15+ Expert-Approved Minecraft Bedroom Ideas for die-hard fans

Minecraft bedroom ideas : best 15+ DIY and decor ideas

It’s been a while since Minecraft has conquered the world of video games and has become an instant sensation for millions of people; especially children. But there are also adults who have fallen into the addictive world of Minecraft. They are equally obsessed with the game, created in a 3D world; It allows you to use your creativity, build structures, along with works of art, plants and other elements. You can have great adventures and even take on mob battles along the way. Finding Minecraft bedroom ideas isn’t always as easy as it sounds, so read on.

The style of Minecraft is unmistakable and unique with its block or cube structures, earth tones and different characters, found within the game. Nowadays, a popular trend has been to recreate this look and bring the look of this game to life by creating a Minecraft bedroom.

Some of the results are pretty impressive, and here are some awesome Minecraft bedroom tips and ideas to help you do the same.

Minecraft bedroom ideas

1. Minecraft Wall Paint

Minecraft Wall Paint

As with any theme design, the walls are the first point where you need to start making changes as they form the background and focus of the room. You may plan to use the pixelated look of the Minecraft game with shapes of earth-colored bricks, or cubes on a wall, to set the tone.

Choose a single wall to make the changes in the room. Then, based on the difficulty, decide if you want to do it for all the walls or just leave it as an accent wall.

Paint colors that work well for a Minecraft wall are: light blue, earthy greens, shades of brown.

You can also use painter’s tape to create pixelated designs of clouds, grass, etc., as all objects will have sharp 90-degree angles.

2. Minecraft Wall Art

Minecraft Wall Art

If you think painting walls is not the type of project you would like to undertake, you can simply add a Minecraft mural or Minecraft wall. These are art, posters, or decals that can still create a Minecraft feel in a room.

Simple pixelated faces of Minecraft characters can be made into inexpensive plywood, foam board, or canvas board pieces. The only thing you need to make sure is that everything is a square, with equal lengths on all sides.

For inspiration, you can look up pictures of the characters online and use them as a reference to draw simple geometric faces.

You can also go for Minecraft postcard stickers like the ones shown below. This is a quick and easy way to add some Minecraft fun to your Minecraft-obsessed kid’s bedroom wall.

3. Minecraft room wall decor

Minecraft room wall decor

Wall decor can be a great accent for a Minecraft-themed bedroom, along with torches that not only hang as wall decor, but light up, like the one below.

4. Minecraft Bedding

Minecraft Bedding

With bedding, you have several options to choose from.

You can opt for a sage green or earthy or black bedspread. You can also go for bed covers with block or plaid patterns, which mimic Minecraft’s block patterns.

However for your child’s room, it is best to opt for a complete Minecraft bedding set that comes with everything you need, from matching bed sheets and pillowcases, to the bedspread.

5. Minecraft window treatments

Minecraft window treatments

To add more texture to your Minecraft bedroom decor, use window shades that add to the Minecraft images. You can use red curtains for a Minecraft bedroom. If you want to add some darker shades to the room, you can go for a deep black or dark gray window shade set.

6. Storage and shelving ideas for the Minecraft bedroom

Storage and shelving ideas for the Minecraft bedroom

When you’re thinking of storage options for a child’s Minecraft bedroom, think cubes. This is what fits well in a Minecraft themed room. For example, this 9-cube toy storage organizer can be a nice addition to your kid’s room.

Decorating a Minecraft Children’s Room: The Ultimate DIY Guide

ideas for walls

A faux painted concrete brick wall creates a cool backdrop for the Minecraft themed room. Choose a single wall to make and based on the difficulty you can decide if you want to continue around the room or just leave it on a featured wall.

DIY painted concrete brick wall

Minecraft brick wall

Painter Tape can help you create a faux brick wall.

List of materials

  • drop cloth
  • Latex paint in light gray and dark gray (two separate shades)
  • Ink tray
  • Paint Roller with 2 Nap Covers
  • Level
  • Painter’s Tape – ¾ inch


  1. Place the protective cloth face down and tape all trim and edges.
  2. Pour some of the dark gray ink into the ink tray. Load your paint roller and apply the first coat of paint. Wait two hours and then apply a second coat.
  3. Allow the base coat to dry for 24 hours. Tape the bricks starting with horizontal lines spaced 14 inches apart. Use the level to ensure the tape runs straight across the entire length of the wall.
  4. Add vertical lines, spacing them 24 inches apart. Alternate vertical lines from one row of bricks to the next, creating a brick pattern.
  5. Apply two coats of light gray paint. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. Let the second coat of paint rest for a few minutes, then carefully remove the tape.

