Reading: Makeup room ideas for small rooms : best 70+ ideas

Makeup room ideas for small rooms : best 70+ ideas

Makeup room ideas for small rooms : best 70+ ideas

Are you looking for best Makeup room ideas for small rooms ? if so follow me

Having an amazing makeup room is the wish of many people! After all, who doesn’t want to have a space to create beautiful makeup and still be able to get ready for big events! However, being able to have this space to get ready most of the time seems like a very distant dream. Because having a dressing table is a little expensive, and the interesting thing is to have several products to fill. 

 However, for those who want to make that makeup room dream come true, today I will help you with that! After all, this time I separated amazing tips to set up your makeup room and even find out which model is best for you! Check out!  

Best 70 Makeup room ideas for small rooms

 planned makeup room 

 planned makeup room 

It’s very common for people to live in a very small space that didn’t allow to put a makeup table. This is because many apartments have an average of 40 square meters, being quite narrow and difficult to decorate. 

However, for small places, the planned makeup table model is the best one for you to bet. Since it allows you to fit perfectly into your space, in addition to bringing the possibility of making one that actually has to do with your decor. 

Therefore, the first planned makeup table model that I set aside was the planned one. In that case, you can make it wide, but a little narrower. In addition, a great option is to make several well-thought-out dividers, so that you can put as many items as possible inside without taking up too much space. 

Makeup room model  with light 

Makeup room model  with light 

The next makeup room model you can bet on is the one with light. Having a dressing table that has no light is almost an offense, as you need to have perfect lighting to be able to perform high-performance makeup. Adverts

However, there are several ways you can bet on the makeup room model with light, such as using the led around the mirror, betting on modern lamps or even pendants! Adverts

So that you can choose the best model to put the light in your lamp, a suggestion is that you first analyze the style of the environment that it will be, and then analyze the model. That’s because analyzing this, it is much easier for you to identify the best lamp that has to do with your decoration and thus leave the environment simply amazing! 

retro dressing room 

retro dressing room 

The next type of makeup room you can bet on too is our darling retro dressing table. This dresser model is always on trend, as it is simply amazing and looks beautiful in any environment. 

In the case of retro dressing tables, if you want it not to look so old, you can bet on buying a colorful model. That’s because colorful furniture is on the rise, and looks great on dressing tables. 

If you opt for the colorful retro dressing table, don’t forget that you need to pay close attention to the rest of the decor in the room. After all, whether you like it or not, when it’s a colored piece of furniture, it draws some attention, and that’s why you need to keep an eye out so that it doesn’t look ugly and exaggerated.  

small makeup room 

small makeup room 

If you think that a dressing table only looks pretty big, know that you are totally wrong! The small makeup room also looks beautiful in the environment, and still manages to convey a more minimalist idea. 

The big secret for this room model is that you pay attention to it in relation to the other furniture that are in the space, and use some items that help to complement the decor. 

So for example, you can place a small vase of artificial flowers on top of the dressing table. In addition, it gets even cooler if you use the color of the flower that complements the other colors in your environment, you can also use string crafts. The important thing is that you use your creativity and also leave your personality in the decoration! 

portable makeup table  

portable makeup table  

Another great way to make an amazing makeup table in your decor is to bet on the portable table. This type of table allows you to close it when you find it necessary to have more space in your home, and they also look very beautiful in decoration. 

However, in the case of this model, it does not have drawers and niches for you to organize your makeup. So in that case, you can buy plastic drawers and put them on top of them, or even make shelves above them. Shelves are great for saving space and still look great in your decor! 

simple makeup corner 

simple makeup corner 

Many times people are looking for a big and elaborate makeup room. But for those who like a simpler room, you can make this model also amazingly!  

In the case of the simple makeup room, the big secret is to leave the least amount of items on the table so that it is simple and light. Also, in the case of this model, you do not need to buy a very large table. After all, we are talking about a simpler corner. 

Regarding decoration, if you want something modern and beautiful, it is the criterion to put a glass vase of artificial flower. In addition, acrylic drawers are also very beautiful to organize, and brings the idea of ​​something simpler, since they are transparent. 

Colorful makeup room template 

Colorful makeup room template 

The next makeup room model is the colored one – which we even mentioned a little about it in one of the topics. This table model is great for decorating and complementing a decor, but of course, you need to keep an eye out so that it doesn’t look too exaggerated. 

However, today you can find several colorful and interesting dressing tables for an interesting price. But if you already have a makeup table at home, instead of buying a new colored one, you can simply cover it, or use modern colored armchairs. .

