Know the best plants for the bathroom

Know the best plants for the bathroom

Bathroom plants are a very valid option to complement the decoration of this space. Get to know the best, among which there are green plants, with flowers and medicinal properties.

As you are reading it, if you are one of those who loves plants, you should know that there is a special selection to put in the bathroom. Beyond the decorative character they provide, the ones that we will recommend are special because they provide benefits such as air purification.

It has always been believed that the bathroom is too dark and humid an area for live plants to thrive, so it is common for flower arrangements to be artificial . However, for many types of plants these are the perfect conditions to grow healthy and beautiful.

In fact, according to Feng Shui you should have a plant in the bathroom, but one that adapts well to this space, thus helping to neutralize the harmful energy that accumulates there.

The best plants for the bathroom

Next, we are going to present you a list of plants for the bathroom that meet the aforementioned requirements: they purify the air and absorb the humidity of the place. Take note and order the one you like best for your bathroom.


The best plants for the bathroom

As Feng Shui himself points out, ferns grow very well in humid environments such as the bathroom. They are a type of plant that grows a lot and spreads through spaces , so to keep it controlled you should prune it when you consider it.

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Although the humid air in the bathroom provides a good amount of water to the fern, this does not mean that you do not need to water it. Check the substrate and water when it becomes dry . Now, leave the windows open for good light and fresh air, because this plant needs them.


10 best plants for the bathroom

Sansevieria is a perennial herbaceous plant that is characterized by having thin, long and fleshy leaves with a very striking design. They are dark green in the center and lighter, almost yellow, around the edges.

In fact, they are common indoors and outdoors. They have an advantage and that is that they adapt very well to different climates , humidity is not a problem for them, as they absorb it well. Another advantage is that they do not need a lot of natural light .


bathroom hanging plants

The hyacinth is a plant that, unlike the ones we mentioned, has flowers. So, in addition to providing a green and fresh touch to the bathroom, it gives color and life. Among its benefits is the little watering it needs , which must be stopped when it blooms. It is a plant that does very well outdoors and indoors.


bathroom plant hanging

Orchids originate in tropical areas where there is heat and humidity , so the bathroom does not represent a risk for them . Of course, the ideal is that you keep a window open so that air and sunlight enter well, although the latter should not give it directly.

Of the orchid there are several types, the most recommended for the bathroom, because they are the ones that need the least amount of light, they are the aerangis, the masdevallia or the dracula .

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aloe vera

bathroom plants

Aloe vera or also known as aloe adapts very well to the bathroom environment , as long as it is well lit, because the darkness does not suit it very well.

Having it in the bathroom will give it a touch of real life, as this is a plant with multiple benefits . As studies indicate , its crystal serves to relieve burns, wounds and canker sores, among multiple skin affectations.


bathroom plants that absorb moisture

The bamboo is another favorite plants in interior decoration, including the bathroom. Contrary to orchids, this plant can grow very well in dark bathrooms . Being an aquatic plant it does require a lot of watering, you can even have it in a small fish tank with water.

When the bathroom has sunlight, it is necessary to make sure that it does not hit it directly.

Other plants for the bathroom

In addition to the plants that we have reviewed, there are some others that you can consider, such as:

  • Succulents.
  • The potus.
  • The dieffenbachia.
  • The philodendron.
  • The aglaonema.
  • The spatiphyllum.
  • The peace lily.

Take a chance, put a couple of plants for the bathroom!

Pick one or a couple of plants for the bathroom and give this intimate space a better look. If we talk about a bathroom with good space, you can choose several whose colors combine with your decoration . If the bathroom is small, choose only one.

Among the specific places where you can put your plants are the bathroom counter, the toilet or the floating shelves.