Reading: 15+ Long Narrow Living Room Layout Ideas

15+ Long Narrow Living Room Layout Ideas

long narrow living room layout ideas : best 15+ ideas

Planning your living room layout based on the available space can be tricky, especially if you’re dealing with what feels like an incredibly narrow living room. However, by considering the right furniture size and placement, you can make even the most minimalist living room feel spacious and luxurious. To help you, we’ve put together some tips on furniture layout ideas for narrow living rooms. Let’s get started!

15+ Long Narrow Living Room Layout Ideas

If you have a long and narrow living room with some basic elements you can decorate this place. In today’s article we have put together some smart ideas to decorate your long living room .

long narrow living room


Keep in mind that a living room does not need a lot of decoration. Sophisticated white. White is always the best option for decorating any room. Use some well decorated modern furniture. Create a greenery environment to add some plants. With a few basic elements you can make the room space more polished.

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Decorating a narrow living room can be a daunting task. Finding the right balance between comfort and elegance is not easy when it comes to such a difficult design. But with some clever ideas you can pull off the look. The wooden floor design will give you a royal view.

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Create a dream environment. First of all, you need to decide on the focal point. Make sure the area rug is installed correctly. Fill all those empty spaces on the wall. You can use amazing lighting setup to make the space brighter.

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Make it as simple as possible. Choose some furniture ideas for a narrow living room. Place the furniture in a corner of the room. The look will give you a sleek and polished look. The color of the room should be neutral. Use an area rug to polish off the space. With some basic elements you can further emphasize the space of the room. Create a beautiful environment.

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How can you maximize your cramped living room? Choose the right furniture. Organize your furniture that will fit perfectly. Use every corner of the room. Create a calm and peaceful environment with some amazing plants. To sit down, you can use a comfortable sofa. Choose any light shaded room theme to make the decor more attractive. For your living room furniture, you can visit any nearby store.

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Bright yellow. You can use any bright room color like yellow. Bright colors always make your space more charming and attractive. Create a luxurious atmosphere. Organize your TV unit. Use some frames to fill in all those empty spaces on the wall. Make your narrow space more polished.

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You can instantly create the illusion of space by adding a few basic elements. As we have already mentioned, white cannot miss. Create a mesmerizing atmosphere, choose a white room theme. Use some artwork to make the space more attractive. Light up the space with the right lighting setup.

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Pick up two or three basic items like a couch. Organize your TV unit. Add some houseplants to make the space more comfortable and calm. With some basic elements you can further emphasize the space of the room. You can also create an eye-catching view with an amazing fireplace.

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A well-decorated modern sofa can make your narrow living room space more organized. The arrangement of furniture is always important to decorate a room. Use the appropriate lighting settings to give it a more polished look. You can use some frames or a unique piece to fill in those empty walls.

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You can choose any bright shade to create a royal sight. Keep the look as simple as possible. Add a comfortable sofa and a coffee table. Create a luxurious atmosphere. Installation of some wall decoration pieces.

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Using a comfortable seating arrangement is a great way to organize your space. Make sure the area rug is laid snugly. The whole look is calm and peaceful.

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When decorating your small or cramped living space, use a few basics. The wooden floor design is a perfect option to create a regal atmosphere.

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Haven’t found the right idea? Well, here you have another option. Create a colorful view. Installing a bookcase will make the space more organized. Give your space a little more space. Creates a brighter and more elegant look. You can also get some furniture ideas for a long living room.

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As you can see here, we have organized the best ideas to decorate your narrow and long living room. Choose the design and achieve an amazing look.

Some questions and answers

How do you use the long narrow living room?

For a long, narrow living room, you can use furniture that can be divided into different zones to establish different spaces. For example, if you have a couch and love seat that sits on opposite ends of your living room, set up two zones by using one side of each piece as a place to sit and read books or watch TV, while putting another side in front of an entertainment center where you can display collectibles.

How do you layout a long narrow room?

In narrow living rooms it’s important to create visual flow while also maintaining functionality. Start by arranging your furniture on your room floor, just as you will when your design is complete. Here are some tips to help you layout a long narrow room

1- Start by arranging your main seating. Ideally, have your TV or focal point in a centralized location. It’s perfectly okay to use temporary furniture while you decide on where you want things to be! Use a tape measure or even your phone to snap pictures of each placement so you can refer back to them later.

2- Then arrange any other furniture such as consoles, lamps, bookshelves, coffee tables etc…

3- Now it’s time to accessorize! This is a great time to add an extra touch or two of color with your pillows and cushions.