This type of renovation is very simple to do, not to mention that it just looks amazing in the environment! 

How to make a makeup room with little money! Step by step! 

How to make a makeup room with little money! Step by step! 

Now that you’ve checked out the makeup table models, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Below I’ve separated amazing tips on how to make a makeup room without spending a lot! Check out! 

Start by measuring available space 

The first step for you to set up a makeup room is to start measuring the space you have. A very common mistake that people always make when it comes to decoration, is to buy a piece of furniture, without first checking if it will actually fit in the environment. 

In this step, if you think it’s better, you can ask a friend to help you measure. The important thing is that you are as precise as possible, so that you can find the ideal size of table for your makeup room. 

choose to move _ 

The choice of furniture you are going to place is very important, but not always, you actually need to buy a dressing table. You can build one with what you have at home, or buy some used furniture. 

If you want to save money, you can go to a thrift store and buy a traditional table. Then, it is valid that you sand it all, paint it white, or paint it on wood and buy a glass to put on top. This gives another face to the dresser and makes it just amazing! 

Also, another economical way to assemble yours is by attaching a piece of wood to the wall. The idea is to make it like a shelf, but bigger than the conventional ones. This also works super well and still saves a lot of money. 

buy chests of drawers 

Now that you have a room ready, it’s time to find a place to store your makeup. In this case, your best option is to buy a chest of drawers, which looks beautiful in the environment and is great for organizing small items. 

Also, to make it even easier to organize, you can also buy some drawer dividers. So you fit them inside the drawer until everything is very well organized. 


And finally, we can’t forget the most important step that is the decoration! In decoration, you can buy a mirror and fix it on the wall and add flashers around the mirror. But for you to have good lighting at the time of makeup, it is interesting to use a white light fixture as well. 

Also, on the table, you can choose to make some personalized cups to store your brushes. And of course, we can’t forget to put an arrangement of artificial flowers that makes the environment simply amazing! But of course, you can put other types of items if you want too! 


What did you think of the tips above? Did you realize that you can make a beautiful dressing table with little money? The secret is you plan and save! 

And to finish this article with a flourish, below I’ve separated some more amazing makeup room photos, for you to get more inspired and make a beautiful one in your home! Check out!

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makeup room ideas for small rooms-50
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Some questions and answers

How do you decorate your makeup room?

If you’re wondering how to decorate your makeup room, think about what kind of a room it is. If it’s a particularly small space, make sure you maximize its functionality as much as possible by thinking outside of the box. For example, an ottoman doubles as storage and seating. Hanging shelves and towel racks off walls allow for creative organization solutions that don’t take up floor space or stick out like sore thumbs. Be resourceful with materials—an old CD rack can work great on a wall—and consider modern options like multi-use furniture and wall-mounted shelving units when available.

Should I put my vanity in front of a window?

To keep light from washing out your makeup and giving you a funky tan line, placing a desk or vanity in front of a window is ideal. However, if you’re going to use that window as an actual source of lighting—rather than just letting sunlight come in through it—you’ll have to position your furniture accordingly.

What does every makeup vanity need?

A mirror! We’re not saying you have to find a floor-to-ceiling antique, but it’s good to be able to look yourself in the eye before making a big makeup decision.

Things to consider when buying makeup tables

-The size of your space. This is a very important factor that should be considered when buying makeup tables. How much space do you have in your house? A table that has too much excess and does not match with its surrounding is something that you don’t want to go for as it will occupy more than just enough space in your house, it will also make your place look really bad.

Makeup room Ideas on a budget

Creating your own makeup area doesn’t need to cost a lot of money, and there are plenty of things you can do to ensure that you make use of every inch. Check out these creative ways to create a personalized beauty space on a budget.

1- Eliminate duplicates. When you eliminate duplicates, you create an efficient space that works more like a well-oiled machine than a storage area. Think of your makeup products as tools—do all of them get used on a regular basis? If not, perhaps it’s time to thin out your collection and sell off any extra pieces online or at a swap meet.

2- Create multiple containers for each product. You don’t have to invest in several different containers for each item. Keep your makeup brushes, cotton balls and other tools together in a lipstick container or tackle boxes that can be purchased at discount stores like Ross or Marshall’s. This will help you keep everything organized while saving you money on storage items.

3- Store your products vertically and place extras under your sink. By maximizing vertical space, you eliminate dead zones where dust bunnies accumulate and store any additional supplies under your sink so that they aren’t taking up valuable countertop space. If you do buy a new product, consider storing it in an under-the-sink container rather than throwing it in with all of your other products on a random shelf. It may take a little longer to get to—but when you do need it, it will be right there waiting for you!

