materials are used. What we said: the Silestone of always much more ‘green’. In addition, the Posidonia Green tone is a statement of principles, since this green , inspired by nature, gives the kitchen a touch of vitality and joy, while its texture provides a smooth and silky finish.

With terrazzo finish

Island kitchen with terrazzo-look cabinets and countertops

The latest designs in countertops make our dreams come true, managing to transform an ordinary kitchen , beautiful and functional, into a special one , full of character and personality . This is what happens with this proposal by Schmidt whose island with a terrazzo ‘look’ (a material that returned to interior decoration a couple of years ago) allows for an industrial-style environment, full of visual force. Black furniture enhances sensations.

Acrylic stone: large surfaces without joints

White kitchen island with XL ceiling hood

When you think about choosing the countertop for your kitchen, the first criterion is the material, but we must not neglect another fundamental parameter: the dimensions of the work plan . Data that obviously depends directly on the size of the available space and its distribution. In general, in standard size kitchens, the length is between 2 and 3 meters ; the width is 60-65 cm and the thickness can be from 16 to 58 mm .

This one made with Hi-Macs Alpine White breaks the mold a bit, since it reaches almost 5 meters , it seems to be a single piece, having no visible joints, and it includes the sink . The key to this material, made up of acrylic, minerals and natural pigments, lies in its resistance and its ability to be molded as if it were wood.

Ceramics with another image

Ikea kitchen with tiled countertop, white countertop and wooden cabinets

Ceramic comes out of the walls and floor directly onto our countertop, proving that it is one of the materials with the most possibilities in the kitchen and bathroom . The motives? It has everything in its favor: it is durable , hygienic , resistant to heat and scratches, easy to clean… In addition, in this Ikea kitchen it is dressed in a marble effect, providing a plus of style and sophistication.

Kitchen countertops, modern ideas

kitchen countertops ideas plants bricks box colors

Especially when it comes to combining them with the colors of the floor, the cabinets and even with some accessories. There are solutions that vary according to price, above all this is determined by the material. Many times natural wood as well as other artificial laminate materials are very effective and durable. Other quartz materials create highly solid surfaces.

Kitchen countertop ideas with wood

kitchen countertops ideas elegant black plants

All this while still having great beauty and functionality in your kitchen. Of course for less expensive ideas kitchen countertops is recommended. The simple fact of opting for something cheaper does not mean that we do not have a kitchen with a modern image. There are cases like that of real wood, which is ideal for the warmest and most welcoming environments.

Countertop combined with island

kitchen countertops ideas plants blue lamps white

One of the details that it has against it is sensitivity. It is a material that needs to be regularly impregnated with different substances. All this to guarantee its durability and resistance. This is necessary because the wood is sensitive to water, bumps or any scratches caused by the work itself. Another variant that can be durable and resistant is natural stone.

Wood Texture Ideas

kitchen countertops ideas plants gloss white wood

However it can be a more expensive solution and will also require some maintenance. A good way out is undoubtedly the stratified laminates. Types that resemble imitations of other natural materials abound. The level of realism is very high and of quality. It is a much cheaper idea and it will give us less headaches to maintain it.

marble surfaces

kitchen countertops ideas traditional fruit basket plants

In this case, we must pay attention especially to hot utensils. They are one of the things that can easily deteriorate this type of countertop. The solutions with artificial stone that we mentioned give a fresh and extremely natural air. The positive is its resistance to cuts or heat.

Kitchen with black and white details

kitchen countertops ideas plants design decoration black

They are also one step ahead when it comes to stains or scratches, which are very common in any kitchen. Thanks to technology, many of these countertops have compositions that make them beautiful and resistant. Especially the quartz and acrylic resin that create really unique surfaces. Here we show you a selection with dream solutions.

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