Reading: 30+ Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas For A Serene Home

30+ Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas For A Serene Home

Navy blue vanity bathroom ideas : best 30+ ideas

Are you looking for navy blue vanity bathroom ideas ? then this article for you

Opting for a new modern bathroom vanity has a multitude of advantages. This piece of furniture will not only completely change the look of the bathroom without a lot of work, but it will also provide more storage space and thus facilitate morning routines. In this article we are going to give you some very useful tips on how to choose your next bathroom vanity with a focus on bathroom vanities in navy blue.

navy blue vanity bathroom ideas design

Simple bathroom decor idea

The needs of the sink

Vanities that allow the installation of a sink come in a wide variety of sizes, depths, shapes and types. The vanity you choose may require a special type of sink, or may even have a built-in sink, so research the details of the cabinet you have chosen before purchasing it.

The number of sinks

It’s also important to figure out how many sinks you need, because having more doesn’t always have to be better. Yes, it is true that having two sinks can make mornings easier especially for large families, but it also requires additional counter space. You should be wondering if two sinks with little counter space will be more useful to you than a single sink with more counter space. It all depends on your specific needs.

Favor easy storage and cleaning

There are three types of vanities: free-standing, wall-mounted or corner-mounted. Freestanding vanities are the most popular vanities and generally offer more storage space than wall-mounted vanities, since their doors are longer and placed directly on the floor or on legs.

But while having extra storage space is always great, it’s also important to note that freestanding vanities also have a reputation for being harder to clean, because they have more corners where dust can. accumulate.

bathroom furniture in blue

The existing plumbing

If you are installing a new modern bathroom then you are definitely going to need a plumber. Yes, it is critical to remember the exact location of the existing plumbing. Generally, freestanding vanities allow more irregular or off-center plumbing and require only minimal alternations to the existing water supply or drain.

However, a wall mounted vanity has less flexibility and it is possible that moving some of the plumbing fittings will be required. It may also require more time and more resources than you anticipated.

decorative furniture for the bathroom

Don’t neglect the faucet

Finally, it’s important to know that faucets aren’t always included in the vanity cabinet, which can cost you a bit of research and coordination time. If you ever need to purchase the vanity and faucet separately, write down the number of holes on the faucet, the distance between those holes, and how to install them.

For example, does the faucet call for a centered or widespread faucet? Does the faucet have a drain? Once again, you might answer these questions by reading the product details carefully, so be sure to do your research.

designer bathroom cabinet

And once you have determined the model of the vanity, taken care of the faucet and plumbing, all you have to do is choose the color of the cabinet. And as we said already at the beginning, in this article we will focus on the modern bathroom vanity in navy blue.

Decorating your bathroom in a modern color actually takes a little bit of effort. But instead of changing the existing tiling of the walls, you can simply choose a beautiful color for the vanity. And even if you are not a big fan of navy blue, you can try other shades of the color that can also accentuate the style of the space.

bathroom inb lue and gray

The navy blue bathroom vanity

navy blue is the latest in fashion when it comes to bathroom colors and the second most chosen color for bathroom vanities after wood. The modern bathroom vanity in navy blue always draws attention in a bathroom in natural colors, while in a bathroom with other accents in navy blue it can help harmonize the decor.

 The navy blue bathroom vanity allows you to play with decor styles like coastal, shabby chic, modern and minimalist style without having to make dramatic changes. Even more than the color, the material of the vanity, its handles and its shape also help determine its style.

contemporary design bathroom

The navy blue vanity in a white bathroom

Blue and white is an always winning color combination and just like blue itself, it is a flexible combination. By opting for a white bathroom background, you can use blue to create contrast, a small focal point or just to brighten up the atmosphere. In such a color combination, you can use metallic accents like handles and light fixtures to create a beautiful decor that you can complement with a beautiful framed mirror.

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In The Mood for Mosaic

Navy blue bathroom vanity

If you dare to have a spectacular bathroom, pair your navy blue vanity with a bold mosaic backsplash and watch the ambience turn glamorous. A backsplash that echoes the tones of the vanity will help create a cohesive look that’s “Oh, so nice to look at!” “

Welcome to the Classic!

Navy blue bathroom vanity

With a beautiful navy hue, thoughtful details and a sleek, timeless design, this stunning vanity with a white countertop creates an elegant classic look in the bathroom. With plenty of storage and two sinks, this vanity is perfect for a large family in a busy home.

Elegant and elegant marine vanity

Navy blue bathroom vanity

Combining a royal blue finish and brushed gold knobs, this compact vanity redefines modern sophistication. If you have a bathroom of modest space, a vanity of this size will be the perfect addition to save space and add eternal class to your room.

Gold accents for Luxe Touch

Navy blue bathroom vanity

For a touch of luxurious details and a splash of color, a navy blue vanity decorated with gold hardware is your go-to option. This versatile single sink vanity topped off with a stunning marble vanity top is perfect for adding a touch of royalty to your bathroom.

High symmetry and storage

Navy blue bathroom vanity

With its symmetrical design and functional potential, this navy blue vanity has stunning features. With plenty of drawers, it provides ample space to store toiletries and other bathroom essentials without sacrificing the aesthetics of the room.

Rustic-chic navy blue vanity unit

Navy blue bathroom vanity

With a classic navy blue finish and vintage hardware, this double sink vanity is an ideal choice for country-inspired homes. With the traditional design and antique navy finish of the vanity, you can garnish the countertop with vintage accessories to add a rustic touch to your bathroom.