Tip: Do not wait for the second coat of paint to dry completely before removing the tape, as the paint may peel off.

Additional colors for walls

Other paint colors that work well for a Minecraft backdrop are:

  • Light blue
  • Earthy vegetables
  • shades of brown

Painter’s ribbon can also be used to create pixelated designs of clouds, grass, and earth, as everything has sharp 90-degree angles.

Wall decoration

Buy items to beautify walls or do it yourself. Minecraft themed wall art includes:

  • Decals and stickers – From cute little pigs and cows to monsters, vines and miners hanging off the wall, Minecraft decals and stickers look incredibly three-dimensional. Tunnels that penetrate other rooms can be moved and repositioned without damaging the sticker or the wall. Find them on Etsy .
  • Posters – Frame a print of a zombie pigman, game characters, or a scene from the Minecraft virtual world by visiting Amazon.com or All Posters , where you can also place your Minecraft print on canvas.
  • Wall torches – Although they can also sit on tables, mount these cool torches to the wall or you may never see them again. One corner turns down, exposing two keyhole-shaped mounting slots, which you can attach with some wall screws.

DIY Minecraft Art

Minecraft Wall Art

Minecraft Wall Art

Pixelated Minecraft character faces can be recreated on pieces of plywood, foam board, or inexpensive canvas board. Just make sure it’s square, with equal lengths on all sides.

List of materials

  • Square plates (one for each face)
  • L square ruler
  • Pencil
  • Painter’s Tape – ½ or ¼ in.
  • Artisan painting
  • small foam roller
  • small brushes
  • Hardware for hanging pictures


  1. Grid the board by marking evenly spaced 1-inch (or 1.5-inch if the side length is an odd number) sections along each side. Use a ruler to connect your marks by going horizontally and vertically.
  2. Use duct tape to mask parts such as hair, eyes, nose and mouth. You may not be able to do them all at once if they are touching. Paint in these areas, using the foam roller in large portions and a brush in the smaller areas.
  3. When one section is dry, carefully peel off the tape and cover another section to be painted. Come back later to touch up minor imperfections. Continue painting by masking sections of different colors until the frame fills.
  4. Attach the frame hanging bracket to the back once the paint is dry. Hang the grouped boards on the wall.

Tip: Browse character photos online to reference these easy geometric faces. Make a similar art project for your kids using cardstock. Draw the grid on a large piece of white paper and let them fill the squares with pieces of colored squares. After getting the pattern right, they can glue each piece in place.

bedding and accessories

Room Decorated with Minecraft

Room Decorated with Minecraft

Blocks of color in the bedding inspire a Minecraft feel. You can also make a solid-colored comforter accented with pillows and a blanket in different colors. Use shades of blue, green, yellow, orange, and neutral shades of white and brown for a Minecraft color scheme. Shades of gray accented with red also work. Bedding features include:

  • Walmart – Here you will find colorful quilts and duvet sets with different geometric block patterns. They also offer character pillows.
  • Amazons – Here, Minecraft bedding is mixed in with other things, but you can find double-sized bedspreads and comforters along with the queen-sized ones.
  • Etsy – Check here periodically for handmade pillows, quilts, and blankets with character faces or pixelated colors. The inventory changes frequently, so if you see something you like, you should buy it as soon as possible.

Sponge painted curtains

Cortinas Minecraft

Cortinas Minecraft

Wear plain white curtains with blocks of pixel color along the bottom and perhaps up the side where the curtains meet. Instead of using fabric paint, which often has limited color options, mix ordinary handcrafted acrylic paint with a product called Textile Medium. This will turn your craft paint into flexible, washable fabric paint.

Cleaning sponges can be cut into small 1-inch squares or disposable foam finishing brushes with square heads to apply paint one color at a time. Use any combination of the aforementioned colors for walls and bedding.

Tip: This sponge painting technique can also be used with latex paint to beautify a part of a wall or furniture.

DIY wallpaper

Make your own Minecraft themed area rug using Carpet on FLOR boards . The square tiles are perfect for the pixelated look of this decor scheme. Use various shades of green or brown to represent grass, wood, or virtual earth.

The assembly of carpet tiles is very simple. The tiles are connected by placing each corner or two sides on a small round disk called FLORdot, which has an adhesive sticker on one side. Use this easy mount to design your own area rug or even wall-to-wall carpet if you prefer.

FLOR offers free on-site design assistance with FLORbuilder , a virtual design tool you can use to customize patterns or create your own.

