Living Room ideas

Our selection of the very best living room ideas includes elegant classic and contemporary schemes to suit every home's style

A living room sets the tone for your home, making it the first thing guests see when they walk in the door and the space you have to display your taste and personality. Whether you’re just beginning to decorate or are looking to revamp your look, here are some of the most popular living room decor ideas from around the web, so you can find inspiration for your next home makeover project!

What should my first step be when decorating my Living Room ?

The biggest mistake people make when decorating their living room is taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Before you even think about furniture, think about what your goals are for your living room and make sure everything in it supports those goals. Take your time coming up with a purpose for each space in your home and then design around that space’s purpose. If you live in an apartment with hardwood floors and carpet, should your ideal living room be cozy or formal?

What Living Room design style should I choose?

Before selecting a living room design style, it’s important to consider how you want your space to function. Do you want a space that you can socialize in with friends and family? Or, would you rather a personal retreat where you can escape after a long day? This will inform which design styles are best for your lifestyle. Generally speaking, there are three main living room design styles—modern, transitional and each has its own unique elements and benefits.

What else do I need?

What else do you need? First, think about how you’ll use your living room. Do you have kids or pets? Then furniture that can withstand a little wear and tear will be a better choice than something fragile. Will it double as an office or media room? If so, maybe a television stand is in order—or even wall-mounted shelving for all of your equipment.

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