Reading: 30+ Living Room Wallpaper Ideas to Revamp Your Space

30+ Living Room Wallpaper Ideas to Revamp Your Space

living room wallpaper ideas : Best 30+ ideas

In recent years, we have been led to believe that white walls are the only way to go. A smooth, neutral base can be a good starting point for building a decorating scheme, but you shouldn’t ignore the diversity of available colors and styles that paint and wallpaper have to offer.

Many brands offer wallpaper and paint in today’s market, so it is often difficult to choose at times. Next we will introduce you to our selection with the best ideas to put wallpaper in the room.

living room wallpaper ideas

1. Line furniture

Source: Pinterest

Who says that wallpaper should only go on the walls? Using this paper to cover furniture is something that works very well. It’s also a great way to recycle an old piece of furniture that you might otherwise end up giving away or throwing away. 

2. Bet on stripes

Bet on stripes

Funete: sodimac

Create a custom design in the living room using striped wallpaper. Choose soft gray tones and add a special touch with lighter accessories both in your accessories and in your furniture. This way you will make your walls the star of the room.

3. Separating environments

living room wallpaper ideas 2

Source: a subtle revelry

Use a hanging paper to separate rooms in an open space. As can be seen in the photo, there is the option of using wallpaper on the entire wall or only in one half.

Wallpaper is very useful. They even sell self-adhesive papers protected with a layer of vinyl type contact paper that ensure the permanence of the design, in addition to being washable.

4. Looking for a tropical environment?

living room wallpaper ideas 66

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Transform a white room into a tropical paradise using wallpaper designed for example with exotic plants. If the accessories you use match and match, it will be a success.

5. Use different shades of the same color

living room wallpaper ideas 55

Source: graham & brown

If you choose wallpapers of the same color but in different shades, you can create a subtle but striking wall at the same time, avoiding overwhelming the space. To complement, we advise you to place your furniture and decorations in strategic positions in order to contrast the surfaces.

6. Opt for bright colors

living room wallpaper ideas 57

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If you want to introduce bright hues to your living room, choose colorful wallpaper shades and use bold colored furniture as well. As we see in the photo, the accessories in matching tones help make the room look much fresher and more modern. 

7. Do you like flowers?

living room wallpaper ideas 288

Source: bamstudio

If you like flowers, you can choose wall papers with flower designs, so you will undoubtedly give life to your room. You can combine a flowered wall with a plain white one, you will see that this way your wall with flowers will be the main protagonist of the room.

8. Be original

living room wallpaper ideas 221

Kargo font

Add a different touch to an environment that is neutral. As can be seen in the photo, the blue wallpaper in conjunction with the gold creates a focal point for the fireplace. The touches of gold color add a luxurious feel to the space and blend in with the metallic elements present in the rest of the room.

9. Update the classic

living room wallpaper ideas 2555

Source: pinterest

Create an avant-garde atmosphere in your living room by placing a paper that gives a twist to the classic. A different design transforms the traditional to the coolest contemporary style. For a solid and unified scheme, select colors and patterns that you can also use in accessories and accessories. 

10. Play with retro designs

living room wallpaper ideas 232

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Add a retro touch to the room by using vintage colors and patterns. Models from the 1950s are usually quite bold, so take a chance and create a striking feature wall in bold color.

11. Customize the room

living room wallpaper ideas 299

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If you want to personalize the room, choose a wallpaper that complements and emphasizes your decor. For example, a wallpaper with botanical motifs will instantly conjure up thoughts of life in the great outdoors. If we transfer this style to the furniture, the ideal will be that these be made of natural wood in soft tones along with rustic accessories.

12. Do you prefer the urban style?

living room wallpaper ideas 24444

Source: livettes

Create a bold black and white background surface, like this stunning cityscape. Also integrate the black furniture, so you will frame your wall and turn it into a work of art. If you don’t want everything to look too dark, you can soften the atmosphere by adding natural wood furniture and accessories.

13. Introduce flowers

living room wallpaper ideas 2A2

Funte shoesconverse

Bring elements of the garden into your living room, opting for classic papers that highlight the flora and fauna of the country. This spring-inspired room features soft colors mixed with flowers, birds, and green leaves. If you notice, the accessories in this environment are in soft colors such as greens, lilacs and pretty pinks on white backgrounds, thus achieving a classic style with a modern touch.

14. Chase nature

living room wallpaper ideas 2D5

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Embrace the outdoors by covering the living room wall with wallpaper that features towering trees and cloud-covered skies in a blue and gray color palette. If you also add a soft velvet daybed, you will create a quiet corner for reading. The dark tones of the upholstery and carpet that you see in the photo, go very well with this characteristic wallpaper.

15. What if you move to the 70s?

living room wallpaper ideas 2ZA4

Source: allanfeioarquitectura

Use bold retro wallpaper by mixing classic ’70s colors like browns and oranges to create a feature wall that’s colorful and eye-catching.

In the photo, a variety of modern and traditional furniture, such as the armchair that, together with the period furniture, completes this scheme of the seventies.

16. Vintage walls

living room wallpaper ideas 2QA6

Billyhurricanes font

Integrate a world map into your décor for a cool piece of art with international appeal. You will find the maps in different sizes and styles and the best of all is that with these you get a great wall art. For a vintage vibe, opt for a multi-map layout like the one pictured.