Additional Decorative Ideas

Get creative by updating existing furniture with a Minecraft theme or make your own decorative accents.

Explosive lamp

TNT packs are used in Minecraft for demolitions and occasionally as a weapon. Bring dynamite to your child’s room with a lampshade wrapped in red paper. As this will likely be a temporary covering for the lampshade, use double-sided tape to secure the paper.

List of materials

  • Cylinder-shaped lampshade
  • Red cardboard or craft paper
  • White paper for printer
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided adhesive tape


  1. Remove the lamp from the lamp and place it on the paper, lining up the seam of the lamp with the edge of the paper.
  2. Slowly begin to roll the lampshade, tracing along the bottom edge with your pencil. Stop when sewing comes back on again. Repeat for the top edge of the shadow.
  3. Extend the two lines by an inch so that their ends overlap. Draw a line connecting the top and bottom lines and cut out the shape.
  4. Glue one edge of the paper cover to the lampshade, preferably along the seam. Carefully wrap the paper around the lamp, keeping it smooth during the process. Overlap the end and secure with several pieces of double-sided tape.
  5. Print large, black TNT letters on white printer paper. Cut the letters together to form a square label and glue them to the lampshade.

Pacotes Lil ‘TNT

Make small packages of TNT by covering 30-inch-tall pieces of cylinder-shaped foam with red legal paper. Glue pieces of string or string to the top of each ‘explosive stick’ to use a fuse. Wrap a long strip of white paper around a cluster of 6 to 8 sticks, labeled with black TNT letters.

swords and pickaxes

Whether you mount them and display them on the wall, on a shelf, or between pillows on your bed, every Minecraft-themed room needs a sword and pickaxe. You can find these indispensable accessories at:

  • Walmart.com : Here you can find swords and pickaxes made of foam, including one that transforms from a pickaxe to a sword.
  • GameStop : This retailer carries the Minecraft Iron Sword.

dresser faces

Minecraft Dresser
Minecraft Dresser

If you’re familiar with refinishing wooden furniture, paint a Minecraft character face in front of a cheap dresser. Try finding an old dresser at a garage sale or thrift store made from real wood. Don’t worry too much if you only find laminated or veneered surfaces. As long as the dresser is sturdy, the drawers are in good condition, and the surface is not peeling, you can cover a faux wood surface with chalk paint.

Preparation Tips

  • Remove drawers and handles or handles.
  • If you are working with real wood, do a meticulous sanding job and apply a coat of primer.
  • Chalk paint does not require a primer, but a light sanding of the laminate or veneer will help with adhesion.
  • Wipe off any sandpaper residue with a damp cloth or tack cloth.
  • Fill in any deep grooves or scratches with wood putty and sand gently when dry.

Once the surface is ready to paint, the real fun begins.

boy’s bedroom creeper

  1. Paint the top and sides of the dresser black and paint the fronts of the drawers green.
  2. Allow the ink to dry for a few days. Return the drawers to the dresser.
  3. Use low-tack adhesive tape to outline the square eyes and geometrically shaped nose and mouth (see a picture for shapes) on the fronts of the drawers. Fill these areas with black ink.
  4. Allow the sticky face paint to dry, about 30 minutes or more. Then carefully remove the painter’s tape, gently pulling away from the sticky paint at an angle.

Girl’s Room Pig

  1. Paint the top and sides of the dresser dark pink or red and paint the fronts of the drawer light pink.
  2. Allow the ink to dry for a few days. Return the drawers to the dresser.
  3. Use low-tack masking tape to outline rectangular eyes, snout, and square nostrils. Paint the outer half of the eye black and the inner half white.
  4. Mix a small amount of white paint with some of the pink paint used in the drawers. Fill the muzzle rectangle with this pale pink color. Fill the nostrils with dark pink or red.
  5. Allow the face paint to dry to sticky, then gently remove the painter’s tape, gently pulling it away from the sticky paint at an angle.

It can take up to 30 days for the chalk paint or latex paint to fully cure – letting your child use the dresser before that can spell a disaster for the finish. Apply a clear coat polyacrylic sealant once the paint is dry to the touch and leave the dressing table in a safe place until the paint cures. Fully cured ink stays hard when pressed with a fingernail.

have fun without overdoing it

When planning your Minecraft themed bedroom, choose two or three DIY projects that match your skill set and comfort level. Be sure to include solid color furniture areas in addition to the pixel colored blocks to avoid cluttering the room with too many ‘busy’ patterns. Have fun with the topic, but keep in mind that children’s interests tend to change every two years or so

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