After all that arranging, you should have a plan in place when your design is complete. It’s important not only to be mindful of furniture placement but also of how lighting and wall art will complement each other too. The long narrow living room layout ideas above can help you decide what works best in your space. Let us know if you have any questions!

How do you fill a long living room?

In a long, narrow living room, you want to create a feeling of spaciousness, as if there’s more room than it looks like. To do so, you need furniture—more precisely seating—that appears to spread across your living room but doesn’t visually block your views. Opt for items that aren’t too large and aren’t positioned in rows or too close together.

Can you put a couch in front of a window?

The short answer is yes, you can put a couch in front of a window. The long answer is that it may not be as visually appealing as you’d hope. Since most living rooms have similar layouts, there are certain details you should know beforehand if your idea of an ideal living room includes putting a couch in front of a window.

How do you arrange furniture with a TV and fireplace?

1- Having a fireplace in your living room is great, but also having a TV there too can present some challenges. If you don’t have enough space to create a cinematic setup with couches and chairs in front of your TV, look at how you can strategically place furniture around your screen. A couch could go along one wall with either end tables or floor lamps at each end.

2- Add a low coffee table in front of your couch and arrange chairs on either side. If your fireplace is against one wall, go with two chairs that face each other on either side of your table. If you have space to work with, opt for more seating by adding more low tables in between couches and chairs.

3- Go with a coffee table in front of one couch and chairs in front of another. Place either end tables or floor lamps on either side of your coffee table, then situate couches so they’re about 6 to 10 feet apart from each other.

4- If you have a smaller space, look at going with couches on opposite sides of your fireplace. To create an arrangement that feels as if you’re sitting in a larger living room, add chairs at either end of your couch or along one wall.

5- If you want to be able to use your fireplace and TV both at once, look into getting a flat screen TV that is 55 inches or bigger.

How do I make my living room cozy on a budget?

1- Stay away from dark walls. Instead, pick a lighter, neutral color. It will make your room seem larger and brighter.

2-Get rid of any bulky furniture that’s just taking up space (and blocking light). Large pieces like armoires or sideboards are prime targets to toss out if you have one in your living room.

3- Slim down your sofa. Most couches are too bulky for a narrow room and will make it feel even smaller. Try to find one that has clean, sleek lines and that doesn’t look like it would overwhelm a small space. Go with a single sofa rather than a large sectional; narrower pieces tend to be more attractive in rooms with low ceilings because they don’t loom as much overhead.

4- Opt for a smaller, open coffee table. You don’t want anything in your living room to be visually heavy. You want it to feel spacious and airy, so pick a low-slung coffee table or keep a sleek console table instead of an overstuffed end table.

5- Keep art minimal.

How do you maximize seating in a narrow living room?

The first thing you want to do when setting up a living room is to make sure it is livable, which means that there are enough chairs and seating so that everyone has a place to sit when watching TV or entertaining. If your living room is narrow, you can maximize your seating by :

1- arranging your furniture in an L or U shape instead of a square. This allows you to use smaller pieces of furniture and frees up space, without sacrificing seating capacity. A sectional is a good choice, as long as you are careful about choosing pieces that won’t over power a narrow room. If you have room for large storage units, these can also be great for creating additional seating around a coffee table or end table.

2- using a love seat as your main sofa. Even if you can’t fit a couch, you can still create an inviting seating area with a love seat and some well placed accent chairs. Love seats are especially good in small spaces, as they take up less space than a traditional 3 or 4 seater.

3- if you have a wall of windows, use large floor cushions as additional seating. They’re comfy and come in a wide range of colors and styles to match your decor. They’re also easy to store when not in use.

4- One great way to maximize seating is with ottomans. These multifunctional pieces are versatile enough to be used as both a coffee table and additional seating. They come in lots of shapes, sizes and colors that look great in any room and they’re easy to move around when extra seating isn’t needed!

5- be sure you have plenty of free space by adding some statement furniture, such as an over sized sofa or arm chair, into your arrangement. This will make it appear like there’s more space than there actually is!

How do you balance a long narrow room?

A Long, narrow living room layout can be tricky to balance. You’ll want some seating against both long walls, but you won’t want your guests to feel like they are sitting in an auditorium. This makes sense since you probably don’t want to set up a projector screen or drop-down screen in order to watch movies. Additionally, consider what activities you most enjoy doing with friends and family. If it is games then go ahead and arrange your furniture accordingly!

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