4- Have plenty of light around your vanity mirror. Make sure that you have plenty of lighting in your makeup area, so that it’s easy to see and apply makeup in natural or artificial lighting. This doesn’t mean that you need to have a large lamp—it can be as simple as a nearby lamp or simply positioning yourself so that natural sunlight can reach every part of your face without being obscured by shadows from other furniture items.

5- Keep all products within arm’s reach. If you are working on your makeup while standing up, have everything within easy arms’ reach so that you don’t need to move around too much and waste time looking for things or stretching out to grab them. If you are sitting down at a vanity, make sure that you aren’t having to crane your neck in order to see everything clearly. Ideally, look for mirrors that can be adjusted so that you can adjust them comfortably to fit what will work best with your natural posture and height. Again, think of it as if you were doing tasks like sewing—you wouldn’t sit hunched over a machine for long periods of time if it was uncomfortable; do yourself a favor and find something that works well with your body!

How do you keep makeup in a small space?

Many of us like to collect makeup, but it can get to be a real pain trying to keep everything organized. Small spaces don’t necessarily mean you have to lose any of your products; with a little bit of creativity and some cosmetic organization skills, you can still show off your makeup collection in a small space. Here are some simple steps that will help you organize your cosmetics no matter how big or small your space is.

1- Determine your makeup needs. Whether you’re packing up your beauty supplies in a dorm room or moving into a new apartment, it’s important to be realistic about how much makeup you can realistically fit into a small space. Having less storage also encourages you to put away your products on a regular basis and keep them organized.

2- Invest in high quality, clear containers. You can find affordable cosmetic organizers at most discount stores, but if you’re storing makeup that is often worth hundreds of dollars, it’s a good idea to invest in some sturdier containers with clear lids.

3- Arrange products by shade. When you’re looking at your makeup collection, there are three main types of products that you’ll want to keep together: powders (foundation, blushes, eye shadows), liquids (mascara, eyeliner) and lip products. If you have a lot of room in your cosmetic organizer, keep these three types of products together so that it’s easy to grab what you need. 4- Make sure your things are easy to reach!

4- Make sure your things are easy to reach! If you’re keeping your cosmetics in a small space, it’s best to set up a makeup organizer that keeps items within arm’s reach. This will make it easier to grab what you need when you want it and will keep products from getting jumbled together or lost behind other things. These storage systems are typically made out of plastic, with adjustable drawers that let you customize their size to fit just about any size product.

5- Make sure you have easy access to items. It’s not enough to just have a makeup organizer that can store all of your products; if it’s too hard to access what you need, then you might as well not have it at all! Make sure that everything is easily accessible in your storage system. Consider installing an acrylic rod across one of your drawers so that you can hang things like brushes and eyelashes while keeping them safe from dust and dirt.

How high should a makeup vanity be?

The height of your makeup vanity really depends on how you want to use it. Most traditional vanities are placed near a mirror, which means that you can typically use them without having to lift your arms very high (for things like eye makeup). However, if you plan on using your vanity with bar stools or chairs in front of it, it’s important to make sure there’s enough space underneath.

What is the difference between vanity and dressing table?

Dressing tables are usually taller than vanity tables, and you often find them in bigger bedrooms. However, there’s nothing to stop you from choosing a dressing table over a vanity desk if that particular design fits your bedroom better. In any case, both types of furniture function best when they don’t take up too much space in their designated area of your bedroom. Ideally, they should only occupy one side of your main wall so that there is enough room left to place clothes storage and other furniture close by.

How high should a makeup mirror be?

The standard makeup mirror is often around 24 high. This height is ideal because it allows you to apply your makeup easily while standing, and ensures that you can view your entire face at once. However, if you want to save space and only have a smaller area in which to set up your vanity, a shorter mirror might be an option.

How do I organize my skin care products?

Arranging your skin care products can be fun and also help you stay on top of skincare maintenance. You don’t have to follow these set of rules, but getting started with an organizing system (or even just one) can make your life easier. Here are some tips to get you started!…​ Are You Ready To Organize Your Skin Care Products? A few years ago I threw out all my old makeup and bought everything new. I thought that if it was new, it would be better!

Where should a dressing table be placed in a bedroom?

There’s a common misconception that dressing tables should be placed directly in front of a bedroom mirror. While it might be tempting to have everything close by, take some time to consider how you use your dressing table and plan out its location accordingly. For example, if you typically apply makeup and do your hair in bed, place your dressing table within arm’s reach of your bed so you don’t have to get up to put on products as often.