Minimal yet impactful marine vanity

Navy blue bathroom vanity

Combining practical function with stunning design, this minimalist navy blue vanity features delicate hardware that contrasts beautifully with the finish of the cabinet. Topped with a white marble countertop, it adds understated elegance to the compact bathroom.

Appeal to the contemporary!

Navy blue bathroom vanity

Give your toiletries and makeup a contemporary edge by opting for a navy blue vanity with gold hardware and clean lines. With its timeless and charming design, you get the best in function and style.

Classic meets contemporary navy blue vanity

Navy blue bathroom vanity

With a classic design and contemporary appeal, this navy blue bathroom vanity offers fantastic value and space for bathroom necessities. With delicate touches like brushed metal knobs and a contrasting marble countertop, with a vanity like this, you don’t need to do much to enhance the look of your bathroom.

Compact but chic navy blue vanity unit

Navy blue bathroom vanity

Don’t let the small size of your bathroom stop you from building your interior design muscles. Featuring a built-in gray vanity top and spacious cabinetry with sleek hardware, this chic and compact navy blue vanity brings plenty of fashion and function to that pint-sized bathroom.

Charm with wooden counter

Navy blue bathroom vanity

This matte finish navy blue vanity catches the eye with its stunning color palette and clean look. Perfect for a small bathroom, this attached vanity with a white sink and wood countertop is a feast for the eyes.

Farmhouse Navy Vanity with Coastal Vibes

Navy blue bathroom vanity

This navy blue vanity with a double sink and white marble top adds the perfect dose of coastal ambiance to this farmhouse bathroom. With ample storage space on the bottom panel rack for stacking bathroom essentials, it’s the perfect place to cool off in the morning or after a day at the beach.

Brass accents for modern elegance

Navy blue bathroom vanity

This inspiring navy blue vanity with brass accents and a sleek white marble countertop embraces the beauty of modern aesthetics. Filled with stylish touches and complemented by   double mirrors , this vanity packs a punch in its beautiful setting.

Floating navy vanity for a clean look

Navy blue bathroom vanity

A navy blue wall mounted floating vanity helps you achieve a clean look and make a sophisticated design statement. The open space under the vanity can be used to stack bathroom accessories or simply left vacant to show off the patterned tiles. 

Play with contrasts and textures!

Navy blue bathroom vanity

This wall-mounted vanity with clean lines, minimal hardware and white countertop conveys an image of elegance with its stunning look and contrasting features. The textures of the tiles, baskets and dashboards combine with the vanity to give this place a luxurious feel.

Navy blue vanity with satin gold hardware

Navy blue bathroom vanity

Class takes center stage in the gorgeous navy blue vanity with satin gold accents and white countertop. Coupled with the light sconce   and mirror, it adds a ton of charm and sophistication to this compact bathroom.

Upgrade the vintage!

Navy blue bathroom vanity

Elevate the vintage vibe of your washroom with a navy blue vanity featuring classic hardware and topped with crisp white double sinks. Add a vintage rug to add a splash of color and complete the beauty of the stylish cabinetry.

Mixture of symmetry and style

Navy blue bathroom vanity

Bring simple elegance to your bathroom with this navy blue vanity featuring brass hardware and a sleek countertop. With its symmetrical design and style, it adds a sense of balance and cohesion to the bath space.

Experiment with the backsplash

Navy blue bathroom vanity

Adorned with a white-gray countertop and double sinks, this sleek navy blue vanity is studded with metallic accents and has plenty of drawers to store your essentials in style. Combined with the polka dot backsplash and charming  mirrors  , it brings color and character to this neutral bathroom.

Chic and captivating navy vanity

Navy blue bathroom vanity

Add subtle sophistication and upscale vibe to your washroom with this compact vanity featuring a sleek panel design. Embellished with metal legs, a sink and faucet, brass accents enhance the sleek, urban-chic appeal of this charming vanity.

Keep it simple!

Navy blue bathroom vanity

Sometimes letting the beauty of a focal room shine is the easiest thing you can do to enhance the visual appeal of your settings. This navy blue vanity paired with a bronze porthole mirror and mosaic marble flooring is enough to drive the blue out of your bathroom and make it look appealing.

Add drama!

Navy blue bathroom vanity

Bursting with charm and a versatile design, this navy blue vanity with brass hardware and a sleek sink is all you need to enhance your bathroom decor. Associated with the mosaic floor and the superb mirror, it brings drama and pleasure to these decorations.

The beauty of brass and blues!

Navy blue bathroom vanity

Dotted with sleek brass accents, this navy blue vanity adds an oasis feel to this cozy bathroom. Completed by enchanting mirrors and sleek white countertops, everything about this navy blue vanity evokes grace.

Pair it with subway tiles and luminous sconces

Navy blue bathroom vanity

With an urban finish and chic hardware, this stunning navy blue vanity adds eternal class to this incredible bathroom. Hexagonal mirrors, subway tiles, and sconce lighting add the right punch factor to give this room an exalted look.

Golden hardware for Glam

Navy blue bathroom vanity

Exuding glamor with gold accents, this navy blue vanity combines functionality and style to add a contemporary touch to farmhouse decors. With ample storage space and plenty of drawers, it provides abundant space to store bathroom necessities while giving your space a stylish look.

Navy blue vanity for Nautical Nudge

Navy blue bathroom vanity

For lovers of coastal style, this navy blue vanity with boat cleat hardware is perfect for adding a soothing nautical touch to your bathroom. Topped with a white countertop and planters, the background of the flap brings out the navy blue finish of the vanity.

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