17.Living room wallpapers to cover a single wall

Living room wallpaper not only makes the environment more pleasant, it also catches the eyes of your guests. An appropriate design will mark the character of this most representative room in your home. In addition, living room wallpapers are often used as an interesting background that enhances the shape and design of furniture, such as a dresser or an elegant sofa. 

What wallpaper pattern to choose for covering living room walls? The floral and plant motifs will be, without a doubt, a safe and universal bet. If you have a romantic living room, decorated in a Provencal style, go for a wallpaper with delicate flowers. For modern and glamorous interiors, we recommend large flowers with spreading petals.

Or maybe you want to have a living room with exotic airs that makes you dream of distant trips? In that case, choose a wallpaper with tropical motifs: jungle plants, palm leaves will give your living room a fresh and summery character. The wallpaper for the living room can also feature an interesting geometric pattern, underlining the modern character of the interior. Circle, triangle or rhombus wallpapers are still popular elements in the minimalist or Scandinavian style.

A wallpaper for living room when we place it on a single wall of the room, will deceive the eye, making the room look bigger. Decorating with vertical stripes and delicate colors will make your living room appear taller. To visually expand the interior, you can also use large geometric patterns.

wallpaper a wall
triangles wallpaper

18.Wallpapering the living room: placing the wallpaper on the TV wall

The original wallpaper will come to your rescue when you don’t know how to decorate the TV wall. The media wall is usually the central point of the living room and is where the view of the inhabitants is most concentrated. To make this place stand out, consider the following keys. 

First of all, the decoration behind the TV should not be too overwhelming so as not to tire the eyes: colorful geometric patterns and rich colors are not recommended. A good decorative solution for a television wall in the living room will be a wallpaper with a subtle pattern and in a neutral color: delicate stripes or a subdued floral pattern. Wallpapers that imitate building materials: brick, wood or concrete, guarantee an original and at the same time universal background. What’s more,

wallpaper a wall
concrete wallpaper

Wallpapering an entire wall is a decorative idea that will not go unnoticed in the eyes of anyone! In our article, we advise you which wall to wallpaper in the living room or bedroom. Find your inspiration to place the decorative pattern that will work best in your home.

19.A chic jungle-style wallpaper for an Art Deco style living room

retro armchair toad living room

Associated with a deep blue base, this wallpaper with a chic jungle spirit underscores the chic and unique character of this living room with Art accents .

20.A seventies-style wallpaper for a retro living room

A seventies-style wallpaper for a retro living room

At the frontiers of minimalism and the seventies trend , this living room has a beautiful Anthology wallpaper with exemplary graphics. A wall covering that has the originality of extending to the ceiling for maximum effect!

21.A landscape wallpaper revisited for an original living room

A landscape wallpaper revisited for an original living room

this wallpaper revisits mountainous landscapes with fantasy. Its neutral shades are perfect for a living room with soft shades like beige . 

22.A black tropical wallpaper for a chic living room

A black tropical wallpaper for a chic living room

In this relaxing living room, the black tropical wallpaper by Cole & Son matches the black and white look of the beautiful fireplace present. 

23.A modern tropical spirit wallpaper for the living room

A modern tropical spirit wallpaper for the living room

Variation of leaves and autumnal colors for this Elitist wallpaper which sublimates the wisdom of this white living room. 

24.A bareheaded wallpaper for a retro living room

A bareheaded wallpaper for a retro living room

An assumed traveling atmosphere for this living room with mineral and natural tones. Its wallpaper reinforces its cozy and autumnal character. 

25.An arty-effect wallpaper for a modern living room

An arty-effect wallpaper for a modern living room

Arty and floral, this wallpaper has it all in a living room like the living room. This series of tall plants is perfect for highlighting a low piece of furniture like this small sideboard. 

26.A panoramic plant-style wallpaper for a white living room

A panoramic plant-style wallpaper for a white living room

Very popular for its generous size, panoramic wallpaper is very fashionable in the living room to highlight the sofa area . 

27.An Art Decor-style wallpaper for a retro living room

An Art Decor-style wallpaper for a retro living room

The Art Decor style wallpaper takes advantage of the seventies trend to resume service and match the trendy colors of the moment: yellow and deep blue in the lead!

28.Vintage wallpaper for a sixties-style living room

Vintage wallpaper for a sixties-style living room

XXL and mustard yellow flowers are illustrated in a very seventies style on this wallpaper that matches perfectly with the vintage furniture in the living room .

29.Graphic wallpaper for a large living room

Graphic wallpaper for a large living room

The natural shades and leaf patterns of this Scion wallpaper are wonderfully multiplied on the large wall section of this white living room

30.A yellow wallpaper for a trendy living room

A yellow wallpaper for a trendy living room

In line with the trendy colors for 2022 , yellow occupies a pretty position and therefore naturally finds its place on a section of the living room wall with this floral wallpaper by Farrow & Ball

31.A nature-effect wallpaper for a minimalist living room

A nature-effect wallpaper for a minimalist living room

Nature effect guaranteed in the living room with this Art wallpaper with textured accents and straw yellow tones . 

32.Landscape wallpaper for a cozy living room

Landscape wallpaper for a cozy living room

This Leroy Merlin wallpaper reinforces the naturally comfortable and reassuring character of this beautiful living room with touches of wood.

33.A black and white wallpaper for a poetic living room

A black and white wallpaper for a poetic living room

Exquisitely thin, this black and white wallpaper by Isidore Leroy infuses the living room with a flawless and naturally soothing poetic atmosphere.

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