How do you store makeup if you don’t have a vanity?

If you don’t have a vanity table, all is not lost. Make up still has to be kept somewhere and it’s easy to turn one of your bedroom drawers into a makeup drawer, so that you can keep everything in order and find what you need quickly. You’ll also want to take into account how much space your makeup collection is taking up – if you’ve got tons of things taking over space in your closet or bathroom it might be time to start editing down your beauty hoard.

How do I organize my makeup in a small drawer?

When it comes to organization, drawers are typically a no-go. If you can’t keep them organized and tidy, then don’t even try to store your makeup in one. Instead, store your makeup in plastic storage containers or baskets. Label each container with a dry erase marker so you know exactly what you’re looking for—and everything else gets thrown out! This is especially helpful if you have multiple drawers or cabinets to sort through.

Is it OK to keep makeup in the bathroom?

When makeup is stored in a bathroom, you are constantly exposed to heat and moisture, which can promote bacteria growth. Your makeup bag should stay out of direct sunlight and away from water so it stays sanitary. Instead, store your makeup on a shelf or in a drawer that’s not immediately next to the toilet. It might help to keep an anti-bacterial spray near your beauty products as well, especially when you have guests over who might touch them.

Where should makeup brushes be stored?

When it comes to storing your makeup brushes, there are several solutions. The best thing you can do is to find a product that is specifically designed to store makeup brushes in a safe and easy way. A popular item on Amazon is simply called Brush Storage Case and made by Hangsun. It is a hard-shell box with 5 rows of 4 compartments inside, so you have 20 separate areas in which to place your makeup brushes of various sizes.

Should you cover your makeup brushes?

Yes! It is important to cover your makeup brushes because many people have a habit of putting their dirty brushes right back into their makeup bags and then they are used again without being cleaned. This spreads germs among those who use them later and can lead to breakouts. Covering your makeup brushes not only helps you keep them clean but it also protects them from breaking as they move around in bags and make contact with each other.

Do you have to wash makeup brushes after every use?

This is one of those makeup brush care questions that comes up quite often. The simple answer is: No, you don’t have to wash your brushes after every use… but I would still recommend it. Most people are surprised to learn that washing makeup brushes isn’t necessarily about hygiene. Brushes can actually harbor a lot of bacteria and germs, which may not be visible to the naked eye.

Can you store lipstick upside down?

Yes. If you store your lipstick upside down it will extend its lifetime and keep it from drying out. Ideally, if you choose to do so, put them in a jar or a bowl so that they won’t roll off on their own.

How do you store mascara?

Keeping your makeup in a well-ventilated space is always a good idea, but when you’re short on space, it can be tricky to keep everything organized. One way to save some room is by storing your mascara in an eye-lash curler. These appliances are designed to hold two tubes at once and store them vertically—eliminating additional plastic packaging and containers that take up drawer space. A spare brush holder or wall mounted basket could also be used as storage solution.

How do you make a vanity table?

1- Start by measuring what space you have. The standard vanity table size is 48 inches wide, 18 inches deep and 30 inches high. Anything less than that may not be useful in terms of how much makeup you can put on it or how many drawers there are to store your cosmetics. Anything larger might make it hard to reach over to see what’s at the back of your closet shelves if you’re short or might take up a lot of space in a smaller bathroom.

2- Consider your style. The beauty of a vanity table is that you can put it almost anywhere and really personalize it to your taste. If you’re looking for something that blends in with other furniture, choose something with simple lines or a contemporary finish. If you want something fun and bold, look at dressing tables or console tables with mirrors. For a country feel, try to find a vanity table made from wood and wire baskets that you can use as storage space.

3- Choose a color. Makeup tables come in just about every color imaginable. Whether you want something monochromatic to complement your décor or a fun hue that makes you feel happy when you sit down to do your makeup, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to dressing up your vanity table. If you want something bold, take inspiration from these popular colors: red, purple, yellow and green.

4- Choose a material. There are many vanity tables made from different materials, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wood is traditional, but it can be expensive and heavy to move. Laminate gives you a lightweight option that’s easy to clean—it’s also easier on your wallet than wood, making it a great choice if you need to buy multiple pieces of furniture in one go.

5- Choose an appropriate size. A vanity table should be big enough to accommodate all of your makeup, but if you have a lot of it, you may need to clear off some space in your closet or on other pieces of furniture in order to make room.

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